Behind The Scenes: Christina Aguilera’s ‘You Lost Me’ Video

Published: Friday 9th Jul 2010 by Sam

It appears Christina Aguilera is indeed looking to salvage what’s left of her ‘Bionic’ campaign, with the release of the video for new single ‘You Lost Me’. Behind the scenes footage of the soon-to-debut video has surfaced via VH1. Check it out….

{UPDATED With universal video!}

Looks like a winner.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tha Phoenix July 9, 2010

    This is a great song – one of the best on the album, so it’s a shame it’s flopping on radio.

    *kanye shrug*

  2. SunDee July 9, 2010


  3. SunDee July 9, 2010

    As I Expected. The video will have acting scene involved. Just like Mandler’s past videos.

    I definitely wanna see the final video & see Her acting skills (before i see it on Burlesque). The song & the video will have some opposite thing with the summer theme… but surely (& hopefully) it will give a variety than just dance anthem & colorful beachy videos…

    btw, She look younger, isn’t she?

  4. AlexanderTG July 9, 2010

    What’s the point of a World-Wide Web if people still want to keep things to their own little part of the world??? What possible reason could there be for not letting this be seen here?

  5. mr.M July 9, 2010

    BEAUTIFUL , HOT & S*** !!!!!!

    LEGENDtina is the Queen

    cant wait 4 YLM vid <3

  6. royalkev July 9, 2010

    This looks really good. Xtina looks very beautiful in the clips. I’m not one of her biggest fans, but I think she’s been given a raw deal. Clearly at this time no matter what music she producered it was design to backfire. I’m glad she’s making the most out of this and continuing to still work on Bionic. I wish her well. I’m sure in another 2 or 3 years what got in her way this go around won’t be a factor then!

  7. SunDee July 9, 2010

    just go to **************

  8. AlexanderTG July 9, 2010

    Thanks 😀

  9. phil July 9, 2010

    This song is just awesome! 🙂

  10. Lionel July 9, 2010


  11. AlexanderTG July 9, 2010

    Got that link before it got starred, but couldn’t get it to connect – thanks for trying anyway 🙂

  12. raven chula July 9, 2010

    Let’s just put all of the BS aside. Records don’t do well because of public interest, they do well because of the 21st century’s version of Payolla. That’s right, anyone riding high today on the charts is because their record company’s paid the price to get them spins on the air and good download sales figures. If RCA/Sony is willing and able to meet the price to get this song played and gave great sales figures reported, then she’ll have a hit. If not, she won’t. I hope they do though. She’s so talented and deserves to be doing well because of that. If anyone doubts what I’m saying, think about why ‘Not Myself Tonight’(song) had over 1 million views on Youtube in it’s 1st month and the video with no airplay currently has nearly 4 million views in just 2 months. The clip is also still 1 of the most streamed vids on MTV. It currently leads in the voting for hottest song of the summer for MTV’s Buzzworthy blog pole. So, it’s very aparent that it’s not about what the public wants. Also, ‘Woohoo’ has over 2 million streams without any airplay. Think about it people!!

  13. SunDee July 9, 2010

    So glad that there’s still many insane intellectual people who said the real case & not just mumbling & scream “flopp”. i thought the world going to vanish soon! but there’s a hope… ^_^

  14. FreshUrbanEnt July 9, 2010



  15. AlexanderTG July 9, 2010

    There’s some truth in what you said, but its not just as simple as whoever throws the most money at their artists gets the best results. There’s a skill to how you use the money available when marketing a new album and Sony have just got it wrong – simple as that – just like marketing any other product. Unfortunately Christina is getting the flack for Sony’s screw-ups. Let’s hope that from here on in they do a better job. I’ll repeat what I said earlier on the last Christina item….
    “I think the problem with Bionic was definitely the label. NMT wasn’t the right lead single and the video was a total mess with far too many Gaga style elements. For an example of how to do the whole campaign properly you’ve just got to look at the launch of Kylie’s new Aphrodite album – first bring out a good lead single ahead of the launch with a good video, next release a magamix of the album tracks for free on Amazon etc to wet everyone’s appetite, then have the artist themselves do appearances around the world just prior to launch – result: her comeback album was released on Monday in UK and Tuesday in US – by Wednesday it was outselling Eminem by 2 to 1 in the UK and was already on its way to #1 in 8 countries.”
    Still for me, whatever happens, its the best bit of work she’s ever done.

  16. phil July 9, 2010

    @ALEXANDERTG, that’s an excellent post and it makes a lot of sense! SONY has made many mistakes with Christina’s career in the last few years. This album could have been a huge success with the right promotion! No wonder BILLBOARD named it the best pop album of the year so far!

    I hope things improve but no matter what happens with sales, Xtina is the most talented artist out there!

