New Song: David Guetta – ‘I Can Only Imagine (Ft Lil Wayne & Chris Brown)’

Published: Monday 8th Aug 2011 by David

To be a fly on a wall in David Guetta‘s recording studio.

Just when it seems that the Euro-Pop frontman has exhausted all possible collaborations, he entices his fans yet again with a brand spanking new collaboration with Young Money founder Lil Wayne and Pop sensation Chris Brown.

Listen below…

I Can Only Imagine – David Guetta feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne by HDMI44

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  1. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 8, 2011

    Chris is the only interesting thing about the song, but it’s too generic for me…And Wayne’s verse is a lyrical nightmare.

  2. noodles August 8, 2011

    Why was I expecting to hate this song even though it has Chris in it because David Guetta and his songs annoy me but I actually like it lol. And I like Lil Wayne’s part too I’ve come to the conclusion everytime Chris and Lil Wayne are on a song it will be a hit.

  3. noodles August 8, 2011

    The auto-tune though……one day Imma need Chris to hang that up but this is a David Guetta song his songs are more auto-tuned out than T-Pain’s so I expected it.

  4. breezy4ever August 8, 2011


  5. gotterdammerung August 8, 2011

    song is fire.

  6. PaigeJ August 8, 2011

    I love it… The beat does something to me LMAO

  7. HottieHellYeahh – Queen Of Dragging August 8, 2011


  8. Kisses August 8, 2011

    Wayne ruins the song.

  9. Kim > Sicki Garbarj & I Expose B****** Like Pop Royalty August 8, 2011

    Damn David You Is So Thristy Cus Wanye & Chris Brown On everybody songs Now a Days ! Come On You Couldnt Have Gotten Better People???Smh

  10. pop royalty ( LONELY B****** LOVE ME IN TGJ) August 8, 2011

    perfection !

  11. NICK August 8, 2011

    it’s ok, not bad, not GREAT-BUT I like it….

  12. kody3x August 8, 2011

    this song is hot i can see it doing great

  13. HottieHellYeahh – Queen Of Dragging August 8, 2011

    Well .. Not big deal

  14. lol August 8, 2011

    i hat the beat but the chorus sounds great

  15. KAT DELUNA FAN August 8, 2011

    Going to listen to Lift Off

  16. PaigeJ August 8, 2011

    The song will do well in Europe… If he releases it as a single

  17. Remey August 8, 2011

    I actually like the song, but it reminds me of Run the World…the beat is all over the place. However, this is a David G. song. After a while, he is going to have to do something fresh. All his music sounds alike…..

  18. VA STAND UP!! August 8, 2011

    Well I was really excited for this record every since I heard about it, I was just so happy that CB was gonna be featured on a David Guetta album, but I guess when your expectations are up really high you can be let down when you finally hear the final product. It’s not bad, just not what I was hoping for…whatever that means. *shrugs*

    I am beyond sick of this Euro pop sound but it is a David Guetta album so I already knew that’s what I was in for. Its decent, catchy, sounds like it would get a lot of play in the dance clubs & on pop radio. Just not something I could see myself listening to. CB is the best part IMO (he usually steals the shine whenever he is a feature) but Wayne’s verse is kinda weak. People always say everyone works with Wayne to get a hit, but I really don’t think he always delivers when he is a feature. Sometimes his verses just straight up suck.

    I feel like a hypocrite when I say I am sick of Wayne being on everybody’s track cause Lord knows Breezy is probably the artist with the most features this year. He is like the r&b version of Wayne now.

  19. CRAZYWORLD August 8, 2011

    CHris is not a pop sensation nor is ciara or anybody

    a sensation is something u are in the beginning or when u take over. gaga and bruno are that no f****** chris or ciara

  20. kody3x August 8, 2011

    @crazy world first of all chris is not a POP artist second of all have long has bruno been out thank you people focus on stupid s***

  21. Yellow Gorillah August 8, 2011

    Pop sensation LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Done

  22. kody3x August 8, 2011

    @gorrilah you have no lie b**** lmfao im done

  23. VA STAND UP!! August 8, 2011

    August 8, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    The auto-tune though……one day Imma need Chris to hang that up but this is a David Guetta song his songs are more auto-tuned out than T-Pain’s so I expected it.


    I swear you always say the same thing I want to say but you always beat me to it! Damn you! Lol!

    I want him to chill with the aututone too but I already knew there was gonna be autotune on the song cause it was David Guetta! That’s kinda his thing.

    David Guetta songs usually annoy me too cause I they all sound the same, but he is a hitmaker and CB & Wayne do usually produce a hit whenever they work together. I’m thinking it will do better over seas though.

  24. kody3x August 8, 2011

    i see people still mad because they wanted chris brown career to be over get over it

  25. RosaRubbel August 8, 2011

    Same old. Same old.

  26. mobwife August 8, 2011

    How could you go wrong when you put Breezy & Weezy on a track…LOL? 🙂

    LOVE IT!!

    *press play on “ALL ABOUT YOU” in anticipation of the 6th yr anniversary of #TeamBreezy!

  27. breezy4ever August 8, 2011


  28. Skin. August 8, 2011

    Its Ok, not my fav. song but is ok 🙂

  29. mobwife August 8, 2011


    YES, what you just said!! 🙂 Auto-tune is a DG staple what are you gonna do?

  30. CELEBRATION August 8, 2011

    7/10 !

  31. plain & simple August 8, 2011

    Now this is a nice club hit for sure. .

  32. nice_gurl August 9, 2011

    I only like the chorus. Otherwise it’s just too generic for me to really like it. David Guetta always produces songs that are generic and they sound the same.

  33. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 9, 2011

    Davids collabo with Nicki Minaj “Where Them Girls At”. Is Hottttttttt!!!!! Love It!!!

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