The Best You Never Heard: Diva Showdown – Beyonce & Mariah Carey

Published: Tuesday 18th Jan 2011 by Sam

This week’s special edition of  Best You Never Heard sees Sam and Trent go head-to-head with  little known gems by divas Beyonce and Mariah Carey. Who’ll get your pick?


Beyonce – ‘He Still Loves Me (ft. Walter Williams)’

While Beyonce’s starring role in ‘The Fighting Temptations’ did little to silence critique of her acting ability, the project served up an undeniably stellar soundtrack. Boasting many an inspirational number, the 2003 set’s standout is, for yours truly, ‘He Still Loves Me’.

Lead by Beyonce ( and featuring Walter Williams), the moving mid-tempo tells of the daily difficulties we deal with in our life journeys; asserting that, through it all, ‘He’ still loves us.

With its combination of soaring vocals and engaging lyrics (which can’t but move your spirit), the song serves as great crossover Gospel. Yet moreover a refreshing change of pace for Beyonce  – one it’d be great to see her revisit at some point down the line. {SAM}



Mariah Carey – ‘Do You Think Of Me’

There is an old adage that states “nothing is better than classic Mariah” and this record affirms it. Released as a B-side to her enormously successful single ‘Dreamlover’, ‘Do You Think Of Me’ displays the diva at her very best.

Boasting haunting horns and a simple guitar-assisted melody, the song demonstrates Carey’s mastery of her uniquely textured voice as she weaves through the octaves, building from a series to breathy coos to awesome belts of unbridled desire. By easily transitioning through the registers of her voice along intricate vocal runs, this record shows why Carey is in a league of her own.

Undoubtedly, Carey’s label decided to keep this track off of her ‘Music Box’ LP in an effort to preserve her then well-constructed innocent image. Indeed, as the songbird’s vocal performance in the song may indicate, there was an artist whose sexuality was waiting to break free long before her eventual metamorphosis on ‘Butterfly’. {TRENT}


Beyonce – ‘If’

Beyonce’s singing is often criticised for being more impressive than expressive. However, the entertainer effortlessly silenced all of those claims with the powerful ‘If’ from the deluxe edition of her ‘B’Day’ LP – arguably her best album to date.

Ironically singing to an emotionally devoid lover who refuses to fight for her affections, Beyonce brings the lyrics of the song to life, aggressively belting with incredible timing and stamina. In fact, her vocal performance is so believable that it is hard not to share her anguish and pain.

Many people focus of Beyonce’s skill has a performer but overlook her incredible skill as a vocalist. She may not have the expansive vocal range of Christina Aguilera but Beyonce can deliver complex vocal runs and acrobatics in a way that her many of her contemporaries dare not attempt. {TRENT}


Mariah Carey – ‘Mine Again’

Blockbuster.  Indeed, many would agree that this is what Mariah Carey’s 2005 LP ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’ served as. Of course, that and so much more. Beyond facilitating a much-needed commercial comeback for the diva, the opus was a resounding success with critics and also at retail outlets (10x Platinum worldwide). A brand of success artists –both of the new and seasoned variety-can only dream of.

Therefore, in selecting a song to wipe the floor with the competition this week, it was immediately apparent that the ‘Emancipation’ is where I’d be heading. For beyond its smash singles such as ‘We Belong Together’, the LP delivered stellar album cuts such as my eventual pick – ‘Mine Again’.

Produced by Carey and James Poyser, the ballad is simply summed up as ‘stellar’. Encompassing elements of retro Soul and quiet storm, the song sees Carey unleash her trademark power runs – sonically taking the song to levels only she can. Amazing track. {SAM}



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  1. Traci Summers January 18, 2011

    Mariah.. beyonce came close but.. mariah.. MINE AGAIN just killed beyonce’s IF

  2. Face Off January 18, 2011

    Trent wins this. Sorry Sam but you CANNOT beat Do You Think Of Me!

  3. HUH? January 18, 2011

    ‘If’ is one of Beyonce’s BEST song. So for that im going with Trent.

  4. Fantasy Ride January 18, 2011

    Sam. hands down.

