Jay-Z Signs Chery Lloyd To Roc Nation

Published: Thursday 30th Dec 2010 by Trent

Jay-Z has signed Willow Smith and J.Cole his his budding Roc Nation empire but this time the Hip-Hop giant has set his sights across the pond. ‘X-Factor’ reject Cher Lloyd has been nabbed by the label after a quiet bidding war between Jay-Z and Will.i.am. Check out the details below:

British talent show imports have proven to be quiet successful ploy for labels to garner massive sales. However, unlike her fellow Youtube sensations Susan Boyle and Leona Lewis, Lloyd’s talent is average at best.

It is going to take a lot more than just a series of rehearsed Keri Hilson antics and an innocent stare to have longevity on the US charts. Indeed, that gimmick wore thin quite quickly during her stay on ‘X-Factor’. Hopefully, Jay-Z will be able to correct her notorious spoiled attitude and train her to become a viable act.


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  1. carl December 30, 2010


  2. Tha Phoenix December 30, 2010

    Everyone over here in the UK hates her so good luck with that, Cher.


  3. Sade December 30, 2010

    TRASH, she won’t go nowhere

  4. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 30, 2010

    @Tha Phoenix, lol! That’s precisely why we have Americans. We consume the worst of everything.

  5. KIO December 30, 2010

    Wow!!!!< more fake auto tune artist to pollute the airways!! Uk you have not had good artist, real good artist since the 60's!Please f*** off with signing this non singing h**!! I can already look at her and see she is just a manufactured business plan to make more money!!

  6. Lala December 30, 2010

    -__- jay z will sign anybody

  7. KIO December 30, 2010

    What makes ya’ll think we going to embrace this chick??/ Only young ass teeny boppers will like her music, or people that are tone def!

  8. Tami December 30, 2010

    No one likes this b**** in UK and no one knows her inthe US so I see this going nowhere!If I was an artist I would not sign to Jay!He does nothing for his artists!Where is J Cole album at?I bet Willow gonna have 3 albums out before J Cole or Elect!Honestly if you are not JayZ Willow or Rihanna (even though she’s just managed), Roc Nation doesn’t give a s*** about you!What about their artists like Alexis Jordan who is from the UK and Rita Otra?Their careers are nowhere to be found!Word on the street is J Cole album got pushed back so far and they using his album expenses for Lil Willow’s hotels or some s*** like that smh

  9. keri slays December 30, 2010

    sorry but hun if jay worked a miracle and a prayer with rihead than it can work for this white gwal shid lord knows where rihanna would be rite know if it was for jay-z

  10. keri slays December 30, 2010

    @tami and smfh u sound like u believe everything you hear -_-……j cole album will be dropping next year hun get it 2gether

  11. jp December 30, 2010

    How can you say no one likes her ..she got through to the final so your comment is ridiculous ,and to call someone you don’t even know a ” b**** ” is just rude and ignorant!

  12. Tami December 30, 2010

    @Keri Slays That s*** better drop before Willow!Hope we get a Jay Elect album too

  13. Dunster December 30, 2010

    I cant stand her but i have no doubt that if this is true people will be nodding their heads to her song months from now and saying its “epic” but i take some comfort in the fact that willow can already sing her under the table.

    I think Jay-Z wants desperate artists that he can mould, he didn’t come over here and sign any decent artists, he seems to go for looks (depending on what you like) over limited vocal talents. His wife sang with alexandra and he didn’t sign her, okay he dropped the sugababes but could’ve signed jade solo, damn he could’ve at least tried jessie j.

    Cher will do well due to the current state of the music business, If Justin b can do it Cher can, but i dont see longevity

    Jay-z is a disappointment

  14. Tami December 30, 2010

    Anyway I think she should have singed with Will I Am!I mean turn her into a younger generation Fergie or something!Didnt Jay Z sing Lady Sov around the same time as Rihanna or something?She too was a singer/ rapper like Cher and well we know how that went lol!I hope Jay let’s her do pop!She cannot rap smh

  15. Dunster December 30, 2010

    … he could’ve signed nadine coyle and done wonders with her voice and some beats… nope, cher

  16. Dunster December 30, 2010

    I though Lady Sov was signed by Jay but it might’ve been def jam

  17. cherisabitchandnobodylikesherexcepttheidiots December 30, 2010

    I hope all this isnt true.
    but the fact is jay z is greedy. Cher is rubbish and will not become successful.
    only in china.
    And JP no one said they dont like her we wrote it.
    And to call someone a b**** that u dont now isnt always rude. take cher for example
    that is just being honest. The only reason she got to the final
    was because simon put 4 people there otherwise she would have gone in
    the semis.

  18. Anna December 30, 2010

    Ummmmmm good luck to Cher and Jay because this is going no where lol

  19. Molly December 30, 2010

    Oh dear, not good news. The majority of people in the UK don’t even like her, probably one of your only bad decisions, Jay Z…

  20. Nicole December 30, 2010

    @Tami Alexis Jordan is American she is not from the UK

  21. Renee December 30, 2010

    She is going to do perfectly fine in America. Cher will be a major hit with teenagers who love urban music – especially coming from a teenage white girl. And trust me, Jay worked a miracle on Rihanna. How else can one explain someone with literally no talent to their name becoming such a major star. Also, take a look at some of the American acts who are hot property right now. Not much to brag about. Just musicians rehashing stuff I have seen from artists in the 80s on back.

  22. Tami December 30, 2010

    @Nicole Oh true you are right my bad she was on Got Talent right?I would love to see an album from her she is actually very talented

  23. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 30, 2010

    Hahah well done Cher… you proved a lot of people wrong and have a record deal, unlike Gamu.
    We love you!