  17. GangsterA July 9, 2010

    Looks amazing cant wait i dont care if this floped or not

  18. Xisme July 9, 2010

    for the mess of the Bionic era.. i really think RCA has a major role in it from the layout of the album and what songs were picked for it to the first single and video. They simply just looked at her previous era “Stripped” without taking into mind the current situation with the markets and tried to do the exact same moves releasing a very over the top and dirty video and watch it bomb then send out a Ballad to clean its mess up so they can just catch attention. but it failed this time since the market is not the same as back in 2001/02. NMT destroyed sales and the marketing and promotion of this album was so lax and poor that it started 1 week before it was released and stopped completely when it was released.. She did a veriaty of songs as a performance on MTV which was also a bad move no one wants to hear snipets of songs. You Lost Me wil flop maybe not as bad as NMT but it will since there has been a lack of promotion for the album and the song. I also feel with the mess theres also been a lack of interest in the album from christina her self, its as if she just wants to forget itever existed. but i will still support her but i am not happy with this era at all or with her i would just like to know what has happened and wether if theres any plans for after You Lost Me cause if it flops would there even be a 3rd single? and is there going to be a tour? which i personally think there wont be at this rate.

  19. royalkev July 9, 2010

    @ Raven Chula, your absolutely right! Radio no longer honor the request of the public. It’s only a few artist that you hear day in and day out that are recycled. If you listen and observe you will find that it’s the same program that their sticking to. I hope Xtina finds her place this time around somewhere in the mix, she has the odds against her if she don’t join the party.

  20. Xisme July 9, 2010

    also think “You Lost Me” has been released at the wrong time of year … its “SUMMER!!” people dont want to listen to depressing music during summer at all especially this song “You Lost Me”. i also said for “Desnudate” to be released during summer to clean up NMT’s mess and You Lost Me to be released around november, which is when people want a ballad. i hope she leaves RCA after this mess. cause im starting to think they dont go outside or open there blinds for them to even know its summer.. they Gave Australia “I HATE BOYS” isnt it there winter right now? which is not a good single if it is there winter they should of had “You Lost Me” and everywhere else should of had Desnudate or Prima Donna.

  21. heyheyhey July 9, 2010




  22. number1k9 July 9, 2010


    I agree, I think “You Lost Me” would have made a GREAT Fall single to release, but the label thought probably with all the pushing they’ve done for it already with the promo and performances on TV, since American Idol, why not release it-plus it does follow the same model as they used on ‘Stripped.’ Which is kinda dumb since it was released in like August, not June.

    I also thought that they should have released another uptempo song for the summer time. My picks were “Elastic Love,” “Desnudate,” “Bionic,” and “Prima Donna.” I think if they would have released “Desnudate,” people would have compared it to much to “Alejandro” and “Te Amo,” since they all have Latin influences, even though the songs are completely different. Regardless it has a hot beat, that could have smashed radio.

    My choice though probably would have been “Elastic Love” because it brings a similar of where radio is now, but still is quite unique in its own right. I feel like a choice like that, would have been similar to the one Usher’s team made while making “OMG” a US single.

    I REALLY HOPE that this album does manage to pickup, because it would be really sad, if the tour which was postponed, never comes through, and in fact turn out to be canceled!

  23. FUTURESTARdelux July 9, 2010

    wow i’m impressed! the video looks awsome it looks like a cross between “Beautiful” & Bat for Lashes “Daniel” )(what with the coal etc) should be awsome and i’m loving the new look! I think one of the big mistakes made was for XTina to go all slutty for NMT it’s like she didn’t need to do that because people were seeing her as a classy womkan after B2B we all know Madonna is a dirty ho (still Queen of pop though) so she can keep doing that but XTina has THE VOICE.

    Either way i totally agree this should be a smash but unfortunately there is also a subculture of PAYOLA in the radio atm, everybody knows that DJ’s wont play anybody that will harm their cash cow KING PAYOLA GAGA which is a major shame, radio need to take note.

  24. hermes July 9, 2010

    shame on you dear blogger…when it comes to xtina news you’re always too biased to say things for what they really are!!you just follow the bad mood that has been going on since NMT video was released!!

  25. billboardwiz88 July 9, 2010

    Can’t wait to see the video… looks very gud as always and Bionic doesn’t Need Salvage this site does! GO Xtina REal Talent**

  26. Teflon Boy July 10, 2010

    Like many have said there is a really irksome situation that exists regarding radio and who gets played. More than any other act this seems to have afected Christina the most and I even remember reading that she was one of the artists who would be black-listed from radio even before NMT dropped. Forget the video, the song itself was completely appropriate for what’s been in rotation in recent months. Clearly somethin fishy was going on…,

    It’s just a shame it wasn’t made more explicit for the audience, then they’d have known they had to go somewhere else for the material and not immediately suspect the music hadn’t made the grade. Like, if Christina’s team knew that radio would be a problem then why not place her songs on movies, tv and adverts? Someone made a point about Kylie…, I for one thought her album would tank due to lack of promo in terms of video play and blog presense but her song has been playing as part of a TV campaign for 4Music Summer ’10 Trailer…, how handy to link her comeback track with a ‘sound of the summer’ campaign. Sting and many older acts who now don’t get radio play like they used to make a point of associating their music with products and/or films.

