John Legend & The Roots Perform At ‘Miss Universe’

Published: Tuesday 24th Aug 2010 by Trent

John Legend and The Roots performed at the 2010 ‘Miss Universe’ pageant last evening. The two acts did a rendition of ‘Wake Up Everybody’ from their collaborative project, ‘Wake Up!’, which hits stores on September 21st. Check out their performance at the event below:


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  1. I am = me = I am August 24, 2010

    Well done Miss Jamaica ….. Yendi you did well and congrats Miss mexico

  2. SWEXY August 24, 2010

    Love john legend…so s***

  3. idrag4mj August 24, 2010

    f*** this b****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his irrelevant always has and always been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,u waNNA KNOW why i hate him!!!!!!!!!!! cos he said some ignorant thiings about mj when he died!! jealous mother f*****!!

  4. 3364445 August 24, 2010


    Yeah & then he got HIS ass dragged & had to apologize on Twitter. Some folks thought the bashing would continue to be accepted. So much for that


    Sorry Jon, but you are NO legend & please fix your raggedy hair line

  5. cherie August 24, 2010


    Unfortunately, Jon was just one of MANY celebs who trashed MJ after his death (not like that’s any different to what they did to MJ when he was living). Some politicians, assholes in the public & most of the media mocked his death & spouted venom but who had the last laugh. ALL those people tried to tarnish, degrade, and humiliate MJ and for what? MONEY? They didn’t stop his fans from loving him no matter what they did. He sold records posthumously (only IDIOTS thought he wouldn’t) and he rose above the nastiness throughout his life. People who terrorized MJ did it out of insecurity, racism, jealousy, ignorance, and greed. They all will pay for their actions, one way or another.

    As for John, I own his first CD but most of his following music has been unimpressive & he really needs to diversify a bit more. I’ve always loved the Roots, so they do no wrong in my eyes.

  6. ~Team Weezy~ August 24, 2010

    YAS! I love John Legend and The Roots! I seen this last night and they did so good. John sounded amazing! I can’t wait for their new album! John has amazing music and The Roots has amazing music so I DEFINITELY will be coping that ish!

  7. kryptic August 24, 2010

    I didn’t know anything about the trashing of MJ by JL. However, I am a fan of JL’s music, and of course I’m a fan of the legendary Roots crew. I thought last night’s performance was outstanding. I had to crank up the volume. I will be purchasing the album.

  8. TheYoungLion August 24, 2010

    can’t wait to cop this album!!!!!!

  9. Junior in Jamaica August 25, 2010


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