New Song: Trey Songz – ‘Can’t Be Friends’

Published: Tuesday 3rd Aug 2010 by Sam

R&B singer Trey Songz looks set to flood the airwaves with new material ahead of the release of his new LP ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’. While the project’s lead single ‘Bottoms Up (ft. Nicki Minaj)’ steadily builds a buzz on Urban radio, Songz just premièred new cut in the form of ‘Can’t Be Friends’ on his official website moments ago.

Take a listen to the song after the jump…

Oh Trey.

While the 25 year old deserves kudos for surprisingly not singing out of his nose this go round, the song still leaves a lot to be desired. Too much, in fact.  For, if a ‘hit’ or any form of longevity is what Trey is on the prowl for with this release, he’s sadly mistaken. Put simply, ‘Can’t Be Friends’ is a snoozer. With the likes of Usher and Chris Brown back on the scene, Trey is risking his already overstated standing by releasing run-of-the-mill doo-doo like this.

Unless he ditches the clothes and reaches for that bottle of baby oil for the song’s video (as he’s oh-so-used-to), this doesn’t look as if it’ll play out well for Mr Songz…

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  1. royalkev August 3, 2010


  2. phittedphilly August 3, 2010


  3. Adam August 3, 2010

    it ok

  4. Shelly August 3, 2010

    I love this song! This brings me back to the Gotta Make it Days! Good job Trey!

  5. Lala August 3, 2010

    I wouldnt say its bad buttttt i did get bored before the song was over

  6. Shelly August 3, 2010

    Oh and another thing, if you’re hating on this song then you’re just a hater. This is R&B!

  7. S*** August 3, 2010



  8. S*** August 3, 2010

    Yall are hating too hard on this man’s young career. Give him a break!! There are way bigger over-rated acts to be hating this hard on.

    I just think Trey’s voice is under rated. & I really dont even like male voices all that much. Like for instance I consider Usher’s voice to be too Basic/Standard for my liking. Theres a Hesitance in Trey’s voice that I like, much like Kelly’s. & He SHITS ALL OVER ‘Fist Beat-him-down Brown’ both musically & vocally. Too bad he cant dance…

  9. Tiff August 3, 2010


  10. Lala August 3, 2010

    @s*** You seem an-ger-reeee. But why though? Do you know Trey personally? Everybody wont like him nor his music and you cant make them. So you stick to your opinion and everybody else will stick to theirs. Oh and the name calling isnt necessary it makes you look childish

  11. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 3, 2010

    I actually really like this song. I know I’m gonna get major backlash for this but I’m gonna go on the record and say I love it. Please don’t shoot me! *covering face*

    I don’t think it’s a single song or a hit song for that matter, but this is a phenomenal album song! This song has a great R&B sound/vibe and I think that’s missing in the industry today, aside from Usher’s awesomeness of an album. No I’m not a Trey fan/stan, but if “PPP” is anything like his “Ready” album, I’ll definitely be buying! I’m sorry, but I can’t stop listening to this song! Yikes, this is crazy! = |

  12. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 3, 2010

    Sorry it’s a MISS

  13. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 3, 2010


    co-sign 1000%

  14. DOB August 3, 2010

    I like this. not single material necessarily, but it’s a good song., on another note, if you want to be taken seriously, you have got to stop being so biased. it’s ok to express criticism without being brutal. we understand Trey was a jerk to u in an interview, but ur gonna have a hard time building credibility and gaining future interviews if u continue to go IN on people like this.

  15. spring August 3, 2010

    this is a s*** song..
    but he needs an attitude re-assessment.. lolz

  16. S*** August 3, 2010

    LOL @ Lala

    Im only a SEMI Trey, (Rihanna, JayZ, Kanye) Fan but that doesnt mean I wont REP for one of them or shut a couple of b****** down at their defense…

  17. Boricua August 3, 2010

    Sam hates on Trey every chance he gets after he put Sam in check during that interview..

