Hot Shots: Britney Arrives At Recording Studio

Published: Friday 13th Aug 2010 by Sam

The recording process for Britney Spears‘ new album appears to be gathering steam. The Pop superstar was spotted heading into a Los Angeles recording studio yesterday (August 11) for, what is said to have been, an intense recording session. Mother of two, Spears was accompanied by father Jamie, her A&R Teresa Whites (who flew in for the session), as well manager Adam Leber. {Source}

Sigh. Until I see a speck of that spark Ms. Spears used to possess, I can’t see any reason to be excited. It’s been almost three years since her media-orchestrated comeback, and yet there’s no sign of her being able to perform to an acceptable standard (and no, walking up and down the stage in a mechanical-daze doesn’t count). For us to be in such a critical age (see: singers needing to sing live and perform well for any kind of credibility), it’s particularly baffling to see Britney getting the kind of ‘pass’ she does. If the Mariah’s, Christina’s and co (who comparatively can perform to a much higher standard), are being urged to “do better”, I see no reason why – despite lacking in every which way – Ms. Spears seems to have folk spellbound. Here’s hoping she can redeem herself (for real) this go round.

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  1. MrIncredible August 13, 2010

    The difference between Britt and the other mentioned ladies is that she ALWAYS comes with fire. Her music says it all. It’s great for what it is.

  2. CIARADABESS August 13, 2010

    Sam what are you MR. I know what talant is???

    We all know Mariah Carey is not a “PERFORMER”. Did you see the FLOP obsessed performance.

    I thought you were cool until now that you are coming at the Queen and then using Mariah to back your s*** up. That is more laughable than on a night on a Ritarda concert.

    This s*** always happen. When Britney works hard everyone wan’t s to bash on her. When she falls apart .(OH WE NEED THE REAL BRITNEY)

    You’re never going to get the old Britney back. The woman had two kids and she’s not going to be able to move like she used to. She’s not going to look like she used to. BUT she still is going to keep it s*** and fierce.


  3. FortuneCookie August 13, 2010

    she looks good in this pic… glad to see her body back in shape… let’s just hope her dancing is stronger back in the day. it’s true tho, Britney is always bringin the heat, looking forward to the next album

  4. CIARADABESS August 13, 2010

    She’s back and she means business!

  5. royalkev August 13, 2010

    It’s Britney b****! Gaga’s done!

  6. bobs August 13, 2010

    Yeah — she’s no troth of talent and success like Chris Brown, Amerie, and Kelly Rowland.


    one thing britney has that all ur faves dont is charisma. everyone loves her, if she released a single of herself fartin it would still go to no. 1 just bcos its britney… b****

  8. MaZ August 13, 2010

    She need to come with something as good as “Blackout”. I’m sure she can cook a good album but in term of “LIVE performance”, she’s done for a long time now.

    BIONIC Rocks yes man!

  9. CoverGuy August 13, 2010

    Oh no! This post has it ALL TWISSSTED! lol Cosign with CIARADABESS & MRINCREDIBLE! Enough said! But regardless of the disagreement, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thank you for sharing Grape Juice.



    so true

  11. Paul August 13, 2010

    SO excited for Brit!! New queen of pop!!

  12. That Cranberry Sauce August 13, 2010

    Sam, this post was a bit pointless.

    You have yet to see a spark in performances? Because she isn’t performing anything yet…duh. Circus was a horrible era, I’ll give you that, but what until you see what she does this go around before spewing b*******. K?

    Also, what someone else mentioned, musically…Britney ALWAYS, ALWAYS brings the hits.

  13. Badd August 13, 2010

    @ CiaraDaBess.:
    I agree !
    Idk what he’s talking abotu with Mariah.
    I love her but all she does is walk
    around & sing…everybody knows that.

    @ Royalkev & Dan.:
    I love how GaGa is always on your mind.
    Pressed much ??

    I loved the cute little meeting her & Gaga
    had at her concert on wednesday.
    Can’t wait for them !

  14. royalkev August 13, 2010

    @ Badd
    No more than Bey is on yours. I see how she breaks your focus.

  15. Li August 13, 2010

    Say what you want about Ms Spears…

    Musically in 2009, Britney made more money than EVERY female in music apart from Madonna (Musically, no house of dereon endorsements or anything of that nature).

    She deserves credit, she achieves lots, without doing too much, musically that speaks Volumes.