  24. Tami December 30, 2010

    @Renee No shade on Rihanna, she is my girl and all but Rihanna had to change her image before she became Huge Huge!Other than that people just saw her as Bajan Beyonce or she was tryna copy Bey!

  25. Dunster December 30, 2010


    How can you compare Cher to someone who had there chances snatched from them, never appeared on the show for months and had no positive exposure with her status in the balance?

    Who knows how far Gamu would’ve gone if she was on the snow

  26. TIMMI December 30, 2010

    You guys make her out to be a lot worse than she is. With the right guidance and training, and the right musical directions and decisions, Cher has a good shot at this.

    Ya’ll would have probably said Eminem would never have a chance at making it before he did.

    White folks like white rappers.

    And what an “ignant” comment to say everybody hates her in the UK. As a UK citizen I would like to confirm that statement is utter b*******. She wouldn’t have got so far in the competition if *everybody* hated her.

    I am happy to accept the fact that she knows what she is doing and is very directional, consequently splitting opinions and making people either like or dislike her, as is the case with every artist. A lot of my friends like her and a lot dislike her. I’m on the fence, but I see potential in her. To “hate” someone is a harsh word when you don’t even know them and I don’t think that there are much people who literally HATE her. If you really believe that you HATE her than you need to get a life.

    And besides, with haters and all, there are still enough people to like her in order for her to sell records and have some success. So stay hating it won’t help you better yourself.

  27. TIMMI December 30, 2010

    Nor will it take away her chance at success.

  28. TIMMI December 30, 2010


  29. queenbeyonce10 December 30, 2010

    This is seriously the most stupid b**** ever. I’m not really looking into her.

  30. Aryo December 30, 2010

    wow..so whats gonna happen to will??? will n cher have done a song 2gether!

  31. Wasst :) December 30, 2010

    I CANT STAND HER SO MUCH!!!… She cant NOT rap (she think she can). and it not all people in UK that like her… and she think that she is another Cherly Cole BUT younger.. Feel sorri for her cuz MOST people here (UK) will NOT buy her album.. only her family, friends and people that cant are tone def!!

  32. KIO December 30, 2010

    RENEE you lying your ass off!! The music already f***** in the US!! Why do we as Americans want to embrace more b******* singers!! I keep telling you lame ass people that real music about to make comeback! All this gimmick s*** is through!! 10 years of this s*** is enough!! Please leave her where she is, if she not famous over there, she most likely won’t famous here!!! After Teena Marie died, it is time to stop producing lame ass music!! Why is this acceptable, back in the day, if she would trying to come out with a weak ass album, she would have flopped so hard, now you 90’s kids accept anything!! When this woman can make you cry, when she can sing so good you forget where you are, or if she can have the number one album in the country with good music, not today’s standard, then come holla at me!!

  33. Ian December 30, 2010

    Everyone here in UK does NOT HATE cher Lloyd. I don’t like rap but there was something about her that was very appealling. and I must admit, I fancy her too.

  34. Traci Summers December 30, 2010


  35. ENNN ONE December 30, 2010

    Are you are journalist or a bitching blogger with nothing to do?? Because you seem just a tad bit more opinionated than I expected someone reporting the ‘news’ to be. Oh, wait- are we trying to follow in Perez’s shadow??? Why don’t you close down your site and intern with him???

    We talk about readers commenting negatively on people, but now the ones delivering the articles are going in hard as well. Shame.

  36. Barbie December 30, 2010

    I love Jay and I ve always trusted his judgement but this time I just can’t!!
    Is she gonna be famous? YES
    Is she telented: Hell No!!

  37. Sonia December 30, 2010

    I must say.. .. music has evolved so much over the past years.. but it has changed so much that there’s no more good music any more! there’s nothing that completely stands out ‘EPIC’ newcomers these days are okay but not epic or a class act? they have got the easy way to showcase their talents and to fame, whereas many other artists would have to struggle to get where they are now. I think the media have created a hype. Goodluck to Cher and her furture prospects. But must say nothing can still out do like the top legends like; MJ, Madonna, the Beetles and many more…

    She’s not a great role model I will ashamed of even thinking that youngsters would even look up to as a role model…

    Simon makes his money, Cheryl gets her fame…. they dont give much s*** about these singers…

  38. stutter ranking December 30, 2010

    good luck char all the best

  39. Nicole December 30, 2010

    @Tami NP its ok me 2 actually like her she needs more promotion not that big here in the US. Yeah she’s from America’s Got Talent show. her album is out in early 2011 she said on twitter

  40. GK December 30, 2010

    To be honest, not a lot of people like her in the UK, and I doubt the audience she is trying to appeal to in the US won’t like her either. I have been a follower of REAL music, for years and I can say, that the music industry for the last 10 yrs has produced the same crap over and over again, it’s bull.

    Jay Z has lost credibility for me because he has clearly put money over talent and substance, because Cher Lloyd is the pinnacle of mediocrity!! She can’t rap and her singing is not as good a standard to be signed, but hey money makes the world go round….but it’s also the root of all evil!!

    Hopefully her album will flop and she will fade into obscurity!!

