Video: Pink Injured After Air-Stunt Goes Wrong

Published: Friday 16th Jul 2010 by Sam

Pop star Pink was rushed to hospital last night after an air-stunt went wrong at her concert in Nurnberg, Germany.

The harness which was supposed to carry the singer (real name Alecia Moore) above the audience was not fastened properly by her assistants (a fact she visibly makes clear). However, the 29 year old’s calls seemed to fall on deaf ears, as she was launched – unattached – into the audience, crashing hard into the barricade. The concert was subsequently brought to an abrupt close, as she was rushed to hospital.

Pink later wrote on Twitter:

“Nothing’s broken, no fluid in the lungs, just seriously sore.

To all my nurnberg fans – I am so so so sorry to end the show that way. I am embarrassed and very sorry. I’m in ambulance now but I will b fine. Didn’t get clipped in2 harness correctly, drug me off stage, fell in2 barricade. Getting xrays. I hope it at least looked cool!!!”

Peep the video of the accident below…

One has to admire her showmanship, after getting back on stage like that. More power to her!

Randomness: I’ve said it many a time, but Pink  – for all her success – is still criminally underrated. Despite her career ups and downs (the majority being ‘ups’), she’s managed to hold her own in the industry for over 10 years now – which is no small feat. If anything, she’s bigger now than she’s ever been.

Though in markedly different ‘lanes’, I have no qualms placing her comfortably beside the likes Beyonce as one of this generation’s premier entertainers. Artistically credible, an amazing LIVE performer, and personality by the bucket-load, Pink rocks!

Side note: It’s not often you see Ms. Moore around these sides, but we love her here at That Grape Juice!

Your thoughts?

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  1. jaz July 16, 2010

    she is an amazing performer i love her !!!
    extremely talented and dedicated to her work…hope she gets better very soon <3

  2. BEEYONCED July 16, 2010


    And she wasn’t unattached, she was only attached on the right by Addie. Nikki this time around somehow couldn’t manage to click the steelt-wires fast enough on her left harness-ring. So only onesidely attached she got dragged to the right intead of balanced. End of Story.

    (People so make it worse than it is. Slo-Mo it and you see that she didn’t even fell in the barricades. She reached her hands out and just just her fingers are touching that steel actually. OK she fell …or better got pulled …off the stage in the pit. Her body is nowhere near. The gap is wide enough. BIG FUKKIN DEAL.
    Also that she isn’t seriously injured as she tweeted …and when she can tweet straightaway ….there’s really no seriousness to it.)

  3. gfssd July 16, 2010

    so heres a look at some of the ‘MAJOR’ artists last albums 1st week sales…..

    Beyonce: 482k = fat flop.

    Rihanna: 181k = flop.

    Pink: 180k = flop.

    Lady Gaga: 174k = flop.

    Mariah carey: 168k = flop.

    Britney Spears: 505k = QUEEN

    Cristina aguilera 106K = flop of da century


  4. BEEYONCED July 16, 2010

    P.S. The city’s correct name is NÜRNBERG BTW

  5. ADE July 16, 2010

    LMAO at her grunting and going “f*** that hurt like a m***********” !! Sam you sound like a twelve year old girl with your “Pink rocks!” Anyway hope she gets better, I do like her but that was quite funny

  6. Christian Hain July 16, 2010

    why doesn’t anyone check out the chick the fell towards the camera? The other camera man just walks over her like, “oh.”

  7. royalkev July 16, 2010

    @ Beeyonced
    I’m with you. Pink is so damn dramatic!

  8. Scotty90 July 16, 2010

    atleast she fell over whilst PERFORMING and not whilst WALKING around **cough** **cough** rihanna **cough**

  9. JJFan1814 July 16, 2010


    check out those albums overall sales worldwide. P!nks “Funhouse” album sold more than Britney’s “Circus” worldwide, FACT.

  10. FreshUrbanEnt July 16, 2010



  11. FreshUrbanEnt July 16, 2010



  12. gfssd July 16, 2010

    @ jjfan1814:

    u should check the OVERALL album sales urself:

    Britney: 100Million
    Pink: 40Million = flop


  13. Dave July 16, 2010

    Glad she’s ok

  14. JT July 16, 2010

    that’s not what it looks like at all…it looks like “they” started lifting her before she was properly harnessed. Am I the only one who sees this?

  15. bluekid July 16, 2010

    Pink is a real trooper!

  16. matt July 16, 2010


    Pink has sold 40 million records and that makes her a flop, the jokes just write themselves there lmao. If 40 million albums is a flop then what is a hit lol.

