Video: Jason Derulo Performs At Teen Choice Awards 2010

Published: Tuesday 10th Aug 2010 by Sam

Pop singer Jason Derulo took to the stage at the Teen Choice Awards 2010 to perform his top 10 smash ‘In My Head’. Check out what the 20 year old served up below…


The worst part of the whole shabang is that Derulo is clearly trying hard, yet in doing so he ultimately comes up short. Way short. Everything from the random-ass intro, to the shockingly bad vocals (he sounded like he had run a marathon…on the first verse), to the smoke and mirrors employed to create an ‘aura’ around him, no, no, and no.

Like the Omarion‘s that preceded him, Derulo is doing almost too much at once, hence rendering himself a jack-of-all-trades and a master of nothing. Indeed, in staging his best Michael Jackson imitation, Derulo’s live vocals and breathing are some of the worst I can recall in recent memory.

If establishing himself on the same plateau as the likes of Usher and Chris Brown is what Derulo is aiming for, it’s clearly “all in his head”, if performances like this are anything to go by.

Your thoughts?

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  1. UmYa August 10, 2010

    Womp Womp Womp.
    He needs to stop with the MJ moves and get a vocal coach.
    For a trained dancer he barely does any of it.
    The performance that bad though. Much better on mute.

  2. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 10, 2010

    He don’t have a soulful sound.

  3. UmYa August 10, 2010

    ….but let’s get real though.
    Stop acting like Chris is just slaying the charts again. He’ll prob get back his place in the urban market but his “Pop” career is done.

  4. kevin August 10, 2010

    this dude is already on his way out. lordy lord.

    doesnt he have “ridin’ solo” out? why not perform that?

    i haven’t listened to it, but I think its because it would be too hard to sing live (just a guess)

  5. AbySS August 10, 2010

    This boi is a decent performer, like I really like watching him on stage…BUT…he does need to work on his vocals, but the funny part about that is, when he is not doing all of that damn dancing, u can hear that voice rise out of him, so its not like he cant sing, he just needs more work…and his dancing skills has improved also…but yeah this dude pretty decent, just needs some work thats all…(kanye shrug)…

  6. Lady Gaga’s Invisble Twin Marty August 10, 2010

    … This whole performance was awful. Sorry I really did not like it.

  7. Curtis August 10, 2010

    Jason DeRulo has good songs but his performances are horrendous, but Spam and Rent are delusional.. they think Chris Brown has a comeback. At best he can serve the R&B market and be #1 on 106 and Park, he will NEVER reach the heights of his previous success which weren’t even that big, he was poised to do bigger things but he f***** with the Princess of the Charts, and while she stays high he sunk low. But I can’t even feel bad for him, him and his PR team are a bunch of idiots… he did EVERYTHING wrong after the incident.

    Also TAKERS IS NOT HIS MOVIE, that is his only claim in anything right now. Im gonna see it, watch this punk b**** say MY MOVIE opened at #1 if it does.

  8. Moses August 10, 2010

    Chris’s Pop career is dead because…. Oh I thought someone was God on hear speaking and knew what the future held. Once again, man cannot determine what God has for you, me or Chris Brown! Please remembe this, no matter what has happen, God can change anything, he can take the worst and turn it around and that my dear is bible!!!!

  9. norinomo August 10, 2010

    this performance was not horrible…i think u guys rag on him a lil hard. yes he does need a vocal coach, but his moves aren’t bad at all. i can tell he KNOWS how to dance but i feel like he’s trying to do everything at once…he shud settle down n try to come into his own.

  10. annie August 10, 2010

    When you are an ‘executive producer.’ It does make it YOUR movie too.

  11. AbySS August 10, 2010


  12. Rodriguez August 10, 2010

    @UMYA what songs have cb put out that’s pop since the incident crawl? ITFY? dueces? he hasn’t put out any songs yet so I wouldn’t speak so soon. Why do people feel pop is the only way to go if you want success? I could have sworn Run It and Kiss Kiss 2 urban songs were his number one hits on the hot 100 chart not With You or Forever which are pop as far as rnb cats go Usher and CB are it sorry just my opinion . I like Jason he just needs to work on his live performances there’s nothing wrong with being influence by Micheal Jackson just make sure you do Mike justice.

  13. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 10, 2010

    Say whatever you want but this dude sounds like Katy Perry. They have the same sound.

  14. annie August 10, 2010

    Jason is okay. He just needs to stop trying soo hard.

  15. True Blue August 10, 2010

    I haven’t listened to his songs, and this is the first performance of his that I’ve watched…

    … and I’m not impressed in the slightest. Boy, what a terrible first impression I’m getting of him. This performance was waaaaaaaaayyyy worse than Katy Perry’s. He BARELY sang. Like Sam pointed out, he sounded out of breath from the BEGINNING of the song. What the hell? And LMAO @ this dude jacking Chris Brown’s style and dance moves. Does originality not exist these days? SMH.

  16. Lala August 10, 2010


  17. Rodriguez August 10, 2010

    @Curtis his success was as big as hers why do you think they made such a hot couple? and when your executive producer of a movie it is your movie too lol please go check

  18. Moses August 10, 2010

    @Curtis and you are MR.Cleo…. stop hating, you don’t know what the future hold for him let alone yourself…. hey what’s the powerball numbers, seeing you can see into the future!
    Takers is his movie, he has a starting role in it and co-produced, man please Chris will be back, his music is back on 90% of the radio stations were as a year ago it was on none… yeah, that free download mixtape has a hit on billboard, went from being free to being brought, it will take a minute or two but, he’ll make it back, if not hell he has $25-$30 million according to forbes that he can spend, he’s still getting writing royalities every time one of his songs is played, soon will be paid for ” Takers”, I say to the haters… the boy will be all right….

  19. UGh August 10, 2010

    Also TAKERS IS NOT HIS MOVIE, that is his only claim in anything right now. Im gonna see it, watch this punk b**** say MY MOVIE opened at #1 if it does.

    well he is an executive producer so it’s his movie if he wants to say that. Same way “live your life” & “love the way it hurts” is considered Rihanna’s songs. No one is saying he’s the star of the movie because he’s only a co-star. Take it easy. Seems like your panties are on fire. Calm down.

