Sneak Peek: Mariah Carey On ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’

Published: Wednesday 8th Dec 2010 by Trent

Mariah Carey is making it her mission to spread some Christmas cheer. A few weeks ago the icon filmed an episode of ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ where she helped to remodel the home of a family in need. Check out the preview of the diva’s episode below:

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Mariah Carey: making grown men cry since 1990.


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  1. Darren December 8, 2010

    we love you mariah!!!! you’re an angel

  2. Stoney-Brie December 8, 2010

    poor dog had to be air brushed as well ..

  3. THE QUEEN OF MUSIC = MARIAH CAREY December 8, 2010

    Another evidence how influential this amazing person is! Just the best artist of all time!

    MARIAH >>>> ALL YOUR FAVES (Rihanna, Beyonce, Alicia, Christina and all of the other talentless faves)








    F****** INCREDIBLE, isn’t she?! :)))

  4. yrgdf December 8, 2010

    Christmas is coming !!!

  5. THE QUEEN OF MUSIC = MARIAH CAREY December 8, 2010

    ^ B****, if you ain’t gonna praise or pay homage to the Queen get the hell out of here

  6. annie! :] December 8, 2010

    ^^oh god…. PLEASE. this post is about Mariah helping a family in need. don’t come on here with ur hate. there’s nothing on this post about Mariah’s sales or anything *eye roll* comin’ here, startin’ s*** for no reason…. anyway, this is so sweet! i’ll definitely be watching <3 i love Mariah!

  7. Own it! December 8, 2010

    best artist ever!

  8. White Roses from Ciara December 8, 2010

    Do you think she cares about the poor? She cares only to promote her flop album and being sponsored….

  9. DIVA! December 8, 2010

    Yasss Mariah!

  10. Ariana December 8, 2010

    “…making grown men cry since 1990” Hahaha Well said Trent!! 🙂 x
    She’s adorable.

  11. Miss Mariah December 8, 2010

    I love you Mimi!

  12. The truth December 8, 2010

    Mariah Carey is one of the last celebrities I’d want anyone to view as an icon.

    Honestly she’s in the same category as Britney Spears, J-Lo, Ciara and Jordin Spark..maybe a step higher…still below Whitney, Madonna, Barbra, Aretha..even Donna Summer.

  13. Mike December 8, 2010

    @ The Truth- you sound so incredibly ignorant lol. You’re a pathetic individual and sad, seriously!
    Anyway, Mariah the ICON continues to inspire us all with her generosity and amazing voice!!! Long live the Queen Diva!!!

  14. KevinLee December 8, 2010



  15. Flop-Fat_Riah December 8, 2010

    @The Truth I agree with you, Mariah is not on the same level as Madonna, Babs, Whitney, Aretha or Diana when comes persona. It would be exclusive and an event to get a major diva on that show, and all the news would be covering it. It was so easy for them to get Mariah on there, and yet no one cares. Let that have been any of the ladies I mentioned, and see how much more exclusive and mind-blowing it would had been to get them on a show such as this. I have been saying that for the longest. And I never seen Mariah make anyone cry.

  16. KELENDRIA ROWLAND December 8, 2010

    She’s successful, beautiful and happy with a baby on da way! So happy 4 u Mariah!!!

    Support ms kelly!

  17. Timago December 8, 2010

    MARIAH IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @KELENDRIA ROWLAND – Support Ms. Kelly? Who’s that? Wait… are you referring to SMELLY FLOPLAND?

  18. ChEeRfUl CyNiC XD December 8, 2010

    awww thats nice
    the dog looks fake

  19. HBF82 December 8, 2010

    The best selling artist of all time,
    5 time Grammy award winner,
    16 time World music award winner,
    28 time Billboard music award winner,
    Artist of the decade by Billboard,
    Single of the decade by Billboard, TWICE IN A ROW,
    9 time Soul train award winner,
    200 mil of Albums, singles and DVD sold WW,
    Her fart has more publicity than your fave whole career,
    Selling more from Betty Ford clinic in one week than your fave whole year,
    Smart business woman,
    Breathtakingly beautiful mother to be,
    Loyal and loved wife,
    Awarded Humanitarian,
    Co sign by Aretha, Steve, Micheal, Paul McCartney…
    Adored by Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina, Adele, Leona, Fergie,
    Half of the planet loves her, the other hates that loves her even more,
    Often imitated, never duplicated,
    The one and only,
    GODriah LEGENDcarey.