  41. Rakib349 December 31, 2010

    Cher Don’t Listen To All haters out there! Just do your best! I know you have a qreat life ahead of you! We all love you Cher! Make Music! LOL

  42. gabs December 31, 2010

    Im in the US so I have no idea why so many of you hate her but after watching some youtube clips I actually really like her. I think with the right songs and promotion she can do very well. How about we just wait to see what happens and then b**** later? If I was her id rather be with Jay than Will.i.am. too haha

  43. Hop-Scotch December 31, 2010

    ERRRRRRR ………………………………………………………………………… (okay – I HAVE NO IDEA WHY)

    Well, to be perfectly honest, I live in the U.K (london to be exact) and throughout the whole of this past x-factor season, Cher Lloyd WAS the most UNLIKEABLE!!!!!!! But to be honest, music is music, the fact is if Cher is given the RIGHT material to sing and is HANDLED quite well in the music industry- SHE WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER!
    Most of these *BISHES* who complain about Cher will be the same ones flicking through YOUTUBE/VEVO and MTV on a friday night – aching to see the debut of her new single/album, thus, you would SUBCONCIOUSLY be giving her the views she needs to break and set records. DON’T YOU REALISE THAT???????

    There were always people in my college COMPLAINING about this chick – AND THEY WERE TOLD TOO STFU millions of times, because if you really did dislike her so thoroughly, there is no way in hell that you would be talking about her so much and accessing google 24hours a day JUST to write unnecessary comments

    Still, I hope she succeeds and does well! It would be nice to see more U.K urban artists epand there horizons!!! And DEAD@ those who want to DEMEAN her already!
    STFU and Get a life……. The day I see or hear you on a national television show/Promoting your song in an interview/discussing your album on the radio or actually MAKING MONEY – then your comment will be of use and validation!!! Opinions can be opinions if the LOGICAL, if not – RUN ALONG… OFF TO BED!!!!!!!

  44. Libra December 31, 2010

    @ HOP-SCOTCH…………………Although I DEFINETELY agree with you some levels, my point is…………………

    “WTF is it with Jay-Z & these Midgety-Assed Gimmick Ridden English girls?” – Including Will.I.Am – Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle etc…!

    All jokes aside..This a most likely a fabricated rumor (by Simons ppl) to escalate a bidding war &get Jay/Will to buy out her contract- So he can eventually offload what he thinks is a potentially bad/expensive investment… Hell, their even already settin up the imaginary label rivalry with a NINE yr old?!!

    Come on ppl… Open your eyes.. See thru the Spin.. See whats REAL!!!!!!!

    (BTW, I am British!!!)

  45. Yellow Gorillah December 31, 2010


    I HATE THIS B****



  46. The Myth December 31, 2010

    Al lot of the comments on here are frankly racist , sexist & ignorant. Cher will prove to be a very big success for a number of reasons.

    The article itself is no better referring to her talent as average at best. If it was average at best then she wouldn’t have got near the final four in X-Factor or be coveted by Will-I-Am or Jay-Z.

    As for the racist comment that the UK have had no good artists since the 60’s, I imagine aritsts/groups such as Oasis, Cold Play, Elton John and Robbie Williams may suggest that to be inaccurate!

  47. GK December 31, 2010


    What makes you think your opinion is any more valid than those who don’t like her???

    Clearly there is a difference of opinion and everyone’s is valid whether they like her or not!!! Secondly you don’t have to make money, or be on radio, or all the rest of that stuff, to have an opinion on something or someone you don’t like.

    People with REAL talent don’t need to be ‘handled’…..and given the right material (so basically someone else’s talent of song writing)….which is why she is not REAL talent! But you have your views!

    It’s been clear from day that the music industry no longer holds TALENT as the most important thing….it should be called the ‘marketing’ industry, because as long as you’re marketable…you’re guaranteed to be shoved down people’s throats until you’re no longer a viable money source!!

    Lets face she doesn’t have longevity…she won’t last long!!!

  48. KIO December 31, 2010

    No myth being racist is saying , this dirty cracka h** can’t sing a like, this euro trash b****!! That racist!! Really accept a few acts in the last ten years, how that f*** can you say that!! IN THE UK you got way worse music then we do, plus anybody that come out the UK now a days is a piece of s*** gimmick!!!

  49. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 31, 2010

    @Dunster I’m not saying gamu doesnt deserve a deal, im just saying that with all the press she got.. and there was postive.. she had so many people behind her.. the facebook group with 270,000 members…. and when her christmas song came out.. it reached 126 in the charts.

    Im just happy for cher, seeing as she seems hated by a lot of people, when she can sing, and rap.

  50. UGh December 31, 2010

    really??? ok i have no problem with the girl. that Keri hilson performance was her only good performance. now she gets signed by a major label? she can barely sing.

    * goes to make a youtube video, i need to get signed. something’s gotta give*

  51. Artur Boruc December 31, 2010

    KIO, you obviously are seeing things through the american-tinted spectacles. Isn’t the US the country that has produced one decent band (KoL) in the past god knows how many years? In the UK there’s Biffy Clyro, Muse, Kasabian and Snow Patrol just to name a few. Yanks these days!

  52. Naveed December 31, 2010

    Why the f*** is everyone so against her? I mean she is someone who is trying to do something to better her life and that should be a good thing. For some people it should more be like if you don’t support her then atleast stop chatting s*** about her and get a life 😀

  53. Lisurr December 31, 2010

    LOL, You’re calling her a b**** and rubbish, while you’re sitting at home laughing and mocking her shes out making her millions. Nice one.

  54. Vanessa December 31, 2010

    Not being rude, but if she’s not big here, why on earth would she be big there? Good luck to her and all, but I don’t see the USA being interested in a British white girl who can rap (and badly at that).

  55. DANCING-IN-THE-DARK December 31, 2010

    December 31, 2010 at 12:57 am

    What makes you think your opinion is any more valid than those who don’t like her???