  20. TOMI August 10, 2010

    Who the f*** are you to say chris career is over shut the f*** up, why the hell am i hearing chris songs on the radio. I guess you guys are just some bitter rihanna stans


  21. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 10, 2010

    Plus he signed with the CAA.

  22. TheBaddestBitch August 10, 2010

    @Plain & Simple

    Yes, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Jason Derulo, Iyaz, Nicki Minaj (singing voice), Justin Bieber…they all got the same voice called AutoTune

    ALL OF That s*** belongs to the garbage.

  23. UmYa August 10, 2010


    Most of Chris’ songs were more pop than R&B and Forever was his last proper hit
    The ones that were more on the R&B side [Poppin, Take You Down, Superhuman, Duces, Back to the crib, Drop it low] flopped on the Hot 100 but did better on the R&B charts.
    ICTY barely made Top 20 & Crawl flopped and those songs were Pop.
    He’s probaly lost his cross-over appeal but he’ll get back his place on the R&B side.
    I like Jason as well he just needs to get ittogether in his live performances.

  24. ummm no August 10, 2010

    I hope chris can come back. But i said this before he was never That big of a star to me.
    He seems overhyped. He is talented But I dont think he’s gonna be a pop sucess. Cause as long as rihanna is having hit songs Mainstream media/ Chris will only be an urban artist. Im also belive that a male star is gonna come and put every one that’s out now. Just like gaga did.

  25. keandre August 10, 2010

    hes a queen

  26. keandre August 10, 2010

    he was fierce lol work it girl

  27. Qwerty August 10, 2010

    One of the worst live performances I have ever seen on television. I am convinced that the network invites trainwrecks to their shows so they can get the free publicity, because no one with eyes or ears would have seen this performance and wanted it on TV. Just look at Miley’s pole dance fiasco, they clearly have no qualms about embarrassing celebrities for attention. Like all of the show, poor Katy Perry looked ready to die from reading those horrid jokes from the prompter. Who writes this stuff again? The night was really bad, and Jason Derulo was probably the worst part.

  28. keandre August 10, 2010

    i could of watched that whole performance on mute then it would of been good lol

  29. Lala August 10, 2010

    @Moses yasssssssss PREACH!!!!!!

  30. natalia August 10, 2010

    i like his shoes…tis all.

  31. annie August 10, 2010

    Kiss Kiss and Run it were pop. Really? Where have I been? Short Like mine was pop? Shawty get loose was Pop? Yo was pop? Say Good bye was pop? I’m sure these made top on Billboard. Mmm…

  32. annie August 10, 2010

    Chris was never an R&B artist. He’s more hip hop/R&B and Pop.

    Anyways, what is Chris doing in a Jason Derulo top. Why is he even being discussed. This is about Jason T*** Choice Awards performances. Which was Bad. #theend. He’s an average performer that needs to stop trying soo hard and just be himself.

  33. Robier August 10, 2010


  34. Rodriguez August 10, 2010

    @UMYA so your telling me ICTY was a pop song with lil wayne??? ok everyone has their own opinion you do know that crawl is a ballad? don’t see anything pop about it and ICTY was 20 on the hot 100 what other songs were pop besides With you and Forever? I really wanna know not being funny either I thought those were the only ones besides no air. Chris has way more RnB songs then pop way more and they were top 20 songs that he has release say goodbye run it, Yo, Kiss Kiss, Wall to Wall. Chris has always been Rnb that’s like saying Usher is pop because he has OMG out Chris was a big RnB star, when he release With you and Forever his audience grew but that doesn’t make him pop to me. Now Jason is pop because he started out with all pop songs

  35. Rodriguez August 10, 2010

    @Annie sorry for bringing Chris into this but I was puzzle because people make it seem if your not pop you won’t make it I was just explaining that Chris number 1’s are RNB/HipHop none were pop so for someone to determine Chris future off of pop is dumb to me.

  36. TheBaddestBitch August 10, 2010



  37. TheBaddestBitch August 10, 2010

    *Dead @ Lady’s post*

  38. wendy August 10, 2010


    WTF WAS THAT? OMG Ms thing is a real women

  39. Aja August 10, 2010

    You sound like a hateful douchebag. Please sit down.

    And as for this performance…Jason, you can sit down too.
    I can’t even believe I sat here and watched this crap. MY EYES BURN.

  40. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 10, 2010


    omg Autotone now that’s a good one

  41. wal August 10, 2010

    his retarded opening act tired him out hence him being out of breath. TRYHARD.

  42. LJ August 10, 2010

    Well for some reason and mayb because he sounds poppy. But He almost has more appeal than TREYSONGS. I wanted to see more. I think he is capable of doing so much more, way more. He has a spark that TREYSONGS IS MISSING. DID ANYONE WATCH HIS DOCUMENTARY ON BET *BORING*……


  43. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 10, 2010


    I can’t really I can’t lol

  44. UmYa August 10, 2010

    Gerl stop.
    Jason is being talked about at the TCA because he performed there LOL.
    Meanwhile all 3 of his singles reahced the Top 10 on the Hot 100 & is certified Gold in the UK [all his singles over there also made the Top 10] , yew mad ? Thought so.

    So just because a rapper is featured on a song makes it R&B ?
    That means Katy Perry’s California Gurls is R&B then ?
    Chris obviously has his R&B songs but he was essentially a pop artist. Most of his singles that did well were Pop. The heavy R&B ones [which I mentioned above] flopped hard in comparison.
    With You was a pop song. It did well Take You Down was R&B and it flopped.
    Truth is R&B songs don’t chart well nowadays and haven’t charted well for a while now.
    Eg: Usher is R&B/Pop as well. However, Papers, Daddy’s Home,There Goes My Baby all flopped or did moderately well. OMG is a pop song which is why it did well.
    And yes Jason is a pop artist hence why his songs do well.

  45. ella August 10, 2010

    Jason Derulo is UGLY and had the nerve to say he’s carrying the torch for MJ. What torch?? Only torch he’s carrying is the one he shoves up his ass when there’s no bootysnatchers around *sips tea*

  46. Carole August 10, 2010

    So bad, altho I did like the light effects. He’s gotta get better on his European tour, doesn’t he? I’m embarassed for him. I’m glad he didn’t do my favorite song of his, “The Sky’s the Limit”!!

