New Video: Kelis – ‘Scream’

Published: Tuesday 28th Sep 2010 by Sam

Kelis‘ latest LP ‘Flesh Tone’ may have been a sales disaster, but it hasn’t stopped the eclectic singer from pressing on with yet another single from the set in the form of ‘Scream’. The song’s video premièred today. Check it out below…

I enjoyed the clip. Edgy, artsy, and left-field, the video managed to stay true to the imaging Ms. Rogers has been playing with this go round. What’s more, it’s great seeing an act really pushing a project, despite less-than-impressive sales. More power to her.

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  1. SDphotog September 28, 2010


  2. Emancipation September 28, 2010

    How can you tell if its low budget when someone recorded the video from an iPhone?
    Anyways, the video premieres in next Monday on her website and it will be in 3-D. This is the 2-D version.

  3. S*** September 28, 2010

    Chile No!!!!!!!

    This might be the Biggest Disaster in Music History!!

    Her new music sucks, Is it really any good??

    Sounds like Kelly Rowland meets Sade Meets Solange…

    Meets A ASS MESS!!!!

  4. S*** September 28, 2010

    Chile No!!!!!!!

    This might be the Biggest Disaster in Music History!!

    Her new music sucks, Is it really any good??

    Sounds like Kelly Rowland meets Sade Meets Solange…

    Meets A *HOT* ASS MESS!!!!

  5. geishagirl September 28, 2010

    Yet you have BeyLAMce in your avi so your taste for music and life is IRRELEVANT.
    Now keep it moving ugly f**.
    Kelis>>>>>YOUR fat, thieving fave.

  6. french gyal September 28, 2010

    SHAUN RILEY MIXTAPE – tgj are u gonna promote the ENGLISH KID OR WHAT

  7. Becca September 28, 2010

    Her newest album “Flesh Tone” is AMAZING

    Kelis is an extremely talented artist. I don’t know why people hate on someone just because they are a flop.

  8. Bryant September 28, 2010

    It’s like only tasteless Beyonce frogs use this site and leave retarded comments. I love this song I knew it should’ve been a single when I first heard it. Het fashion is always bananas love kelis

  9. ADE September 28, 2010

    WTF was that! Looked like she filmed some bits of it in an estate in Souh London. What a horribe video.

  10. jazybelle September 28, 2010

    Kelis is that bish but the last album wasnt all that

  11. K.Row Kid September 28, 2010

    Kelis is a real artist! She evolves with music, but still herself!

    FleshTone was the best album of the year. DOWNE. It may have only sold 15 copies but, that still doesn’t mean the quality of the material isn’t worth millions

  12. topman September 28, 2010

    Erm I’ve been seeing this video on TV for the past 3 days, dunno how you’re saying it premiered now?!

  13. Luv-Lee September 28, 2010

    **********EL DEBARGE’S ALBUM DROPS TODAY!!!! 9/28/10***********

    **********EL DEBARGE’S ALBUM DROPS TODAY!!!! 9/28/10***********

    **********EL DEBARGE’S ALBUM DROPS TODAY!!!! 9/28/10***********

  14. bobs September 28, 2010

    I thought this album was so bad I erased it off my computer. a FAR cry from her ‘kelis wash here’ and milkshake days. She was never THIS edgy with fashion, and now she looks like a poor-man’s lady gaga.

  15. word September 28, 2010

    Honestly it was s***, I like Kelis but she shouldnt have bothered with that shite

  16. geishagirl September 28, 2010

    Kelis was EDGY before Manly Gaga had a record deal so don’t even try it, misinformed f*****.

  17. parisian HBIC September 28, 2010

    i like the video
    too bad her album flopped,i really love it

  18. Mely B September 28, 2010

    Co-sign @ Becca. The album was a risk for her because she’s not following trends she did music that I guess spoke to her. I think it’s great – it sounds like one pulsating disco track, makes me want to get up & dance and lifts my mood whenever I play it. This track is one of my favorites too so I’m sure the video will be great.

  19. lies September 28, 2010

    OMG YOU are so desperate to be the first to have things you literally used a video we & 2 other websites we know of passed on for lack of quality! How sad.


  20. Jamie September 28, 2010

    you have such a double standard……

    When Mariah’s Memoirs didn’t sell as much, had cheap videos (IWKWLI), and poor single sales and receivership your comments were to scrap it….