  5. Chimier January 18, 2011

    Trent wins! Do You Think of Me is my all-time favorite Mariah song. I’m sorry, Mariah slays! YES YES YES!

  6. JJFAN1814 January 18, 2011


  7. So Me January 18, 2011

    I cant decide all of the choices were good. But i do have to give Trent some bonus points for selecting If by Beyonce that song is so good it gives me chills every time.

  8. lisaaah January 18, 2011

    beyonceeeeeeee winssssssssssssssssssss.

  9. funnymeg January 18, 2011

    TRENT wins, Do You Think Of Me should have been released, shame on Sony!!

  10. jeremy January 18, 2011

    How dare you even ATTEMPT to put Beyonce in the same category as the great MARIAH CAREY??? REALLY???

    Mariah all the way…literally!!!!!!

  11. jeremy January 18, 2011

    Out of the 4 songs … Vocally, Musically, and lyrically … Mariah wins hands-down!!! There IS NO competition…there just isn’t…how disrespectful to even think there is SAM, LOL!!!!!!!

  12. McLean January 18, 2011

    I will go with SAM’S pick. I know both Beyoncè and Mariah are talented women who CAN SING but i wish Beyonce’s worshippers could quit insulting Mariah. Whether Mariah sells 500k or more, shes still a hugely successful artist. And u know it. Beyonce will NEVER have 2 DIAMOND CERTIFIED albums. She may have her 16 Grammys but thats expected in an industry where artists are now so overrated. I swear many of you Beyonce stans will not even be listening to Iam…Sasha Fierce CD ten years from now but i will, including many others, be playing Mimi’s Music Box or Daydream. My point? Just acknowledge Mariah has the voice and the pipes to kill any songs effortlessly. And SAM, you left out gems like Twister from GLITTER SOUNDTRACK, Looking In from DAYDREAM and BUTTERFLY’S Outside. However, i wil not exit without giving Beyonce credit on a song like SPEECHLESS from DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE. I loved her belting.

  13. Ariana January 18, 2011

    Beyonce is a good singer but you gotta know Mariah Carey slaysssssssssssss! Definitely voted for Trent’s.
    Go MC!!!! 🙂

  14. Plus January 18, 2011

    I voted for Trent. If & Do You Think Of Me KILLLLLLLLL everything Sam could ever dream of. Go Trent!

  15. a January 18, 2011

    @Jeremy Are you serious???


    “If” and “He Still Loves Me” are lovely 🙂

  16. justdr January 18, 2011

    And Bee FTW for “If”..!!!

  17. SipDatBoyz January 18, 2011

    yall kno i love my bey! but sam brought the best of mi mi! and didnt really give us the best of imma go wit mi mi

  18. the kiddz January 18, 2011

    These women are my top female vocalists. Their voices are spectacular; Mariah with her soaring vocals and Beyonce with her naturally soulful timbre, with characteristics of a saxophone. LOVE THEM! Not to mention they both are Queens of Melisma, of course with Mariah being one of the originators. I wish someone would have chosen “Resentment” by Beyonce, that song is one of my favorites.

    And this isn’t a battle between Mariah and Bee, but Sam and Trent’s song choices. So arguing about who sold more is just plain dumb. Both are extremely talented, both have broken records and have left their mark on the music industry. The Songbird Supreme and The Queen of Pop/Soul!

  19. D.Strock January 18, 2011

    I picked “I Can’t Decide”. Love both of MC’s songs way too much haha

  20. VA STAND UP!! January 18, 2011

    Well, once again I have heard all of these songs, but this was a nice lil treat from two of my favorite female singers. I don’t know if it’s so fair to put Bey against a vocal powerhouse like Mariah though.

    I remember seeing ‘Fighting Temptations’ and she was singing her ass off in that movie and I am sure thet soundtrack is full of lil gems. ‘If’ was a cute song but it’s not one of favorites from her.

    I love both of these two amazing talened women, but I am gonna have to go with Sam on this one. ‘Mine Again’ was my ish, and I love that whole album! Truly one of Mariah’s classics! In fact I think I am gonna go listen to that album today when I get off from work!