  47. UmYa August 10, 2010

    Oya in my response to ANNIE up there that should be..”His ALBUM is certified Gold in the UK.”

  48. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 10, 2010

    Oh Please this is Jason’s post. Who the hell cares about thoes other artists. They are finish and done with that topic already

  49. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 10, 2010

    Yes they like him in the UK because he has the same sound as Justin, Katy,keisha they don’t have a soulful sound.

  50. annie August 10, 2010

    @UMYA What the hell are you talking about? Learn how to read please! smdh.

  51. Lady August 10, 2010

    You should NOT even bring Michael, Usher, or Chris into this. I just can’t… All I know is that Jason will give the likes of Ke$ha a run for their money if they keep on looking FIERCE like that! Jason was WERKIN IT! She had the foundation and everything and her eyes were beautiful! And did you see those jeans? Imma have to ask her where she got her outfit at cuz she was doing her thing up there flipping her invisible hair and s***. You can tell she takes it up the ass in the bedroom. She be screaming JASON DEEERRRRUUULLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! All night. I ain’t mad girl you better get it!

  52. Lady August 10, 2010

    Jason….girl….who does your make-up? You looked flawless! WERK!

  53. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 10, 2010


    Pleaseeeeeeee! I can’t stop laughing but you are right he is really made up big time.

  54. UmYa August 10, 2010


    Take your own advice.
    I was stating to you & others that Chris is and was a Pop artist with R&B influences. You said his songs weren’t pop, which they all were.
    Ad Chris’ name was brought up because the OP(s) was being their normal stanning self comparing Jason to Chris lol.

  55. TheBaddestBitch August 10, 2010

    Jason better share his make-up tips, can’t wait!

  56. UmYa August 10, 2010

    lol @ Lady.

  57. Paulann7326 August 10, 2010

    UMYA Not sure why this is about Chris because the lame boy is not in his LEAGUE. But for the record ICTY & Crawl are both certified platinum. Graffiti is a brilliant album but of course he suffered media block so it got little airplay and yet it still went gold. It’s a slow climb, but he’s WAY to talented to be finished. #THATISALL on that subject.

    Derulo tries really hard, I wish him well. #THATISALL

  58. Paulann7326 August 10, 2010

    Chris Brown is way TOO talented to be finished. (I hate typos, can we get a delete feature?)

  59. Lady August 10, 2010

    Girl you forgot to wear a bra I can see your boobs poppin out….that is NOT a good look. And are those the new skechers? The hidey’s high tops or whatever? Oh s*** they light up! Girl you doing it BIG! You got the light up shoes and the make-up and you were feeling so good you wanted the world to see your boobs tonight….girl I don’t blame you… were GETTIN IT! *sings* IN MY HEAD…..YOU ALL OVER ME…..JASON DERRRRUULLLOOO!!! Aye thats what I’m talking ABOUT! You gotta be that BAD B****!!!!

  60. annie August 10, 2010

    You brought his album and uk charts. Like I was talking about that. LOL! You literally posted your comment like I said anything about Jason success. Read my post over again. Never diss him or anything. **scratches head moment** I said this is a Jason post why is whether Chris being a pop or r&b artist has to do with Jason TCA performance. The OP talked about PERFORMANCES not charts, not who is r&b or who is pop. Do see what I mean. Don’t try me…… please don’t.

    You keep talking about Chris 3 pop songs that made Top10 billboard. But he had 5 other songs that were HipHop/R&B. You can’t compare 3 pop songs to 5 others that weren’t POP that made it to Billboard top10. Do see where you could be wrong. No one said Chris isn’t POP near “Forever Exclusive Edition” he was becoming an pop artist, but he’s not PURE R&B either never was. He has always been Hip Hop/R&B and Pop. #theend.

  61. black August 10, 2010

    *in wendy williams voice* HOW YOU DOING

  62. black August 10, 2010

    *in wendy williams voice* HOW YOU DOING

  63. Rodriguez August 10, 2010

    @UMYA lol I’m going to say this one more time lol this is funny Run it and Kiss Kiss are both URBAN songs that went # 1 on the Hot 100 chart the one that counts *shakes head* what Pop song of Chris went number one? don’t worry I’ll wait lol like I said he is RNB/Hiphop Chris only has three pop songs With you Forever and No air lol the rest are RNb/Hiphop and no just because you have a rapper doesn’t make it RNb but the song ICTY is clearly not pop I don’t know what else to tell you what pop hits do Chris have? all his number 1’s were RNB/Hiphop

  64. UmYa August 10, 2010

    DEATH @ Graffiti going Gold.
    Gerl those things didn’t even go Aluminum Foil.

    And Chris was mentioned cuz his name was in the OP.
    If establishing himself on the same plateau as the likes of Usher and Chris Brown, is what Derulo is aiming for, it’s clearly “all in his head”, if performances like this are anything to go by

    So I was just sayin’ -shrug-

  65. Lady August 10, 2010

    *sings* You’ll be screaming LOUUUUD!!!!




    *SINGS* I SEE YOU ALL OVER ME IN MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. UmYa August 10, 2010

    Gerl stop.
    All of Chirs songs that did well were pop. Whether you admit it or not, it’s a fact. Hi R&B songs flopped. End off.
    And I said Chris’ name was mentioned cuz his name was in the OP.
    If establishing himself on the same plateau as the likes of Usher and Chris Brown is what Derulo is aiming for, it’s clearly “all in his head”, if performances like this are anything to go by.
    So I was giving my thought on THAT.

    Just like Annie you don’t know what pop song is. Pop doesn’t mean Electro. And a song isnt R&B just cuz it features a rapper. Pop also refers to Popular. It also refers to instantly catchy which most of Chris’ hits were. The ones that flopped were more on the R&B side hence why they FLOPPED but did better on the R&B charts.
    What aren’t you getting ?
    Michael was the King Of Pop and all of his music wasn’t Pop. They were however catchy & accessible just like the majority of Chris’.
    End. I don’t know how I could explain any simpler.

