Rowland Lines Up Hot New Collabos

Published: Friday 13th Aug 2010 by Sam

In carving out her own solo career, Destiny’s Child alum Kelly Rowland has served up many a hot collaboration – and looks set to continue doing so.

Find out who the 29 year old has joined forces with after the jump…

While doing the radio rounds today at ‘The Box Houston’, Rowland revealed that fellow Miami native Pitbull features on the track ‘Take Everything’ – which is lifted from her as yet untitled 3rd studio album.

Meanwhile, the particulars of UK sensation Tinie Tempah‘s debut LP ‘Disc-Overy’ were unveiled today – with the track-listing confirming that Rowland features on a song titled ‘Invincible’. Tempah, one of the UK’s biggest chart-topper’s, recorded the duet with the ‘Commander’ singer back in May. ‘Disc-Overy’ hits stores October 4th via EMI.

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  1. Dave August 13, 2010


  2. CXS August 13, 2010

    Pitbull: Nah…’standard’ collab artist

    Tinie Tempah: Great! Love that guy 😀

  3. kevin August 13, 2010

    I hate Pitbull….
    but its good that shes getting good names. Usher is on Usher’s “DJ” and its doing pretty well.

  4. aj August 13, 2010

    Yes kelly get it!! everybody FOLLOW

  5. rob August 13, 2010

    go kelly n stuff

  6. That FLOP Juice August 13, 2010

    she is so irrelevant in the industry…

    take a look at Commander chart performance, and the continouos delay of the album release….

  7. NO NO NO NO NO KELLY NOWLAND August 13, 2010

    i try try try to ignore the incessant kelly rowland posts as much as i can but i simply have had it. this girl has ZERO personality ZERO self-esteem and for all the modeling she does she is not very good at it. the only way i would ever buy a kelly rowland cd or single is if michael jackson rose from the dead and did a duet with her. kelly please go away forever. get married have some babies, or become an activist or become a witch doctor. i dont even care just go away and sitchoassdown somewhere. please push ur album back to the future, no one is checking for it and nobody CARRRRRRRESSSS. if you sell more albums than kelis i will be extremely surprised. GIRL BYE!! UGH!!

  8. MrIncredible August 13, 2010

    The more and more you people hype this girl, the more dramatic her inevitable flop will be. Remember the hype around Commander and the video? lmfao.

  9. rik August 13, 2010

    Cant wait for this album!
    Git It Kelly!

  10. Tawny August 13, 2010

    She is never going to happen. I actually feel sorry for her.

  11. JonathanGardnerTV August 13, 2010


    @ People calling COMMANDER a flop….take a look at the actual chart performance…it has been a moderate world-wide hit…

    Australia Singles Chart: #61
    Australia Dance Chart: #11
    Austria: #36
    Belgium: #2
    Belgium: #2
    Czech Republic Airplay: #42
    Denmark: #23
    European Hot 100: #30
    Ireland: #13
    New Zealand: #16
    Norway: #19
    Scotland: #10
    Slovakia Airplay: #2
    Sweden: #26
    Switzerland: #66
    UK Singles: #9
    UK Dance: #2
    Ukraine: #19
    US Hot Dance Club Songs: #1

  12. NO NO NO NO NO KELLY NOWLAND August 13, 2010

    How about Kelly R, Ciara, Mya, Tierra Maria, Ameriiiiiie & Christina Mili form a super group of r&b chicks that fail repeatedly but STILL refuse to go away!!!!!! How do these chicks get the budget to produce massive flop albums yet still keep showing up to every store opening and EVERY FListed magazine cover??????

  13. Maxi August 13, 2010

    Kelly is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish she does a collabo with Usher…thats gonna be hott!! Work it Kelly!!!!!

  14. Cecelia August 13, 2010

    I love Kelly Rowland no matter what u bitchez say….She’s way talented than most artist nowadays….Its just a pity people dont give her credits for her talents..Her forthcoming album is actually the most anticipated on my list…F*** Y’all Haterzz…

  15. remmy August 13, 2010


    @ no no no no no kelly nowland…that was funny reading you lose it (too bad I feel the same way)

  16. THAT PUM PUM JUICE August 13, 2010

    She should remake Christina’s ‘Whoo Hoo’ with Nickie….I think that would have been a good song for her!