    Clearly there is a difference of opinion and everyone’s is valid whether they like her or not!!! Secondly you don’t have to make money, or be on radio, or all the rest of that stuff, to have an opinion on something or someone you don’t like.

    People with REAL talent don’t need to be ‘handled’…..and given the right material (so basically someone else’s talent of song writing)….which is why she is not REAL talent! But you have your views!

    It’s been clear from day that the music industry no longer holds TALENT as the most important thing….it should be called the ‘marketing’ industry, because as long as you’re marketable…you’re guaranteed to be shoved down people’s throats until you’re no longer a viable money source!!

    Lets face she doesn’t have longevity…she won’t last long!!!
    Yes, I know the difference between fact and opinion- I wasn’t denouncing other people’s thoughts or motives, I was clearly stating the difference between logical and thought-provoked opinions!
    I do agree with you nonetheless – but what I said about people in my college were true: Nothings wrong with not liking someone, everybody is entitled to what they want to think or say, but when you want to ridicule somebody because they DO NOT appeal to you, that does not make it acceptable for evryone else!!!
    You cannot dislike someone, per say, but yet have the time to look them up on facebook or myspace and profess your disgrace for them by looking through their photo’s!!! What does that say? The same applies for youtube… If you don’t like Rihanna (for instance) why would you watch a video of hers, just to be biased and curse her out?

    And yes, the music industry may as well be called the ‘marketing industry’ in current times, but music is music-artists are artists- I am perfectly sure that they have a say on what music they want to promote and be a part of! Music has changed throughout the years, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t rebuttle ‘REAL TALENT’ like you said! And song-writing is on a completely different level – if they are not given the RIGHT material an HANDLED WELL, how on earth will they progress or know what they are doing? Whitney Houston has explicable talent, yet she had Clive Davis guide her for years and had him choose her music for her (as she states – rolling stone mag. interview 1993) as she was afraid – even 5 years after consecutive sucess!
    Still, I do see your point and understand what you’re saying! MaybeI should of been more subtle!

  56. Badd December 31, 2010

    they are obviously just putting anyone out there.
    because no offense but tbh she has no talent what so ever.
    & she’s not even like really great looking…i don’t get the hype..
    i don’t see her doing really well….other newbies are better than her.
    this has to be reason #45588559 the music industry is in the crapper.

  57. Badd December 31, 2010

    umm what millions are you talking about ?? lmaoo.

  58. # ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ December 31, 2010

    He better sign Keri Arrindell or Rebecca!

  59. Kyle December 31, 2010

    Shes going to the same place as Lady Sov = No Where! whats wrong Jay Z signing these talent less wannabe’s

  60. Wiliam December 31, 2010

    Why doesn’t anyone like cheer she’s a very talented women and I think she’ll go very far who ever sings her, I know I’ll be buying her album’s.

  61. lakstar December 31, 2010

    no freakin way! shes crap!

  62. Gilberto December 31, 2010

    Now Chery is Beyoncé’s 3rd maid.

  63. scorps December 31, 2010

    ok she aint the best singer out there pretty poor tbh
    and “rapping” do not even get me started
    shes a karaoke rapper she aint got her own flow and dosnt write her own lyrics (even tho she claimed she did in one of her auditions making her a liar aswell check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oa3Vq-stscE)

    very disliked in the uk hence the reason no one over here tried to sign her u cant sign an act that u no 70% of the national public dont like

    if she realeses a banger then well done to the girl but i will only give her 50% of the cred coz im sure shed have a ghost writer and her voice altered on the track

    if i like this banger that much i will nod my head and think sheesh well done….but i aint buying s*** to support this act as she dosnt deserve it

    1 she should never of got to the live finals as she didint sing in the last test at the judges house

    2 she was saved out of the bottom 2 on one occasion atleast where i thought she should of gone

    3 in her sing off she song a song she already new was the “Judges fav perfomance” taking a safe bet

    3 reason y she dont deserve just in case you ask y i think she dont deserve it

    but good luck to the girl

  64. Chris Brown December 31, 2010

    Why are people acting like they Know the girl spoiled attitude seriously i’ve met and spoken to her .people are beliving the papers and assuming that shes bad.papers and websites like this sends out messages about bullying but shes not even 18 yet and ur bullying her. Just cause you have no talent and ur kids dont either.

  65. xftr001 December 31, 2010

    Jay-Z will be able to correct her notorious spoiled attitude… u people even know her to talk about her attitude? or maybe you just her your facts from other sensationalist tabloid.. shes great.. and to al the haters… lets see if Jay-z sign you.. cuase i debt it.. u go cher!!

  66. jacob December 31, 2010

    She’s brilliant, we just live in a society where success isn’t applauded. Its mad, too many jealous people on her back, its a joke. She has talent jay will get her working with so many people, she”ll be massive .

  67. iLoveXtina December 31, 2010


  68. chelseaU.K December 31, 2010

    im shamed of the uk public the girl is jus a teenager who has went thru alot more than most 17 year girls thats y she ACTS tough and like know 1 can hurt . She has talent she was 4th in the xfactor so dnt know wat u talkin about. I hope she gets far in the US wil love her she modern and got her own style. Shame the uk cudnt see her talent. Give her a chance dnt judge on what jelous ppl say

  69. vegasgirl December 31, 2010

    Jay Z is a character, he saw her garnering attention so he decided he wanted to ride that and hopefully use that to help with her popularity. Jay seems to have quite a few artists signed to his label and his managment part but they don’t seem to be doing much. He runs to sign Willow Smith knowing she was going to get attention because she is Will Smith’s daughter. I’m not saying he isn’t smart but he is not a visionary like some like to think he is. Most Americans maybe only saw Cher’s first performance so that first impression plus Jay’s co- sign will be helpful to her.