  18. S*** August 3, 2010

    @ DOB

    EXACTLY, Sometimes I wonder why they even would consider to do an interview for this moderately successful Blog. Sam is gonna have to start kissing a CPL asses (like Bey’s or Mimi’s) if he wants to start interviewing some Beyond ‘D’ list Celebs & gain some REAL credibility. Its OK to post your opinions, It is YOUR Blog but atleast be FAIR about it, not biased.

  19. Sho August 3, 2010

    I actually like this. A lot actually. Def not single material but it’s very much in the same vein as the songs that made him most popular like “I Can’t Help But Wait” and his first singles “Gotta Make It” and “Gotta Go”. I think he’s on the right track. This is really his strong suite because he’s a young dude that can’t dance like talking about. I’m just saying…

  20. Guivanda August 3, 2010

    Ppl pls stop hating so much, leave the boy alone, he’s doing big n yes he will get bigger.
    Ppl need 2 stop hating this is not gd, if u dnt like the song oh well leave the page n c other things init. Jezzzzz haters…

  21. S*** August 3, 2010

    Every album he has released he gets bigger & sales more than the last….

    Just saying.

  22. S*** August 3, 2010

    @ Tiff


  23. Pucci August 3, 2010

    This isnt bad at all… this song is actually good.

  24. trucie August 3, 2010

    I prefer men who don’t pound on the faces of women. Trey Songz for lyfe. Chris Brown is not back musically and his career will always be stained with the blood of the young woman who’s face he damn near shattered.

  25. DION-ISH August 3, 2010

    Not Bad Actually…..

    Im Not At All a Fan of Trey Songz (only Liked one song off his ready album) but the songs ok……Have nothing more or less to say about it.

  26. Rawr August 3, 2010

    is that pic from his new music video i guess we can expect more simulated s** 😛

  27. Shelly August 3, 2010

    @DOB i agree!
    @S*** your right! Every album he puts out has out sold the previous and this will be no different. The pre-order bundles went on sale today and the most expensive one already sold out…

  28. V August 3, 2010

    For a site that apparently hates Trey Songz and Rihanna you guys post alot of stuff abput them. There’s only so many times u can continously speak ill of someone, it’s become a bit ridiculous

  29. WENDY August 3, 2010


    Eminem came back after beating his wife til a pulp and almost killed her many many times. But you love that because you love Eminem. You welcomehim with open arms. So leave Chris out of this he has nothing to do with this blog. And by the way people have their own opinions and it’s not call hate.

  30. Lady Gaga’s Invisble Twin Marty August 3, 2010

    TGJ will not be getting anymore interviews with moderately successful and A list celebs if you continue to bash the celebs that actually gave you an interview(whether they pissed you off or not). The song is actually not that bad. Its a pretty good album filler. It’s one thing not to like a song, but to bash and to put down one artist to up others is completely different. Sorry but i actually think Trey songz is a better singer than Chris Brown, and I’m not even a real fan.

  31. WENDY August 3, 2010


    I don’t see people hating on Trey on this blog. What they were saying if they love the song or not. There’s no hate in saying that it’s their opinion.

  32. WENDY August 3, 2010

    @Lady GAGA ‘sTwin Marty

    And Usher, Maxwell,RKelly, Tyrese, are all better singers than Trey. So there’s always someone better than someone else. That’s life

  33. Tiff August 3, 2010

    @s*** where’d you get that insult? Kindergarten? Lol your name explains a lot about you.

  34. S*** August 3, 2010

    ^^^^ Oh & your (BLEH) comment was very Mature… 🙂

  35. S*** August 3, 2010

    *SIDE EYE*

  36. JJFan1814 August 3, 2010

    Sam shut up.

    You just mad because Trey copped an attitude with you, get over it.

    This song is good.

