Snippet: Aubrey O’Day – ‘Ego Trip (ft. Aundrea Fimbres of Danity Kane)’

Published: Thursday 30th Dec 2010 by Sam

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Pop starlet Aubrey O’Day re-teams with former Danity Kane band-member, Aundrea Fimbres, on ‘Ego Trip’ – a new cut to be lifted from her forthcoming new LP (due next year). Produced by Adonis, the cut is delicious slice of Retro-Funk, with Pop sensibilities.

Take a listen to a lengthy snippet after the jump…

While I’ll reserve full judgement until hearing the track in its entirety, the Danity Kane staples certainly look to be on to a winner with this. I like.

Randomness: No matter how hard I try, yours truly cannot but feel someway about the demise of Danity Kane (kudos Diddy, and the ladies silly bickering). So much potential, and yet two years down the line, none have yet to make a serious mark on a solo tip. Sigh.

Here’s wishing Ms. O’Day luck on her quest to make  dent on the charts.

Your thoughts?

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  1. carl December 30, 2010


  2. Nic December 30, 2010

    I love this track. I really wish the girls could’ve worked it out, I admit I took them for granted when they were here, but listening to this track reminds me how much I miss them.

  3. Spunkypoop December 30, 2010


  4. AubreyODaysArmy December 30, 2010

    There’s No Question in my Mind that she can’t make it on her own! Wait til people here the full thing!

  5. Chris December 30, 2010

    <3 <3 < 3 DK4EVER

  6. Serena Williams December 30, 2010

    F*** Dawn. The rest need to get back together soonish.

  7. Chy!! December 30, 2010

    Interesting song but check out Aubreys new twitter icon and see what look she’s going for as a solo artist.

    I have very little doubt that Aubrey will become a pop sensation (just like Kim K will do in 2011 O_o) because we live in a world were people buy into a look or an image before they ask about quality. In the current climate you need people to wanna look like you, be like you, sleep with you or want you to be their messy attention getting friend. If you’ve got that they’ll buy whatever your selling.

    S** SELLS and Aubrey will sell that by the bucketload then she’ll switch it up and be the gay icon, charity loving, intellectual, that defied the odds and stood up for herself. She’s a smart girl and she knows what it takes to sell herself just enough to keep people interested.

  8. Chy!! December 30, 2010

    How about wishing the other girl on the track luck tooo??? What about the other 3 girls wish them all luck because they’re all trying to make it as soloists.

    Dawn, Shannon, Aundrea, Aubrey and Dwoods all deserve support because they’re talented girls and they work their asses off during and after Danity Kane.

  9. G.LaSalle December 30, 2010

    Sorry, but it sounds wack. Maybe my opinion will change after hearing the song in its entirety.

  10. jay December 30, 2010

    this is sounding good to me, and i love that automatic song, i hope she makes it as a solo artist, shes so dam hot!!!

  11. imo December 30, 2010

    it’s not my cup of tea, but the dk fans would love this. Trent you are exactly right, I remember Dawn or Aubrey had an interview with someone right after the group split and the interviewer was telling them they need to squash their beefs amongst themselves, because 5 years down the line, they may all wish they would have stuck it out. Wait, is was Dawn, she was very cocky in that interview because she knew she was already apart of DM. Now look, DM flopped, diddy’s lowest ranking, and DK sold more on both albums. D. woods, chile no one downloaded that free mixtape. Don’t know where shannon went, this song is the first I’m hearing from Aundrea. Aubrey has a way of maintaining the lil spotlight she was given, but she could’ve been bigger. Dawn, at first it seem you had the last laugh, but you are still no bigger start than the rest of them. But anyway, as a female I know it can be hard hanging with one other female let alone 4 lol.

  12. imo December 30, 2010

    I meant bigger star than the other girls

  13. LTM December 30, 2010

    not even dr. luke could give her a career. she should do what dawn did, get in another group. Dirty Money is doing well right now

  14. LTM December 30, 2010

    @IMO dirty money is not floping. considering that people had predicted sales from 40,000 to 50,000, their doing pretty good

  15. Meme December 31, 2010

    This so sounds like a DK song, at :42- :44 the turn your ego down part, it sounds like that could be Dawn’s part…. man, Im losing it. It’s like Drea & Aubs are referencing the track for DK, I miss the girls!! Anyways the songs sounds alright, cant wait to hear the finished version.

  16. imo December 31, 2010

    you know damn well diddy bought half them albums lol. how was everyone else prediction almost right on the money, but DM so called “skyrocketed”. what were dm for the second week?

  17. imo December 31, 2010

    sales for the second week

  18. MichelleWFan December 31, 2010

    For me she already won , with that breast she can make me buy everything she wants HaHAHA

  19. RLS December 31, 2010

    Danity Kane could’ve been freaking MASSIVE. Instead, they were destroyed by Diddy’s ego and his reality TV branding BS.

