Brandy Reunites With Timbaland On New Album

Published: Friday 9th Jul 2010 by Sam

Brandy‘s high-fashion feature for ‘160grams’ has been causing alot of head-waves as of late; and looks set to cause even more, after revealing that hitmaker Timbaland is to produce the bulk of the singer’s hotly anticipated new album.

Full story below…

As per 160grams:

After a period of reflection, she is now ready to turn the music industry upside down once again with her upcoming album, which so far, is a well kept secret although she told us it will involve heavy production from Timbaland and will be more Hip Hop-oriented. It is bound to be a hit and an interesting EVOLUTION from her previous works: “I wasn’t old enough to get into people’s hearts. Now I am” she states.

With Timbaland being behind some of Brandy’s best work (see: ‘Afrodisiac’ LP), this certainly has me salivating for album (said to be released via Def Jam) that much more.

That said, one can only hope Timbo serves up something  fresh, and not the increasingly same-y beats he has been churning out as of late. An amazing producer, no doubt, yet one who has grown rather complacent in recent times.

Your thoughts?

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  1. GeMiah July 9, 2010

    i thikn thats a good idea i love her

  2. Kahari July 9, 2010

    Progression is always good and finding chemistry with new producers is needed to evolve away from a sheltered musical shell. But, I believe Brandy’s best work was with, and always will be with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. Despite the personal and professional misunderstandings the duo may have had in the past, the musical vibe between the two is undeniable. Brandy, herself, said it best “whatever problems we may have on a personal level may never be fixed, but we’ll makeup for it in music.” Timbaland does provide nice production; his signature sound has become a more techno-pop, Hip-Hoppy based beat, once that many can endure in the clubs. Considering the fact that Brandy is ready to explore this alter-ego side of herself, “Bran’Nu/Brand New,” the sound might work well in her favor. If the material is anywhere near as the sneak peeks we’ve been hearing on A Family Business or “Slow Love,” I’m all ears. However, if it isn’t, I can still can rock with her Human era. 🙂 How do you feel?


    “Reunites with Timbaland.”


    My guess is that it will be as wack as it was the first time.

    Check out:
    The Conversation Chamber

  4. Julien July 9, 2010

    This chick doesn’t get it. She makes good albums but where are the hits? I’m all for an artist being artistic but it doesn’t mean s*** unless you put out radio hits and people BUY your albums. Her 100k fanatics are cute but she seems to have forgotten how to be commercial.

  5. ADE July 9, 2010

    Thank f***! Afrodisiac was a masterpiece which was disgustingly underrated, so I hope they both bring the same fire they did with that album

  6. mr.M July 9, 2010

    Love me some Brandy , but ,,

    NO !! Timbaland ??

    Human was her BEST album to date

    that album is SOOO underrated

    Timbaland is good

    but she dont have to change it up with him !!

    anywayz , cant wait for the album <3

  7. royalkev July 9, 2010

    I love that Brandy seems to be working with several different producers for this project. I don’t mind Timbaland being on board. He is very futuristic and very creative. I just think she should limit he’s contributions to about 3 or4 songs. When he’s good he’s great, but sometimes his work is stale and predictable. I think they should test the waters. I do think Darkchild and Brandy make the best music together. They’re level of making quality music is unmatched when they seperate and work with others. It’s sad that their relationship is so strained. I’d love for him to just put aside his ego(her as well) and make beautiful music once again out of respect and love for each other, because their union is what got them the most attention and respect in the industry. Human was a mess! …and I love Brandy, but that was the first and only time a Brandy project wasn’t up to par! She never made a bad album before this! Ofcourse, you can still find hits there, but it just wasn’t a good effort.
    I must say I’m most excited about Danja’s input. I think he’s very underrated, but awesome. I love what he’s done with Whitney, Britney and a few others. Brandy will have a great record when they pair up, because Brandy is a very musical artist herself. I’m sure they will hammer out something hot in the studio.
    I can’t wait to see the results of this!