  17. Songbirdie August 13, 2010

    Just because an artist dnt have immediate success or a certain level of success don’t mean they have to stop nd give up on music. Kelly been on the grind since her Ms Kelly album, performing nd featuring…this girl could have gave up or goy desperate nd wrote a tell all book…but u gotta give it up to kells she fighting for hers…we all know it ain’t easy being in someones shadow…nd if u dnt like here music or post, just ignore

  18. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi) August 13, 2010

    love my wifey kelly ….. can’t wait for the album

  19. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 13, 2010

    OMG! DEAD @No No No No Kelly Rowland! That ish had me rolling!

  20. Commander for Kelly & Ciara August 13, 2010

    kelly.. tinie tempah? okay…..

  21. X,Y,”and Z” August 13, 2010

    August 13, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    “I try try try to ignore the incessant kelly rowland posts as much as i can but i simply have had it. this girl has ZERO personality ZERO self-esteem and for all the modeling she does she is not very good at it. the only way i would ever buy a kelly rowland cd or single is if michael jackson rose from the dead and did a duet with her. kelly please go away forever. get married have some babies, or become an activist or become a witch doctor. i dont even care just go away and sitchoassdown somewhere. please push ur album back to the future, no one is checking for it and nobody CARRRRRRRESSSS. if you sell more albums than kelis i will be extremely surprised. GIRL BYE!! UGH!!” <—– Wooooow …..!!!! (Life Flashing-before-eyes/regrets; Last Rites; Eulogy; Moaning/Slow Singing/Flower Bringing …..)

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT …!!!

  22. tera August 13, 2010

    @xy and z u r back to make more trouble where were u

  23. GangsterA August 13, 2010

    Get em kelles lookin fowrd to the album

  24. FUTURESTARdelux August 13, 2010


  25. A August 13, 2010

    Shes trying so hard…good for her

  26. K.Row Kid August 13, 2010

    I thought she said Pitbull features on “I’m That Chick”? Either way, I can’t wait to hear it and the one with Tinie!


    DAMN….. I thought you all finally got lives and jobs! 🙁 I guess not….. So until you get hired at your local fast food joint or find yourself a nice d***/vag to hop on…. We’ll let you continue to hate on Kelly. We understand you have nothing better to do with your lives, and without Kelly you really wouldn’t have a purpose. May your hateration of Kelly keep you from jumping off that cliff or slitting those wrists.

    God Bless. 🙂

  27. Rudeboii August 13, 2010

    Yayy !!!!! Now get to requesting Kelly Roland ” Rose Colored Glasses” and “Grown Woman” on your local radio station NOW !

    Lets go guys #KRttt

  28. X,Y,”and Z” August 13, 2010

    @Krow Kid —

    … Tell me, just WHAT did I do, THIS TIME, ‘eh? I mean, someone made a comment, it was quite-clever; sheer-hilarity. … Others laughed too, you know? So why then, are YOU singling me out for chastisement/why are you picking on me …?? I’m as “cute and pretentious(“in a masculine way”) as Kelly is “made up” to be ….

    @Tera – I’ve ALWAYS been here, I just choose to remain silent!

    K, you know what? … No more “White Rapper posts” no more of me “laughing at Kelly Rowland jokes ..!!!” … Deal?

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT ..!!

  29. bdaboss August 14, 2010

    all she needs is a video for “grown ass woman”

  30. tera August 14, 2010

    @xy andz i was tryin to figure out ur own statement at the end now i got it @xyz kelly career is not dead she is tryin to b an headliner r u a male if yes dont vex if kelly dont marry u no matter what kelly still luv u

  31. Jamie August 14, 2010

    You know what’s sad, I bet all of the above “hateful” comments are coming from grown ass men. What man do you know is going to hate on another female? I mean, that’s some sad s*** right there. That says something about ya’ll f***. Despite ya’ll desperate attempts, ya’ll would never be a real WOMAN or even come close to the WOMAN Kelly Rowland is. This girl has more personality in her eye lash than any chick in the game. and sure she suffered with self-esteem issues in the past, but who hasn’t? Those allegations about her career are nowhere because both of her US singles are getting airplay, and Commander is serving it’s initial purpose…HEATING UP THE “INTERNATIONAL” AIRWAVES!!! So queens, take a nap!