    Still pisses me off that they’re gone.

  20. Misty December 31, 2010

    Aubrey isnt even recognizable and is CLEARLY not the same chick Diddy signed. And Diddy is an a$$ for even ruining the best thing he had ever accomplished. Now everyone is where they put themselves because if egos were checked and beefs were squashed, they would still be making history today. I dont know if I can support them all outside the group. Hey, I love Dawn but I did NOT support that Diddy-Dirty Money movement…JMHO!

    I just think they need to learn humility and then come back together, get away from Diddy and try again. Aubrey needs to not act like she’s the ish and stop looking different every time I see her. And the other girls need to be working to stay relevant, instead of falling into irrelevancy as they have. Where’s Shannon today?

  21. Mike December 31, 2010

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum Dawn had every right to be cocky if she ever was….them other b****** f***** it up.

    I mean lets not forget that it was Dawn and Aundrea who went back when Diddy invited them all back. Lets not forget it was Dawn who was trying to call the others and none answered.

    So let Dawn enjoy her little success cause whether or not diddys lil group is selling s***….they be travelling the world and seeing s*** and performing at places she never did with danity kane.

  22. Royalkev December 31, 2010

    I miss Dk and I would love for them to give it another shot without Diddy overlooking their music. I did prefer Dawn and Aubrey over all the other girls. Those 2 had the most star quality in DK. I thought Shannon was hot and Aubrey was the ” singer” in the group. It was tragic that Diddy’s ego ruined the opportunity for him to be the proud father of the talented quintuplets. I don’t understand the point of him “making a band” to abandon them a year or two later. He only wants to invest in himself anyway – and he’ll have to buy a lot more records in order for DM to go gold!

  23. Jeremy Danté December 31, 2010

    i am so excited about this. i hope aubrey works super hard to come back as a solo act.

  24. rob December 31, 2010

    this is so f****** DK *cries* , the verses aubs n drea killed , the adlibs were so dawn n dwoods , n shannon would be leading the harmony on the chorus , i hate diddy

  25. MC_BFLY December 31, 2010

    yes!!!! i love aubrey and drea!!! damn this makes me really miss DANITY KANE!!! this cut is hot!!!

  26. Trey0218 December 31, 2010

    Am i the only one that thinks this is a Danity Kane song already cause I SWEAR I hear all their voices in the song. I could be tripping but it does sound like they all singing

  27. Payasa104 December 31, 2010

    #sucks! aubrey o day is a joke she can’t sing. she’ll FLOP.

  28. MuzikJunkie! December 31, 2010

    This was really good! If Aubrey keep making songs like this she might actually have a chance at being a solo artist! And this song really does make me miss DK! OMG they just need to get back together because they are better together than they are apart!

  29. bijan December 31, 2010

    i love dk but this kind of sucks. it sounds it should have been one of the minor songs on their first album

  30. anthony freeman January 1, 2011

    im liking this it has a danity kane vibe 2 it..danity kane should get 2gether again and make an album and go 2 another record label than bad boy

  31. Alana January 13, 2011

    We missed you Aubs and Drea! It sounds like all the other DK chicks are on it, but if you remember when they were recoridng hteir 2nd album Diddy made comments about not being able to tell the voices apart, i.e. thinking Aubrey was Drea or Shannon was Aubs. Aubrey did havea good voice, hopefully this will allow her the opportunity to prove it. And though I loved Dawn’s voice, dancing and thought she was gorgeous, what she did to the other’s was shady. It really lends cred to what Aubrey had said about a solo deal-as thatt’s what Diddy said he was signing her to, before DM came about. And that’s a big rumor to magically come up with out of thin air, particularly when if she was wrong she would have looked like a jealous, petty bandmate. In DM, she and Karina don’t shine-not because they’re not great-but because Diddy has other guests on the tracks and both of them get lost. She’s a great songwriter, but she isn’t given musical freedom with DM. And yes, Aubrey did change, but if you remeber in interviews the other 4 girls said they were broke and/or still living with their parents-not by choice, but because they didn’t earn much money because they had no hand in songwriting on the first album and publishing is where the money is. It’s sad they could sell millions and still have no money. Aubrey got the “game” of PR and getting press, and she’s smart and did what it took to put DK out there and also have herself recognized since Diddy has a horrible track record with artists and developing long-term careers.

  32. Alana January 13, 2011

    Oh, and doesn’t the fact that Aundrea is now working and friendly with Aubrey make you question things a bit, since they weren’t even speaking last we heard? Aundrea was on Dawn’s side and now has gone bck with Aubrey-who doesn’t have a record deal. This again leads credence to the “Dawn/solo/underhanded business” that was brought up.

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