  8. jt525696 July 9, 2010

    Brandy is the best singer in the game, with her contralto voice going to the low lows of notes then belting in a mezzo-soprano range she has become a force under rateded… she has awsome harmonic skills band great a great vocal range… Afrodisiac was her best and followed by human then brandy, never say never then full moon… Timbaland knew what the hell he was doing on Afrodisiac thats way that abulm was fire and highly liked and praised… human was very good but afrodisiac was the best hands down her and timbo equals magic!!!! her and rodney not so much he didnt do her any justice on full moon at all worst brandy abulm i love brandy but not full moon

  9. royalkev July 9, 2010

    @JT525696, You sound like your as big a Brandy stan as I am – but how in the world could you think that Full moon and Never – Say -Never are her worst? Those albums had hits for days. It had variety and it was still very creative and listenable. Afrodisiac and Human naturally were her most mature sounding efforts, vocally. the difference is that Afrodisiac was more agressive and Brandy was more centered as an artist. Human felt thrown together and she was sooo out of place on that album. I guess, to each their own. Full Moon hands down was her best work – then Never-say-Never, Brandy, Afrodisiac and last Human!

  10. GOTAA LOVE DA LOVE July 9, 2010

    Im not sure..

    I think that brandy has more creative freedom with Tim which if this is true.. works in her favour..we as fans have to trust her judegement .. as long as she brings the bathroom voice and doesnt become too faded behind timbalands big productions then im all ears.. what i dnt want is a timbaland ego album that drowns brandy out.. thats what Afrodisiac did in some ways

    I Want her to work with Danja.. and let there chemistry work itself out…and do a duet with Justin Timberlake or something..simply because those are two of tims fav people.. if she has tracks like Porcelin Doll, First n Lov, WHos the Loser Now..Home then I DEfinitly all ears she worked those tracks and you can here a timbaland influence in each track.

  11. ADE July 9, 2010

    I totally agree, Full Moon is an amazing album. I could literally listen to it from beginning to end without skipping a track. I definitely think Human is her worst album so far, all the others where just exquisite. I don’t stan for artists but I think I may have to start stanning for Brandy, I live for her Afrodisiac album. Can’t wait to hear what she comes out with this time round, I know I’ll like it though, Brandy’s music and voice is everything

  12. annon July 9, 2010

    i agree he is complacent. i expect a same old stuffs, autotune, syched beats and all. poor brandy!

  13. Boricua July 9, 2010

    This isn’t news.

  14. Steffon July 9, 2010

    Im excited! they have great chemistry! Im ready

  15. Gee Man July 9, 2010

    I see good coming for this project their last effort together imo was a step in the right direction.That album was criminally underrated that was some of Bran’s best work.

  16. Corey July 9, 2010

    I’m happy. I absolutely love everything about “Afrodisiac”! I hated “Human”. Don’t get me wrong, it was her best vocals ever, but you could vocally slay mary had a little lamb but that doesn’t make it a good song. I’m glad and yes, I stan for Brandy because she is a BEAST!

  17. FreshUrbanEnt July 9, 2010



  18. Darren July 9, 2010

    There better be at least one Darkchild produced track! And it would be amazing if Pharrell was invoked as well.

  19. NICK July 9, 2010

    I think I am BRANDYS HUGEST FAN! SHE HAS NEVER DONE WRONG IN MY EYE (ALBUM WISE), BUT she needs a klub banger, or a BAD TIGHT ASS R & B SLOW JAM! without that, no one is going to buy her album, BUT PEOPLE like me, who respect her, because SHE IS UNDER-RATED!!! ITS HARD tho now, especially for older artists who have been gone, & she aint a southern ATL girl Like Monica, so she cant pull that off, she has to really bring it!!! I LUV HER, I still play ALLLLLL (EVERY SINGLE SONG) her albums! she is amazing (2 me) —

  20. Kross July 9, 2010

    I am so excited…I love Bran-Bran and Afrodisiac was my favorite album from her. Her and Timbaland did a hell of a job together on that project…So this should be interesting…I wish her that best…I’m buying it!

  21. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 9, 2010

    Good for you Brandy

  22. royalkev July 9, 2010

    @Nick, I 100% agree with you. It’s tough because Brandy has to get back in the game without a gimmick, without any home town advantage or other circumstance other than her raw talent. I really don’t think Brandy is lacking in that department, but it’s a bit sad that other entertainers have these options and use different avenues of this sort to manipulate their way back into the game. I want Brandy to win this round because she deserves it!
    @Gotta love da love, your right- Timbaland’s beats are my only concern. He’s a bit of a show off and his music drowns her out intentionally(as far as I’m concerned). I still think he’s a great person to collaborate with. I just only want a few offerings though, because it’s hit or miss with him.
    @Ade… Full moon is a classic(her first 3 albums we’re). I just think she out did herself there and that’s what she has to match or surpass!