    ‘Bionic’, much like Moby’s Play with it’s multi-genre format could’ve worked with a similar approach (and still could if they work fast enough), as it has the public know your material even if they are not aware that it’s you that created it i.e. for example I loath Keri Hilson and slag her off whenever I get the chance but her track ‘I Like’ was played during the advert for 90210’s upcoming episodes for about 3 weeks and I fell in love with the track. When I saw the video I was stunned to find it was her as believing it was some anonymous indie electronica chick allowed me to like the track without bias, case in point I now have a new-found respect for Keri Hilson much like Xtina haters might have for Christina if they heard Monday Morning played during an advert for the new Skins series.

  27. number1k9 July 10, 2010


    You make a really interesting point.

    Christina made an album that features various sounds, so her label would be something well for her, if they try to pitch some of her songs, for Ads, movies, previews, etc.

    BUT my guess is that her label may be in charge of the ‘Burlesque’ soundtrack, and their focus might be juggled between it and Bionic when it comes to Christina, right about now, you know. . .

  28. AlexanderTG July 10, 2010

    Yeah it was me who mentioned Kylie – not sure how US radio works, but here Radio 1 still has a big effect on an artist’s success – at first they refused to put her on their A playlist, but once she’d broken into the charts they had no choice but to do so – I think the 4 MUSIC linkup had an effect, but to be honest I believe there are enough Kylie fans around to get the single into the Top 40 and once you’ve got there then the airplay and videoplay do most of the rest of the promotion for you. Goldfrapp had the same problem with Radio 1, but not being such a big act weren’t able to break into the charts so their singles bombed even though the first single go to #1 on the US Dance / Club chart and the second single is now up to #4 on the same chart.

  29. vhien July 10, 2010

    you lost me is not doing well on US radio stations and same on itunes! im a big fan and i am quiet sad of what is happening. All the fans the got the album knows BIONIC is amazing but what the hell is happening with christina’s career????i love her and all her fans. the management should do something with this problem. and I have a feeling that her movie will suffer as well if they wont fix these asap.

  30. Pray4Tina July 10, 2010

    Ya’ll just need to pray for Christina

    Right now things are looking grim

    Everyone wants to blame RCA but look at Adam Lambert and Ke$ha

    They have no problem selling albums and singles

    Praytina tried to do electro-pop aka electro-flop music and failed at it.

    The song was not a hit from the beginning. This genre is not for her at all.

    The video was ripped to shreds by the media which didn’t help

    And lack of promotion? She went on Oprah, Regis & Kelly, American Idol, Today Show, MTV Movies Awards, The Haiti Telethon, Storytellers and other outlets

    There is no excuse

    Stop it! She failed even before her album came out. This project was destined to fail

    Nobody was checking for Christina in 2008 when she had a top 10 single and ain’t nobody checking for her now with this weak-ass album.

    If she can’t hang with the newbies like Katy Perry and Rihanna, not to mention Gaga, how the hell would she have fared if Beyonce, Pink and Britney were out.

    Its her own fault. Let this be a lesson to her for being so shady to Lady Gaga in 2008.

    I bet she knows who the f*** Lady Gaga is now. And it Keeps getting better.

  31. smartee July 10, 2010

    Pray4Tina, I agree.

    People always wanna f**king blame somebody for an artist’s mistake. Christina was the one who wanted to do this electro-pop bull sh** when Lady Gaga made it big, and I’m not even a lady gaga fan. The song was straight trash and hardly anyone was feeling it, that’s why it didn’t get spins on the radio. It was able to debut and peak at number 23 because of downloads and then it declined from there. Christina been reached the climax of her career… FACE IT, SHE’S OVER! There comes a time in every singer’s career when his/her time is up and Christina has reached hers. It’s funny how y’all say Sony is to blame for Christina when they do a hella lot of promotion for Beyonce. Christina has sold millions of records and spent a lot of Sony’s money on recording the album, music videos, and appearances so why the hell wouldn’t they try to make sure she got as much marketing as possible? She’s been on the BIGGEST shows promoting this flop of an album but yet, hardly anyone is paying attention. This video and single won’t do anything for her. The Christina stans can get mad all they want and bash my comment, but that won’t change the fact that her career is over.