    Everyone gives Jay much to much credit for creating and signing stars. He barely even wanted to sign Kanye as an artist, Damon Dash had to convince him. He signed Rihanna but didn’t cosign on her until “Umbrella” on her 3rd album. He first supported Tierra Mari as his flagship artist, not Rihanna. Rihanna got some wind under her wings and he’s been riding that s*** ever since.

    I think Jay is talented but he is an opportunist and a leach ( like others would say with Diddy) he has just been slicker than Diddy. He will continue to latch on to newer talent to maintain a certain level of relevancy, he wants to be seen as some kind of music god.

  70. The Myth December 31, 2010

    Kio you are whats known as a Bad Amercan. Your points are ill thought out and hold no water. The UK have produced world class acts over the last 50 years. That isn’t an opinion it’s a fact.

    Scorps, whilst you can at least make a reasoned argumaent unlike Kio, I don’t agree with you.

    1. Cheryl Cole took Cher’s bad throat into account. She knew what Cher was capable of and it was for more that Gamu.

    2. The judges and myself agreed that Cher was better than Paige. Remember that it was the only occasion Cher was in the bottom two until the final five. The statistics released after the series ended showed that Cher was consistently in the top 5.

    3. Singing a song that she knew the judges liked was smart on her part!

    I honestly belive she will become a big star and I will be very proud when she does. Our press should support English pop stars and sportspeople rather than slag them off wherever possible.

  71. mindgames December 31, 2010


    CAN WE NOT?! :/

  72. jimmy s December 31, 2010

    Isn’t it ironic how so many people are commenting on this page, saying “she will never make it”. The fact that there have been so many posts about this article shows the media impact she has had already.

    Selling records isn’t about how many hate you, it’s about how many people want to buy the records.

    At the end of the day, she is a 17 year old girl. She will grow up and change. Just remember there was a time when Miss Cole was a racist drunk s*** from Newcastle. In the reverse, Britney was the sweetest, most pure girl in the world – Images can be repaired or broken…

    Bye now.

  73. chelseaU.K December 31, 2010

    @jimmy cherly cole maried a black man hardly racist lol but apart frm that i agree↲↲ cher wil be a star wer al talkin abot her

  74. Dummy Dum Dums December 31, 2010

    1. I don’t like Cher Lloyd.

    2. The “youtube expose” that “outed” Cher as fake is in itself, fake. She said she started writing her own raps/lyrics, but she actually stated on the show before the Just Be Good To Me performance that she would be performing the Professor Green version, which she did. So to splice two separate clips and “expose” her says more about the public that a bit of “clever editing” from a hater can become “indisputable evidence”. We all know the Coldplay/Swizz Beatz bit was more a naive attempt by her to bring something a little more to the table, but people seem to forget she’s just a kid. I even believe it was also stated that she WOULD NOT be performing her own lyrics. Hate campaign + clever editing. You seem to forget she’s a 17 yr old girl, was probably even 16 when she started on that dreadful karaoke show. Which reminds me, notice how all the acts on there cover songs? WTF was she doing? Oh yeah, covering songs, the same as every one else.

    3. I don’t care for her snarling face, or her pseudo ghetto chav attitude. Because she’s from here…


    A sleepy small town.

    4. But by the same token the witch-hunt against her was and still is ridiculous.

    5. Good music is made harder and harder to find (or rather – harder for the “sheep” to find) due to the way this once important culture has been abused by the media outlets, (ITV, MTV – they used to show a wide RANGE OF MUSIC you know – not just back to back to back reality TV shows and perhaps the odd video – from some “media darling” -, the major record companies these days are nothing short of laughable.

    6. It’s sad that I came across this site to read this. It seems to mirror the state of “popular music” of the age – it contains little substance, it’s cheap, throwaway.

  75. who? December 31, 2010

    She was a rubbish singer and her rapping skills were weak and the only reason she got through was because she was right up Cheryl’s street. And oh yeah, it’s already been proven that Simon and Company fixed the show to keep her in as long as they did. No one will take her seriously as a rapper except for wannabes who think she’s real. Jay is stupid because he believed the hype and the reality is that she is widely loathed for being a nasty chav with a bad attitude.

  76. chelseaU.K December 31, 2010

    @who oah i didnt know you knew her u probly just belive what u read (idiot) how can you say things about someone you dont know. And not everybody hates her so please dont speak for every1 id rather u didnt. Jayz is takeing her serious but i supose you think he is dosnt have any talent haha

  77. nicholas December 31, 2010

    WHat a bunch of haters you lot are – rememeber it is a 17 year old girl you lot are bullying!

    When she is big and famous (which she will be), I hope you choke on your tea. Get a life, and put some love in it you twisted, jealous, malicous haters . . . . .

  78. bran_35 December 31, 2010

    wtf is goin on wit jay z? first he signed will smith’s daughter, let’s be honest, who sounds like a more annoying chipmunk in her song. Now he signed Cher who isn’t even fully liked in her home country.

  79. AMORA December 31, 2010

    OH Jesus…another Lady Sovereign but with karaoke skills…great….another child instead of something with more substance and depth. Jay…I’m dissappointed we really thought u could spot true talent not a manufactured marketing ploy or respect at all for the fine females already doin it well in the game. Children? Children…so sad what we do to the youth. It’s ez to get them to do whatever the industry wants. I’m sorry but this is no good at all.

  80. H7 December 31, 2010

    well… according to big labels fighting over her. Evidently haters’ taste in music is irrelevant.

