Drake Sits Down With Rap Radar / Spills On New Album, Label, Cultural Appropriation, Romance, & More

Published: Thursday 26th Dec 2019 by Sam

Drake may be omnipresent on the charts, but he rare rises to the surface for interviews.

That changed today, when Drizzy sat down with the Rap Radar podcast on Tidal for a lengthy, all-encompassing conversation.

Chopping it up with Elliott Wilson and B.Dot, the Canadian superstar opened up about his new album, his label situation, his present-day take on Pusha-T, accusations of cultural appropriation, and more.

Watch below, where quotes also await…

On His New Album:

“I’ll go like three weeks in between making songs, just because like I’m just kind of enjoying life. I’m enjoying living, going out with people. Investing in personal connections, and it’s just making my music better.

I have to do two things every album. I have to give the people that like to hear the singing enough to hold on to, and I have to give [Le]Bron enough bars.

[I’ve also done a new Chris Brown song] I don’t know what’s going to make the album, but we have done more music together”

On His Label Situation:

“I’m always going to be involved in the Cash Money/Young Money imprint, and my loyalty, like I said, always lies there. I’m just signed direct myself to Universal.”

On Getting Booed At Camp Flog Gnaw:

“I just walked myself into a situation, I kind of felt it backstage too. I was a little confused. I was kind of sitting there, going like, ‘You guys know Frank’s not here, right? You may as well get over that… let’s rock, I’m the guy, I’m the replacement. I got a couple joints if you wanna hear them.'”

On Pusha T Feud:

“He’s just made an entire career off of it. Some people like his music, I personally don’t ’cause I don’t believe any of it. And I like to listen to guys I believe.

You just get to peak behind the curtain too. When I was whatever, 16, thinking that he was the biggest dope dealer in the world serving bricks to all, every corner of America, yeah sure… I was… a fan obviously more so just a fan of Pharrell and the Neptunes. I always wanted to be signed to Star Trak and stuff like that, that was the wave. Now that I’m grown-up, and I know him and the truth, it’s just not as appealing.”

On Accusations Of Cultural Appropriation:

“The definition of appropriating a culture is not supporting that culture, doing songs with people who are deeply rooted in that culture, giving opportunity to people who are in that culture. That’s not appropriating. Appropriating is taking it for your own personal gain and denying that it was ever inspired from this. That’s the true disservice that somebody could do to the UK, to Dancehall, to Afrobeats. Me, I’ve always… I ensure that not only paying all due respects verbally but… I make it a point to give opportunity.”

On Relationships:

“I love my space, I love my work, and I love my routine. And for me to break that for somebody, it would just have to be a really special person that fits into that puzzle, and that is supportive of the things I’m doing. Have to be somebody that has taste in music. It’d have to be somebody that I get along with so much to the point that when we’re separate, I’m feeling like I can’t function properly without their presence. I have come across it a few times, I’ve yet to be able to hold onto it, for whatever reason. I’m the captain of a ship, and I look behind me and I see a lot of people on board. Full steam ahead. That’s just how I have to keep rocking for right now. Hopefully I can find somebody that can just stand beside me at the wheel and help me steer  while we keep the journey going as opposed to me having to pull over because that person is getting seasick.”

Insightful interview!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH December 26, 2019

    The real Artist Of The Decade, point blank period! ? Give him his flowers ? I still have an hour left to watch, this interview is too good! ☕️ ?

    • Cûûmila Cebolla December 26, 2019

      More like female artist of the decade. We all know he is a pûssy and cries after s**

      • Bravo!! December 26, 2019

        & he like to get his snatch ate out..lol

      • PinotNoir December 27, 2019


    • Meme December 26, 2019

      Exactly. Drake is one artist who deserve all the hype. Another one who law career was progressive. He gets better each time on all fronts. He is also a class act, a team player and someone who puts people on.

      • PinotNoir December 27, 2019

        All that bcuz he’s obsessed with your fave? ?

  2. A Star is Born December 26, 2019

    I hate a cocky MF who thinks they can’t be humbled. I hope he has a wake up call just like Nicki Minaj and stop acting like he some big shot sh*t!

    • Swirly December 26, 2019

      Drake is a big shot. He’s been unstoppable for a whole decade and I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon.

      • Dc December 26, 2019

        But that day will come and I can’t wait till he flops

      • Swirly December 26, 2019

        By that time, it won’t matter because his legacy is already solidified. 10 years of consistent success is almost unheard of in the rap game. While yall sit around and wait for the demise of his career, that Drake reign will continue to not let up!!

      • No Glory December 27, 2019

        Right, Drake ain’t ever flopping. Ever. If breezy can find a way to never flop after being consistently dragged by the media, Drake for d@mn sure can. Drake’s fanbase is too strong.

    • PinotNoir December 27, 2019

      Cocky = insecure on the DL.

  3. Diabetes Unbothered December 26, 2019

    Good Producer
    Decent Artist
    Okay Music
    Terrible (OVERRATED) rapper

    • Bravo!! December 26, 2019

      I just hope he doesn’t recycle his first, second, third, into this album. I’m tired of the same similar beats. The last album I found boring because of the recycle material. I never really listen to the whole album. And I don’t see why he even fed into the question about Pusha T. You about to get embodied again. He could have avoided the question but like a woman, he still lingering onto the past. Pusha T truly hip hop… Drake more like Vanilla ice, but I still want to eat Drake booty

      • No Glory December 27, 2019

        That’s Drake’s sound though. A lot of artists have a signature sound. You can’t hate on him for that. “Embodied” ? you mean “bodied”. Of Pusha does it’s best if Drake ignores him again. Vanilla ice? Let me see, white dude who had a decent flow at the time who could also dance his @ss off. Who lied about his upbringing. Who didn’t flop. Doesn’t sound like Drake to me. Drake constantly talks about where he’s from and his come up. Even in this interview he brought up degrassi. One thing I will say about Drake is that he’s the industry’s smartest and biggest culture vulture. And it works because he’s still relevant. 10 years later.

    • PinotNoir December 27, 2019

      Forgot weed-laced voice

  4. Lol December 26, 2019

    He said Pusha made an entire career out of that beer but Drake’s entire career is based off crying about women and using a fake Jamaican accent. He’ll never be as respected like his peers.

  5. LOTUS December 26, 2019

    I just never get excited for him… his music all sounds the same and I don’t really know how we can keep finding ways to rap about the same thing. His whole persona is so fake to me.

    Him AND Chris Brown need a good 2 year break.

    • PinotNoir December 27, 2019

      He’s got something few do:

      Better-than-white-privilege privilege.

      Catch that honey tea.

  6. PinotNoir December 27, 2019

    I hate his mouth.

    Can fit a foot in there!

    And too sensitive & hiding it.

  7. No Glory December 27, 2019

    Can’t lie, drake is smart. And you’re not going to just blow smoke up his @ss and get over on him. He is also the TRUE artist of the decade.

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