  32. X,Y,”and Z” August 14, 2010

    @Tera — No, my comments: (Life Flashing-before-eyes/regrets; Last Rites; Eulogy; Moaning/Slow Singing/Flower Bringing …..) were my reaction(s) to the said post I was making comment on/in! …You know, like “dead/flatline”; like – “that joke killed me,” stuff like that!

    In that post(?), I made NO-SUCH comment ’bout Kelly Rowland’s career, If I’d wanted to, I’d have just-said-so; so in THAT regard, no need for subterfuge, trickery, camouflage or double-speak …!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT ….!!!

  33. I see foolishness August 14, 2010

    It’s sad to read people how feel they have to talk down on Kelly . Rather you like it or not Kelly has fans all over the world and her fans want to know what she is doing what the latest news
    just because you can’t get into her music/style don’t mean you have the right to hate on her post sam is a fan and half of the people who visit this blog are fans of Kelly the fact that you think that who you like and don’t is any of importance is comical we are all individuals everyone has different tasts so how about you fall back off her c*** and find something better to do then sit around and talk down on other peoples favorite artist.

  34. tera August 14, 2010

    @xy and z oh! u r takin us on a tricky ride we still luv u

  35. K.Row Kid August 14, 2010


    Well, you see. You constantly if not always comment in the Kelly Rowland posts. And they are ALWAYS negative. Not one thing you say is positive or constructive and I don’t mean your “SHE’S BETTER OFF QUITING NOW” type b*******. Get real. She’s making her money how she wants to and don’t be fooled, she many not be pulling in as much as her contemporaries but she is damn sure pulling in a good amount. You should really get yourself checked out. Most people who harbor such hatred or even simple dislike for a something or someone DON’T stay where that something or someone is. It’s common sense really… That Grape Juice is going to continue to post about Kelly because they are fans! Nobody made you come to That Grape Juice and no one made you comment on this and other Kelly Rowland posts. You are clearly obssesed with Ms. Rowland in some way or form. It’s only logical.

    But as I’ve said before, if hating Kelly is what keeps your heart beating then so be it. I’m sure Kelly is flattered and will continue to live her life for you and others. That’s so nice of her! She’s a real angel! 🙂

  36. The AlexanderTG August 14, 2010

    @X,Y,”AND Z”
    Hi there again X – now I know what your aim is with all these attacks on Kelly – you’ve said it openly enough times – you want the site to stop boot-licking Eminem – and as far as I can tell by you constantly calling him the White Rapper the key thing that you have against him isn’t the gimmicks, the irrelevant lyrics or the wife-beating – its purely and simply the fact that he is White – now I know you said you’ve picked out Kelly as a vulnerable target, what was it…. the soft underbelly or something – but I honestly, honestly cannot understand the reasoning that goes along the lines of…. I hate this white guy who’s ruining the genre I love so I’m going to try and belittle, demean etc etc a black girl who has done me no harm whatsoever – to use her as a weapon against others. That just seems so inside-out upside-down to me I just can’t get it at all.

  37. market August 14, 2010

    Stop clowning Commander, its not a U.S single dumb ass! and its doin wonders where its suppose to! and it even got #1 in the U.S so keep hating ! and another thang yalsome lames commenting anyway b******.lol


  38. NO NO NO NO NO KELLY NOWLAND August 14, 2010

    @ Jamie

    “This girl has more personality in her eye lash than any chick in the game.”


    wait. re-read.


    scratches head.



  39. X,Y,”and Z” August 14, 2010

    ( … Will wait patiently to see what, Krow_Kid and Tera, will have to say ’bout NO NO NO NO Kelly Noland …

    … Will ACTUALLY wait … Won’t laugh; Won’t snicker or ANY-of-the-sort … will just … wait …. )

  40. Girl BYE with that B.S.! August 14, 2010

    Well, I respect Kelly’s hustle, but she’s just doesn’t have IT! She really doesn’t!!!

    Her music is bland as hell and she doesn’t have much of a personality. I really hope her next album is good, I really would like to feel differently about her!

  41. tera August 14, 2010

    @xyand z we dont ave time to waste on @no no no kelly noland he/she is just a bunch of posibilities with no aim no desire no destination just takin up space and time in society and a damn nuisance to kelly

  42. X,Y,”and Z” August 14, 2010

    @Tera — … See, I didn’t make sound – FOR REAL; I didn’t! I really wanted to, whoever he/she ‘No No No No Kelly Noland’ is, they’re REALLY funny …! But, as I’d said, I had nothing to say!

