New Song: Fallon & Felisha (Formerly of Cherish) – ‘Lights Out’

Published: Tuesday 28th Sep 2010 by Sam

Many of your will remember Fallon & Felisha from now-defunct R&B quartet Cherish. Then again, perhaps you don’t. For the group’s primary problem was their inability to distinguish themselves from one another – effectively rendering themselves four similar looking faces and voices.

Now a duo, Fallon & Felisha will no doubt be looking to rectify that as they strike out on their own. While little is known about their current label predicament, the sisters’ debut single ‘Lights Out’ premièred today.

Take a listen below…

Markedly more Pop flavoured than their Cherish efforts, ‘Lights Out’ positions the ladies right in the thick of what’s hot musically at present – Electro-Pop/R&B. Good, in that if handled correctly it may be a great launch-pad for the group. Not so good in that it may very well be deemed just another ‘Euro-Pop cut by the numbers’. Nonetheless, not bad.

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  1. JoshZilla September 28, 2010

    I”m glad Cherish is back in the form of Fallon & Felisha. You were right, as Cherish, they were hard to distinguish because they are all sisters and look alike. I never knew who was who and who sang what.

    As far as this song, its not bad and I can see it growing. I think they’ll have more success as a duo and I wish them the best.

    p.s. one of their unreleased songs “Keep It Fresh” was my jam!! Back when that ATL sound wasn’t played out yet. LOL.

  2. CC September 28, 2010

    Ermmm i don’t think Cherish have split up…

  3. Roab September 28, 2010

    My favorites are Galaxy and “Bump Like Some Speakers”. They are talented and I thought they were a cute group. I wish them the best…

  4. theman1 September 28, 2010

    It’s ok.

  5. Miss Chick Boom September 28, 2010

    Whatever happened to them.

    This was beginning to become my favorite girl group behind Destinys CHild. They all were pretty ad talented.

  6. spring September 28, 2010

    i like!!
    they shud never have broken up!

  7. Marcus September 28, 2010

    I agree 100% with ROAB! Bump Like Some Speakers was my S***! Loved it! I wish them the best as well. This song is okay, but it’s NOT a hit at all.

  8. ~Team Weezy~ September 28, 2010

    I didn’t really think these girls (the entire group) were that talented until I heard them sing acapella one time. I think they sung “Butterflies” by MJ. They sounded really good.

    As far as this song, um, no ma’am.

  9. Kendra September 28, 2010

    this is hot

  10. Christian September 28, 2010

    I LOVE Cherish. I have both their albums and I’m loving this song.

  11. :D September 28, 2010

    love cherish, but this is NOT it. i hate the fact that EVERYBODY is trying to crossover these days. it’s not always the right way to go. this will go in the bottom of the bin with the rest of the electro pop mess. they need to be dropping urban bangers… thats what got them hot in the first place.

  12. rob September 28, 2010

    cherish havent split apparently this is a side project, i totally agree crossing over is so 2008 bring back r&b

  13. coreysays September 28, 2010

    Yea right! I smell HATERS!!! This song is too DOPE! Music is headed this way! rnb don’t sell!!!! They new what they were doin. This song is a guaranteed #1!!

  14. lizliz September 28, 2010

    If you can HATE on this and not Rihanna’s Bull s*** music and RED hair, you must be tone def and FOOLED. These girls can sing!! and who says just because they’re black they have to stick to rnb?

  15. DANBOFFICIAL September 28, 2010




  16. harvey September 28, 2010

    This screams “Hit” I Swear if yall dont request which you cant request on there site.I am so looking forward for an album from the duo.

  17. Yellow Gorilah September 28, 2010

    Awwww I kinda liked cherish why they split =/

    Anyways I wish them the best

    And I’m sorry this song is not the ish =/ so BLAH! The beats needs to come harder and they be singing so soft! ahh NEXT!

  18. Oh yeah, oh yeah September 28, 2010

    i slightly remember them,. gonna look for em on youtube now to refresh my memory.

  19. Oh yeah, oh yeah September 28, 2010

    haha that was quick. yep i remember them 😀
    Glad to see them back. Unappreciated was my jam.

  20. S*** September 28, 2010

    Well, they look good. I guess they Kicked Letoya & lativia Basic Asses to the Curb lol.

  21. Randy September 29, 2010

    My heart is not beating like a drum. I need some more do it to it less of this mess. Where is RnB these days?????? Can noone just sing a goddamn song these days. stupid ass public and music buyers cnt stand em liking this music that has no longevity and wouldn’t stand up to s*** music in the 90s. i wanna go back

  22. kekeluvsu September 29, 2010

    The song is cute. But it depends if ppl (radio stations) are willing to play this and give them some shine. i can def. see this doing something. But knowing radio they won’t do s*** for these girls. i wish them all the success in the world. They are very talented and beautiful girls.

  23. rebirthofslick September 29, 2010

    i love cherish but im not feeling this.

  24. Rated R September 29, 2010


  25. nickalus Randle September 29, 2010

    say what u want, THE TRUTH ALBUM WAS A BANGER–every single song on that cd was hotttttttt !!!!! I thought 2 of them were twins, this is cute…I think they are talented, but yea, idk, they r black girls, so u know how that goes, people dont support….I will

  26. nycee September 29, 2010

    i liked cherish (they’re voices/songs)…but idk this seems like a really weak attempt…and jumping on the dance band wagon no less. tired lyrics too. they’ve proven to be much better than this. #ivoteno.

  27. Kyle September 29, 2010

    This song is damn catchy. I am really hoping that it’s a rumor that Cherish split up. They were actually really good and they harmonized well together. I have both their albums and still listen to them from time to time. I guess it is somewhat believable though because I think the two older sisters (Neosha & Farrah) got married and are probably planning to start families or something in the future.

  28. lewis September 29, 2010

    i love it………..with the right promotion this could be top ten…..but they never promote black female artist that much,,,,,,,,,as they do black males……….that are up and coming……..i love it….i love their voices

  29. LuvMeDJ September 29, 2010

    Me likes!!!

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