    Here is my opinion. I guess haters are are just those who were caught in the manipulation tactics of the gutter press.

    The tabloids were evidently (we’re talking facts here from reading a lot of the news during this years’ xfactor) raving about Harry Styles cuteness & Matt & trying to take down Cher at any possible opportunity with lies.

    They were caught lying several times & were called for it in a piece written by unreality.tv on how they instigated an unwarranted & filled with lies hate campaign against this poor 17 yr old girl.

    The hate campaign reached to ridiculous levels when the press turned people into watchdogs policing, monitoring and psycho analyzing every little body language this poor little 17 yr old girl does & twist it against her.

    They confused the poor girl, if she cries, she’s a drama queen, if she laughs, she’s arrogant.

    honest to god, I’ve read someone pointing out the exact moment in a video clip where Cher moved her upper lip in a way that offended that person.

    the press turned many (to this date including people posting here) accomplices in harming an innocent defenseless 17 yr old girl with their hate campaign.

    i hope she triumphs over this.

    as for haters; plz go listen to your Matt’s single & leave this girl alone.

  81. jolanda December 31, 2010

    A few points to make

    1) She’s a bad role model she drinks she smokes she sleeps around and she is a bully
    ( I know the girl so don’t question me )

    2)Her talent is average she is another lady sovereign who can’t rap

    3)If she was as popular as the x factor would have you believe why didn’t simon sign her he has first option on her because it was in her contract for the x factor ?
    The show was fixed to get cher far it was a gamble they took that didn’t pay of because the uk dislike her

    4)The reason the UK dislike her is because of her attitude. Rudeness and bad manners. All things that if she changes she might have a chance. Of success

  82. jolanda December 31, 2010

    H7 hahahahahaha u make me laugh u fell into the trap of thinking she was a sweet girl I worked at fountain studios during the x factor and believe me that girl was a monster even cheryl seen it for herself when she squared up to a camera women in rehearsal the week she was in the bottom 2 for the first time she came out in a pair of white socks which I seen her with my own to eyes dragged of a stylists feet in one of her outbursts. All I can say is there is never smoke without fire………………… Oh and we wernt allowed to go an film in her secondary school because she was expelled for happy slapping hence the reason she was the only person in x factor history who had to perform for toddlers in her primary school on her homecoming so please look at the facts before u defend a person an look stupid

  83. GK December 31, 2010

    I think a LOT of people are confused when it comes to talking about Cher and how much attention she gets!!!!!

    Just because you’re talked about loads by the public, doesn’t mean you’re well received!!!

    I mean look at Gary Glitter, he was constantly talked about and he’s a paedophile!!! (Yes that’s an extreme, but it illustrate’s my point)

    In the US, Chris Brown is constantly talked about and he beat up Rihanna!!!

    It’s all about CONTEXT, and to be honest for every 1 Cher supporter on here I see about 4 who can’t stand her so a 4:1 ratio, doesn’t look good!!!

  84. Sarah garna December 31, 2010

    In ref to KIO – i think its the americans that are famous for auto tuning and rubbish artists. Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, Beatles, Shirley Bassy, Rod Stewart, Amy Winehouse and dozens more are from the UK and can REALLY SING unlike lame Britney, Keri, etc etc. The British can sing its the americans that all for daft image over music

  85. Mr. Banks December 31, 2010

    Im so happy Jay signed this girl. When I first saw here I knew she had that “it” factor…..Wait in see….everybody said the same thing about Nicki, Miguel ..etc I believe in her and I know she is going to be extremely successful….. Im really thrilled by this one!

  86. Mr. Banks December 31, 2010

    Who compares Keri Hilson to Susan Boyle? WTF lol…My God if you think you know more about music than Jay…….I just…………………….________________________________

  87. S December 31, 2010

    I say good luck Cher!!!! She is NOT that bad…. come people. With the right label behind her and the right songs she will be HUGE

  88. Irina December 31, 2010

    She should’ve stuck with Will.I.Am; he’s such a bad singer he actually makes her look good lol

    Anyway, I think this is a crime against music: other a lot more talented girls knock on doors for years, and a half-talented, bad rapper girl gets a record deal, because a chav saw herself in another chav. Bleah! Only chavs will buy her music, unfortunately we all know it’s loads of them (why’d you think Cheryl Cole sells so much?)

  89. Kim December 31, 2010

    All this fuss over someone who is so talentless. Just because shes signed to a big record label means nothing. Look at Lady Sovereign in my opinion she is way better than Cher and was signed to Jay-z’s label and has gone nowhere and its likely to happen to her. The only reason why people are so interested in her is because shes a white girl “rapping” and you dont really see white girls doing the stuff she does, if it was a black girl people wouldnt really make a big fuss out of it. She cant even rap anyway, anyone can do the stuff she does, she tries to have this ghetto/bad girl attitude but it doesnt suit her and she looks a bit silly. The Americans can have her and take Cheryl with her.

  90. Sh-Boom December 31, 2010

    Some comments:
    1. People on here who use personal slurs against Lloyd prove they a) are incapable of a proper argument and b) have a propensity for swallowing whole whatever the media feeds them. Ignore completely. No substance in such claims and irrelevant.
    2. Saying ‘everyone in UK hates her’ is a huge lie. I have followed her since audition one and am delighted at her success. Millions voted for her, myself included. I find at the core of the abuse is hatred of working class people, hatred of Romany people and a failure to engage with modern music. Being personal about her appearance is also a losing point. Singers don’t have to fit an aesthetic criteria, sorry to break it to you!
    3. EXCELLENT news that Jay-Z signed her. He’s a musical empire and he knows best to market her.
    4. I’ve seen her live: energetic, full of charisma, great singer/dancer and PERFORMS. Sorry she doesn’t tap on the mic and stand still, singing to the floor
    Congratulations, Cher. Deserved!