  32. AlexanderTG July 10, 2010

    Not going to go into all the points here, but just to say yes there was a lot of promotion in the US and probably in the US most electro-pop does go down the electro-flop route. Perhaps the mistake Sony / RCA made was in keeping all the promotion to the US, the market where the genre isn’t so popular instead of marketing it more in Europe where the ground has already been prepared by other electro-pop artists.
    Don’t go with the argument though that this is all some sort of universal Karma coming back at her for dissing Gaga though – let’s face it there are loads of people, artists and otherwise who have said far worse things about Gaga than Xtina ever has – like I’ve said before I had no idea who she was back in 2008 and when I first heard the name I thought she must be like a US version of Lady Sovereign – and that’s coming from someone whose just been accused of being a Gaga stan.
    Personally I still say that in the future people will look back on this as Xtina’s ‘Impossible Princess’ – will shut up now before someone asks if I’m on Xtina’s payroll.

  33. dang July 11, 2010

    Maybe ‘You Lost Me’ can revive Bionic since NMT has been such a flop. This time she is definitely not going for a GaGa look. They are hoping that this change of style will have the same effect that ‘Beautiful’ did after ‘Dirrty’ flopped. And its also really different from all the electropop music that’s around right now.

  34. vhien July 11, 2010

    its true that they focused the promotion of the album on in the US. I believe she will be a hit gain here in the UK and europe. The decision to released NMT as a first single is christinas last minute choice. Coz i think the management and the plas was GLAM to be the lead single. and xtina is been quiet for a while! Lets just pray for her and just really sad how an amazing artist like her with so much talent and BIONIC as her best album to date is now suferring a blow in her career.

  35. Bash July 11, 2010

    Its looks amazing. Chrisitna has some of the best videos.
    I love the song and I love her new harir-do

  36. Make A Change July 11, 2010

    @PRAY4TINA Exactly!!! You can analyze all you want about “payola” and “piracy” and the lack of promotion, etc. but the truth of the matter is that usually when an album doesn’t sell well, it just plain sucks!!! It’s all about the material. Face it. This is not one of Xtina’s best albums. If you album is good, people will buy it!! Sure piracy does play a part and so does the payola. But if an album is that good, word of mouth is always the key and it will sell based on that alone. If all your friends are telling you to buy an album, you’ll most likely end up buying it too. It’s that simple.

  37. Make A Change July 11, 2010

    Another thing… When was the last time you actually heard a particular album from a friend of yours and said, “Wow, this is good, I didn’t even know he/she had an album out this year” It’s just unlikely in this digital age. You’re gonna know when your favorite artist puts out an album, trust me. Again, if it doesn’t sell, it sucks. Come on, do you remember any album that was great and didn’t sell. Unlikely

  38. raven chula July 11, 2010

    I just want to thank all of the posters who actually paid attention to what I wrote and acknowledged the facts that I presented for my argument. Thank you

  39. gAbe.j July 14, 2010

    I normally don’t post and usually stop reading cause like SUNDEE said its the usual floptina Bs that gets old. But mainly I want to applaud Raven Chula n Alexandertg for posting intelligent points on the industry. Good reads!

  40. Jemima J July 14, 2010

    @AlexanderTG I’m in the UK and i can see this vid! Maybe your settings need changing?

  41. Mustang6687 July 19, 2010

    NMT is a good song, but it doesn’t have a killer hook. Some of the tracks on “Bionic” do, including “You Lost Me.” Back in 2002, “Dirrty” flopped and only hit #48 on the charts. Then “Beautiful” hit the top, and revived her “Stripped” album. This could very well be the case this time around. I love electronic music, and I love Xtina’s voice, so I hope she turns it around and then “Burlesque” does well also. The long layoff between albums, however, has certainly lost her some fans. NMT does not appeal to the 29 year old women who were 18 when “Genie in a Bottle” was released. “You Lost Me” might be more suitable for her fan base at this point. She needs to realize that her target audience and demographic has shifted somewhat.

  42. Mustang6687 July 19, 2010

    Also….at ALEXANDERTG:

    You really know your s**t, seriously. I agree that this might be her “Impossible Princess” but there is still hope for it I think. Many artists seem to have an album that doesn’t connect. Pink had 2003’s “Try This” which sold poorly. I thought she was finished. I was oh so wrong. Mariah had “Glitter” and “Charmbracelet.” But I have better hopes for “Bionic” because it is such a good record. Too much good music there for it to be just a throwaway or a flop. But I think she will rebound, regardless. My advice to her would be not to wait another four years and release a 23 track album. Take one or two years and release a 12 track album packed full of good singles. People will still buy CD’s if they are priced cheap. But at 18.99 for the deluxe version, many people can’t afford that right now in this economy.

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