Exclusive: New Kelly Rowland Promo Pics

Published: Monday 10th Jan 2011 by Sam

Pop diva Kelly Rowland poses it up in these EXCLUSIVE new promotional shots snapped by noted celebrity photographer Robert Ector.

Keen for a whole new look late last year, the Destiny’s Child star chose Taylor-Ector Studios to help transform her. She decided to ditch the long wavy curls and opted for an edgier cut with the help of hair stylist Paula Britt. Ms. Kelly loved the cut so much, shes been wearing it ever since!

Photographer: Robert Ector
Wardrobe: Leah Taylor
Make Up: Latasha Wright
Hair: Paula Britt

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  1. TONY FROM PARIS January 10, 2011

    Who care?

  2. Simon , jay January 10, 2011

    I care!

  3. dakkylove January 10, 2011

    She looks amazing …i like the fact that she looks good with all her clothes on and without , going back to the short cut was a good decision love it

  4. JonathanGardnerTV January 10, 2011

    She looks stunning!
    Love the shots! Sooo looking forward to the album 😀

  5. dakkylove January 10, 2011

    @Tonyfrom paris hey for someone who doesn’t care you were pretty fast to make a comment seriously *rolls eyes*

  6. Pretty eyes January 10, 2011

    always looking hott Kelly does not have a bad side at all

  7. black January 10, 2011

    Ugh…pretty but…….. NEXT

  8. Made January 10, 2011

    Tinnie Tempah feat Kelly rowland’s track invincible is already 12 on the uk charts without any promo…i would love for that song to go to the top 5 before Gone drops on January 18th and then her first single in february……Kelly will get her shine this time around.

  9. Kellyfan January 10, 2011

    She just did a new photoshoot with Dblanks last weekend i wonder how that will turn out, whatever the case i am glad this photographer convinced her to go back to short hair i love this look on her.

  10. Einson January 10, 2011

    Hmmm expected a different her judging by her new twist in song releases,cannt complain bt i’d say ok.

  11. Monster January 10, 2011

    Gosh this chick is wack but she is SLAYING here.

  12. boytoy1814 January 10, 2011


  13. kelzrowland January 10, 2011

    I’m sorry…s*** like this gets me mad..She’s been promoting this album for a whole year now and we still Don’t have an album!!

    I would have liked what she had 6 months ago…if it flopped it was going to just flop..but to not release anything is doing the opposite of keeping me interested as a fan…

  14. spring January 10, 2011


  15. KD January 10, 2011

    Looking good Ms. Rowland…now about that album?

  16. BREEZYTHEBEST January 10, 2011

    Kelly should really think about modeling,she is so pretty.

  17. King January 10, 2011

    Kelly looks good…album had better drop 2011 cant wait love this chick..

  18. Yellow Gorillah January 10, 2011

    While Other are SLAYING and breaking records and more getting Ready to slay

    We have Her .. taking pictures when she should be in the studio trying to make hit’s Girl bye I’m not here for model’s I think kelly should just quit while she still has her dignity because to be honest aint nobody gone check for her this year when all the Major female singer’s are out she might aswell wait until 2012 to drop because this s*** is taking waaaay to long and this iste has made me sick of her already =/

  19. Infamous Doll January 10, 2011

    Do you see the things that are happening, now that Matthew Knowles isnt the manager and what not. She getting some gigs her way now. Do it Kell, beautiful as usual!!!

  20. Kellyfan January 10, 2011

    @Yellowgorillah first of all this photoshoot was taken way back in October 2010 in ATL, secondly Kelly has been in the studio for a whole year recording and now the label is putting plans in motion for promotion so even though i understand your frustration cos the album has been delayed a bit, but she went back to re record the whole album cos the songs out were not giving heat so hold your predictions till when her album drops .

    personally i cant wait for her album to drop.

  21. QUEEN RIHANNA January 10, 2011

    lol this t***** next —>

  22. psycho_superman January 10, 2011

    damn she looks so damn good!!!
    and btw to everybody saying she is not working on her album! she been working on it for about a year now! and this photoshoot was taken back in october!
    she been hard working on this album to make it perfect! so let us all seat our asses all the way down until she drops it!