  91. LW December 31, 2010


    Maybe at the core of the abuse is the fact that she is NOT as talented as people make her out to be…..and personally I think her being white, and having this persona is a lot to do with it. I’m not saying that white girls can’t rap or be into it, but the fact that she is white makes is easier for people to accept her and accept her brand of ‘hip hop’, she is not original in fact far from it, because before her there was Lady Sovereign (not that she was that good either)

    Also have you not heard of Jessie J who already has a record deal in the US as a singer/songwriter and to be fair she has A LOT of talent look her up on Youtube (not do it like a dude, but her actual singing), and she’s not doing as well as people might think, and even in the UK, there are so many underground MCs that are females and white for example…One of the girls from Ruff Diamondz and Envy. THEY HAVE TALENT….Cher doesn’t even come close, they would demolish her in a battle!!!

    Having a big record label behind you doesn’t always equal success. If you look up those 3 people I have mentioned and think honestly that Cher is better than them, then fine but I would advise you get a CLUE!!!!

  92. Irina December 31, 2010

    It’s on people like Sh-Boom that the X Factor was counting on to manipulate their opinions
    And on people like those that are saying “if she’s such a bad singer, how come she made it to the live shows?!?” lol what a joke, real singers were left out to fix the show for these karaoke singers, they’ve fixed the themes so it would fit the karaoke singers, scraped Big Band Week, coz then we would see they can’t hold a tune without pitch correction and are hopeless using mic techniques… and you still think Cher and the likes of her on that show are any good?!?!
    Like someone said above me, get a clue :p

  93. Sh-Boom December 31, 2010

    I have Jessie-J on my Favourites list and am aware of people in musical undergrounds fighting for exposure. You can’t fire crap at Cher simply for going on primetime TV whilst Jessie-J et al didn’t and consequently continues to struggle in the mires of anonymity.

    You finding her untalented doesn’t make it a fact. I rate her. Learn to deal with people whose opinions differ to your own.

    I have no interest in your hypothetical ‘Who’d squash who?’ musical battles, either. Fleetwood Mac would trounce the Arctic Monkeys for musicianship, output and musicality, in my opinion, yet I have both on my iPod. Do the Math.

    And please, don’t ignore what is at the centre of anti Lloyd vitriol: you and I both know the media manipulated the entire affair.

  94. LW December 31, 2010

    It’s not the fact that she went on TV that’s the problem, it’s the fact that she isn’t as talented as other people who have done or those underground people who are trying to make it. Not everyone has the chance to a I actually rate people who manage to use TV as a way of making it….Leona Lewis exhausted every other way of making it and then did X factor and she is one of the most talented things to come out of the show!!!

    ‘i Rate her’, it’s fine if you do but you can’t honestly say that she is as talented as people say, she’s definitely not better that Jessie J (someone who is in the same genre, that Cher is trying to appeal to) and if you think she is then you should delete all her music from your favourite because it’s an insult to her.

    I was using an example of people who are better than Cher, and who are doing what she is trying to do AND DOING IT BETTER! I have no problem with people who have different opinions to mine, what a stupid remark to make, I just put my point across to show why in my opionion Cher doesn’t deserve a record contract …because she is not as talented as you are making her out to be.

    Actually, working in media means I know exactly what the media is like I’m not that naive….I watched Cher’s first performance and wasn’t impressed then and I’m not impressed now, the only performance she did that I could say was ok was when she did ‘Stay’, but even then the performance wasn’t perfect.

    And you rating her….doesn’t make it a fact either!!!

  95. Sh-Boom December 31, 2010

    ‘I work in media, which invalidates the offerings of anyone who isn’t.’
    Comically and monolithically arrogant.

  96. jessie elacion December 31, 2010

    i’m a bit confused. a few days ago i’ve seen cher on syco’s official site as their current singer( along with one direction and rebecca ferguson) but now they are nowhere there. then search her on roc nation. she’s not there but when i looked at her on will i am’s she is on his list……what’s this all about?

  97. LW December 31, 2010

    No it doesn’t, it just means that I understand, how the media works!!!

    A point may I add that you brought up!!! Where anywhere did I say ‘I work in media…so I know everything and you don’t’????

    Seriously I’m far from arrogant, you’re the one who resorted to attacking me personally, so I’m guessing I hit a nerve!!! LOL!!

  98. GK December 31, 2010

    LOL @ SH-BOOM!!!

    Why have you tried to sound smarter than you are, by using ‘monolithically’……because from what I have read LW, doesn’t sound like someone who is rigid and doesn’t have variation in things!!!

    He/She has a valid point! One that you seem to have overlooked (which from your previous arguments is a tad hypocritical)!

    You like her, other people don’t, but don’t go off on people who don’t!

  99. jessie elacion December 31, 2010

    anyway…… as nicki minaj stated on her interview about her being a performer and not a rapper, music industry is in fact a business (to earn money)…… who cares of real music nowadays….. as long as public is buying your records and being entertained is what counts most……

  100. GK December 31, 2010


    Yeah I agree with you, it sucks that money and not talent is the main thing, me personally because of how the music industry is today, I don’t buy music, because I refuse to line the pockets of fat cat executives and ‘artists’ who bring out s*** music just to make money and not have any integrity when they do it.