    She came out in 1999 as a Pop artist and continues to KILL any female pop artist that comes out, she is a genius at what she does and 10 years, two divorces, two kids and a mental breakdown later, I think she has more than proved this.

    Roll on Album 7….

  16. gfssd August 13, 2010


    lady gaga is an ugly, socially retarded, talentless, freak
    go home to

    nuff said

  17. Richard August 13, 2010

    I love how people almost never side with Sam on his own site LOL. the poll speaks for itself

  18. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) August 13, 2010





    OH WELL ——————————->

  19. Badd August 13, 2010

    @ Royalkev.:
    I’ve never said anything about Beyonce.

    @ GFSSD.:
    You sound like one of those GaGa haters we
    DRAGGED last night.
    Go home.
    You are the weakest link.

    This post isn’t even about them.
    SO don’t bring them up.
    It’s about Brit Brit.

  20. gfssd August 13, 2010


    u r the 1 who brought gaga up u r*****

  21. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 13, 2010

    Unlike the other artists you mentioned, Britney ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS have a very loyal fanbase! I don’t care what this woman puts out, her fan/stans will accept it because it’s BRITNEY!

    In addition, another difference between she and Xtina and Mariah is, although Britney may be inconsistent with her performances, her music is consistent.

    She ALWAYS has some amazing music. ‘Blackout’ is my favorite album of hers. That ish is FIYAH! I love that album!

  22. UmYa August 13, 2010


    Gerl I was not expecting hat from you. Agreed 100%.
    The reason why Britney will always slay is cuz people want to see her succeed. B**** could just sit on the stage for a full hour and still sell out. Britney’s an entertainer/performer and IMO they most ALWAYS have longer more successful career than these over-the-top singer.
    Look at the OG Madonna STILL slaying your favs, lats tour is Highest grossing tour of a female artist EVER! Then look at people like Mariah [who I love btw] her voice aint the way it used to be and people rag on her cuz that’s her only performance skill. And then of course there’s Whitney…….
    Sam is right though, she obviously the same performer she was back in the Slave 4 U days.

  23. UmYa August 13, 2010

    Oya @CIARADABESS, gerl i’m on the side of Team CiCi now gerl we kewl ~ 😉

  24. Jeffrie August 13, 2010

    yaaas i love Ms Spears cant fait for a new album

  25. Badd August 13, 2010

    @ GFSSD.:
    Royalkev did.
    You are still the weakest link.

  26. Badd August 13, 2010

    But @ Ciaradabess.:
    Britney did have two kids didin’t she !
    She looks amazing.
    Go Brit Brit !!

  27. UmYa August 13, 2010

    LOL @ “Bionic Rocks”
    Shouldn’t that be “Flops” ?
    Can you believe those floptacular sales figures ?
    And no Top Ten/Twenty Hits ?
    Flop tour, Flop album, only thing letf is for that movie to flop.

  28. gfssd August 13, 2010

    y is there a ‘bionic rocks’ option?????
    brits new album is gonna sell twice as much as bionic will ever sell in its 1ST week

  29. Nondo August 13, 2010

    Honestly I wouldnt care except her body is looking like its going back to being in shape again. But I dont think I am going to celebrate just yet. Anyway that comeback was great it just didnt keep its momentum…

  30. PENNY PROUD’S LIL SIS August 13, 2010




  31. Carmello August 13, 2010

    Respect the Queen of Pop, It’s Britney B****!

  32. thekiddz August 13, 2010


    Agreed! I don’t know what it is about Britney, when I was younger I thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. And “Blackout” is AMAZING, Break the Ice is my jam.

    Kanye, Beyonce, & Britney. Damn I got to start saving my money ^^.

  33. Carmello August 13, 2010




    The Queen keeps that MOMENTUM going!

  34. OLW August 13, 2010

    well christina can sing but she oversings too much… but yeah christina will always be the 2nd.
    Concerning Mariah… since when she’s a performer…? she CAN’T walk on stage and now sorry to say that she can’t sing live too… she had the voice but ppl came to her concert to ear it not to watch her… standing there !
    so don’t b mad if Brit can sell CDs and your favorites just can’t… with all that she’s been through since her debut I guess it’s good that ppl still buy what she proposes…

    then I’m not a fan of hers but don’t bring Mariah when y’all know she can’t even handle to move on a brit song lipsyncing it!

