Kanye West Reveals ‘Runaway’ Single Cover

Published: Tuesday 21st Sep 2010 by Trent

Here is the official cover for Kanye West’s new single, ‘Runaway’. The track features Pusha T and will be on his new album.

What do you think of the cover?


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  1. jeremydante September 21, 2010

    this cover is b*******; it’s too overdramatized for rap. especially with the first couple of bars in kanye’s verse. when i hear about emails with d*** photos im not thinking about no ballerina!

  2. RaydeeohCity September 21, 2010


  3. Jonathan Mota September 21, 2010

    I like it. Clean. Some artist never offer fresh products and die off (50 cent…) great single cover!

  4. royalkev September 21, 2010


  5. www.damnairfresh.com September 21, 2010

    I want the bear on the cover dog. Kanye trademark.

  6. LiLi September 21, 2010


    Me 2!

  7. Tiff September 21, 2010

    I LOVE this song!

    Mainly because Pusha T is in there and he if from the VA Beach area (like me 😀 )

  8. DANTE J September 21, 2010

    this era for Kanye isn’t as good as the others…
    i dont even know if i want this new album based off the releases….

  9. DANTE J September 21, 2010

    what does this cover have to do with Running away…………..?

  10. AuntieJackie September 21, 2010

    Sometimes he just tries too damn hard

  11. RiQky.Legend’Nation September 21, 2010

    The cover and the song…………….#FAAAIIIILLLLL!!!!!!!

  12. GangsterA September 21, 2010

    the song is great but the cover sucks and yes this era isnt as great as the last ones

  13. BeyBeyBey September 21, 2010

    amazing song amazing cover

  14. Soulful Roses September 21, 2010

    Not feeling it. Now College Dropout, Late Regestration, and Graduation is my ISH! Those albums own my heart 🙂

  15. ciara sexiest woman alive September 21, 2010

    what a ridiculous cover. seems like something u might use with classical music or mood music. maybe he trying to sabotage his own career now.

  16. Kicktheeardrum September 21, 2010

    its ok, but I really don’t get how it deals with the song

    amazing song:
    Bruno Mars ‘Liquor Store Blues’- http://kicktheeardrum.com/
    tell me what you think!

  17. Yoko September 22, 2010

    Im surprised he didn’t have a red stiletto and a clutch on the cover. What do you guys expect from Kanye? A soft feminine ballerina on an album cover is befitting for a gay rapper whose slowly coming out.

  18. True Blue September 22, 2010

    I love it. Simple, subtle yet beautiful

    @ Yoko:

    Kanye isn’t gay, he’s just secure in his sexuality enough to not try and present himself as some faux macho gangster rapper. He likes fashion and art probably a little more than the average straight man does, but that doesn’t make him gay.

  19. Stevo September 22, 2010

    I should imagine the video with have some balerina stuff in – like his performance at the VMAs?

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