John Legend & The Roots Perform On ‘Jimmmy Fallon’

Published: Saturday 25th Sep 2010 by Trent

John Legend and The Roots visited ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ last evening to promote their collaborative project, ‘Wake Up!’. The artists performed 2 tracks from the LP – ‘Hard Times’ and ‘I Can’t Write Left Handed’. Check out the performances below:


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  1. Danielle September 25, 2010


  2. X,Y,”and Z” September 25, 2010

    My hairline…..bwahahahahahahahahahahhahahhaha

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!

  3. elaine12qw September 25, 2010

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  4. yepded September 25, 2010

    John Legend has a WHACK attitude but his music is quality.

  5. Angela Wesley September 25, 2010

    Why did John Legand write this depressing song. I could barly stand to listen to it.
    Some people are alredy struggling and I don’t want to hear a song about bad times.
    I want hear upbeat and happy song that make everybody feel good. I won’t be buying
    this album……….

  6. raraskils September 26, 2010

    LOL. the post above me is so filled with ignorance! ^

  7. idrag4mj September 26, 2010


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