  67. True Blue August 10, 2010

    ^^^ ROFLMAO, you just killed me right there.

  68. True Blue August 10, 2010

    The last post was directed @ Lady, btw.

  69. annie August 10, 2010

    I am soo mad at myself that I even respond to these comments. I never do that. So that was my last respond. I feel like I’m talking to a brick a wall anyways. #thatsall

  70. Christopher Brown stan.. Deal with it August 10, 2010


    Two of y’all sound bitter as hell. Chris is doing good. Deuces is completely unpromoyed and yet it’s playing on major radio stations. ICTY and Crawl were back in the winter time. Back in the heart of his trouble, and yet they still went platinum. If you’re mad, stay mad. Chris will be laughing at you all the way to the bank.

    Chris was RnB to begin with because he needed to start somewhere. People weren’t ready for pop from him yet until Exclusive. Exclusive converted him into a Pop artist. Forever, With You, Wall To Wall, even Kiss Kiss a little bit. He has the talent to do either or, but if you ask Chris’s he’d tell you he’s a Popstar. Graffiti was mostly pop-oriented as well.

    As for the actual reason of the post… *sighs*…. Derulo… Somewhere in VA Chris was watching your performance laughing till his sides hurt. Please leave the MJ moves and performing in general to the best.

  71. Lady August 10, 2010



  72. UmYa August 10, 2010

    LADY gerl you sounding real mad right now.

  73. MyWay August 10, 2010

    OMG Sam,

    RUBBISH INDEED…LOL! He sounds a hot mess. Damn, is this Star Wars cause I swear I’m seeing ATTACK OF THE CLONES!

    And why is he saying his own name? I have never seen/heard that happen before unless an artist’s name was actually included in the song. THIS WAS BEYOND AWFUL! Also, he was slipping and sliding across the stage…oops I mean dancing with the mic by his-side did anyone else noticed the lead vocals were just a playing…hum LIP-SYNC much?

    Justine Derulo…SIT!

  74. K August 10, 2010

    I really just cant deal with this FOOL #cantbebothered

    Ok first, to all the shade being thrown at Jason for possibly being gay, that really isnt the issue. The issue is he cant perform to save is life PERIOD!!!!!!!!!! end of discussion.

    Really the the media and the music industry need to stop pushing these talentless artist who’s record labels buy catchy songs out of thin air that speak to no representation of the singer. F*** what you heard Im a Chris Brown and Rihanna fan. At least their records reflect who they are.

  75. CIARADABESS August 10, 2010

    He sounds like a dying Ritarda!

  76. MyWay August 10, 2010

    August 10, 2010 at 2:39 am
    ….but let’s get real though.
    Stop acting like Chris is just slaying the charts again. He’ll prob get back his place in the urban market but his “Pop” career is done.

    STFU! Who are you to dictate where someone’s future will lead them? If that’s the case someone can “play swami” over your life and tell you that you wont live past the end of next week! Come on kid, cut it out!

  77. Robier August 10, 2010


  78. Rodriguez August 10, 2010

    @UMYA LMAOOOO your funny I like you lol you still didn’t answer the question what pop songs made it to number 1? did you just say popularity is what makes you pop wow lol did you say if it’s catchy it’s pop? so I guess live yo life is pop because the lyrics are catchy? let me go down the list of all RNB/HIPHOP songs that are not pop that did well on the hot 100 chart Run it (1) Kiss Kiss (1) shawty get loose (10) yo (7) say goodbye (10) gimme that (15) get like me (16) ITCY (20) poppin (42) not even a video to that take you down (43) ok now are you saying that all these RNb songs are flops when half were top 10 and top 20 you don’t even have to answer back I made my point CB is not just pop never was he has three pop songs and yes they were all top 10 songs but you don’t have to be pop to have a hit nor does your album and did you just bring up Usher you do know his 2004 cd was all RNB/HIPHOP right and he had what 4 # 1’s so no pop is not always hot

  79. UmYa August 10, 2010

    You sound mad take a pill before you pop a vain.
    I’m not saying what I say is set in stone anything can happen. What I meant is his cross-over appeal has been tainted. He’ll get back his place in the Urban market most likely but with the success of Taio Cruz, Jason Derulo & Usher reclaiming his place it’s obvious that anyone can fill the void Chris left. He is talented but he isn’t this rare breed of performer that can’t be replaced some of you make him out to be.

  80. MyWay August 10, 2010

    Again Shut up Umya,

    Chris is an R&B artists who was occassionally shoved into the Pop category. He has always been an R&B artist no matter what the fake , fixe, controlled, ass media had to say about it!

  81. UmYa August 10, 2010

    Would you like me to give you a prescription ?
    The media had nothing to do with Chris being a pop artist. Chris wanted to be a super-star and the only way to do that was to branch out musically [see Michael Jackson]. Why do you think no one calls Trey Songz a pop artist or why he isn’t even that popular ?
    In fact the only reason y’all are stomping up & down this post claiming him exclusively to R&B is cuz he’s black. Just like people will claim Beyonce a tride & true R&B act despite the fact she hasn’t been R&B since her first album.

  82. MyWay August 10, 2010


    Chris will be just fine! The boy is 21 years old that’s all! Unless Al Queta comes through and kills us all, he has quite a bit of living to do! Ppl are beginning to view the b******* for what it is. He had a fight with a fool one time but Emiem beat his wife many times and no one said a damn thing about it! The hypicrasy has not been lost on everyone!

    Usher and the others you listed don’t belong in the same sentance when considering talent and success! Don’t let momentary fame fool you into thinking they will have longterm success. The Backstreet Boys were hot as were N’Sync. Where are they now?

  83. yeahUknow August 10, 2010

    no hate but jason was bad
    and he is yet to come out the closet

    and death at the chris haters lol, chris isnt done, he is just starting to get on his feet..

    and ICTY did go platinum, crawl idk if it did but as far as i know it did went gold

    and last but not least chris is NOT and R&B singer, NOT a pop singer but he is R&B/POP/HIP-HOP …. thats his style and has ALWAYS been his style… all 3 genres, you really cant box him in on just one genre

    so when you try to categorize his songs as pop or r&b kinda like ICTY …DONT cause alot of his songs can be all 3 genres my opinion ICTY is one of those that is all 3 hip hop/pop/r&b or hip hop/pop song …. anyway how did a jason derulo post became almost all about chris ? o.O …. smh chris has some dedicated haters, and jason doesnt really have haters… he is just naturally bad and people are giving their opinions :/

  84. MyWay August 10, 2010

    The media is trying its hardest to shove Trey into the R&B-Pop category or haven’t you noticed?