  101. Sh-Boom December 31, 2010

    How is using words of more than one syllable proof of ANYTHING? I celebrate loquacity rather than finding it intellectually threatening. I’m not feigning intelligence since my arguments are balanced and lacking in invective and rhetoric. Odd how people find possessing a wide vocabulary equates to ‘sounding smarter than you are.’ Been thrice to Uni and work in education. Hardly unfounded to describe myself as ‘learned’.
    Plus, I think you’ll find yours and my job an irrelevance. I described the argument you posited on her ‘lack of talent’ (being rooted in your knowledge acquired in the field of media) as arrogant. Your occupation does not render my opinion null and void, nor should I have to ‘delete people’ from my iPod because of a clash of tastes.
    You can’t have ‘hit a nerve’ for 2 reasons: 1. I criticised your ARGUMENT, not you personally. 2. I said it was ‘comical’. I find your warped logic too humorous to be classified as anything but puerile.
    (No need for a ‘LOL’ here, either. It looks juvenile and dumb)

  102. jessie elacion December 31, 2010

    to be honest i’m a fan of cher as an entertainer not as a singer( but who knows after years of constant singing and practice she’ll be great……she’s young and a lot more to improve) it’s all about how she will handle herself and sell herself as a popstar to be successful…..as of now she is doing it right, getting herself to being talked about, googled a lot and most especially having haters a lot…..that’s how you really measured success….

  103. ana December 31, 2010




  104. say WRD! December 31, 2010


  105. LW December 31, 2010

    So because you have been to university ‘thrice’ and work in education, it means that your opinion is more valid?. Working in media means that I understand how newspaper and television can manipulate how someone is portrayed, to the viewing public.

    My opinion on Cher has nothing to do with me working in media, my opinion is based on the fact that I watched the X factor and didn’t like her, nor do I think she is as talented as you are making her out to be.

    Secondly I didn’t say anything about your use of vocabulary, in fact I find it refreshing to have a debate with some one who knows how to form proper sentences.

    I do however find it quite amusing that you think because your arguments are ‘balanced and lacking in invective and rhetoric’ that it makes them any more valid than mine or anybody else who has posted on here. Your occupation in the education shouldn’t render my opinion null and void either…and I merely stated the ‘ipod’ comment because I find it inconceivable that you seem to have good taste in music in some instances (merely commenting on this from some of the people who you have mentioned, who are on your ipod), yet seem to think Cher is also a great talent- it’s just odd!

    I find the way you have argued your point quite aggressive in that you seem to think by using certain words I won’t understand that you actually think I’m stupid and threatened; of which I can assure you I am neither. (I am now laughing out loud- is that less juvenile and dumb for you?)

  106. scorps December 31, 2010

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion the same way some people are saying they like her and they think the media is making up stories (we will never no the truth unless we know her personally or were there at the time) so the same way your saying don’t believe everything in the papers… don’t disbelieve everything in the papers

    to be fair i just don’t like the girl…i aint got hatred against her i just find her irritating and dislike her its just a vibe i get everyone must get that vibe when ur like i dont like that person LOL BUT most of the world find JB to be irritating and he’s a hit and doing something right coz hes winning me over haha.

    the majority of the people that dont vote dont like cher (i no i never) i believe im making this based on the judgement that 16 – 30 dont really vote and more girls vote then boys so i think its safe to say that at least 60% of the uk dont like her

    and before anyone questions y i didnt vote simply coz im not that big of a fan of xfactor and im not moaning that she got so far in the comp

  107. lee n December 31, 2010

    shes amazing and all the haters should shut there mouths

  108. amanda December 31, 2010

    this is disgusting
    its a wonder how she got to the semi finals and still got signed by jay-z even with her childish antics.
    all the people saying she’s amazing … think about what you’re looking at and what you’re listening to and compare it to the other talent out there that actually make it (or have a really good chance) to the top.
    no offence to her friends and family and fans, but the only way this girl makes it big is if jay-z makes ALOT of changes to her image and really works with her vocally .. otherwise… shes just gonna be another flop

  109. I SAY WHAT YOU THINK December 31, 2010

    This is madness!
    Jay has really fell off of lately, is he getting senile in his old age? Lmao
    Jay Z has no idea about english people and what they represent… If he knew Cher’s background and where she was raised I doubt he would have sign her LOL
    He probably thinks shes from London smh
    It’s a shame really, because Jay should be helping his ‘own’…I dont mean to sound racist when I say that, But there is soo many black TALENTED people in London that have been trying to make it for ages and they dont get anywhere. The only place they get is a slot on channel AKA…(hardly success is it). This again is proof of how black relations between America and the UK is a mess, our race is divided… its a damn shame.

    Why didn’t he sign Rebecca? … MY POINT EXACTLY

    Saying that, I dont think Cher Lloyd will do good, she might have one HIT record and thats it. I also wonder how labelmate RITA ORA feels about this, considering she is signed to Rocnation to? I mean as from now she was the only UK solo female act headlining the Roc now she has to share that status with Cher Lloyd, which I doubt she is happy about!

    Only TIME will tell, either Jay made a BIG MISTAKE with this one!

  110. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! December 31, 2010

    Maybe Jay z signed her because shes white and therefore has a better chance of making him more money, i doubt very much, that he actually cares about giving “his own” as you put it… a helping hand.. if it’s gonna mean less money for him.

  111. chelseaU.K January 4, 2011

    @ no1 fan . Thats was so racsit .being black or white dosnt determate how much money a person makes its how good the music is. This hole discus has got sick like .i reli dnt get it .if you dnt like cher dnt come on sites that are talkin bot her simple

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