  35. Emmi3 August 13, 2010

    Sam do you know you really suck ??
    I dont like your opinions at hate on rihanna hate on britney ..whats it you have achieved in your live …?? you have a website your cool ..hard work..NOT
    Britney is Britney ! i love britney …dont use other celebs on your site to hate on them and to infect other people with your share b**** !

  36. EXPOSED August 13, 2010


  37. BLACk August 13, 2010

    Oh britney, i neve really thought u was amazing, just over hyped Tabloid performer….she has great songs, but ehhh, i was britney fan back in Elementary school…but when i got older, i notice it was all blahh…. GAGA coming for the britney crown i see, we all know that..then Christina….NEXT….

  38. BROOKLYN_JANETFAM August 13, 2010

    One thing i realize w/ Britney and other artist is that other artist have to rely on gimmicks and constant promotion just to get a hit record. All Britney does is release the record and take a little cat nap because it’ll be the #1 or atleast top 10 record in the country by the next week.

  39. CIARADABEES August 13, 2010


    U r a r*****. britney never does any promotion for anything any still goes to no.1. Gaga is also a r*****

  40. BLACk August 13, 2010

    Oh and im reading these comments, trying to throw little jabs at beyonce on the slick, WE really dont want to compare that was sooo

  41. Dave August 13, 2010

    Finally somebody is not delusional. It doesn’t matter about a sell. She’s just not talented. Yes he mentioned Mariah, but at least she can sing/sang. Britney can’t dance, perform, sing or entertain these days, but she gets a pass. All it takes are studio tracks these days? really…? lame. “Bionic” flopped, but Christina rocks & so does “Bionic” & Christina is uber talented.

  42. UmYa August 13, 2010

    ^^If she wasn’t talented then she wouldn’t be slaying your favs.
    End of!!
    Hew mad?
    You can call someone like Rihanna not talented since she literally does nothing on stage and her tour is underperforming.
    Seriously why y’all hatin’ on Queen B ? She wins you lose
    Bye ~

  43. rob August 13, 2010

    well at least that stomach is flat ,

  44. royalkev August 13, 2010

    @ Badd, You’ve been adding your slick comment to many a Bey post. I see you, but I don’t!

  45. jj August 13, 2010

    britney is talented! PERIOD! if she didnt perform well last years, can you blame her? this b**** had a really hard time. give her time.
    britney has charisma, big loyal fan base, she is loved by most of the celebrities.

  46. TheBaddestBitch August 13, 2010

    Yes, Britney has a huge fan base: dumb folks who ain’t got taste in music!

  47. TheBaddestBitch August 13, 2010

    On a positive note, she looks hot in these pictures!

    and yes BIONIC rocks!





  49. jj August 13, 2010

    @thebaddestbitch if i were you support your idol! and leave this b**** alone

  50. TheBaddestBitch August 13, 2010

    Truth hurts?

  51. jj August 13, 2010

    yes truth hurts for your idol!

  52. Badd August 13, 2010

    @ Royalkev.:
    That doesn’t even make sense.
    The short bus is coming for you !

  53. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) August 13, 2010

    Britney only has to sneeze and it will still go straight to #1………….123 ring any bells??????????? She never appeals to me what so ever…(soz B fans).

    Yes Yes Yes Bionic rocksssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. True Blue August 13, 2010

    I used to like Britney when I was a kid… and then I discovered actual singers.

  55. Rated x August 13, 2010

    what in the fugg does gaga got to do with this post?
    i swear to god yalll promoting gagas more than the acual stans and fans….

    now, britney never had the best voice in the business, but the bish murders everybody when it comes to entertainment..
    thats y christina always come last when it cames to whos more an international star.
    but as a big fan of hers, ill be first to admit, she didnt look like she was really into the perfomances in her last tour.

    I stll think that she should have gone away for a while, and then come bak hard and shut down all the so call singer/entertainers out there.

    hell i remember the mtv perfomance of gimme more, and saw rihanna laughing at her.
    and i though b**** ur goat in heat, ass would never be as great as britney.
    hell even that gimme more perfomance murders rihannas all live perfomances.

  56. royalkev August 13, 2010

    @ Badd
    The only thing that’s short around here is all your shortcomings! … Stop speaking to Royalty because all your doing is leaving a very BADD impression! You are dismissed!

  57. Rated x August 13, 2010

    yes am promoting rihanna in a britney post, cause the bish needs any type of promotiOns she can get, with her flopping and all..