    “In fact the only reason y’all are stomping up & down this post claiming him exclusively to R&B is cuz he’s black” – I think that Eminem is a Rap/Hip Hop artist and he’s white. I think that Robin Thicke is a R&B artist and he’s white so WTF are you talking about because someone is black? That has nothing to do with it. He has always been an R&B superstar with what they called a “Pop appeal”! I’m not talking about MJ or Bey. I’m talking about CB.

  85. Lady August 10, 2010

    Ain’t nobody mad about Jason lol. After that performance who would. S*** can i sing my Jason Derulo? I’m trying to be supportive…..

    *sings* In My Head…jk…..

  86. SHEILAA August 10, 2010


  87. UmYa August 10, 2010


    You are not making any sense i’m sorry.
    Are you saying that Usher, Jason & Taio aren’t as talented a Chris ?
    Usher has been around since 1994 in case you didn’t know. He obviously has talent & has proven himself or else he wouldn’t be around so long.
    Jason and Taio are new and are doing well so give them time.
    Yes Robin & Eminem are OBVIOUSLY in those genres. It’s blatantly obvious, but is Robin Thicke really that successful ? His last hit was what 4 years ago ?
    You proved my point, which was R&B doesn’t sell as much as Pop/Hip-Hop.
    Anyway we’re gonna have to agree to disagree. Point is Chris’ songs that did well were essentially Pop songs with R&B flavor so they had cross-over appeal, whereas the ones that were blatantly R&B [eg: Take You Down] flopped in the mainstream but still did well on the R&B charts.
    And I used MJ & Bey as examples of artist who branched out into different genres while still maintained a neutral “pop” sound/appeal. *facepalm*
    I’m done..I cannot..I seriously cannot…

    Oh I will say however Chris last batch of songs, solo or featured [Back to the Crib, Drop it low,Dueces] all incidentally more on the R&B/Hip-Hop, flopped.

  88. UmYa August 10, 2010

    Oh gerl sorry my mistake.
    I understand though his songs have only seen the Top of the charts so they can get stuck in your head 😉

  89. Diana August 10, 2010

    Derulo drives me crazyy(sarcasm), love his songs

  90. Ingrid OKonta August 10, 2010

    OK Chris does pop and r&b and most of his hit songs r&b he likes to venture out and that’s a good thing. For u to say that chris wlll never comeback again that’s ridiculous. Mj went through all his tribulations but he still was the best. That even when the media render him useless his concerts sold out in less than 1 hour a whole freakin stadium. So just cause ur image is tainted doesnt mean ppl are not going to support u. The media is fixed so they choose who they want to support. Secondly chrisbrown is not replaceable as entertainers its just him and usher that’s holding the game. Chris doesnt need work on anything cause he just does the damn thing. He’s and entetainer.That’s f****** talent. All these new artist lack longetivity. Usher went through a scandal and a divorce he came back strong. Chris went through a big scandal and he still has a legion of fans even though the fixed media trys to block him. I dont think jason derulo,tae cruz and the other new ppl can handle a scandal and come back cause their not live performers they suck and their just studio artist.

  91. MUSIC LOVER August 10, 2010

    I prefer him to Trey Songz. He has good songs. He just tries to hard and it’s off-putting to see.

  92. UmYa August 10, 2010

    Don’t compare MJ’s success to Chris’ please & thank you.
    No disrespect to Chris but MJ IS irreplaceable and prob the last Ground-breaking Male pop star so of course he could rise from anything.
    Chris had a couple hits & is talented but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  93. Lady August 10, 2010

    Gtfoh I’m joking around stop being an ass lol. I don’t care if his few singles top the charts lol. He isnt my fav and this performance REALLY(sarcasm) makes me jealous of him….smh lol.

  94. KATY4EVER August 10, 2010


  95. KATY4EVER August 10, 2010


  96. KATY4EVER August 10, 2010


  97. Ingrid OKonta August 10, 2010

    ok I used Mj as an example cause he went through a big scandal and i know mj cannot be replaced cause he’s the reason why many of these artist want to be entertainers and im a die hard Mj fans so im not disrespectful. Plus when MJ was asked about who did he like and who did he think would keep his legacy he mention only two ppl and that was chris brown and justin timberlake. So if Mj said that who r u to even say anything about chris brown and Mj knows talent when he see’s it. Chris and Mj also had a good relationship cause Mj invited chris see him in rehersal on the same day he died. Keep in mind mj died last summer and the incident occured . So Mj believed in cb and already gave him his blessings even when chris was going through all that.

  98. Lady August 10, 2010

    ngrid OKonta
    August 10, 2010 at 6:48 am
    ok I used Mj as an example cause he went through a big scandal and i know mj cannot be replaced cause he’s the reason why many of these artist want to be entertainers and im a die hard Mj fans so im not disrespectful. Plus when MJ was asked about who did he like and who did he think would keep his legacy he mention only two ppl and that was chris brown and justin timberlake. So if Mj said that who r u to even say anything about chris brown and Mj knows talent when he see’s it. Chris and Mj also had a good relationship cause Mj invited chris see him in rehersal on the same day he died. Keep in mind mj died last summer and the incident occured . So Mj believed in cb and already gave him his blessings even when chris was going through all that.

  99. VA STAND UP!!! August 10, 2010

    Hmmm…for this to be a post about Jason De’Hell’ No, it’s funny people are only discussing CB! For someone who is so irrelevant, his name stays in a lot of people mouths.

    People (haters) are actually on here arguing about how CB will never be mainstream again, he will never have the succes he once had, his singles all flopped blah, blah, blah. If you don’t like somebody, who actually takes the time to look up their stats? Pressed much??

    And how the hell is it not his movie when he not only stars in it but he co-executive produced it. It is his film and will undoubtedly add to his already impressive resume not to mention bank account!