    And you have me ALL-WRONG, I didn’t throw shade at 30 y/o Kelly Rowland, HERE on TGJ. Why should I(?), she’s “TGJ’s favorite daughter,” and Sam/Trent won’t allow that …!! But what I DID promise, was to take “my good-fight” to ALL of the OTHER blogs that might run stories on/’bout the 30-year-old singer.

    And when I PROMISED, that if I should see ANY “HERO-WORSHIP post” ’bout “The White Rapper” here on TGJ, it meant that, I’d gather some GOOD-friends and “mount our crusade,” on said Urban blogs! … And I DO have friends; friends who are “quite able” in all-matters of “The Cyber Joust …!!”

    … But, “all kept-promises aside,” so far, I’ve kept MY WORD: “No ‘The-White Rapper-is-so -wonderful-stories’; no revealing 30 year-old Kelly Rowland for the “Rihanna-esque” talentless- simpleton that SHE really is …! I KEPT MY WORD …!! So, not only, am I handsome and trustworthy, but I’m also a gentleman: kind AND principled …..!!! ; – 9

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!!

  43. tera August 14, 2010

    xyandz y do i get the feelin u r still throwin shades in a decent but tricky! way or may b i am reading it wrong! for god sake kelly is not 30yrs old she is 29 yrs old she is a baby compare to mariah janet jackson whitney celine deon toni baxton, what would u do if kelly approach u 1day?

  44. X,Y,”and Z” August 15, 2010

    @Tera —

    … Kelly Rowland would “never approach me”, at least, not in a way that’ll suggest romance; she’s “into white men,” which is fine, by me; I just can’t “stomach” the thought of kissing some “white-man’s leftovers ….!!” Her friend Brandy AND Ciara ALSO “get down like that ..!” … And to think, I actually went and bought Ciara’s CD, ONLY cause she had CBreezy on a track. I’ll NEVER SUPPORT Ciara, Brandy OR KELLY ROWLAND …!!

    Tera, if you didn’t know? Kelly Rowland is OVER 30 years-old; 29(?), well that’s her “Hollywood age”!
    She’s, not-unlike Jason Derulo! He’s NOT 20 years-old, he’s in HIS late 20’s, if NOT early 30’s ….!!!

    Now, during my last post, you thought I was, somehow, “throwing shade”, I just don’t know how to convince you; Tera, I was NOT “throwing shade” of ANY sort …!!!!
    … Tell YOU what I’ll do, when I’m ’bout to embark upon my … “crusade” to “fight the good-fight”(?), I’ll announce it! In THAT way, they’ll be NO ambiguity, or suspicion; what-will-be, will-THEN-be ..!!!

    And I’ll close with THIS: since I’ll NOT, as I’ve NOT in the past, “campaigned’ on TGJ, you’ll have to search the blogosphere for my …”work(S) ..!!” And I’ll NOT ‘said post’ under my name, I’ll use another name. I and my “righteous friends,” will also employ a bit of “TCP/IP trickery” during said … “good fight ….!!” ; – 9

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!

  45. tera August 15, 2010

    @xy and z i get u now ,what r u secretly in love with kelly ?how do u no shes over 30 because her bio said she was born 1981 ,she had to turn to white men because u guys didnt accept her to b a wife .whats wrong in kissin her ?out of the 3 i prefer kelly @xyand z kelly is beautiful talented s*** so whats wrong am i missin sumthing here tell me sumthing i dont no abt kelly .y they hate her so much? what ave she done y she doesnt get the support she need ?she seems like a nice person to me so i dont c whats the fuss abt with the haters ! enlighten me on whats goin on.

  46. X,Y,”and Z” August 15, 2010

    @Tera —

    …”Secretly in love with the 30-year-old Ms. Rowland?! … NO! Haven’t YOU been reading ANY of what I’ve been writing …?? I’d NEVER want “a white-man’s leftovers,” and that’s JUST what Beyonce’s 30-year-old X-back-up singer is!!! I despise her, I find her revolting and hideous! I find the IDEA of the 30-year-old to be “grating upon my nerves/metastasizing-lesion on my soul!”

    … The more we speak of “the 30-year-old,” the MORE-enraged I become!