  37. S*** August 3, 2010


  38. Trisha August 3, 2010

    It’s funny how I lot of u have to try bring down Chris brown just to big up Trey.I am actually a fan of both and have been since they came out,so it bothers me
    They r 2 different amazingly talented artist
    p.s Chris has a great voice,many don’t know because he’s always dancing his ass off and not showing his range. He can sound just like trey,look up Chris imitating Trey on YouTube he sounds just like Trey and he’s just playing around
    anyway I think this song is ok not loving it yet but it will prob grow on me
    Trey has come a long way and I hope he continues,but I also hope as he gets bigger his work doesn’t start to
    get watered down,as many artist work does. Trey has a
    bright future ahead of him and I’m proud to be a fan

    tgj I love your site
    but I do kinda of feel like your honest opinions r starting to turn to just being insults
    please stop because y’all r better then that 🙂

  39. iLoveXtina August 3, 2010

    It is a pretty good song, def not single material though. No one wants to hear ballads these days.

  40. S*** August 3, 2010

    @ Trisha

    I just watched that video & he did sound good just like trey but Trey he is not. Chris is a gifted singer though His best vocally was in “no air”, Super human, take U down, With you etc but again Trey he is not. Im very impressed by that video though. Too bad Rihanna made him tone deaf & he got turned out to auto tune.

  41. annie August 3, 2010

    Trey sings from his nose. I went to the Jay concert. He really sings from his nose. Omarion has the same issue. They need to get solved.

    Other than that Trey is okay. He doesn’t really do it for me but he’s average. I’ll listen to one or two songs after that nothing exciting.

  42. HATING IS A TERRIBLE THING August 3, 2010


  43. piat August 3, 2010

    It’s a decent song but not amazing. I think Trey is cool but he is not “my guy” when it comes to the R&B/pop genre. Wish him well with his next album!

  44. Robier August 3, 2010

    Sheep singing is never cute

  45. MrIncredible August 3, 2010

    I agree that this is a nice and simple song, but that this is a poor single choice. If this ever tops anybody’s chart then that will be a sad day for music. It sounds like any run of the mill album filler from Joe. This goes to show that if you have hype around your name, your music can be totally mediocre.

  46. Yours Truley August 3, 2010

    Damn it ..Trey you just goin try your hardest to make me like your music huh? #ohellno *fights the urge*

    Chris baby you betta BRING it with your next project …Mario you too!! how could you r&b guys let this happen..thank god Tyrese is coming back “Open Invitation” !!!!

    PS….this song is the same message as musiq soulchild “halfcrazy” and THAT was a better song/message…you wearing me Trey but you WON me yet..>#keeptrying tho….

  47. Yours Truley August 3, 2010

    *aint won me…hell yal know what I mean right :-/

  48. vezzy August 3, 2010

    Really “ThatGrapejuice” ?” this site is very pathetic . its Obivious this site still feel some type of way for trey not kissing yall ass in the interview. I feel if u gone continue to post negativity about trey then don’t make any post at all. Grow up

  49. Landen August 3, 2010

    I love chris Brown and Usher. But I really like Trey Songz too.

  50. Landen August 3, 2010

    I love chris brown and usher, but I love this song by

    Trey Songz too. I felt it…

  51. EXPOSED August 3, 2010




  52. Soulful Roses August 3, 2010

    Trey is really irking me this time around. I get so frustrated, because I know for a fact he is better than this song. His debut album proves it. Each and every last song on that album is amazing. But on the bright side, I will say that this is just one song. I’ll have to listen to the entire album, before I decide if I want to buy it or not….

  53. S*** August 3, 2010


    He wasnt being a D*****. He was just un-interested. Sam didnt exactly make it a comfortable environment in the 1st place. Hes interviewing skills are depressing LOL, I cant even bare to watch one in full. Atleast Trey agreed to do it.~ & Im not really even a Trey Fan, just my 2 cents… well my quarter atleast 🙂

  54. mishka August 3, 2010

    Sam, stop that for God’s sake. Trigga was on a bad mood the day you did the interview! I know you still hold a grudge against him, but you should give props when deserved.

