New Video: Nadine Coyle – ‘Insatiable’

The Girls Aloud solo showdown just got a little more interesting. Front-woman Nadine Coyle today released the video for her debut solo single ‘Insatiable’.

Filmed in Los Angeles last month, the video for the funky, Big Band track, is the latest shot fired in Coyle and band-mate Cheryl Cole‘s media-orchestrated (yet still interesting) chart battle. Coyle is set to release ‘Insatiable’ on November 1st, while Cole’s new single ‘Promise This’ arrives in stores a week earlier.

Check out the video after the jump…

Hmm. All a bit “Diet Coke Beyonce” with the posing, wind-machines, and whatnot. Still, the song continues to grow on me, and this clip can only help. It’d be great to see the British public support true talent (ala Nadine), as opposed to pretty faces with no voices (ala Cheryl). It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out…

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  1. tweetypiebabe1 October 3, 2010

    I wasn’t so sure about the song at first but every listen it starts to grow on me. I just wish the video was a bit more rather than her just dancing around with a mic. She looks hot though!

    Hope she does well cause I know she has an amazing voice!

  2. Roya October 3, 2010

    Im loving the song.. madly, its s*** & yes she has the voice! the video is s*** but simple (hoped it could be more sexier) but Nadine for no.1 loving her vibe 😉

  3. Ana October 3, 2010

    The video is quite simple but for a solo debut effort I think its perfectly fine.

    She looks really beautiful too… I just hope the public get behind her and don’t just shove her aside to continue worshipping a*** face Cole.

  4. Huss October 3, 2010

    Didn’t expect to like the song nor the video BUT I DO, its good and shes hot (which ive always thought she is)

  5. Alex October 3, 2010

    She has no s** appeal like grab a kebab or summink

  6. WhatShit October 3, 2010

    This video is AWWWWWWWWWWFUL Complete miss. Just embarassing and I thought Cheryl’s promise this was bad, I take it back

  7. Trent Is The R***** October 3, 2010

    Sings better than non-singer prime lip syncer Cheryl Cole. #FACT

  8. truth October 3, 2010

    i love the song…….and she can actually really sing… glad she did a video like this rather than one with her wearing hardly any clothes……its a nice video and im gonna buy her album …..

  9. Zahra Brown October 3, 2010

    I was not bored by this the way I whilst watching Ciara’s Speechless, but this video could have gone further than this. Having Tesco finance the video should have been a GOOD thing- Tesco is rich, so they should have invested more!

    I wish her the best. It is such a shame when talentless singers like Cheryl Cole get all the praise because they have powerful supporters like Simon Cowell. The media has been ripping Nadine to shreds to make her the demon so Cheryl is the angel. It’s not right. Nadine can’t do her album but Cheryl can do two albums, two TV shows, and tour?

  10. elleuk October 3, 2010

    im on team nadine. although the video and song are not blowing me away
    she is a capable single with the looks to match. no shade#
    hope her solo career goes well, as i dnt think she wants to have to regroup with cheryl and cole and smile and pretend tobe best buddies, especially with all thats been said in the media from both camps.

  11. le October 3, 2010

    Her voice is much better than cheryl coles and to me she is more talented then cheryl

  12. TIREDOFTREY October 3, 2010

    Yes she can sing better, BUT SHES TOO SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE NEEDS TO EAT i cant watch the video cus im scared shell snap her leg… IVe never skeen such a skinny leg before… Im surprised she didnt cringe when she watched the video back.. better too much meat than none at all IMO. Cheryl is a better role model for your girls nowadays with the way she carries herself much classier and she can dance… I dunno.. i guess when it boils down to it we want the whole package, i would rather have an ambassador of music than a talented rag doll that makes me flick the channel everytime she comes on…..

  13. daisharochelle October 3, 2010

    I hope her next song is better because this doesn’t pack the punch that someone with her kind of voice deserves

  14. gio88 October 3, 2010

    the song is not good as Fight for This love or original like 3words and i don’t see a so much gap between nadyne and cheryl voices!! for the video there is no comparisons …..Cheryl cole’s videos are pretty amazing….. this is , instead is really boring and really low budget!!

  15. samantha October 3, 2010

    Why is she givin a face fulla Victoria Beckham?

    Have to agree with Sam, I’m beyond OVER Cherylin Tweedy (Cole when needed to distract from being branded racist) she looks pretty and even that’s beginning to lose luster.

    Had the misfortune of sitting through a GA live set and every girl (yes even the blonde one) had a better vocal than Cheryl….SAD!!! It’s time for someone with at least a slip of talent to show Cherylites who was the real Nicole Schzidwhbge in Girls Aloud.

  16. vegasgirl October 3, 2010

    She looks like a Victoria’s Secret model! This video was pretty forgettable and the song is ok, but in the video she is giving beauty face all day long. Don’t know anything about Girls Aloud (considering I’m from the U.S.) and how people feel about her or cheryl but good luck to her.

  17. maria October 3, 2010

    i love her !

  18. dboy October 3, 2010

    am prob alone on this but am TEAM CHERYL if i had to choose, ppl always wanna knock down the people up voice or no voice, cheryl didnt stand in nadine’s way. she had the opportunity to do solo album and she took it. they can both go no1 anyways i think they can both be successful as solo acts. WHY IT GOTTA BE ONE OR THE OTHER?

  19. English Babe* October 3, 2010






  20. dfhudififnkfslkfd October 3, 2010

    Some these Brit artists just need to QUIT. They’ve got NOTHING. No style, talent no character!

  21. greg October 4, 2010

    what in the world makes you think cheryl cant sing, and she can? delusional.

  22. Roxette246 October 4, 2010

    This video is extremely boring.

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