New Video: B.o.B. – ‘Magic (Ft. Rivers Cuomo)’

Here is a new video from B.o.B. for his latest single, ‘Magic’. The track, which has thus far peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, was produced by Dr. Luke and features vocals from Rivers Cuomo. Check out the production below:

That was a fun video to watch. I have been hearing this song on the radio and in advertisements for quite some time so it’s good to finally get a visual for the record. Cereal in the sink? Priceless.

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  1. Tiff September 3, 2010

    he is so cute. He looks like a guy I went to high school with

  2. Landen September 3, 2010

    This was one of the most Unique Videos Ive ever seen!

    Really Like This! When Em Said Bobby Ray was good

    and was going tobe good. He Wasnt Kidding. Thank

    God For him. This Is such a Break from the mold..

    Ya know, the Rappers who do nothing but flow about

    Liquer, B******, Selling, drugs, and H***. That stuff is

    sol old and done over for so many years now that I practically

    croak hearing it. Thank You For This Bobby Ray!!!!

  3. LOL September 3, 2010

    @Tiff now you no u didn’t go to highschool LOL… anyway loved da video
    But I feel like B.O.B copies OUTKAST wayyyyyy to much especially andrea 3000
    I Listened to his CD and som tracks were good overall it sounded like a watered down Outkast album with too many mainstream features and singers on it

  4. BeyBeyBey September 3, 2010

    Bob is cool

  5. TOP NOTCH DIVA September 3, 2010

    Love me sum B.O.B. He definitely has a great future ahead of him! I am so glad to see a young black male that finally gets it! U don’t have to rap about s**, bling, h*** & drugs to be successful. I think him & J Cole is redefining what a rapper should be. Definitely a good look!

  6. Tiff September 3, 2010

    @ LOL

    Lame…Try again

  7. Tiff September 3, 2010

    @ who the Hell is Andrea 3000?
    You mean Andre 3000?

    ROTFL GIrl you snatched your own wig..

  8. Chile Please! September 3, 2010

    He looks like is is Fresh off the boat!!!! Work it MON!

  9. OBI TEXAS September 3, 2010

    Low budget but served it’s purpose.

    Sometimes it’s not all about the money. B.o.B. delivered once again!

  10. Chris September 3, 2010

    Cool video!!… Go B.o.B 😀

  11. Pree-n** September 4, 2010

    he’s just so diverse! Seems like he can collaborate with anybody and make it work! And hes fine 2 :p x

  12. CONVERSATION CHAMBER September 4, 2010

    That song is wack as hell. It’s not hip hop, sounds like tacky skateboard music.

    Check out:
    The Conversation Chamber

  13. KD September 5, 2010

    Agree with conversation chamber, B.O.B seems like such a sell-out to me…making music geared more towards white people. But hey, if it helps him make paper then I ain’t mad at him.

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