New Song: Faith Evans – ‘Gone Already’ (Updated)

Faith Evans has just premiered the official 1st single from her upcoming studio album, ‘Something About Faith’. The track, entitled ‘Gone Already’, was produced by Carvin Haggins and Ivan Barias. ‘Something About Faith’ hits stores on October 5th. Give the track a listen below:

*Updated Link*

This song goes very easy on the ears. With its catchy melody and restrained vocals it should do well on R&B radio. However, it is highly unlikely that it will receive much fanfare beyond that format as it sounds similar to almost every R&B song released in the post Mariah Carey ‘We Belong Together’ era. Hopefully Evans comes harder than this on her next release.

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  1. Soulful Roses August 3, 2010

    You better SANG girl!

  2. stan August 3, 2010

    song is down

  3. MB August 3, 2010

    This link is “Gone already” lol. But I love Faith, can’t wait to hear it.

  4. GETMELOLLY August 3, 2010

    The album cover scares me ….

  5. JJFan1814 August 3, 2010

    Sam, re-up the song you b******.

  6. nickalus Randle August 3, 2010

    I LOVE ME SUM FAITH, BUT we all know black people dont support real R&B no more, look @ poor Fantasia, AMAZING COMEBACK SINGLE – BITTERSWEET, BUT it is just as dead on the charts-sadddd!!!

  7. leo August 3, 2010

    i like the song!! but the picture on the cover is not a good look!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER LIPS!! AND THEY FORGOT TO PHOTOSHOP THE DOUBLE CHIN!! NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN BUT I DONT LIKE THE PICK!!

  8. Phabo August 3, 2010

    Y do ppl alwayz think somebody has to be photoshoppd…? damn, she look good and the song soundz gr8! stop all this damn HATING….

  9. Julien August 3, 2010

    Fantasia’s single is in the top 15 of the RnB Charts. Her song is doing fine. The pop charts haven’t been kind to many RnB sangers in the last 5 years.

  10. Chile Please!! August 3, 2010

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss Ms. Evans you blew my life away with this beautiful Masterpiece!!! Ohhhh I can’t wait until your album drops, I’m definitely copping Yo shyt!! Werk!!

  11. Gary August 3, 2010

    Julien , Bittersweet was 10# Last week so it’s a TOP 10# single hehe

    For the song , it’s cute , in all honesty i think the chorus could’ve been better, but this will definetly grow on me ! I love R&B SOOO MUCH !

  12. Trailed August 3, 2010

    Wow, look at that album cover. I didnt know Tina Knowles was putting out music now

  13. anon August 3, 2010

    YES FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! F*uck the album cover!!! People are too caught up with looks, It’s the music that matters!! That’s why we have so many artist who look good and can’t sing for sh*t, at the top of the charts……..smh. Anyway, Faith killed with this one. So refreshing to get some real music!!! I can’t wait for the album!!

  14. JonathanGardnerTV August 3, 2010

    OOO I just listened to it on another site and I really like the sound of it! Not as strong as any of the singles from her last album but still a decent release…I’m just so glad she’s back! 😀


  15. Jasmine August 3, 2010

    LOL at Trailed. You know the Knowles will do anything for some change. But really, I listened to it and the song was lacklulster. It is like r&b artists want people to still buy their music when they keep making lackluster pop-influenced r&b. In the 90s this type of song would not even make it on one of Faith’s album. Now this song is the first single from her new album? Next. This is the reason r&b female artists keep flopping, not r&b consumers don’t want to buy music, but because real r&b has left the music scene.

  16. anon August 3, 2010


    I totally disagree. This song is not lackluster at all. Faith gave us what she always gives us…… R&B. Not only that but she stayed true to her sound. This sounds like a Faith Evans song….And how is this song not “real r&b”?

  17. EXPOSED August 3, 2010


  18. truthliesinhim August 3, 2010

    faith is sangin..welcome back..
    i hope the R&b world gives her the airplay she deserves..

