R. Kelly & The Roots Perform On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

Published: Wednesday 8th Dec 2010 by Trent

R. Kelly returned to ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ to give his fans a 2nd helping of his famous voice. The King of R&B performed his classic ‘Ignition (Remix)’ and ‘Step In The Name Of Love’ alongside The Roots, displaying his versatility as both a singer and artist (Trey Songz please take note).

All the action is available below:


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  1. yrgdf December 8, 2010

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  2. TC;D December 8, 2010



  3. CARLITOS December 8, 2010

    Kellz-The King of R&B!!!

  4. Amras December 8, 2010

    And here you go again Trent. You’re a douchebag!

  5. Keepin it 100 December 8, 2010

    R Kelly killed it! I wonder y he didn’t sing “When A Woman Loves A Man” song? I luv tht song! I have to hear that song atleast 3 times a day!

  6. THEiVY December 8, 2010

    why trey gotta take notes? im sorry i grew up off r kelly, but i know there is a distinct difference between him and trey. in my opinion, trey has better vocal range and his music
    is very reminscent of a mixture of jodeci, guy, and ginuwine! all of this shade ! when a woman loves seriously ! r kelly was screaming on that song like he had hemrods ! trey is more melodic ! kellz can write and produce, but im sorry trey has a better voice . r kelly is doing this ray charles bit looking like jamie foxx ost twin brother with his spray on hariline ! some people just d*** ride for just because someone is uber famous

  7. Alexander December 8, 2010

    Thievy your a joke!

    R Kelly has better vocal range than Trey any day okay! Trey is not in this topic it’s about Mr. Kelly who was nominated for Grammy’s and not your boy Trey for songs that was needed to be heard other than taking off my shirt screaming like a goat, also swagger jacking somebody sound!

    Trey was not nominated and he is pissed, on the other hand R Kelly showed us why he is the true king of R&B today!

  8. THEiVY December 8, 2010

    @ alexander i rendered my personal opinion #oh u mad ! i never said r kelly was crappy singer and doesnt deserve his accolades, but personally i dont like the ray charles bit is contrived and a gimmick * flips hair* mind your business.

  9. THEiVY December 8, 2010

    @ alexander didnt r kelly used take off his shirt and grind on the floor on stage
    i specifically remember that , dont act like r kelly is a refined gentlemen okay.

  10. Alexander December 8, 2010

    Theivy your so upset that Trey has no grammy mention! Baa!
    Goat Songz is done

    R Kelly has made history with an album to not be certified ” Untitled” and get selected for a grammy nod! PPP no mention! Ready album no mention!
    When a womans love mentioned above for Grammy! Case closed

  11. OKAYY December 8, 2010

    @Theivy Trey should have never dissed Kellz and try to imitate him. He will always be compared to Kellz and would NEVER top him. point blank. It’s something Kellz brought it on himself.

  12. THEiVY December 8, 2010

    im not mad at all im just blogging my opinions . im going to waste my time arguing
    with a person who was probably born after 1989 !

  13. Heaven December 8, 2010

    Kelly: Songz, What U Doing?

    Songz: Bullshittin’!

  14. Ch… December 8, 2010

    @Theivy – B****, you’re so dumb. That billy goat sounding fool could NEVER come for Kellz vocally. You’ve gotta to be smoking that good s***.

    R. Kelly’s first note in “When a Woman Loves” >>>>> Goat Songz yodels

  15. Ch… December 8, 2010

    Nor could that untalented trash come for Kellz musically as a singer, producer, writer and performer.

    I’m not here for bird chest fools that need to take off their shirts to WOW a crowd. Girl bye!
    R. Kelly would never!

    I Believe I Can Fly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Goat Songz life.

  16. Alexander December 8, 2010

    Theivy you should have not commented on this blog! This is in support of R Kelly.

    R Kelly murdered the song and his voice is the best out there today! Thank God he went old school paying homage to the legends who made it possible for him to sing! Unlike Goat Songz he needs to diss people to promote an album and guess what it flopped hard! That is why the Grammy’s was turned off on a copy cat herder of a Goat

  17. Bitchplease December 8, 2010

    I’ve watched so many performances on Late Night Shows like this and let me tell you he’s the only one that I heard the crowd make noise for. WOW

  18. Facts Ofiicer December 8, 2010

    KING OF R n B!!!!

  19. THEiVY December 8, 2010

    @ CH… lol wow name calling….. words of an immature and simple minded person.
    im sure there are more words in your teeny tiny teenage mind i can comment on what i want….ps. i feel sorry for your mother.

  20. Alexander December 8, 2010

    Theivy you drink Jizzism! Keep being a Goat Songz bendover lova

  21. TC ;D December 9, 2010

    @ CH

    I’m not here for bird chest fools that need to take off their shirts to WOW a crowd. Girl bye!
    R. Kelly would never!

    I Believe I Can Fly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Goat Songz life.



  22. Ch… December 9, 2010


    B****, the only simple minded person here is you having the nerve to say that heated goat could ever come for the KING of R&B vocally. That’s what simple minded is.

    Chile! Teenage mind? I’m not the one in here claiming Goat Songz is talented and can come for a legendary musical genius. You really got me f***** up. LMAO!

    Please, go sit down. You’re embarrassing.

  23. Amras December 9, 2010

    I never thought that there are more Trents that are visiting this site! Unbelievable how childish you guys act!
    Bye to this site!

  24. THEiVY December 9, 2010

    i will never argue with a young homosexual man again ! lol i couldnt even say anything because i can her their lisp from my mac screen with every word they typed !

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