  21. Andrew January 18, 2011

    “IF” is my favorite song of all time !!! Yasssss…Queen Bey & Ms. Pig Mariah 😀

  22. Troy January 18, 2011

    I swear, I wished these Beyoodle obsessed zombies would stop exalting this perp, the girl is nothing but a copy cat and will never be able to live in the house that Miss Mariah built. She only hangs around the outside…and if Mariah never sold another cd, she still holds the record for most number 1’s by a female performer and is number 2 in overall cd sells of any artist male or female. So lets cut the crap, Mariah overall, a better vocalist hands down…

  23. KELENDRIA ROWLAND January 18, 2011

    Mine again destroys both of beYAWWWWNces songsz.


  24. THE UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF POP January 18, 2011

    @mclean u are dumb as hell so what if beyonce aint sold 2 diamond albums ur point and beyonce came out during a time where music is steadily going down if she was out during the late 90s or early 2000s i believe she would have some diamond albums under her belt and dont hate cause beyonce got more grammys than mariah cause she in the history book honey

  25. Billy January 18, 2011

    Mariah Careys Songs Are The Best I Love You Mariah So Much X

  26. Badd January 18, 2011

    Trent’s…..but I don’t think you should put Beyonce as a diva…
    especially next to Mariah Carey..that is a clear insult.

  27. Anne January 18, 2011

    mclean is trying to ignore the fact that many people are downloading music for free nowadays. I agree with The Kiddz, both ladies are great vocalists. I would add that Beyonce has the advantage on the stage because she is a better live vocalist and overall performer in my opinion. Again, I am impressed with the vocal ability of both ladies.

  28. Bknowles January 18, 2011

    @mclean u sound dumb as hell so what if mariah have 2 diamond albums her ass came out when people was buying music and if beyonce would been out in the late 90s or early 2000s as a solo artist im sure she would of has some diamond albums and for u to say there is not talent out for the reasoning beyonce has 16 grammys fyi mariah ass was out while beyonce collected those 16 grammys so i guess mariah aint talented either and u other dummies baby beyonce can live in anybody house in music that b**** has made music history check the facts b******

  29. RONALDMATTERS.COM January 18, 2011


  30. ranjeet January 18, 2011

    Beyonce is a phenomenal singer she can never be pitted against Carey. Carey circa 2005 also is leagues ahead of Beyonce.

    As for the songs,I like IF a lot,but Mine Again is better and the other beyonce song is very weak compared to Carey’s.

    I vote for trent.

  31. Badd January 18, 2011

    ^^ exactly.

  32. sane beyhanna stan January 18, 2011

    *appluads sam & trent for giving me a hard decisions. I love mariah and her albums have always had gems and songs that distinguish her from the vocal competition. Beyonces if was good but like @thekiddz stated resentment is much more of a notable track to me. Ima have to go with trent if, and do you think of me kills mine again, and he still loves me 🙂 good post

  33. Knowles January 18, 2011

    To all who say Beyonce can’t be compared to Mariah then who else? Lady Gaga, Ashanti? hahah Mariah can’t hold a note live though. Mariah has been creating the same type of music for her last two albums, the music is all alike. Anyone here bought her last album, come to think of it I don’t remeber the name of it. It’s only a matter of time before she starts flopping like Ciara. Beyonce wins hands down. Mariah is ok though, but the dolphin squeal is the only thing that makes her any different than Britney Spears.

  34. jamie January 18, 2011

    Very good songs but based on THE VOICE i would Choose MARIAH CAREY! i love Both mariah and beyonce but mariah has a much more powerful and a voice TO DIE FOR its that good Beyonce said in an interview. THUMBS UP FOR MARIAH AND BEYONCE BOTH GREAT!!

  35. Creative Genius January 18, 2011

    well considering this is called “the best you NEVER heard”…..the fact that Sam went with “Mine Again” made me have to vote for Trent. i think it is more likely that people would have heard that track than “Do You Think Of Me”.

    i love how people have to resort to calling names when defending their “fave”. it’s childish at best. this is not high school. they are both respected & talented vocalists who have achieved success b/c of said talents. no need to bash. just appreciate. damn.

    grow the hell up.

