Tiffany Evans Performs ‘I’ll Be There’ In New York

Tiffany Evans performed her new single, ‘I’ll Be There’, for the fist time last evening. The singer took the stage at the ‘I Will Graduate’ event in New York. Check out her powerhouse performance of the song below:

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  1. drfenty October 29, 2010

    this irrelevant bish tried rihanna thinking it will boost her exposure and carurr,

    cant wait to see her PHAIL AGAIN!!

    NEXT WIG>>>>>

  2. royalkev October 29, 2010

    I like her!

  3. Franne October 29, 2010

    She woman has too much talent to be over looked again!!!!

  4. DANBOFFICIAL October 29, 2010




  5. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 29, 2010


  6. Tee October 29, 2010

    To say that she is “talentless” is simply hating. She can sing. As far as her trying Rihanna, she only said what a lot of other people were thinking. I didn’t like the song or message it sent before Tiffany said what she said, and I still don’t like the b******* record months after Tiffany said what she said. Explain to me how “Russian Roulette” is not in reference to s******. Hell, do you ignorant f**** know what Russian Roulette is or how the damn game is played. smh This new single “I’ll Be There” is phenomenal and is sang by a truly talented young lady.

    Haters keep hating 🙂

  7. Soulful Roses October 29, 2010


    Tiffanys worse performance slays Rihannas best performance. That is all…

  8. lola October 29, 2010

    Nobody can deny that Tiffany is definitely one of the greatest R&B singers out here right now! Singers like Rihanna, Ciara, Britney Spears, Kesha, Keri Hilson, and many more cannot touch this girl and they’ve been in the game longer or have had more success or publicity than she has. So STFU with those hatin comments ( and I hate the hatin word). This performance was GREAT and I really love her tone. She has powerhouse vocals as well. She just needs to find better management because papa Knowles is going to screw her a** over.

  9. DION-ISH October 29, 2010


    She said what A LOT Of people were thinking?! plz

    Russian Roulette is a True art form expression mixed into the form of poetry making it a powerful record.

    Take a breath, take it deep
    Calm yourself, he says to me
    If you play, you play for keeps
    Take a gun, and count to three
    I’m sweating now, moving slow
    No time to think, my turn to go

    From the first verse we can hear that the LYRICAL SUBJET is talking about being in a risky situation in her life and she need to make a choice. This might be either about a decision in her life or love (or both at the same time). The presence of a second person means there’s someone involved in the decision process. A “gun” means our CHOICE (which as we all should know is also a heavy kind of gun and can make a lot of damage as well – it depends how we use it). You got to make sure you are taking the right path so you need to think about it before using it. There will always come the time when it will be YOUR TURN TO GO and choose (so use the “gun” in “russian roulette”.

    And you can see my heart beating
    You can see it through my chest
    And Im terrified but Im not leaving
    Know that I must must pass this test
    So just pull the trigger

    Every important decision in our life requires from us rethinking about it’s pros and cons. Whenever it’s a choice of school, relationship, work, family, health matters or even roller coster ride. We think if this will change our life for better or for worse. But the life is about taking a risk. Otherwise all grown up people would still live with their parents, wouldn’t get better jobs, schools, wouldn’t fall in love. So you got to “pull the trigger” and make this decision. If you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them you gotta propose etc.

    Say a prayer to yourself
    He says close your eyes
    Sometimes it helps
    And then I get a scary thought
    That hes here means hes never lost

    The second verse might mean that the second player encourage the lyrical subject to take the same path and he did (that’s why he “has never lost”. He already took the risk and want her to take the same step. Which might bring us to a conclusion that after all this might be a love song and that the second player is in love and want her to not be afraid and fall in love as well (since she’s scared to do so).

    As my life flashes before my eyes
    Im wondering will I ever see another sunrise?
    So many wont get the chance to say goodbye
    But its too late too pick up the value of my life

    There’s a moment in our life when we are forced to make a decision (that’s why you might not be able to “say goodbye”. And we cannot go back. Just like in russian roulette there comes the moment when it’s your turn. In this verse “sunrise” means a success. That’s why you always need to re-think all important decision before taking them! Because our life is just too precious to waste it!!

    I am sure my explanation is pretty close and if you are smart enough you know there’s NOTHING about suicides and on the contary, this text shows us that we should have strengh to not be affraid, to take the risk, to win! It was definately a russian roulette for Rihanna to release a ballad for her first single!

  10. drfenty October 29, 2010

    @Tee, u betta recognise i neva called her talentless,

    neva that hunty, im not deluded.

    however, she a irrelevant bish! ..thts a damn fact. aint nobody know what a tiffany evans is outside the ghetto foodstamp blogs.

    whatever the case, she was just mad @ rihanna foR NO REASON, calling her out on a song that really has nothing to do with the illuminati, wtf was she thinking?

    just cos rihanna aint singing about no damn Promise Ring, doesnt make her a dark ass devil worshiper.