    Clearly dude is still heavy on your mind and this lil twerp De’F*** No’ can’ even keep people’s attenttion on his own damn post! Don’t even try to say well CB’s name was mentioned, cause you already know how Sam and Trent are and you didn’t have to give in. This was about his atrocious perfomance at the KCA and what are we talking abou?? CHRIS BROWN! t! Oh…but he is irrelevant and his career is over right? Yeah okay!

  100. OddOne August 10, 2010

    Annoyingly that was apocalyptically bad.

    He’s usually very good live.

  101. UmYa August 10, 2010

    @Ingrid OKonta
    Yes that’s all good and all and as influential as MJ was & a kind being, the general public will still have their opinions on Chris.
    One flop album isn’t the end, all artist have at least one -or more in some cases- the real test will be his next move.
    I doubt those last couple of songs from him [Deuces] were actual “comeback” hits but let’s just sit back and watch 🙂

  102. UmYa August 10, 2010

    @VA STAND UP!!!

    We don’t need to discuss Jason really. The performance was okay, he’s a newbie. He has talent so he can only get better right ?

  103. UmYa August 10, 2010

    OYA one more thing.

    Why didn’t y’all [webmasters] post that Jason WON a T*** Choice Award?
    Performed & picked up an award hew mad ?

  104. VA STAND UP!!! August 10, 2010

    Oh yeah…and that performance was HORRENDOUS as ususal! He looked stiff, sounded awful and the faces he was making while attempting to sing only highlighted his extreme unattractiveness! I guess after you have seen a performance that bad, the only thing you want to talk about is CB cause you know he could have shut that s*** down!

    Lol at people saying all his singles went platinum….Ok…but his album still flopped. You can have as many hit singles as he wants, but clearly he doesn’t have an audience cause no one supported his album! He has had a No. 1 single, 3 top tens, was touring with Lady ‘Gimmick’ Gaga and he still hasn’t even sold 200,000 copies yet??Yeah he must be real huge cause here he is performing at the ‘T*** Choice Awards’. Yeah he is a real contender to take CB’s spot. That will happen. #sarcasm

    CB’s album didn’t do well, but we all know was his scandal! He was blackballed by the industry, shunned from award talk and morning show cause they were afraid of the backlash! If he had released ‘Graffiti’ without the scandal, it would have sold as just as well as his previous albums. I as a fan I can admit don’t think that ‘Graffiti’ was a groundbreaking piece of work and certainly not epic, but it was a solid album. He had some hits on that album. “Crawl’ was one of his best ballads ever, vocally and lyrically and I believe it is Grammy worthybut it got ignored because radio stations were boycotting his music because of his scandal,

    ‘Graffiti’ is not Gold in the states but it is Gold world wide. Which is more than we can say for Jason! Hell CB even sold more than a lot of other who released albums last year Timbaland, Melanie Fiona, Wale, Omarion, 50 Cent, R.Kelly and the list goes on and on and on. It’s funny how people want to clown him because his album performed poorly (when we all know why) but more than half of the people who released albums last year performed just as bad if not worse. It’s only a hand ful of artist that are selling over platinum status. Those artist don’t have messy scandals that get blown up, exxagerrated and exhausted by the relentless ass media.

    He was the most hated man in Hollywood for over a year and he was black balled, boy cotted and some more and even still he sold over 100k first week and made top ten! That is 60k more than Jason’s lame ass and he had a perfect record with many hits.

    Until De’lame’ rulo gets:

    Over 30 awards including international

    5 Grammy Nods

    3 AMA’s Including Artist of the year in 2008

    2 Multiplatinum albums’

    Successful headlined his own tour in the States and overeas

    Performed a tribute in front of his Idol (of course that will never happen)

    Stars in 3 movies including a Blockbuster (and another on the way)

    …then we can talk about him even attempting to take someone’s spot! Jason needs to get his swagger up, get his own style (and stop swagger jacking CB’s) improve his vocals and his atrocious ‘dancing’ and do something to make himself seem less ‘homo’. He has a long way to go!

    Until then, please STFU with the Jason De’ are you serious’ rulo has taken CB’s spot! He cannot, he has not and he WILL NOT! Please cut the BS already! It gets so old!

  105. UmYa August 10, 2010


    Anyway I paraphrased, and first off you can’t get a certification based on WorldWide sales. Each country has their own system. Graffiti hasn’t gone Tim Foil in the US and sure as hell hasn’t sold anything much outside of it.

    And Jason is new. That was Chris’ 3rd album and he still had a fan base so it’s not really shocking it sold over 100K in the first week. Too bad it fell off the charts in a month.
    Jasons album is actually certified in the UK and is still in the US charts, plus he has his tour so sales will prob increase. And really Top Ten / Platinum singles are enough 😉
    Chris better cherish those awards he got who knows when he’ll ever more [minus the BET award he won for fan votes or w/e]
    DEAD @ Pass Out & Sing Like Me being canceled as singles.

  106. UmYa August 10, 2010

    LOL @ Back to the crib not even charting. Interesting how Julez or w/e was on Run It and it was a hit yet Chris being on his song flops massively .

  107. Lady August 10, 2010

    At the end of the day who is mad at Jason Derulo? When you compare ENTIRE careers there is NOTHING to be mad at. The only thing you have on him is Graffiti and once again we KNOW why that didn’t perform well due to people NOT willing to give him a chance at the time. Let the next album determine it. Cuz of course releasing an album after a serious scandal will NOT help your case. So please stop acting like Jason really holds a candle to CB. The fact he is not much of a performer(and dont give me that he is new excuse f*** that s*** CB was getting it at 16) and his few chart topping singles don’t make me mad. Even Ke$ha tops the charts so what does that really say about music? I think @VA Stand Up said it all best. After Crawl CB’s singles stop being promoted he didn’t have his singles as his background on Twitter. And radios weren’t playing him at the time. Why is this even a discussion? Like isn’t this supposed to be about Jason ya’ll could have ignored trent and sam being messy. Justin Bieber is even more competition lol. But then again Justin is to CB how CB is to Usher so thats not even an issue. Even mentioning CB, Usher and dare I say Michael Jackson in the same post as Jason Derulo is a FAIL! There is nothing to compare he can’t hold a candle to anyone.