  20. THE QUEEN OF MUSIC = MARIAH CAREY December 8, 2010

    @ White Roses from Ciara

    Only an ignorant and not familiar with the personality of Mariah person can say such a profanity. B**** sit down and go comment on Ciara latest flop (Basic Flop)

    @ The Truth and @ Flop-Fat_riah

    Both of you can come and suck my D*** ok?

    Mariah is ABOVE any artist ever existed (except Michael Jackson).


    enought said!

  21. chachilewinsky December 8, 2010

    To all You Haters, You Make no sense what so ever. Aretha,whitney,Diana, Patti They all not Only have sung with Ms.Mariah, but they love & adore her & have accepted her as an Icon/legend like them. They kinda had no choice, Men lie ..women lie but Numbers don’t & Numbers wise…MariahCarey has surpassed all of those legends within only 20 years which Makes her fart more relavant then any of the b******* you haters can say !!!!!!

    Aretha franklin has sung two of Mc’s song at her own concert (Hero & touch my body)

    Patti : Adores Mc & even claims Mariah as her God daughter & was once quoted saying ” Nobody can sing like her ”

    Whitney : whitney not only likes mariah but they have a song together titled “when you believe “& was once quoted saying in a interview ” I love mariah,My lil lamb chop”

    Diana Ross : Ms ross the Boss has also sung with Mc & Also gave Mc her permission/ blessings to mix her song love hangover with mariahs song Heartbreaker

    MARIAH CAREY along with MICHAEJ JACKSON are the only artist to win, artist of the Millenuim award ! & the next time somebody wins that award, we will all be dead -_- !!!!!!! So MariahCarey eats Your Fave on any given day

  22. SUBLIME00 December 8, 2010

    @chachilewinsky YOU WENT THE F*** IN. Mariah is a f****** legend and out of all the Diva’s @Truth and the others named above MARIAH F****** CAREY is the ONLY one thats RELEVANT today! GTFO! Madonna will NEVER BE CALLED TO SING FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA OR GIVE A F****** TRIBUTE TO ANYONE! SHe is a crude old hag who f***** her way to the top and then had plastic surgery and baby blood to stay there!

    To say Mariah Carey is in a league with Britney or JLo is absolutely absurd! Not only does mariah SING..not go in the studio, say some vowels and let the engineer work their magic, MARIAH SINGS and is a vocalist…but she WRITES ALL HER S***, produces ALL HER S***, arranges ALL HER S***, executive produces ALL HER S***, sings ALL HER SING anyway she wants to…why? cus its ALL HER S***!

    Whitney, Celine, Aretha (no offense ReRe), Babs and more have never even THOUGHT to pick up a pen to a pad and put down some lyrics…except a handful of songs…so bye girl fly girl. Yall haters ain’t sayin s***. lol. I’m so faded btw. lol. BUt YEA YUALL SUCK!

    Shall I even begin with commercial sales? Long story short…SHE OUTSOLD ALL YOUR FAVS!!!!! MOST OF YOUR FAVS PUT TOGETHER! Check the credits ho. Check the numbers! Matter of fact…CHECK BILLBOARD cuz Mariah is on there (at the top of multiple charts)…where is Whitney, Madonna, Barbara, Aretha (no offense), Patti (no offense), Celine? OH OK…thought so!

    And lets be clear…all these flops you keep talking about..Mariah has been in the game for 20 YEARS! don’t compare her to Beyonce..the hot thing right now. Mariah had her time…she is a DIVA now..she DOESN’T ANSWER TO THE SAME RULES AS OTHERS. Why? Cuz SHE IS MARIAH CAREY! All your favs, WORSHIP her! Her vocals are unmatched. GO HOME ROGER! BYE STEVE! GET THE F*** OUT!

    And sidebar…the user who said “its so easy to get Mariah on this show and no one cares”…ummm I bet NONE of you remember MADONNA was on the now cancelled reality game show “The Marriage Ref”…yeah OK! So dont shut that noise!



  23. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 8, 2010

    “Mariah is ABOVE any artist ever existed (except Michael Jackson).

    OK, I can respect opinions and all, but don’t you think you’re exaggerating just a bit?

  24. THE QUEEN OF MUSIC = MARIAH CAREY December 9, 2010

    OK if you think I’m exaggerating tell me an artist who has an amazing voice (but not just an ordinary great voice, a really stunning voice), who writes his/her music, produce his/her own music, put a lot of talent/creativity in his/her music and all of this AT THE SAME TIME!

    No one!