  23. royalkev July 9, 2010

    …Most def with a hungry Darkchild and a hungry Brandy, they can make the best magic happen!

  24. Kahari July 9, 2010

    Everybody should keep in mind this Bran’Nu personality that she’s trying to explore, maybe that’s why she wants a more Hip-Hop infused record. @royalkev, I have to disagree with you on the fact that Human was “a mess.” In my opinion, Human was a more natural growth and a musical outlet for her to expose her inner most private thoughts on love’s dealings and the disccusing “the issue” in a subtle way without openly talking about it. Afrodasic had some catchy tunes on there, but there were too many uptempo tracks that felt awarkward for me for her. I like Brandy as a ballad singer, maybe even a midtempo joint, but I’m nervous about a club banger. I can’t hear it from her. Brandy doesn’t need fancy production to overshadow her vocals because her voice is enough on its own. However, I am willing and openly gonna give this reunion a try because I can resepct both artist creatively.

  25. number1k9 July 9, 2010

    The Timbaland Brandy connection did not work with ‘Afrodisac’ why would you go down that same lane again.

    We understand Timbo is one of the hottest producers, but that don’t mean he can mesh with all artists.

    I liked ‘Afrodisiac’ well some songs off of it, but this wont likely do her much justice!

  26. JAYLA July 9, 2010


  27. NICKY July 9, 2010

    BRANDY IS THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  28. KNUCK July 9, 2010

    Aww… Nuthn but Love as Whitney would say. I’m just excited to see her gearing up for greatness no matter who is the main producer.

    Brandy knows what she wants so I think she will say “no ma’am” to Timb for givin her some junk. Even the Timb songs she did last era like “Home” and “Drumlife” were good, but not groundbreaking.

    Brandy has been through a lot and she just needs positive energy around her. Let’s be positive and usher in an era just as big as Never Say Never!

  29. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) July 9, 2010

    I know my girl never ceases to amaze me and I sure know she’s coming out like the Kingdom Come( Have you heard Symphony and Meet in da middle???)

  30. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) July 9, 2010


  31. Reina July 9, 2010

    I trust brandy’s judgement, she is not gonna allow any mess out!!

  32. that stupid juice July 9, 2010

    Love brandy

  33. chasing_history July 10, 2010

    Afrodisiac was fyah! That was an amazing album. I still play that on my ipod to this day. So slept on. They chose the wrong singles I feel.

    I welcome her new music with Tim – she should jus keep that rapping to a minimum!

  34. BrandyNMonicaStan July 10, 2010

    @Nick Brandy is a southern girl she is from McComb, MS. I think that Timbaland should not produce the bulk of her album she needs to spread her album out and get Darkchild back and do some heavy promoting like these other chicks who make sure you know they got an album coming i.e Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga. I’m gonna support her either way cause I’ve been down with Bran since ’93 !

  35. Teflon Boy July 10, 2010

    For those that only see her as a ballad singer I have to ask, how? IMO Brandy is equally at home reined into a killer dance hook as she is at her most free-flowing. Personally, I would love to hear her on more some uptempo material and some edgier experimental mid-tempo stuff as she always finds a way to make her presense felt on them, she just displays another shade of herself.

    IMO she’s the mother of a daughter, weathered broken relationships, suffered something as harrowing as that fatal car accident and is now coming back after a career lull. She has a lot to prove and I know she is more than capable so I want to feel that fire from her again from her this time. To me Brandy is one of the few rnb artists who can’t really be confined solely by that genre because her life experience won’t allow her to just get in the studio and just sing ‘touch my body’ a few times and pass it off as real music (no offence Mariah), she actually has something to say and unlike many of the artists of today has actually lived what she’s talking about and can convincingly sing about it.

