Hot Shot: Nicole Scherzinger On ‘Poison’ Video Set

Published: Friday 22nd Oct 2010 by Sam

Peep Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger on the set of the video for her new single ‘Poison’.

The Red One produced cut serves as the first single to be lifted from her as yet untitled sophomore album. Her first LP, ‘Her Name Is Nicole’ was scrapped upon completion in 2007, after the poor performance of its preceeding singles. Ms. Scherzinger will no doubt be hoping for better fortunes this go round.

Renown director Joseph Khan is directing the clip for ‘Poison’, so she may very well be off to a good start. Time will tell.

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  1. Dave October 22, 2010

    She’s long as hell. I was gone say tall, but rather long instead, lol. It’s a good thing thou

  2. Blu Majik October 22, 2010

    She must be playing Cat Woman or something. i just don’t get it. At all!!

  3. dc3fan20 October 22, 2010

    how can it be her sophomore album when the first one didn’t come out?

  4. queenbeyonce10 October 22, 2010

    She is so swagger jacking Ciara’s style

  5. Kyus93 October 22, 2010


  6. Timago October 22, 2010

    Nicole Flopzinger!!! The only song that could flop harder than this is a duet between Nicole Flopzinger and SMELLY FLOPLAND!!!

  7. KAT DELUNA FAN October 22, 2010

    No need for time,I can tell you that it s gonna flop

  8. Shaquannamenesha Rolls Royce Benz in association with Type-Pah B**** To Run Yo S*** H** Before I Smack Yo Ass Jones October 22, 2010

    You bettah ask somebody bout me…..Im da 10 time mutha f***** deep throat champion of da hood **Jadakiss signature laugh** Yes I did it, could you do it? **Jadakiss signature laugh**

  9. SoPRETTEE1908 October 22, 2010

    i dont know about this one nicole just reunite with the girls and try this ish again.

  10. Tiff October 22, 2010

    LOL who wig is she going to snatch?

    No one is checking for her.
    She looks nice tough..

  11. GangsterA October 22, 2010

    nicole looks hawt there is also another LQ pic from the video shes wearing a white jumpsuit and on hot set

  12. Areis October 22, 2010

    okay i see, i may be liking this Nicole…. i’m rooting for this one, the song not so much

  13. Shouw October 22, 2010


    “Hello my name is Nicole and I really want to be the next Lady Gaga”

  14. Lewis92 October 22, 2010

    HAHA whatta stupid people on this site XD XD LOL
    How can Nicole looks like Lady Gaga in this picture??? Or Ciara??? You’re soooo funny people : D

  15. dboy October 22, 2010

    ok…..i was taken the moment i heard the name REDone..that dude is a musical genius

  16. MUSIC LOVER October 22, 2010

    She is trying too hard. The song is a forgettable dance joint. I want something more PCD flavored please.

  17. lola October 22, 2010

    LOL wtf? Nicole looks a hot mess! I just heard “Poison” and couldn’t get with it! She is so ugly, I don’t understand why people try to act like she’s pretty, it must be because she’s “exotic” looking. She’s so bony and old looking. She is definitely trying to be Lady Gaga and you can tell because Lady Gaga is all about being fierce, looking and acting like a fool, and trying to be different. “Poison” sounds too much like :Bad Romance” but worse! It’s got that hard rock/electronic vibe going on and just sounds like a bunch of noise. Again, Nicole, fail. That’s what you get for being the hogging b**ch in PCD.

  18. Malik October 23, 2010

    Nicole is wayyyyyy moooore talented than Lady Gaga!

    F*CK U Haters!!!!!

  19. gdhg October 23, 2010

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  20. xtincta October 23, 2010

    OH i see Britney had a hit song named Toxic and the video for Toxic was directed by Joseph Kahn, now Nicole has a song named poison and it’s directed by the same guy………..A MESS!!!!

  21. Aryo October 23, 2010

    how can some of u say this is gonna flop wit just 1 pic??? btw she looks freakin hoootttt in the other pic (on the set of poison)

  22. Aryo October 23, 2010

    @tgj jessica sutta released her firsr single “i wanna be bad”

  23. Aryo October 23, 2010

    POISON <3

  24. intellione October 25, 2010

    R u kidding this girl is still trying to sing??? she needs to stick to acting/modeling or something….bcause music IS Not her thing without those other non-talented girls to back her up

  25. VH1iNFO October 29, 2010

    LOLA WTF PCD was out way before lady gaga!!! Nicole Is all ABOUT FIERCE!!! havent you been keeping up with her Please. Im pretty sure your a lil insecure girl that has nothing better to do. like really u mean lady gaga got feirce from them… BAM!

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