    You would say probably Madonna/Whitney etc. Yet Madonna is famous only for her controvesial style and music videos, she has a ordinary voice. Whitney can sing at the same level as Mariah but she is not involve in the creation of albums. She cannon write nor produce.

    Like I said Mariah and Michael are the ultimate best artist of all time. No one can compete!

  25. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 9, 2010


    “OK if you think I’m exaggerating tell me an artist who has an amazing voice (but not just an ordinary great voice, a really stunning voice), who writes his/her music, produce his/her own music, put a lot of talent/creativity in his/her music and all of this AT THE SAME TIME!

    No one! Freddie Mercury ”


  26. Migrator December 9, 2010

    When ARETHA FRANKLIN shares the stage with you/covers your songs in concert (Hero, Touch My Body),
    When STEVIE WONDER names you as one of the only 3 people he has met “who had a truly wonderful voice and spirit to match”
    & When PATTI LABELLE praises your talent and accepts you as her goddaughter,

  27. QueenofPopJanet December 9, 2010

    Mariah is a phony. Just look at that picture. Fake a f***. So f****** photoshopped that she looks like a damn SIMS character. She’s stuckup, phony, boring and corny. As far as I’m concerned, she’s the sonic equivalent to asbestos.

    You can raddle off as many boring stats and figures as you want. The bottom line is Mariah is an fake, evil opportunist. NOTHING about her sincere, except her greed and arrogance.

    She used her biracial lineage to play the fence between white (pop) audience and black (urban) audiences.

    She seeks out EVERY popular producer and rapper of the moment to work with…hoping that she can jump on their latest sound or co-opt their audience to buy her s*** too. Why do you think she f***** Eminem? To get him to rap on one of her corny ass songs, so that his sheep combined with her “lambs” would zoom it to the top of the charts.

    Most if not all of #1 singles were discounted to $.49 just for the sake of conning those consumers who only halfway liked the s*** into going ahead and buying it cause it was that cheap. A pack of spearmint gum costs more than “One Sweet Day,” “Heartbreaker” and “Fantasy.”

    She married her record labels CEO. Tommy Motolla was already married to someone else when she began her affair with him.

    When she was at Sony, they used to put her retail single barcodes on their other artists singles, to increase her chart rank. And they used to suppress other artists single releases who had more airplay. Case in point: Celine Dion’s MUCH MORE POPULAR “That’s The Way It Is” was held back from being commercially released so that it wouldn’t interfere with “Thank God I Found You” topping the charts.

    Once upon a time the fake b**** could sing, but don’t act like it was “talent” that got her over. Mariah is a industry s*** who sits on business mens laps for favors. She is about as “real” as Paris Hilton.

  28. My inspiration Mariah Carey December 9, 2010

    I’m just not sure why haters know her so much of her history like a seasoned fan? I mean I don’t like Madonna so I hardly know her past and I avoid any articles on her much less comment on it. But these haters.. can you say obsessed? LOL. If you can’t fathom why her fans “love her with all their hearts”, it’s because Mariah is REAL, warm, sweet and kind with enormous talent to boot!

  29. lola December 9, 2010

    The truth

    You just sound incredibly stupid! Mariah Carey has always been pretty low key when it came to her personal life and has taken a beak so that’s why her “persona” isn’t big. Mariah is THE BEST SINGER IN THE ENITRE WORLD NEXT TO WHITNEY HOUSTON! She’s always been known for her heavenly and soulful voice. Madonna has only been known for sucking a c***, opening her legs, and masturbating herself to catchy tunes. Mariah Carey is an icon… wtf are you talking about? LOL. She holds the record of having the most number 1’s and selling over 65 million albums worldwide and 200 million albums, singers, and videos!


    Oh stfu you idiot! Stop making up sh**! You don’t know what the hell happened between her and Eminem and she never recorded anything with him so how could she have wanted him for her songs? It would’ve happened right then and there. You have some damn nerve talking about Mariah when “Queen of Pop Janet” can’t even sing to save her life and only got famous and people talking about her because she sold s** to the fullest and she even insinuated that in her past interviews! And what’s up with Janet’s jack-o-lantern face? Too much plastic surgery… looking like planet of the apes.

  30. WHOREdonnaCOW December 10, 2010

    Your Whoredonna is a flopped cow, below Mariah Carey. At least Mariah is on the Billboard charts. Barbra Streisand is a natsy ugly old cow, just like that talentless repulsive A*** hag SHITdonna Ciccone. FLopnet Jackson…LOL. Just a flop.

  31. Me December 10, 2010

    Flop queen! Fat s****! Zero sales!

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