  36. jamie January 18, 2011

    I just have to say you cant compare the BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE ARTIST AND MOST SUCCESSFUL TO BEYONCE they are both completely different and they are both realy good friends in real life!!

  37. Creative Genius January 18, 2011

    @ Knowles – the fact that you can’t be objective makes you look like a plum fool. nobody can deny Mariah’s vocal abilities. even on her worst day she shits on most “artists” in the game. there’s no need to let your love for someone else keep you from telling the truth.

  38. jamie January 18, 2011

    Mariah carey is ACE live

  39. jamie January 18, 2011

    Divas are people like MARIAH CAREY,WHITNEY HOUSTON,MADONNA,CELINE DION,JANET JACKSON people who are extremely successful BEYONCE is not yet a diva let her get 250 million albums sold,18 no.1 singles,6 no.1 albums,artist of the millenium award,artist of the decade award, and to be the Most SUCCESSFUL FEMALE artist in MUSIC history!

    I LOVE BOTH but stop comparing beyonce and mariah!

  40. Prince January 18, 2011

    Trent definitely wins this. I couldnt believe Queen Bey didnt put IF on her Debut album BDay. OMG that song is so INCREDIBLE!! Just down right FANTASTIC!! I still play IF every now and then. Oooh i would have love to see a video 4 that song! I love Queen Mimi but i think Beyonce is the better vocalist bcuz Mariah be struggling with her vocals. Beyonce’s vocals are Fresh and she never struggles. But i love how Mariah still trying 2 keep up with the new generation. Mariah and Bey will 4ever be Queens 2 me.

  41. Prince January 18, 2011

    Sales alone isnt what qualifies u to be a Diva. Beyonce has earned the right 2 be a Diva. Divas are Boss B****** and Beyonce is a Boss B****!

  42. HAssan January 18, 2011

    honestly i dont know why mariah didnt release MINE AGAiN! ITS AMAZINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN she needs to release this! i wonder if she styll can…

  43. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 18, 2011

    Well, it is not a comparision between the TWO…it’s a comparison of A COMBINATION OF THEIR SONGS so all of this Mariah vs Beyoncé stan fighting need to cease.

    I pick Trent’s(and I don’t like him so that’s me being objective) because those are a great choice of songs for both of them(Sam’s good too though I love Bey’s version of Swing Low/Sweet Chariot better). People just don’t realize how versatile Mariah is. They always think of her as a “pop singer” and whistle register singer when she is so much more. Especially when she’s on her A Game. There is a reason why she’s the SongBird Surpreme and the Queen of Hip Pop Soul.

    Meanwhile…Bey is not the best balladeer as others have noted but when she’s on her A game, she is very expressive with her vocals actually. It’s a shame that no one uses her vocals on Still In Love/Kissing You because that’s her best recorded vocals. Period. Her use of her vocal dynamics especially in the bridge when she cresendos to her Fortissimo and then down to Pianissimo is brilliant on that song. Just love it. #LonglivetheQueenofPop&Soul.

  44. carl January 18, 2011

    They are both vocal QUEENS to me, though I would say Mariah sounds the same alot of the time she sings.

  45. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 18, 2011


    I am a Bey fan before I am a MC fan but at MC’s best SHE’S the better vocalist and overall musician. MC’s voice now can be iffy but back in the day….a vocal beast. She had the best use of melismas in pop music history. They seamlessly fit the music like she plays a violin. Her tone is more resonant than Bey’s especially when belting and her lower range is more resonant too. I do love Bey’s mid register tone more, MC could never do Crazy In love because Bey’s tone fits funk wonderfully and most songs are done in mid-register but…MC is better though. It’s not a slaughter…this is an debate that can be argued either way.

  46. Just Telling It Like It Is January 18, 2011

    Where are Beyonce’s fans when her album is released? She can’t touch Mariah on vocals or album sales. Mariah= biggest selling female artist of the Millenium!

    Beyonce is talented but she is extremely overhyped and never seems to justify her popularity in terms of song material or album and single sales.