  23. GangsterA January 10, 2011

    she looks amazing the close up pic is just too much so beautiful get em kelly

  24. CHECKMATE January 10, 2011

    Niccce fotohsopped pics!! Who’s paying for all this s***? She appears to do tons of promo s*** all the time but never sells anything or break even. WTF? Next…

  25. Truthspeaks January 10, 2011

    Kelly rowland is a beautiful, talented, classy woman..she is also hosting a dinner on behalf of the head of MTV this weekend , i see a talk show in the works for this woman. amazing pics

  26. Redbonechick22 January 10, 2011

    i hope her album will slay..she can sang but her team sucks at times.

  27. Jay1 January 10, 2011


  28. nananaeh January 10, 2011

    I think its really nice for her, let’s hope the album will not be disappointing

  29. Mari January 10, 2011

    I don’t know. I wish I knew where she was going with this. What’s the theme of the album, and how are the pics conveying the theme?

  30. Princess January 10, 2011

    Kelly looks really good. The close ups are amazing.

  31. Gucci January 10, 2011

    What exactly is she promoting? *laughs*
    Cute though

  32. cume January 10, 2011

    Simply Perfect!!!!!!!!!

  33. Royalkev January 10, 2011

    I’m sorry, but I’m tired of picture taking Kelly. It’s all we every see. It’s like Monday, promo pics – Tuesday, promo pics – Wednesday, magazine spread – Thursday, promo pics – Friday, Kelly eats a donut … in her promo pics! It just t feels like this is all she’s been doing for 8 months! That said, I’ll admit that she does look stunning here!

  34. ~BeySoBreezy~ January 10, 2011


  35. wintz January 10, 2011

    i love rihanna but i like kelly too, so what? Do ya thing girl!

  36. Lyric “Commander” Lee January 10, 2011

    my chick bad lol – she better work – 8 th uk top ten comin this month! she’s comin in 2011 and i cant wait ( i think she should released a uk only album last year with 3 singles and a small club tour just to get settled into her new position) but whatever the case I know she got something in store and i for one admire her persistence and drive to not just give up or settle for backup singer or player – she will fight and im here for her.

    i do admit and ive been saying this for the longest – where the hell is this womans modeling contract – she should def expand and strt building an empire – haus of trene!

  37. gfhfgh January 10, 2011

    😛 😛 😛 I love this , i lov e my b oyfriend, he is a nice guy !.

    i met him via —– Bla c k’w h it e’F li rts. C” 0- M—-

    The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “chocolate”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  38. TEAM KELLY!!! ToTheTop January 10, 2011

    I loooooooooooooooove this!!! Go team Kelly!!!

  39. Dave January 10, 2011

    @TONY FROM PARIS Clearly you do. & a lot of y’all need to fallback because if she released some b*******, y’all would be all hot & bothered & complaining. But, she went back in the studio to get y’all top notch & y’all complaining. Would you rather somebody give you garbage? or treasure? because she’s planning to give us DIAMONDS baby. So be patient. It’s not like she’s not working on the album. Fall back… Be happy y’all got 3 promo singles (“Commander”, “Rose Colored Glasses”, & “Grown Woman”) & u could even download her UK singles “Commander” & “Forever & a Day”, leaks like “Smooches” & “On & On” if you really cranky. So keep it pushin… Kelly 2011 >>>

  40. lingling123 January 10, 2011

    I think Kelly needs to stop taking pictures and release her album. Time is running out for her.

    If her album doesn’t do well or if she ends up trying to put an album out around the time Beyonce does. I don’t want anyone to say Bey is trying to steal her shine. This woman is a year behind and she doesn’t know what direction that she wants to take. You should blame Matthew either. This is getting to be to much now.

  41. lingling123 January 10, 2011

    Correction Post

    January 10, 2011 at 3:28 pm
    I think Kelly needs to stop taking pictures and release her album. Time is running out for her.