    THIS IS ACTUALLY THE TREY I LIKE, the one who sang “Can’t help but wait” in the good old days. The lyrics have some consistency. However, the hook needs to be improved. Same goes for the melisma towards the end of the song, I didn’t hear so much. Trigga, you need to boyz-2-men that ending!

    But I REALLY like the song.

  55. ADE August 3, 2010

    Samuel is just pissed because Trey got facety with him and went “…can I finish?” That still cracks me up lol! And yes his interviewing skills are depressing. I do agree with him though, this song is a bit of a snoozer, Trey can do better.

  56. TheBaddestBitch August 3, 2010

    It’s a big MISS

    Wow…can’t believe he releases such a bad song as one of the lead singles.

  57. RosaRubbel August 3, 2010

    Compared to the lame ‘Bottoms Up’ this is thousand times better. This song is one of the best I heard from him in a long time! Keep up the good work!

  58. J_Nova August 3, 2010

    Actually.. This song is hot. I hate Bottoms Up. Its smooth, its R&B and its got more heart and less boner.

  59. OhThatsMr.C August 3, 2010

    I really like this. Not so much a snoozer…. Definitely album material, shouldn’t be a single though.

  60. mena August 3, 2010

    i cant seem to get with trey i don’t know why… its something about his music that just doesn’t do it for me even tho i did love last time & cant help but wait, but that was it this song sounds okay a little boring but okay

  61. Danielle August 3, 2010

    SAM YOUR A P****

  62. FocusOnJesus August 3, 2010

    I really like this song. I agree this perhaps shouldn’t be a single but good none the less. I think this just may get some airplay on radio stations that aren’t as hip hop oriented.

    Once again this website is still salty about that interview. SO SO SAD I think there is room for everyone. Usher, Chris, Ne-Yo and of course Trey. Trey shouldn’t be sweating about no other cats he just needs to do what he needs to do to be a great artist.


    I totally agree. There are a few blog sites that hate on Trey but at the same time give him the most promotion. Kind of weird. I guess they have a Love/Hate relationship.


    LOL That’s exactly what Trey did put the guy in check and it’s obvious he didn’t like that. Oh well too bad. 🙂


    Chris is a brother and unfortunately when brothers do negative things they aren’t always forgiven especially those in the public eye. Chris seems like a really nice guy and I pray his career pull back up


    Exactly stop posting about him if you don’t like him. It’s a sign of low self esteem when you talk bad about someone to make yourself feel good.

  63. DB August 4, 2010

    i actually like this song… dnt think its a number1 hit but its a nice album cut and i can see it doing descent on the r&b charts. but WTH, yur crazy if yu think trey sings better than CB, Chris can sing circles around trey. have yu seen him live? cmon now. get real.

  64. MICKEY August 5, 2010


  65. Daysha August 12, 2010

    He so Dammmn S***, &so is this sonnq(; haa
    but really i did like this sonq as much as i love AlreadyTaken<3 one of my FAV's!

  66. nicosha ford September 17, 2010

    your is the s*** i been thought the same s*** wen ca i meet u

  67. diva101 December 8, 2010

    omg youh dis song was teewww gudd <3 treyyy songzz

  68. Mochacity January 25, 2011

    I love the song, I sat and read most of the comments that were made on Trey, Usher and Chris and i think that everyone has a right tho their own opinion. I feel that Usher and Chris has something in common when it comes to dancing and Trey and Chris has something in common when it comes to singing, but last not least Vocally I have to give it to Chris. Trey has come a long ways and i believe that he will continue to get even better, but i do got a problem with him with him SH**** on R- Kelly make no mistake although he has his faults which we will never understand why he does the stupidest things he is a very talented man and has earned his spot in the music industry and as far as Trey he must know he is no comparrison to Kelly singing or dancing and it is believed that he has picked up some of Kelly’s style. There’s no need for them to hate on each other there’s enough money out there for all of them and they can get it without SH**** on each other. Peace out.

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