    As for the songs, Mariah’s Mine Again is so beautiful!

  47. Creative Genius January 18, 2011

    also……trying to compare Mariah (20 yrs+ in the game) to Beyonce who is still in her vocal prime is retarded as f***. Mariah has ridden the hell out of her vocals thanks to all that belting she did in her earlier years. i honestly believe it’s the main reason Mariah learned to add a texture to her vocals. and if Beyonce doesn’t learn to do the same……she’ll be in the same boat 10 yrs from now (strained vocals, etc).

    i love em both. one more than the other (MC)……but i respect their talents.

  48. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 18, 2011

    No offense but the BULK of MC’s sales was in the 90s when ALL OF THE BIG SELLING POP ARTISTS were SELLING BIG TIME. They were all “eating” off what MJ did from the time he released Thriller. Bey came out as a solo artist in 2003 when from that time album sales have dropped 45% from 2002 til now. And the fact that Bey is the only female since that time to have 3 album go 3Xs Plat in the US and at least 6 million overall World Wide…the girl moves units very well. MC is the Artist of the 90s and Bey/DC is the artist of the 2000s(Destiny’s Child was the Billboard Artist of the year in 2000 AND 2001).

    So don’t use sales as an reason to trump MC’s superiority and I am on record in here saying MC is the better musician in my first post. Stop trying to make this a stan war and refocus, people.

  49. Beyonce: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 18, 2011

    @Creative Genius…

    Actually, Bey takes care of her vocals very well and has been continually getting vocal training for years even now just for the sake of taking care of her voice. Not to mention, with her, she knows where her voice is at so if she need to lower the key of a song that day to give the best vocal performance that she can give, she will do it. She knows her voice very well and as long as she takes care of it, that’s fine. And she uses different textures with her tone(it’s one of the best things she does…her ear/pitch accuracy is the best thing she does vocally). Her mix belts are phenomenonal so she won’t be straining. WIth her, the more she sings, the stronger her voice gets actually. If she don’t use her voice for a while, it’s not as easy for her. Believe it or not. Not to mention, 30-45 is actually the vocal prime for a female especially a Mezzo Soprano(which Beyoncé is). She will be fine.

  50. Prince January 18, 2011

    Correction I meant B’Day is Beys Sophomore album instead of Debut album.

  51. Be patient, love January 18, 2011


    This is “The Kiddz” BTW, ETB. I can only comment under “The Kiddz” on my phone, weird. Anyway, you put “Still Kissing You” over “Resentment”?

  52. RosaRubbel January 18, 2011

    ‘If’ is one of my personal favourites from B. She should do songs like this for her next project!
    ‘Mine Again’ has always been one of the best songs on ‘Emancipation’. It shines out because of it’s vocal arrangement. Mimi’s voice is perfect on this one!


  53. Beyonce Rocks January 18, 2011

    That “do you think of me” song by Mariah couldn’t even hold my attention throughout it was VERY boring… it was my first time hearing both of the songs and I must say Beyonce “he loves me” struck a holy ghost nerve in my spirit.. it’s the way she hits those Notes…Mariah just screams aimlessly. When I hear mariah, i hear an awesome range with awesome abilities..when I hear beyonce’s voice I hear control, range, dynamics, consistency.. she’s a goddess. End the end however, Mariah has been around longer and has probably done more.. so holistically I’m not sure if Beyonce is there just yet.. but as far as vocally Beyonce slayed her in all directions.

  54. KAT DELUNA FAN January 18, 2011

    I love boths ladies,And I love all the songs but I’ll with He still loves me..SAM GOT MY VOTE

  55. Royalkev January 18, 2011

    Trent you won me over with If and I must give you props for acknowledging Beyonce’s very impressive and expressive vocals! She’s often given credit for her showmanship, but people do downplay her other capabilities. I think it’s because most people hate excessively honoring someone that’s on top of their game, because it makes them seem as if their too perfect or untouchable… and before you Bey haters start – no, I’m not saying she’s perfect! It happens to the best of them… Mariah doesn’t get enough credit for her songwriting, nor does Janet for hers(or for her high octave range as well) or MJ for his. I think people need the good/bad balance. I always think I’m going to like Sam’s picks better, but lately I’ve been more interested in Trent’s. I always felt that Mariah’s Mine again was her attempt to prove her naysayers wrong and show the world that she still hasn’t loss any of her God given talent. I always feel like the notes are unpleasant and just plain loud! I swear it makes my blood pressure rise like I’m 60! Bey’s He still loves me was nice, but Trent clearly went for the jugular!