    Did pink go crazy, marry random men, neglect her children, shave her head and dance/mime terribly at her comeback on mtv vma’s. Circus only sold so well because of how publicized she was in the mags about her meltdown from fame, nothing to do with her “overwhelming talent” get your facts right #FAIL

    I have never stanned for Pink in my life but that just needed to be stanned for!!!

  17. mr.M July 16, 2010



    that SHEMALE deserve this s*** .

    St!nk. no p!nk

  18. mr.M July 16, 2010



  19. Gilberto July 16, 2010

    First week sales IS just one week. Beyoncé’s “I Am… Sasha Fierce” sold more than 3 million copies than “Circus”. “The Fame” sold 10 millions. P!nk sold 5 million. Even Rihanna, with her “Rated R”, almost outsold Britney’s “Circus”.
    It’s a fact that Britney’s album has been flopping. Blackout FLOP! And her comeback, “Circus”, is a flop if you compare it with others major singers’ albums.
    Is 40 million a flop? So 100 million is too, ’cause Madonna sold 200 million albums.
    P!nk CAN SING and she’s an awesome performer. Britney only has her good looking face, that’s all. NO TALENT!
    And who cares about Britney nowadays when we have a real talented pop singer, aka Lady Gaga? Next to her, Britney looks obsolete.

  20. kevin July 16, 2010

    @ Beeyonced

    Calm the hell down. It’s great that you know the names of the insignificant players and all but seriously…you arguing with folks here and on YouTube??? Get a damn life.

    She bust her ass and it’s ok. She will probably be made fun of worse than Beyonce herself (who’s probably somewhere sniggling at this very moment).

  21. kevin July 16, 2010


    Ignore GFSSD. He posts the same mess on various threads to get a rise out of people.

  22. kevin July 16, 2010

    La la la laaaa la la la….la la la laaaa la…….ooooohh….oh s*** that hurt


    Looking at the video again, it looks like she has to assume some responsibility for the accident. She clearly gave the go ahead to crash her into the floor without even noticing the girl on her right didn’t have the cable attached.

  23. Rashaan July 16, 2010

    People always manage to go completely of topic, UGH…..anyway I do believe Pink is underrated! Her performance at the grammy’s was amazing! She always goes the extra lengths to put on a great show. She did not just fall on stage she feel out of a dam harness…that is some serious injuries she could have gotten…thankfully she is in tact! Anyway PINK do you and I iwll continue to support!

  24. gfssd July 16, 2010

    lady gaga is just a fad no1 will even remember her this time nxt year

  25. tuckpoo July 16, 2010

    @ your randomness part of the article, i soooooo agree she is so underrated and her pipes are ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. remmy July 16, 2010

    Good…that’s what she gets for talking about bey like that…what did she do to you??. I hope she breaks her ribs and can’t have any babies…(I kidd kinda)

  27. MJ – The greatest ever July 16, 2010

    Glad she didn’t get seriously injured or worse. I hope that “assistant” is fired. Much respect to Pink as an entertainer and as a person.

  28. Andrew July 16, 2010

    She makes me happy hahaha

  29. Jamie July 16, 2010

    Pink is an amazing artist. She’s indeed underrated. What people fail to realize is it was Pink who saved this year’s Grammys with that electrifying performance of ‘Fist Full of Glitter’. Pink is a strong woman, and I’m glad she’s ok. Word to the wise though, “Pink if you feel you’re not going to be safe or something’s not quite right, stay your ass on the ground.”

  30. antertain July 16, 2010

    PINK is GREAT!!!!!

    Get Well Soon

  31. GangsterA July 16, 2010

    Glad shes okay too bad shes taking a long break from music

  32. True Blue July 16, 2010

    “atleast she fell over whilst PERFORMING and not whilst WALKING around **cough** **cough** rihanna **cough**”
    LOL, exactly. Seriously though, I’m glad she’s OK, cause when I heard about this I was scared for her. And Sam is right, she is criminally underrated. She has far more talent than Britney or Rihanna, yet she’s not the one with all the popularity. It shouldn’t be like that.

  33. Craven July 18, 2010


    She didnt give the go ahead, she CROSSED HER ARMS IN AN X to stay STOP/ DONT GO!

  34. Mel July 29, 2010

    Pink is a hero for getting back on stage 🙂
    I feel bad for the assistant! she also got flung off the stage! and Pink clearly said no to it being set off! i think the person on the controlls should be fired

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