    Rihannas worst performance will still get more coverage and genenrate more attention than tiffanys BEST most acclaimed attempt at anything.

    rihanna CAN indeed sing, and only the bitter would think otherwise. her voice i unique and isnt the typical southern state church gwarl garbage you africans think is the only way to sing.

    not everyone enjoys baboon howling church gospel voices, we’ve got sooo much of that in the industry already.

    eitherway myself and mz fenty are not mad @ all at this trick. we dont kno, or care for her failed attempts at getting shine.

  11. MUSIC LOVER October 29, 2010

    Dion-ish, you’re one of the worse annoying petty ass Rihanna stans ever. When I skimmed through that long essay, I thought damn this girl is trying hard, but there is no way an idiot could pull out such an “explanation.” Next time you want to hate on someone who can obviously sing WAY better than Rihanna, make you use your own arguments and your own word you moron! Coping and pasting from the internet! HAHA talk about low! Thank you for giving people to hate stans like yourself!

  12. Robier October 29, 2010

    nice powerful voice

  13. Spunkypoop October 29, 2010


  14. Dae’ October 29, 2010

    I love Tiffany Evans. Chics true talent she can sing. I don’t know why you guys are comparing her to Rihanna. That’s like the trend compare everyone to Rihanna. Y’all put her on a pedestal. Rihanna’s voice is made for pop not R&B she hasn’t showcased she can sing “well”. I think her and Karina Pasian are two very talented over looked singers.

  15. Wow October 29, 2010

    This b**** is a FLOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! When you can’t sell more albums than Ciara’s Fantasy Ride, you need to head back to the drawing board!

  16. TEAM KELLY (ROWLAND) October 29, 2010

    I don’t know who she is, but the performance was amazing! She can really sing. I see the Rhi Rhi stans have found out about this post! LOL! And whats up with that long ass post! LOL!

  17. I & I (yardie style) October 29, 2010

    the girl can sing like there is no tomorrow
    @ dion-ish my interpretation of that song is somewhat similar to yours but I am almost sure Neyo had to spell it out to the singer.

  18. AuntieJackie October 29, 2010

    @ Dion-ish/Dr. Fenty/All Loyal Rihanna Stans

    She can sing, but this isn’t what sells these days.

    I wish her success.

    She talked about Rihanna….and when Rihanna stans tried to go off on her she murdered them with one statement “AT LEAST I CAN SANG”.

    Tiffany Evans is a better entertainer and a better singer at her young age than Rihanna will ever be in her entire life. The only amazing thing about Rihanna is that she’s managed to have a successful career without having talent. Gives talentless, average looking girls everywhere hope to be “artists”.

    Rihanna can neither sing, dance or write songs..but she’s got top 10 hits. Amazing, impressive and dope.

    Tiffany is managed by Matthew Knowles, too. So, boo b******.

  19. MrIncredible October 29, 2010

    She can really sing but damn that song is boring… it put me to sleep. She will flop. Poor child.

  20. drfenty October 29, 2010

    @aunty J

    keep it cute auntie before i expose your bald spot.

    rihanna can sing, but youre another in denial hater so thats fine.

    and kelly/michelle were/are managed by matthew knowles, and they are clearly flops

    we all know daddy pimp knowles only cares for one bish in the industry. so you fail again aunty.

    and if u wana shade rihanna at least get your facts str8, rihanna has danced, shes not janet or ciara but shes more than proved herself she got rhythm. #FAIL

    rihanna also has more than enough writing credits on enough songs and features, so you fail again at that, i dont see you calling out whitney houston for her lack of writing credits but u wanna come for rihanna?

    get off that koolaid aunty. for your own sake.

  21. AuntieJackie October 29, 2010

    @ Dr. Fenty

    Ummm what song has she ever written alone. And how many co-writing credits does she actually have. She participates in song selection a lot….but let’s not delude ourselves.

    Rhythm? She has a choreographer to teach her how to strut across stage and swing from side to side with a microphone. She has no Rhythm and NO natural swagger. Don’t believe me? Watch the BTS to her tour.

  22. drfenty October 29, 2010

    oh aunty,, why you so angry at riri, ?

    shes been getting down in her early days as good as the next gwarl.

    i wont lie, shes lazy now, she doesnt get down like she used to but so what

    at the end of the day most people are buying her MUSIC.

    either love it or hate it booboo.

    its just sad when u get the irelevant chicks venting their fustrations at their own failures and directing them to rihanna. it aint her fault miss tiffany is a FLAWP.
    CAlling her out on s****** and then saying shes a part of the illuminati was a damn FAIL.

  23. ~Team Weezy~ October 30, 2010

    I don’t know why people on either side are pissed given that Ne-Yo wrote the damn song. And Rihanna stans just want a reason to call someone a ‘Flop’ in defense to their talentless idol.

  24. AuntieJackie October 30, 2010

    @ Dr. Fenty

    That is precisely the problem. She’s lazy now. She “danced” before, which I found cute (not very skillful but very cute!) and now she does nothing….and she still has a choreographer to teach her how to have a presence on stage.

    She’s a star with hit singles, no doubt. But I find her performances problematic. Tiffany is irrelevant, but I think her point that she was making was vallid. Rihanna switches images, but she doesn’t think about her images effects on her fans….especially because that’s why most her fans like her.