  108. UmYa August 10, 2010

    You can’t compare entire careers cuz Chris has been around for 5 years and has 3 albums, Jason’s album came out this year.
    Ke$ha is irrelevant to this post and her songs doing well just means people like her mindless, fun, catchy songs. She isn’t trying to change the world with her music.
    Yes Chris was always a decent dancer but his voice sucked, lol @ him not being able to pull off Man In The Mirror.
    Jason can be a decent performer when he isn’t trying to re-create MJ moves. We’ll really just have to wait til Jason’s Tour / Chris’ next album to see how things play out.

  109. ana August 10, 2010

    except the fact the he used some of the moves of michael jackson, and of course can’t compare with mj, i don’t find this performance so horrible. i don’t think usher is any better, any way!!!!!!

  110. white music August 10, 2010

    Listen people UMYA sounds like a white b****, this is why she like Jason because his music has a white sound. There is nothing, nothing black about Jason’s music at all.

  111. natalie August 10, 2010

    Stop with all the bashing people! half of these people are saying he needs to dance more, which requires a lot of his energy, making it more difficult for him to sing! And the other half want him to dance less! but you can’t have it both ways, I think he did well and it is very difficult to sing and dance at the same time because you become out of breath much faster!
    I think Jason Derulo is fantastic and shouldn’t get this hating and comparison to other singers, because he is not trying to be them, he is just trying to put on a show and make music!

  112. TRUTH August 10, 2010

    jason derulo is one of the worse performer/singer ive ever seen,and to all who are saying he is just as good as Chris is TRIPPIN! ,you clearly have to be blind and deaf to think jason can compare to anyone,jason is doing good the billboard yet his album sold WAAAAY less then Chris’s album,so stop bringing up sales cause chris is by far more successful,stop acting like this is a Grammy performance,this is the t*** choice awards,at the end of the day jason will never last just for the simple fact he has no talent and the only reason he even has a career is cause chris decided to mollywop rihanna,by like i said before jason is untalented and highly unattractive like damn this n**** is hideous, whores on the street corner got more talent then jason derulo

  113. Tha Phoenix August 10, 2010

    As I said on twitter last night, listening to him ‘sing’ makes me want to burst my own eardrums out of sheer pity for them. Watching him ‘dance’ makes me want to cleanse my eyeballs in bleach before scraping them out with sharpened razor blades.

    Jason is an epic fail who won’t even be around this time next year.


  114. X,Y,”and Z” August 10, 2010

    @UYMA — Jason Derulo will NEVER be in CBreezy’s league! …NEVER …!!

    The world tuned-into BET in 09 to see CBreezy dance and do HIS tribute to/for MJ; WE were denied!! The world tuned-into BET THIS year, and finally got what we ALL wanted to see — CBreezy do HIS tribute to/for MJ! We didn’t want to see Usher, Omarion and CERTAINLY NOT Jason Derulo! Do YOU really think Jason Derulo can headline his very-own tour ..?? Rihanna is struggling on-HER very-own, and isn’t SHE a better known performer than Mr. Derulo? … I think so ..!!

    And , to close, Jason Derulo is NOT 20 years-old, that’s HIS “Hollywood age..!!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT ..!!

  115. WoW!! August 10, 2010

    @ana really…you really must be young and dumb to even say that. Don’t even speak of usher and this guy in the say sentence.

  116. WoW!! August 10, 2010


  117. abeeeey August 10, 2010

    what’s up with the Chris Brown comparison?

    Anyway, just for fun:
    – Run It! -> R&B / Crunk / Hip-Hop
    – Yo [Excuse Me Miss] -> R&B
    – Gimme That -> R&B / Crunk / Hip-Hop
    – Say Goodbye -> R&B / Pop
    – Shortie Like Mine -> R&B / Rap
    – Poppin’ -> R&B
    – Wall To Wall -> R&B / Hip-Hop / Pop
    – Kiss Kiss -> Crunk / Hip-Hop
    – This Christmas -> R&B / Pop
    – With You -> Pop / R&B
    – No Air -> R&B / Pop
    – Shawty Get Loose -> Hip-Hop / Dance
    – Take You Down -> R&B
    – Forever -> Europop / Dance / Techno
    – Get Like Me -> Hip-Hop
    – Dreamer -> Dance-Pop
    – What Them Girls Like -> Hip-Hop
    – Freeze -> R&B / Rap
    – Superhuman -> R&B / Pop
    – Changed Man -> R&B
    – Drop It Low -> R&B / Hip-Hop
    – I Can Transform Ya -> R&B / Hip-Hop *THIS IS NOT POP AT ALL*
    – Crawl -> Pop
    – Back To The Crib -> R&B / Hip-Hop
    – Sing Like Me -> R&B
    – No B******* -> R&B
    – Deuces -> R&B / Rap

  118. joe August 10, 2010

    im not the biggest chris brown fan but look white people and black every ehtic loved breezy and his music onl white like jason derulo chris brown is going to make a comeback here go the resons
    1.just sighned with topp agency
    2.dueces is climbing the charts
    3.critics are saying takers has a chance to go number one
    4.his song matrix that he will drop this month lets just say if the incident never happened it would go number one.

  119. HUSHBITCH August 10, 2010



  120. Lady August 10, 2010

    I won’t even continue to discussion with @umya cuz talking about his vocals in Man In The Mirror is just really dumb for very obvious reason outta all the performances…..I can’t let me not even go in on that one. But who do you think was singing at the start of the performance? It wasn’t MJ’s vocals. Lets not compare vocals and lets NOT compare them there is nothing to compare…..ThatIsAll.

  121. C-ERROR August 10, 2010


  122. GERL August 10, 2010


  123. MEGHAN August 10, 2010

    Jason Derulo is trying to sing to his fans and has fun singing. Singing and Dancing is hard but he still tries to put on a show. Even though he might sound bad live he makes songs so everyone can enjoy.