    When Christina’s Bionic didn’t sell as much, had the wrong video and poor sales, even though you’ve said it’s a solid album your comments were to give up and you bad mouth and riducule her….

    Yet now you commend Kelis for pushing the project… Can you explain that Sam please? it makes it seem you have no substance as a blogger

  21. Queens September 28, 2010

    Kelis may have been a little edgy but not this extreme and as far as being talented…LMAO! Kelis bricked coming out the gate and has flopped every album except Tasty and even with a hit like Milkshake the album still failed to go platinum. This album sucked and all her videos from this album have been trash and cheaply made. Kelis is so pretentious and irrelevant and her fans try and make her out to be the originator of fashion…FAIL! Kelis is just as much as a copy-cat as all the rest but what makes her even worst is that she tries to be different and FLOPS and while the others SUCCEED. Kelis is a washed up, over 30 has been and her few stans are hopeless and in serious denial!

  22. Diary of a Young Black Asshole September 28, 2010

    Kelis …better play makeup with nas and get that career back on track…lmao

  23. really September 28, 2010

    Nas has absolutely nothing to do with Kelis failures. Kelis was a failure before Nas, during her relationship with Nas and after Nas. Kelis is just a non-talented person who tries to diss others for her lack of success by saying “they copy her style” and she was “the first to scream on the mic” as if that is something special, anyone can scream on the mic and sound like a dying frog as Kelis does on many ocassions.

  24. Robier September 28, 2010

    WTF? people like anything

  25. Timmy September 28, 2010

    Everyone is hating it and calling it cheap when it hasnt even released in HD or in the U.S yet. lmao. Kelis is amazing, she does what “she” wants to do, she’s not a product of the music industry. This isnt R&B so idk why this is even a topic on “thatgrapejuice”, everyone knows most people are closed minded and will probably hate a video that they dont understand. If she’s not half naked or wearing diamonds its cheap??? Stupid people, this video is fun and dance themed, its not a serious epic video, its fun. And she’s releasing another one soon, “Brave”. And calling her a flop?? umm maybe in the U.S but in Europe people love her. Gain some knowledge

  26. Timmy September 28, 2010

    How is this cheap? When all Ciara did was stand in front of a car showing her p**** (Ride), how is this cheap? When all Kelly Rowland did was ….(oh wait nothing, Commander is CHEAP and a COPY OF FEEDBACK). You people sicken me, what do you expect her to wear, she’s not in music to impress people, if she wore millions of Rhinestones and Diamonds, would that make it less cheap?? To me this video is satisfying , due to the fact that she’s releasing another one in a month, Music vids are expensive to make and when your on a SOLD OUT tour like Kelis, you cant expect to be Gaga pullin out Epic videos. People make different types of music , this isnt Hip-Hop…

  27. geishagirl September 28, 2010

    LMFAO@the haters. GTFO Kelis’ c*** already.

    Shes doing better than you and shittin’ on your faves so continue to be pressed, uglyl and upset!
    KELIS SCREAM IS F****** AMAZING! Shes always doing the unthinkable and she kills it everytime.

  28. LOL whackness September 28, 2010

    @ Timmy:
    Sorry to inform you but Kelis FLOPPED in Europe as well! Debuted at #48 on the Charts in Europe so save all that they love her lies and go gain you some knowledge!

  29. Kyle September 28, 2010

    Who cares if Kelis flopped, I’d rather her be underrated because I don’t want her to sell out and be overexposed to the point where I’m sick of her. “Flesh Tone” is seriously one of my favorite albums of the year. Non-stop dance music that makes you feel good. Kelis has never sounded so liberated.

  30. chile please! September 28, 2010

    @ Timmy teach this young ass Similac babies! I swear alot of you have to be the dumbest people on earth. How dare ya’ll come for Kelis like how ya’ll are doing?? I’m soooooo tired of ya’ll keep saying that she’s stealing GaGa’s style & she’s trying to be over the top. WTF!! Do your research……Kelis has always worn over the top clothes & extreme fashion. Quite as it’s kepted Kelis can actually sing….& all of her performances she did recently was all SANGED LIVE….do ya’ll hear that…LIVE!! Not singing over a track or a pre-recorded track….LIVE!!! All I have to say is that I love Kelis & none of her albums sound the same. Kudo’s to Kelis! Get it baby!

  31. Jessss December 13, 2010

    I think this song is an absolute tune, its faultless.

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