    If her album doesn’t do well or if she ends up trying to put an album out around the time Beyonce does. I don’t want anyone to say Bey is trying to steal her shine. This woman is a year behind and she doesn’t know what direction that she wants to take. You should not blame Matthew either. This is getting to be to much now.

  42. Bubbles January 10, 2011

    This chick is gorgeous but all her promo pics are so damn bland, looking like tester shots for a model just starting out. And her music is just ad bland as her photos which is a shame because she has the potential to slay. And gwarl, where the f*** is that new album?? It’s been pushed back further than Brandy’s hairline.

  43. BENJAMIN January 10, 2011

    These are nice.

  44. Lostonez January 10, 2011

    this woman is flaw-less.

  45. Lostonez January 10, 2011

    i hope her album is hot as these pics

  46. Kandi January 10, 2011

    she looks fierce love Kelly she is definitely one of the most beautiful check her out on CNN giving a shout out to the troops what a big heart as well.

  47. Renae January 10, 2011

    She looks good but when is she planning to promote a song or even release a video or something????

    How can you expect to sale albums when none of your music is on the airwaves. I mean would anyone know she was releasing an album if they didn’t read these sites.

  48. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 10, 2011

    She looks stunning.

    But Sam, you can’t be serious! Are you that obsessed with Kelly that you post the Wardrobe stylist, the make-up artist, and the hair stylist? Like REALLY? You’ve never done that with any other photshoot by any other artist, but since it’s Kelly “the inevitable FLOP” you post that BS? Unnecessary much?

    And I agree with @RoyalKev. She takes SOOOO many “promo” pics and she ain’t got s*** to promote! Every week she’s releasing promo pics or at some event on the red carpet. Shouldn’t she be in the studio?

    Kelly’s only setting herself up for a flop, which if she does, wouldn’t surprise me or anyone else.


  49. badaboss January 10, 2011

    Some of you guys are so silly. This is Kelly’s year. I just hope this new album material doesn’t stray too far away from the dance/dance pop sound. Has anyone heard any of the new material?

  50. lax January 10, 2011

    people listen you can love more than one person @ a time . just like a mom who
    has 13 childrens do she love just two and hate the rest? ms. kelly needs to just
    drop a album and then head right back to the studio and drop yet a reloaded, remixed are dvd and do lots of videos and throw them all out there and see if
    anything will stick, because you never know what could happen .

  51. Kellyfan January 10, 2011

    she looks hott, album is complete now, uk single with Tinnie tempah is doing well, Worldwide single with Nelly is already climbint the US charts without being released, this is dropping on the 18th, single is dropping in february ..yep its enough to say she doesn’t just take fantastic photoshoots she is bringing it with the music too that is all..

  52. FUTURESTARdelux January 10, 2011

    She looks good but this is just annother example of the slopiness Kelly’s team handle her with. We know she’s re recording her album so why are you dropping promo pics when at the moment you have nothing to promote?
    She should be dropping this stuff when the next single or album is out. #NoShade

  53. dboy January 10, 2011


  54. S*** bucket! January 10, 2011


  55. STLOUISDON January 10, 2011

    Beautiful i love ms rowland always have and always will she has my support in whatever she does she is a talented artist that needs more recognition

  56. KELLY ROWLAND January 10, 2011


  57. loso January 11, 2011

    Kelly is the best looking chick in the business. She has a hit with Tinie Tempah in the UK and her song with Nelly is climbing the charts now and the video will be coming soon. People just get ready for Ms. Kelly this year.

  58. IAMWASHINGTON January 11, 2011

    What is she promoting???


  59. GREG January 11, 2011

    Alright Kelly, im impressed! now wheres the damn album, geez!

  60. kelzrowland January 11, 2011

    @ Dave-
    personally I liked all the stuff from the last album that never was. I liked Grown Woman, I loved Commander, and Rose Colored glasses. I think she needs to accept that she is a cross over pop/dance artist- not an urban artist. She is not going to be a black artist.

  61. shawn July 9, 2011

    she is cute n s***

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