  124. Ingrid OKonta August 10, 2010

    ppl need to stop making excuses for jason defunko really. He said with his own mouth that he wanted to carry mj legacy. Dude cannot sing or dance live. Mj could do all that. Usher can do it and Chris can do it. You never heard Usher or Chris say they want to carry Mj legacy they say their were heavily influenced by him. Let ur actions speak louder than words if u cant even kill at a t*** award show then u cannot carry Mj legacy.
    End of discussion
    Also im not too crazy about beyonce but i do know she can kill it live and she can dance her ass of and she didnt even say she wanted to carry Mj legacy.
    So stop the buffonary and cover up for this talentless guy.

  125. True Blue August 10, 2010

    ^^ Quoted for the truth.

  126. harvey August 10, 2010

    This was a 3.5 ….performance he can do a lil better.I still ridin wit jason derulo he rocks.but I hope when other award show performances he dont sing this.whatcha he needs to sing.

  127. C-ERROR DA FLOP August 10, 2010


    August 10, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    I won’t even continue to discussion with @umya cuz talking about his vocals in Man In The Mirror is just really dumb for very obvious reason outta all the performances…..I can’t let me not even go in on that one. But who do you think was singing at the start of the performance? It wasn’t MJ’s vocals. Lets not compare vocals and lets NOT compare them there is nothing to compare…..ThatIsAll.
    Yeah Yeah Chris was ~sew emotional~ over MJs passing he just couldn’t help his tears.
    meanwhile Mariah, Usher, Janet, Jermaine, and all the other person close to Michael who paid tribute performances, even though they got teary eyed- still managed to deliver the songs. The only person to break down while speaking about him on a public level was his DAUGHTER. So sit down with Chris’ crocodile tears like if he was MJs closest ally.
    And those vocals at beginning were PRE-RECORDED. He was lip-syncing. I’m really supposed to buy the fact he managed to do a full dance routine whilst singing in MJs fats-paced style but choked his way through a mid-tempo song while just walking ?
    LOL Okay.

  128. UmYa August 10, 2010


  129. Lady August 10, 2010

    Okay I’m not gonna continue to argue with you lol. The point was NOT about the tears though. Don’t start on who can sing and who can’t. Not being able to sing had nothing to do with him not finishing the song. Regardless if it was real or fake singing was NOT the issue and don’t act like it was. Don’t act like he can’t sing. He isn’t one of the best singers but he sure as hell can sing better than Jason in this particular performance for that matter. All the people you listed are grown ass people(I do not consider 21 mature) and have had years of experience. Once again I’m not gonna argue about what the tears were about cuz I can tell you don’t believe they are real so that would be a waste of time. I don’t believ Chris and MJ were that close but you don’t know their relationship. Once again you don’t have to buy anything lol. Believe what you want. And yes NEXT cuz you really proved nothing. I don’t understand the whole “BOW” thing though like you proved a point….but alright then. LOL. Stating stuff like a know it all is so dumb just stop. Mariah Carey, Usher, Janet, Jermaine all years ahead of Chris……ThatIsAll.

  130. Lady August 10, 2010

    And stop with the corny ass names lol. We can clearly tell who you stan for so there for it makes it harder for certain people to take your opinions seriously…..#JustSaying

  131. kiesha August 10, 2010

    i thnk jason derulo did a fab job n no he doin hiz own
    thng but addin thngz othrz did but he used his talent..
    ppl can stop hatn he must b doin smethng rite to have
    made it this far..

  132. kiesha August 10, 2010

    i thnk jason derulo did a fab good
    he doin his own thng but it mite seem
    lyk othr pplz.. ppl need to stop hatin he must have done smethng
    rite to mke it this far

  133. Sarah August 10, 2010

    Are Yall Really comparing Jason To Chris? Oh Lord Have Mercy!! We all know the ONLY Reason why Jason is this big cuz of Chris’ downfall! Chris’ Single “Deuces” Is Doing INCREDIBLE! Remember Its From A MIXTAPE! That Just goes to show Chris Is A Massive Success! Yea Jason Got Great Hits BUT Autotune Aint Gonna Help Him Durin Live Performances! He CANT Sing Live…His Moves Are NOT Original…neither are HOT! Chris Gonna get His Mainstream audience back slowly! His Graffiti Album debuted 7 On Billboards..thats Actually REALLY GOOD due to the aftermath! Chris Will Be Around For a LONG TIME! I Cannot Say The Same Thing For Jason! All Jason Is Is Hit Records..I know He Doesnt Have A Fanbase! Obviously Chris Got An incredible Stable Fanbase!

  134. Elle August 10, 2010

    Those poor kids that had to sit thru that mess!!! The voice, the clothes, the awful moves, and the makeup = FAIL…I need him to get that autotune thing permanently attached before he ever steps foot on a stage!

  135. ELLA August 10, 2010


    Everything you said was true, except for that ridiculous statement about Beyonce dancing her ass off. What Beyonce does on stage does not qualify as “dancing”. She could use a few lessons.

  136. neece August 11, 2010

    Jason `s name should NEVER be mentioned in the same sentence as Michael Chris or Usher these are real performers with real TALENT!! Jason is nothing without auto tune and he is horrible at singing live ,he tries wayyy to hard and he is not original at all! && his make up artist needs to be fired lmao jason is a complete fail && wont be around much longer

  137. HighOnBreezy August 13, 2010

    Jason could have a a better future career if he do him and try to be like chris brown or usher. I feel like he’s not acting like “jason Derulo”. he’s not putting “jason Derulo” into his performances and into his work. he needs to create his own signature. not copy someones elses……

  138. danielle August 14, 2010

    FAIL JASON DERUILO. you suck! you will never be as good as Chris Brown!
    Chris Brown is beyond amazing while you are a sad excuse as a singer.

  139. deborah August 14, 2010

    he tries to hard which ruins it

  140. Jeremy Branson August 21, 2010

    He has got a long career ahead of him, Great moves they were crisp on point and flashy. Jason derulo is gonna fill that void that chris brown left, as an artist he has great vocals maybe one of his bad performances every artist will go threw more than twice in their careers. To me great perfromance good delivery, very exciting and eye catching. By the looks of things he’s being hated on like every artist but he wont let these nobody comments get to him. He’s the next he will be doing it big well already is, controversal problems out side of his career are none, meaning he’s no trouble maker.
    Good luck Jason Derulo!

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