Kanye West ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Covers

Check out the various covers of Kanye West ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’. The rapper has apparently chosen five different versions of the record’s artwork. Expect the 5th to be officially released in before the album hits stores on November 22nd. Peep the rest below via Rap Radar:

What do you think of the covers?

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  1. Nothing But My Opinion November 5, 2010


  2. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ November 5, 2010

    Typical Kanye.

  3. SevenStars November 5, 2010

    These actually aren’t so *bad*……. But thy are typical Kanye. Even when there/it’s so basic, it still captures your attention!

    I’ll be -BUYING- this album when its released in the U.K on November 27th!
    That whole week is going to be major… Wig snatching season has ARRIVED!!!!!!! : D
    (Excuse me if I get cautioned for excessive blocking)

  4. En Route November 5, 2010

    The Head with the sword is classic…Thats the one I’ll be getting

  5. FUTURESTARdelux November 5, 2010


  6. Heaven November 5, 2010

    A lot of rage and anger lives there.

  7. PInkcookiegoodies November 5, 2010

    Why would I want to stare or harbor some chitt like this in my home.
    I don’t think so, nor will I be supporting this mental case.

  8. trucie November 5, 2010

    yeah, ill pass on this one.

  9. KAT DELUNA FAN November 5, 2010

    strange & ugly

  10. GangsterA November 5, 2010

    bad the covers are too ugly all 4 of them how can you fail 4 times ?and i won’t buy the album the songs sound old so 2005 or something i only like 3 of them i give the album 3 extra one for nicki and riri so 4 out of 10

  11. UGh November 6, 2010

    I like the last one

  12. Kenudigme November 6, 2010

    i love them all except for the one with the PHEONIX sitting on his lap. Looks dumb.

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