  19. Maestro August 3, 2010

    Well Im glad to see at least 80% of the people here have ears. Faith Evans is one of the most talented vocalist to come out of the HipHop Soul generation. Faith can still sing circles around many of her counterparts and fellow divas without breaking a sweat, and this girls albums have NEVER DISAPPOINTED… EVER. I think Faith biggest problem was BadBoy then leaving BadBoy and having to start all over. If Puffy was as smart as everyone claims he is then Faith could’ve easily been the Whitney to his Clive. Shes an amazing song writer, and vocal arranger – hence why none of her albums suck. FAITH if u read this post, girl we need to see u, I dont care if its in a back alley with an amp and a stereo we need to see u, thats whats gonna sell this album people seeing you and getting exposed to the music cuz the single is FIRE I already got it on replay. There seems to be a swing happening here folks, R&B is back. Fantasia, Jazmine Sullivan and Faith are definitely trying to push it back to the charts and Im looking forward to it, cuz Im tired of these fake sing rap people who cant hold a note if u held it for them

  20. RosaRubbel August 3, 2010

    Awesome. Finally she’s back 🙂

    @ Jasmine

    This song is real R&B. What did you expect?

  21. tontonAsh August 3, 2010

    Go Faith! She stayed true to herself & her sound.
    I LOVE this song.
    I don’t think thats the album cover.
    Hopefully its just the single cover.
    But I’m happy bout the music.
    She’s BACK!

  22. royalkev August 3, 2010

    I’m not in love with it, but it’s solid. There is room for it to grow on me, but it isn’t bad. I like it better than Monica’s singles(just saying). I wish her well.

  23. AARON August 3, 2010


  24. J_Nova August 3, 2010

    As a faith evans fan.. I feel like she tried to be “safe” with this record. Although I’m not worried because for her album I know shes defintely going in.. This basically sounds like “bait” to me. I want a First lady pt 2 dammit that album was SOO neosoul

  25. Corey August 3, 2010

    Well I love me some Faith and I love Carvin and Ivan, so putting them together only makes sense to me. I really like the song, this is a good look for Faith!

  26. Gary August 3, 2010


  27. MaZ August 3, 2010

    Love Faith, and I like the song! This is R&B we missed.

    People this the single cover not the album cover!

  28. Rashaan August 3, 2010

    Faith can do no wrong in my eyes….I love this song!

  29. STLOUISDON August 3, 2010

    i love this song so muc but that is a awful single cover, she looks puffy and tired

  30. spring August 3, 2010

    my lunch break just got better.. love this tunee..

  31. LuvMeDJ August 3, 2010

    I LOVE Faith…PERIOD. Her music is just the business. I love the track.

  32. Chile Please! August 3, 2010

    @ Anon!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS! Exactly!! Everything you said is soooooo true. It’s a shame that it’s more important for an artist to have the look more than the voice. I don’t understand it….it’s all backwards…….the pretty girls that can’t sing need to be models & call it a day. Look at Gospel artist….alot of them can blow, but it’s not all about the glitz & glamour it’s about the voice. SMH!

  33. THAT PUM PUM JUICE August 3, 2010

    The single cover looks like she just got a smell of That Pum Pum Juice….
    What was her management thinking using that pic? Is she signed to DEF JAM?

    Lawd a mercy.

    ps: Love the song…sounds like a response to her ‘I Love You’. song…now that was the jam back in the day!

    I’m just saying…

  34. Facts Officer August 3, 2010

    “Monotonousness” Did Mimi write this? Lol

  35. Yan August 3, 2010

    nice song, terrible cover

  36. MR. STILL STANDING August 3, 2010

    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! That’s right Faith! R&B is making a comeback in 2010. Monica, Alicia, Dondria, Raheem, Fantasia, Jaheim and now Faith…..

  37. UGh August 4, 2010

    *crosses fingers* please come back R&B plz plz come back. we miss you.
    I like the song but the cover is scary. :-O

  38. CRE8TIVE_i August 4, 2010


  39. Cyrus August 5, 2010

    Why are you guys focusing on the picture????? Focus on the song – the pix is so secondary – plus Faith looks good!

  40. Chike Evans August 6, 2010

    She never fails! Classic Faith. Something tells me that she is holding on to a bomb. This is the quiet before the storm. Hold on yall.

  41. infamousDarin August 6, 2010

    Now this is FAITH…Its about time she SHOWED UP&SHOWED OUT…I agree I font like the pic…I’m kinda TIRED of seeing the RED HAIR on her BLACK or Drk Brown looks sooo much BETTER!

  42. SINCERE August 30, 2010

    At this point I have listened to this song several times. Upon my first listen I wasn’t too thrilled nor did I get excited at all. Upon my final listen, to which I have decided I will no longer purposely play this song, I find it an absolute bore!!!!!! I cannot , for the life of me, understand how and why they would release this as the first single. I know all the fans are happy just to hear something new from Faith but after a 5 year absense I expected alot more. Is this all she has to say?? Faith sounds lazy and Im left with a blank stare by the end of the song. If this is any indication of the album, they can keep it.

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