  58. True Blue August 13, 2010

    ^^ Being more popular doesn’t mean she’s better. Britney is way more popular and well-known than lots of hugely talented female artists, that doesn’t mean she’s better than them in any aspect.

    I really don’t understand her long-lasting appeal. I mean, I could understand it during her first few years of popularity when 90% of her fanbase were tweens and teens, and of course she was at her peak physical shape. But now… why? She never sings…at all. Doesn’t write or play instruments. Hasn’t put out a decent album since “In The Zone”. Her one and only talent, which was performing is now DEAD. Why is she still popular? And people have the nerve to call Gaga talentless? Say what you want about her music, but at least she has real musical talent. SMH.

  59. Ankka August 13, 2010


    at least in the past Britney could get away with lip syncing it because she used to dance like crazy! these days not only does she not dance like she used to but she NEVER sings live!
    the only good thing is that she has some really good songs…

  60. yesyes August 13, 2010


    She doesnt need to make effort, and its not until she starts flopping FOR REAL will she start bothering.

    I kinda almost want her to fail spectacularly just so she gets some of her ‘drive’ back…

  61. Badd August 13, 2010

    @ Royalkev.:
    It’s okay sweetheart.
    Don’t get ancy.
    The short bus going down the mountain
    will be her soon.
    I promise.
    Just be patient & wait.
    You are definitely two french
    fries short of a happy meal.

  62. Badd August 13, 2010

    @ Rated X.:
    Exactlyyy. These ppl just can’t
    get their minds off of GaGa.
    The proof is definitely here & the
    500+ comments from yesterday.
    Britney is great.

    Smooches B****** 🙂

  63. Christian August 13, 2010

    To ALL that says Britey can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t perform, isn’t talented, etc are ALL DELUSIONAL!!!!!

    I think some of you NEED to be reminded as to why Britney is STILL a powerful force in the music business. I mean SO WHAT if she didn’t perform to her standards at the 07 VMA’s. You guys act like a performance has never had a bad performance. EVERYONE has a bad performance in their careers And some of these comments are just laughable.

    And like I said, some of you need to be reminded as to why Britney is still in the game and it NOT threatened by ANY female right now and she doesn’t need to be.

  64. Rated x August 13, 2010

    britney is a gimmick? ahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah
    get the fugg out of here with that bull s***.

    the bish has the highest selling celebrity perfume world wide.. not one of the highest, she is the highest
    what gimmick did she used to sell the perfumes? because last time i checked the bish hardly promotes her perfume lines.

    Blackout came out with zero promotions, 2 real videos, and blackout sold over 100k on the first day it was released..again what gimmick did she used to sell blackout?
    last time i checked britney was too busy showing her crazy to promote blackout.

  65. WATEVA August 13, 2010


  66. royalkev August 13, 2010

    @ Badd sit it down, country bumpkin! You stay put with the rest of the farm animals in the barn you call home. Donkey’s like you, get real familar with tasers over in these parts. Keep your crazy tamed boo!

  67. DION-ISH August 13, 2010

    OH My F**!

    My Twitter Brit stans gave me the scope long ago and im like going to pass out over my damn laptop! Im already itching to see the Glee episode!

    I Cant Fukin Wait, Britney is fukin amazing. The Pop Queen of our Generation.

    My Heart literally beats faster everytime i see or here her w/ news like this.

    And Haters, get Over it. Shes slays your fav and then some!! She’s one of the BEST female dancers of our time and her tour was fukin amazing! You have no room to talk, Stay Mad. Britneys an Icon!

  68. True Blue August 13, 2010

    ^^ Considering your taste in music (see: Rihanna), I would very much expect you to say that.

  69. ILOVEXTINA August 13, 2010

    I like Britney also but if she’s not gonna sing live then she should be able to dance her ass off. & how does having two babies prevent you from dancing like usual, after that you should be able to do the splits all over the stage

  70. Badd August 13, 2010

    I’m done with you.
    That once again didn’t make sense.
    The short bus is still coming.
    You’re just as backwards as the
    tattoo on Rihanna’s neck.

  71. DION-ISH August 13, 2010


    My musical Taste Ranges Sweetheart, Been an Advent Brit fan since teen years.

    Whom are u a fan of again?