    For me, Full Moon and Afro are Brandy’s strongest albums: vocally Brandy never sounded more in command of her instrument than on Full Moon so I respect the Darkchild union for that. Like I’ve said before though I sometimes find the focus of their material to be a little on the sweet side, Afrodesiac filled in all the blanks of what I felt was lacking from Brandy’s repetoire though as it was darker, angrier, more lyrically meaty and honestly passionate. A combination of Full Moon and Afrodesiac would suit me down to the ground.

    Human was a weak and confused in comparison but it was her apology album so couldn’t come off too sassy. Anyone who slept on Afrodisiac needs to revisit that album. From the intro to the outro it was like she finally stopped frontin’ and finally just told the truth about herself. I want it all this time around.

  36. LuvBeyonce July 10, 2010


  37. Luv-Lee July 10, 2010

    Brandy’s song THE DEFINITION on her HUMAN album is Brandy’s best song she ever did!!!!!! That album was pretty underated.

  38. mr fenty July 10, 2010

    im not here for murdering hoz..

    her career is dead just like the person she ran over>>>

  39. Caitlin July 10, 2010

    I love love love Brandy, I hope she will get the attention she deserves! Brilliant voice.

  40. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) July 10, 2010

    @ luvbey…., no you need to call it a day, love. Brandy is here to stay no matter what the evil doers throw at her which includes underrating her hit albums particularly HUMAN.

  41. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) July 10, 2010


  42. LAKEE July 10, 2010

    Ya’ll mofo’s are crazy!!!! HUMAN is NO WAY Brandy’s best album. That still goes to FULL MOON. And everybody knows that Brandy and Darkchild are the hotness together not TIMBO. But I’m not hatin’ on his tracks off that Afrodisiac because that album was hot as f*** too. But really Timbaland is way too pop nowadays to have him make an “Urban” album for her. but whatever. Nelly Furtado sold like hotcakes. GET IT BRANDY!

  43. royalkev July 10, 2010

    @Teflon boy, once again loving how you summarize some of the things about Brandy that comes into play with her music. I totally agree that “Human” was her apology album and it was missing Brandy’s usual sass. I think that was the ingredient missing and I think she could not just go in the studio and lay down any ‘ole track. That’s not who Brandy is as an artist. I’m with you too on the ballad thing, Brandy doesn’t have to deliver on one to gain back her audience. She’s always reintroduced herself with mid-tempo’s or upbeat tracks(Boy Is Mine, What about us, Talk about our love, Right here/Departed). Even I wanna be down wasn’t so slow.
    @Kahari, I will take back what I said about “Human”. It wasn’t a mess, but I don’t want her recording any new music close to it. She actually was at her vocal best with that album. I do love “Torn Down” (and that is actually one of my favorites). I just wish she lead in with Fall or 1st & love. I even think Camouflage was single worthy also!

  44. teflon boy July 10, 2010

    @Royal kev…, Hey, thanks for the shout-outs, we’re on the same page you and I:)

    I agree there was some worthy material on Human, noteably the stuff she’d never fully offered before such as the country aspects of Torn Down but overall the rest of the material wasn’t forthright enough in the way I was used to from her (Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business pretty much confirmed this for me anyway) and also absent were the harmonic layers and repeated sounds she uses to bind her projects together i.e. the Enya-like harmonies throughout Afro’ that I hoped she would build on…, Torn Down though was laid back, spirited and confident so I’d welcome a track like that on the new set, albeit one track maximum .

    I just think she needs to keep everything focused, hot and sassy this time around. She’s dope enough not to have to water down her efforts. She can handle those tracks, plus audiences have a low attention span these days and if you follow a great few opening tracks with even one lacklustre filler song, you kill your era before it’s even begun and nobody listens twice to acts on the comeback trail. Case in point Toni Braxton’s recent album was smothered in ‘wet’ grown woman material, when it could’ve been a more fierce grown-ass woman affair. No ‘sorting out my wardrobe’ -style snore-lyrics if she can help it. Brandy will do good to avoid the schmaltz and re-introduce a colder, confident more unapologetic era; ‘Full Moon’ but with promo this time lol

  45. StayAfro July 10, 2010

    Yeah I agree with Gotta love da love on certain things. I dont want a Tim album lording over her whole energy.. The Artist should always be at the forefront of a production IMO..
    If some of Yal remember brandy really wants to Win this time round.. So I Think if she was to work with Darkchild.. their already tense relationship would cloud their musical marraige and I reckon she wud question the music that darkchild would give her..