    I once saw someone, in jest, call her “Beyonce’s back-up singer,” she took offense and spat-on said person. Let me say THIS to you, I don’t know you, I’m equally a stranger to you; if it were I, who the 30-year-old was to THEN, have spat at/on(?), I’d have MAULED her, and left her PERMANENTLY-DISFIGURED..!!

    The individual SHE spat-on, was a black man. He took it, in jest, though embarrassed, he “kept it moving” as most black men would, as they’re totally emasculated! … They’re “reduced” by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Alice Walker and “The White Rapper”.

    But I can assure you, I suffer “NO-such affliction!” I would have NOT, let-the-likes-of “the 30-year-old,” humiliate me in said-manner, even if it meant risking incarceration; at-the-very-least, my dignity would be still-then, intact …!!!

    I’ll “channel said black-man’s humiliation” when-time-to “reduce” the 30-year-old! I’ll remember HIS “uncomfortable-laughter and forced-smile!” And, in THAT moment, I’ll bring ALL my considerable affiliations, skills and energies to bear-down-upon the “ALREADY-fading 30-year-old ….!!!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!

    P.S. — I’ll no-longer speak-on, or consider as topic/subject, the 30-year-old! ANYTHING ELSE, I’ll be more-than-happy to address, and elaborate-on, at length …!!!!

  47. tera August 15, 2010

    @xyandz i wont say anything more abt the topic but that dont change the fact that i love her she was nice when she came to visit our country as a jamaican when growin up all thats ringin in our ears is luv and is still ringin in our ears by our parents and friends just take a moment to luv her it would b so much better

  48. #TEAMKELLY!!! August 15, 2010

    I actually don’t hate on the haters. Thats their opinion. Basically they can only go off of what they “hear”. Being that they don’t like the artist, they won’t take out the time to find out information that the bloggers won’t let you know. For instance, that both cds that kelly has made have both been platinum albums. But everyone says “flop” this and “flop” that… If she was such a flop, why was she the one to fire her manager and not fired by her manager? Why did she get offered a record deal when she wasn’t even fishing for one? Not only did she get it, but she got it by HER terms, not theres… So lets leave the COMMENTS about her career to the ones who have the MONEY to make or brake it.

    X, Y, Z MY ASS.

    I’m out.

  49. X,Y,”and Z” August 16, 2010

    @TeamKelly — (Sam, is that you …???)

    … I’ll savor “reducing” the “30-year-old PhotoShop Princess …!!” But what’s most-frustrating(?) — when I see “The White Rapper” postings, ever-present, here on TGJ, only to be surely-and-closely followed by TGJ’s “favorite ‘can-do-no-wrong’ daughter”, the 30-year-old, Ms. Rowland — it seems the OTHER blogs must NOT have gotten the memo! I can find no said, 30-year-old X-Beyonce back-up dancer/singer, postings on the OTHER Blogs; either Urban, Mainstream or otherwise …!!!!

    … Fear not: belated or timely, my-hand-in, the 30-year-old’s demise will be sure, pronounced, blessed and THEN-forthcoming …

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!!

  50. tera August 16, 2010

    xy andz u must b a rastafarian only them alone talk like u

  51. Nick August 28, 2010

    Get it Kelly! I love Commander and Rose Colored Glasses, and I’ve heard a few other leaks that I like as well. I can’t say that I’m too excited to hear what you’re doing with Pitbull because I don’t think he does much for music at all, but I’ll definitely still take a listen. I haven’t heard of this other artist though. Don’t bother trying to appease the haters! Your fans will always love you!

  52. MESSTIX August 28, 2010

    Still Requires Kelly’s Songs On Your Local Radio Station!1

  53. EveB_ August 28, 2010

    Yeah!! The Commander is takin’ over again! 🙂

  54. Rachel August 29, 2010

    Kel is working her b*** off on this record. I think all the collabos will be fire! Hard work will pay off! #TEAMKELLY

  55. AndaDC3 August 30, 2010

    She is working so hard. This album will be AMAZING!!!

  56. CommanderK93 August 31, 2010

    Looking forward to the new album ;D Should be a good ‘un ;D

  57. Alexandra August 31, 2010

    i can’t wait for both 🙂

  58. MAYA September 2, 2010

    amazing.. i am so thankful she’s putting her heart and soul into it to make sure everything will be PERFECT. i already am .. so proud.

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