  72. Faye August 13, 2010

    I laugh how everytime Britney article is posted her fans start bringing Christina’s name in it. Yes Britney’s sold more than Christina so what?????? Britney has releases more albums anyway. I like Britney and think shes a very sweet, nice girl, but when it comes to singing talent Christina wins. Everything is not about how much a album sells. I have brought albums that are not hits and have flopped big time, and they are better than lots of albums that do well in the chart and have sold millions. Just because an artist sells millions doesnt actually mean they are talented. Britney has got talent but I think shes more of an entertainer than singer, like Janet, and Madonna. Everyone is calling Christina a flop just because one album hasnt done well, how stupid, sorry to break it to you haters but her career is far from over. Look how many big name artist that have had flops, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, even Michael Jackson are there careers ruined because an album hasnt sold well???? hell no. To be honest Britney and Christina shouldnt be compared they have different styles, and different type of music. I never understood why they were compared in the first place there nothing alike. Its like comparing Madonna to Whitney Houston, totally different styles. Its fine that you lot love Britney and support her, but you dont need to put other artist down because you like her, its actually gives her fans a bad name.

  73. Faye August 13, 2010

    Her fans are beginning to sound alot like Gaga fans now.

  74. DION-ISH August 13, 2010


    OH PLEASE. Half of Bionic was Britney Spears Whole damn sound! Lmfao.

    Desnuade (or whatever) is sooo I Got Plan ( Get Naked)

  75. GangsterA August 13, 2010


  76. Badd August 13, 2010

    @ Faye her fans sound like GaGa fans ????
    It’s Britney B****.

  77. royalkev August 13, 2010

    @ Badd, hi hillbilly … still going, huh? You must have me confused with one of your trailer park buddies. Your not worth any more of my time, just finish your scraps and roller over and listen to your Gaga. Once again, you are dismissed!

  78. Faye August 13, 2010

    August 13, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    “OH PLEASE. Half of Bionic was Britney Spears Whole damn sound! Lmfao.”

    “Desnuade (or whatever) is sooo I Got Plan ( Get Naked)”

    Sorry but when did Electropop become Britney’s “whole damn sound”????? Is Britney only allowed to do elecropop music now??? Her lastest album sounds nothing like Britney at all. Not one song on that album sounds like Britney. Just because it has electropop sounds to it doesnt mean its similar to Britney’s music.

  79. Faye August 13, 2010

    August 13, 2010 at 8:50 pm
    @ Faye her fans sound like GaGa fans ????
    It’s Britney B****.

    Am not talking about all her fans, am talking about the fans like you on this site that are giving all her fans like me a bad name. The way the fans on here go on, is like what alot of Gaga fan do. STFU.

  80. Badd August 13, 2010

    @ Royal.:
    You’re done because you bus has come.
    & ride that slow bus until you can’t ride it anymore.
    This retarted mess you’ve been talking as earned you
    a FRONT ROW SEAT on that bus.
    Have Fun 🙂
    You have officially been shut down.

  81. Badd August 13, 2010

    @ faye.:
    You’re giving youself a bad name
    by talking.
    Bish Boom.
    You keep this up & you’ll be sent
    on that slow bus with Royalkev.

  82. Faye August 13, 2010

    U got a good user name coz ur a piece of “s***”. I can say what I want just as much as you can. So f****** get over it. Like you can stop me from commenting. You really need to get out more, get some fresh air instead of sitting on ur computer all day, everytime I come on this site, your always commenting all the time, you comment more than anyone else. Just goes to show you have no life. Sad.

  83. royalkev August 13, 2010

    @ BADD and miserable life: slow bus, huh? Really? … Isn’t this the same bus you screwed your sister in?… No thanks! Keep some of those family treasures to yourself! I’ll pass.

  84. Tha Phoenix August 13, 2010

    I am so happy the POP, Britney is back. Now I have all three members of the Trinity ready to return and slay once again.

    And, yes, Brit’s last tour wasn’t her best, but lately she seems back to her old safe. She’s almost always smiling in pictures, and she said herself that she’s really happy again.

    Everyone wants to see her come back because everyone loves her. She’s one of the sweetest, realest celebrities out there. And, even if she weren’t…

    I’TS BRITNEY, B****.

    Who’s mad?