    And Tiffany, as she said…can sing.

  25. drfenty October 30, 2010

    um rihanna doesnt need to be janet or ciara?and she sure as hell aint beyonce?

    if she did, youd be in here crying about how she copies them

    she is doing her and at the end of the day she making her music and selling out venues.

    shes had a great tour (yeah i know youll cry about the 6 dates out of 60+ dates that were rescheduled)

    people OBVIOUSLY love her voice otherwise no one wud buy her music
    half the industry wudnt be begging to collaborate with her
    and she wud be irrelevent.

    tiffany with all her abundance of talent is a bitter nobody trying to get some shine bye saying rihanna encourages s******, are you kidding me?
    GWARL MUTE>>>>>

  26. AuntieJackie October 30, 2010

    @ Dr. Fenty

    I’m not to sold on the fact that she was trying to get shine. A bunch of other people said exactly the same thing. If she was reaching for attention she would have kept talking about it.

    At the end of the day Rihanna is the new pop star. Easily changeable, highly marketable, little talent. All it shows is how little people really care about what they are being marketed.

    Her tour was moderately successful, and so were her albums. She gets money a lot of things, including endorsements from various companies, and I gaurantee that she and the people managaing her make more money from those than any of her music/tour sales. They promote her as a commodity despite her talent because she can be molded to change with changing popular cultures tastes. She’s the definition of a “pop” artist. Good for her.

    People like Tiffany Evans can’t be successful in this climate because they can’t be changed or adapted. She’s too talented.

    SO if you buy into Rihanna that’s your choice, but trying to make it seem like Tiffany Evans is somehow reaching for attention because she made a comment…..her VOICE gives her enough attention. No need for antics, personal relationships (Drake, CB) or to reveal her tits or bottoms parts.

  27. Dion-ish October 30, 2010

    LOL Yess @DRFENTY Snatched Wigs honey ROFL

  28. Dion-ish October 30, 2010


    Girl PLEASE.

    How many Copies of Tiffany Evans singles did you purchase?! Thats were you NEED to be focusing your energy…Requestin your favs songs and buying the s*** SMH

    And BTW Tiffany Evans had no Legitimate reason to say Rihanna encourages S****** and so on….That Girl Released a full press annoucment on Russian Roulette the DAY it premiered? NO LIFE MUCH?? Im glad Rihanna didnt respond til MONTHS later only because she was asked, and kept it real and even thing she didnt speak of the girl for a Meir 5secs LMFAO

    This Tiffany girl is a HOT mess…I Remember when she was practically praising CB and beggging him to follow her on twitter and he never did ROFL

  29. AuntieJackie October 30, 2010

    @ Dionish

    Um…I guess. You suck at arguing, just like most Rihanna stans. You’re comment had not a damn thing to do with what I wrote.


  30. DION-ISH October 30, 2010


    No i guess that means YOU SUCK since that was your come back

    Have a greeeat Nite!

  31. TheTruth October 30, 2010

    First i am going to comment on tiffany than i am going to comment on the haters.
    Tiffany has a PHENOMENAL voice and a talent that nobody can take from her . She exsudes a positive image to many people around the world. the song “I’ll be there” is also a very beautiful song. Its a shame that that artist with talent like hers is being over shadowed by others with less talent. i hope that she finds another management & PR team that can put her out there better. Now for the HATING ass stans(a.k.a rihanna stans) @DRFENTY- irrelevant …ok wateva but she can still out sing and out dance and out preform and has more stage presense than rihanna. she has more talent than her point blank period. you’re just made because she doesn’t walk around half naked and finger herself on stage like rihanna….and she can actually SING unlike rihanna.
    @DANBOFFICAL right she’s talentless and yet she still has more talent that rihanna could ever wish for ….GTFO wit that BS….you know that girl can sing stop hating.

  32. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas) October 30, 2010

    Very Nice Tiffany…

  33. Dave October 30, 2010

    Tiffany Evans (Talented) >>> Ri-bore-a (Pin-up Mannequin Doll), end.

  34. Be BETTER not “Bitter!” October 30, 2010

    I think that Tiffany Evans did a really nice job and the song is pretty as well. She really maturing and growing into a Beautiful Young Lady.

    As for this whole Rihanna vs Tiffany there is really no need to compare the two. Yes Tiffany is a better vocalist but Rihanna is still a bigger star. There is plenty of room for both ladies on your ipod and in your musical collection.

    Neither artist is still talking about the Russian Roulette Incident so why are ALL OF YOU?

  35. skippy October 30, 2010

    being able to sing is not the only thing that makes you a star. you have to have star quality. There are many great singers in the world, but not all of them could really be able to be universally loved. its the IT factor, that something about you that make people want to be around you and buy what you have to sell. Sadly although she can sing, she is not that interesting, and that’s not gonna get her anywhere but singing in her bathroom and taking pot shots at rihanna who although she said she can’t sing, is still a bigger star than she will ever be. Put it this way. Right now with all of her singing abilities, she is still struggling to get where rihanna is right now. And truthfully she will never be as big of a star as rihanna. She had so many chances and she still hasn’t made an impact.

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