X-Factor 2010: Eliminations (Week 3)

Published: Sunday 24th Oct 2010 by Sam

The X-Factor 2010 saw its third set of eliminations tonight. Find out who’s heading home this week…

{For those unfamiliar with The X Factor, the show is the UK’s version of American Idol – with a twist in that groups and over 25’s are eligible to enter. Now in it’s seventh season, the show is responsible for birthing the careers of Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, and JLS. It’s US version is set to launch in 2011}.

After registering the lowest public vote of the contestants, John Adeleye and TreyC were two acts put on the chopping block.

The weekly sing-off proceeded with John taking on Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Because of You’, while TreyC sung Dreamgirls classic ‘One Night Only’.

In the end, it was TreyC who was granted a pass onto next week’s show, after all judges, except John’s mentor Louis, opted to save her.

The X Factor continues on ITV1 next Saturday.

Your thoughts?

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  1. truthfully October 24, 2010

    funny how, there were three black people in the bottom…x factor has lost it’s factor and I am done with it…

  2. Lady Honest October 24, 2010

    Britain is racist and the results prove it.

  3. raebae October 24, 2010

    how can you say britain is racist when alexandra burke , and jls became famous through xfactor and theyre not white ???

  4. who? October 24, 2010

    I don’t know if it’s racism (although that wouldn’t surprise me) but I do know that the judges don’t seem to promote their black acts like they do the others. Cherly Cole cannot give an interview without talking about how special Cher and Katie are, yet she can barely mention Rebecca and TreyC in any capacity. Also, the styling choices for Rebecca and TreyC have been horrible, almost as if the budget is eaten up by the other two less talented singers. And John was sabotaged by whoever put that performance together and the cameramen who kept the camera trained on the dancers rather than the guy singing. He had no chance and I can guarantee that in the next few weeks Paije and TreyC will be going home and the less talented singers will still be around.

  5. antertain October 24, 2010

    Same ol same each year.
    One gimmick act always stays in and a decent singer goes.

    The fact of the matter is Wagner shouldn’t be there and they keep doing gimmicks to give him a chance of staying. FOOLISHNESS!!

    Louis fault for giving him that song.
    It’s a nice tune but was never gonna make John stand out

  6. Daniel October 25, 2010

    Katie and cher through just makes my weekened complete. and why is it when a black person goes out…. the british public get called racist. Yawn

  7. leanna October 25, 2010

    There are some groups of people getting the word out, setting up websites, to get Wagner to win (for a joke). They are rebelling against X Factor and trying to control the outcome. I wonder if these groups are in fact making the difference as Wagner is still in the show. I think the ability to vote is a privilege no matter what people say about the show. A person should vote honestly. Voting scams really affect the experiences of innocent contestants who are just following their dreams and trying to make the most of a once in a life time opportunity. One vote adds up to many votes. I think it is a real shame if this is happening. Check out “Wagner to win” face book page to see what I’m talking about. I trust bad Karma will win in the end and the persons promoting these voting scams will have opportunities taken away from them in their own lives. Vote honestly people or don’t vote at all.


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  9. Matthew October 25, 2010

    Cheryl has no interest in Treyc and Rebecca and it would kill her if they styed and Cher and Katie went out.Do not support Cher and Katie who have an unfair advantage getting all Cheryls time and attention.Hope Treyc gets better songs to sing.

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