  85. Tha Phoenix August 13, 2010

    And I mean *self* not *safe*


  86. Dave August 13, 2010

    @UMYA BYEEEEEEEE! It’s billions of untalented artist out now w/ mega hits, doesn’t make them talented because they’re so called “slaying my faves” on the charts that is. Soulja Boy got more hits, bigger hits, hits period than Janelle Monae? Does that make him better or more talented then her? The f*** no.. It’s even billions of underground artist that haven’t even came out, that are more “Talented”, so what does a # on the charts or record sales have to do with nothing. Look at Britney’s “Circus” tour she got horrible reviews. She did half ass (which is really a understatement) routines, & lipped everything w/ no enthusiasm or stage presence. It was almost like Rihanna, but at least Britney had a routine, even though executed horribly. Ciara got better reviews on “Britney’s” Circus tour. She got cool points for singing live, & dancing. Does that make Britney better or more talented than Ciara? NO! People get caught up by numbers & what not, that’s why we have a garbage as music state that we’re in now. Nobody is really talented, we get the same chicks that just look good & sell a brand. OPEN YOUR EYES, IT’S TOO EVIDENT!

  87. Dave August 13, 2010

    YASSS @ TheBaddestBitch

    August 13, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    and yes BIONIC rocks!

  88. Dave August 13, 2010

    Punch Faye!!! U betta go INN! 🙂

  89. True Blue August 13, 2010

    @ Dion-ish:

    I told you who my faves are yesterday, I’m not about to repeat myself. Comb through the archives if you must.

  90. DION-ISH August 13, 2010


    Really? OK Then STFU since your favs arent even worthy to be repeated.

    Whoever they are, britney prob slays them effortlessly! Sooo Take your garbage somewhere else….Britneys the Fukin Princess.

  91. Chick Boom August 13, 2010

    I wonder if she knew where she was?

  92. Tiff August 13, 2010

    She looks…decent!

  93. CIARADABEES August 13, 2010


    U r a r*****

  94. Tamia August 14, 2010

    Dave, I completely agree! I cannot believe the britney fans on here calling her the queen and bashing every other female artists. Her lack of talent is irrelevant, as long as she sells records? You praise her to high heaven no matter the quality of what she actually puts out. Her singing is horrible but because she’s s*** and her music is catchy, she slays everyone else? She put so little effort and still makes money? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, it’s like reading ten years olds comments. How uneducated are you all? Another thing, don’t go bringing Christina in to this because she’s the best damn singer out there. Just because Bionic underperformed don’t make her any less of a bad ass vocalist. The only reason britney has sold so much more than Christina is because she’s released more albums. Obviously Christina ain’t worried about it because she releases her music when she’s ready to do so, not when britney does. Christina, Beyonce, Mariah and Gaga all sing better than britney and have a hand in the creation of what they put they put out, so do not give me this middle school non-sense about britney slaying when she can barely perform anymore. Her making money despite not putting out anything of quality and her lack of talent doesn’t make her great or iconic. I can tell you what it makes her fans look like!

  95. DION-ISH August 14, 2010


    UM First off Britney’s tour grossed Higher than every B**** you just mentioned, She’s Sold More records, and still managed to sell well after her melt-down and media scrutiny sooo regardless of what you think Britneys Slays Over Beyonce and DEF Xtina!! Britney will Snatch Bee’s wig up w/ one fukin Single!!

    And Please We ALL know Beyonce has no part or say so in nothing involving her music, She Lies about the s*** then gets sued for it.

    Britney is an Icon, Period. Her Dancing ability cant and shouldnt be questioned because she always delivers and her choreo be crazy ass good! Soo Sit down.

    Xtina cant even be compared to Brit, Period. Shes Irrelevant and cant sell S***. Regardless of how many album someone has but out, Thats part of the reason xtina cant sell, she aint put out s*** in over 3 years and except to come back relevant, PUH-Lease

    And Gaga??!?! Didnt this b**** wait outside TRL to praise the Queen before? Gaga Pratically worships the ground Britney Walks on and is her inspiration! Gaga is just the Pop-Tart of the moment, While Britney Will go on to be a Pop Legend!! Gaga’s at the hieght of her career already, Her Downfall in her career is sure to come EARLY just as fast as it came!

  96. True Blue August 14, 2010

    @ Dion-ish:

    Britney slays Beyoncé, Christina, Gaga and Alicia? Really? Well you’re more delusional than I thought…

  97. True Blue August 14, 2010

    “And Please We ALL know Beyonce has no part or say so in nothing involving her music, She Lies about the s*** then gets sued for it.”

    Like Britney is so much better… having her name added in the credits as a co-writer/producer?

    I guess stanning for two untalented women really makes you crazy, huh?