    But at the Same Tim.. TIm better serve some proper S*** for her.. Its Brandy!!! And like her ynger bro said shes done alot for RNB and Tim better keep his s*** together. No Leaks. But I hope Tim can push her to the top.. I Love ‘ Whos the Loser now’ that song takes you to some place else I swear

  46. ~TeAM WeeZY~ July 10, 2010

    OMG! I can’t WAIT for her new ish! I’m like so anxious and excited! I so LOVE her! <3


  47. SHITTIN ON YO FAVES July 10, 2010



  48. royalkev July 11, 2010

    @ Tefl, We really have to talk – it’s rare to find people these days that really understand the music industry(as well as have that kind of love for Brandy). I’m a songwriter and for the most part I think writing from a personal standpoint that mirrors your life works for very few in the biz. It doesn’t mean that you should not be honest in your music and sing something meaningful to you, but when it’s a look into your backyard… sometimes it’s distracting when it’s that much of an introspective place an artist is coming from. The situation becomes more present than your composition. I didn’t care for different attempts from artist like Brandy(Human album), Usher(Papers) and Chris Brown (some of Graffiti) that chose to go that route. Brandy needs to let her music reflect her more confident and edgier side this time around like you’ve mentioned. Ofcourse, we love Brandy’s vulnerable side, but I sort of see her the way I do Janet(as a very sassy young lady that is at her best when she’s being more daring).
    I do love her way of caressing her music with the layered vocals, that just adds so much warmth and texture to her music. I do miss that! Something is Missing(from Human) was a great melody where she did it last, however this time around I don’t want that or even a Torn Down. I see where you where going with pointing out where Toni Braxton went wrong, I have to agree with you there too! I was expenting more He wasn’t man enough for me’s and it was toned down and a few songs just seem like it was a bunch of cliche’s thrown together that didn’t make it so in your face. I just want Brandy to give us the upgraded U don’t know me (like you use to) and Angel in disguise’s. Anything matching Full moon right now will be a win! I hope that she’s more focus on finding that side of herself that has been hiding out in the background.

  49. Dann July 11, 2010

    BRandy can u Please give us what we love to hear from u and that is MUSIC THAT WE FEEL~~!!

  50. jt425696 July 11, 2010

    Rodney played bramndy after full moon he started to go in a different type of sound after 2002 then timbo came and reopened the door for brandy with Afrodisiac he gave her up tempo beats that she needed and it was as everyone would say the best damn album to date for her. Dnt get me wrong when i say full moon was the worst album she made because every album was good never really wrong with what she puts out she had a baby when full moon came out the afro came she got dropprd then human came do sales and wrong songs. Rodney makes killa songz but never for brandy. beyonce de ja vu ,lady gaga telophone the list goes on and on timbo gave brandy a chance because a her voice is so grand and im praying that her and timbo make another masterpiece.

  51. Teflon Boy July 12, 2010

    @Royal Kev…, for real, I appreciate your comments man. I’m a singer/writer too (a good one lol), if you’re interested maybe we could get together and try something?

  52. ULISES July 12, 2010

    GENIUS!!! TIMBALAND ROCKS!! He’s my inspiration. This will, without a doubt, be a hot album.

    “Jungle”- s***, tribal, exotic summer anthem. Don’t click on the link! You’re not ready for it, or are u?

  53. royalkev July 12, 2010

    @Teflon boy, That’s a plan. What is your e-mail?

  54. Anthony Thompson July 18, 2010

    Personally…i love anything Brandy does. Afrodisiac and Never Say Never were the BEST albums by her but im shocked that people didnt like Human. I love it. Not her best work but it was very good. I think Brandy chooses the wrong singles as of late. Afrodisiac could have been just as popular had she chosen the right single as well as on Human. I think the collabo with Tim is a good idea because Afrodisiac is my favorite album and he did phenomenal on it but i also think her work with Rodney was great too. I think they should just go in the studio and try to do something and i bet they come up with fire and patch their relationship because they’ll remember the good times and how much they missed each other and working WITH each other. just my opinion

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