  98. DION-ISH August 14, 2010


    Um Britney is Honest About What she Wtrites and Produces and has written and produced plenty of hits!! Hasnt been sued for Fraud like Beyonce.

    Shes a Singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, record producer, author, fashion designer, video director …..Were’s the NO TALENT? B**** Sit.

    Plus Brit Plays the Piano. What the Hell Instrument does Beyonce play? Oh yea she doesnt play an insturment, her insturment is her weave she swings all over the place

  99. True Blue August 14, 2010

    ^^ Cocaine is one helluva drug.

  100. DION-ISH August 14, 2010


    And YES she slays them All! Period.

    Madonna and Britney FTW.

    Oh and Rihanna and Gaga are the future and both pro-claim the love for Brit sooo there Cool. Plus i LOVE Rihanna, been a fan for years now.

  101. Tamia August 14, 2010

    LOL! It’s funny how people keep saying Christina’s irrelevant and yet she still gets brought up in these posts and still gets a s*** load of comments in the threads about her so you need to go sit down and stop being in denial. Can’t sell s***? Her last tour was the biggest tour of that year. So what if she waited three years to put out an album. Is every freakin artist supposed to put out an album every year? I also love how you say beyonce has no part in her music. Neither does britney and her dancing isn’t good anymore either, so I don’t why your inflating her out to be something she isn’t and then making her out to be better than women more talented than her.

  102. DION-ISH August 14, 2010


    Um Britney Very much so has a part in her music, Beyonce is all lies, Period.

    Xtina is nothing compared to Britney, Shes in ego-centric b****. No body denies her singing ability but she rips everyone off and just sucks period.

  103. Paul August 14, 2010

    To the haters… STAY MAD! IT’S BRITNEY, B****!


  104. Tamia August 14, 2010

    How is she a part of her music and Beyonce isn’t? You’re so full of it. You can’t back up any of your arguments.


  105. Dave August 14, 2010

    TAMIA, u betta freakin PREACH! & @Dion-ish it’s clear you’re as slow as Britney because not once did I debate on sales or charting. I clearly debated on the other half. At the end of the day, RECORD SALES, TOUR GROSSING, MONEY DOES NOT EQUAL TALENT. BRITNEY SPEARS IS NOT TALENTED. SHE HAS MUSIC OUT THAT PEOPLE LIKE, THEE END. Anyone can do that, Good bye.

  106. Jay August 14, 2010

    Woooo, Cant Wait for the Album to drop:))))))))

  107. Richard August 14, 2010

    Britney looks really pretty in those pics! Also, her body looks like she’s been starting to work out again (usually a sign that an album is about to drop – did you see her when Circus first came out? – AMAZING!).

    I cannot wait for a new album. Say what you will about her, but there are basically NO artists who can be on their seventh album and for me to say a) every release gets better in terms of quality and b) I like every single they have released.


  108. CIARADABEES August 14, 2010


    Gaga can’t sing for s*** u r*****

  109. Tamia August 14, 2010

    Trick, the only word you seem to know is r*****! You must know a lot about that don’t you? Gaga can’t sing for s***? This coming from a britney fan? britney has no freakin talent at all. So what if she makes money. All these women that britney supposedly “slays” also make money. Beyonce makes the most money out of all of them. She earned $87 million dollars last year, so I guess she slays britney.

  110. Girl BYE with that B.S.! August 14, 2010

    Britney has some great pop songs. But she has always been over-hyped! And she can’t perform nowhere near the way she used to! So the album better be BlackOut EPIC!!!!!

  111. katie August 15, 2010

    just do something crazy and hot britney!
    lot people out there waiting for your musics,…we love you,..10 years of excellent.

    im sure u can release at least 4-hot-singles in your new album…like u did before.
    This going to be a tough time when Taylor Swift, Gaga, and Beyonce planning to release their album soon.

    Millions out there waiting for u…
    Love Britney.

    From Malaysia,

  112. Antom August 15, 2010

    I like Britney . But I love love love love XTINA !!!people don’t be soo stuped they are great in ther own way last decade Britney & xtina now is 2010 britney, xtina. Gaga , and don’t forget that the only queen of pop still alive. Madonna. There is 16 to 30 gb in your ipot there is planing spot for enjoy music don’t be stuped. Bionic rocks , burlesque rocks , and next years is a bionic world tour I ll be there!!!!!!!!

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