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  56. Beyoncé: The Queen on Pop & Soul January 18, 2011



    Yes, I do put SIL/Kissing You over Resentment though it is close(it’s in my top 5 Bey ballads of all time). Probably because Bey’s use of dynamics in Still In Love…I love how she interprets the bridge of it. But Resentment is great too, her harmonies are sick as we both know.

  57. LEGEND, DIVA, STAR……MARIAH CAREY January 18, 2011

    The last whistle note from MINE AGAING totally destoys the two Beyonce songs.







  58. JohnVidal January 18, 2011

    Ok I know this is between trent and Sam but I can´t resist it: Mariah slays Beyonce and almost everybody else in a way…. let´s say big way!!!
    I don´t see nothing special on ‘he still loves me’, nothing.
    Both Mariah songs are masterpieces, vocals are insane, she is just one of the best ever. But the songs are also gorgeous, she is a musical genious, yes she writes, Beyonce doesn´t.
    Mariah´s voice has it all and she uses it with such musicality, it´s like an intrument.
    Beyonce is very good, she has talent but her voice is absolutely generic compared with the true divas. And she doesn´t write so: I´m annoyed of reading some people comments that dare to put Bey on the same level or above Carey´s. It´s so clear it´s sad some people don´t see it!!!

  59. Beyoncé: The Queen on Pop & Soul January 18, 2011


    Do you consider Madonna a diva?

  60. HELLO January 18, 2011

    @JOHNVIDAL Keep it funky Mariah will faint trying to keep up with what Beyonce can do with her voice in the 2011. Why yall still stuck in 1993?

    Did you NOT see Mariah say Beyonce was her favorite artist of ALL TIME on the VH1 special?



  61. Shouw January 18, 2011

    I’ll choose Trent

  62. Prince January 18, 2011

    @Johnvidal and Beyonce: Queen of Pop & Soul ya’ll keep talkin out the Back in The Day Mariah. The Back in The Day Mariah has kinda faded away. The Mariah today will put up a good fight against Beyonce but Beyonce will win majority of the vocal battles now. And soo what if Beyonce doesn’t write some of her songs she hasn’t went through 2 much heart break and pain like Mariah. Trust Beyonce will get on Mariah’s level cuz Beyonce loves Music 2 death.

  63. ThatMigrator January 18, 2011


  64. Beyoncé: The Queen on Pop & Soul January 18, 2011


    But even now Mariah is a damn great vocalist. Her tone can be iffy at times and people judge her tone off when she was younger and voice was much more clear sounding. Her voice can be raspy at times so people judge off of that.

    But her musicianship overall is better than Bey’s…of course, I don’t see Mariah doing Crazy in Love, Green Light, Deja Vu and Suga Mama for example because Bey’s voice fits funk perfectly. But objectively, Mariah is the better musician at least at this point though Bey is far from lacking.

  65. Nichole January 18, 2011

    Trent is the winner.

    He picked one of the ultimate gems, which is Mariah’s “Do You Think Of Me.” S***. That song slays every song I’ve ever heard from Beyonce.

  66. Royalkev January 18, 2011

    @ Beyonce Rocks, that “Do you think of me” was boring – I thought it was just me. At first I thought this is going to be s***, Hot Damn!, because of the way it started… Then I just started drifting off and thinking about lunch and I just had to cut it short. People keep complaining about how disrespectful the Bey stans are with Mimi and before anyone really said anything we got “those Beyonce stans… blah, blah, blah”. Still you see all day in this post Mariah slaaaaaays Bey and don’t put them together in the same lane, it’s disrespectful to Mariah. It makes me laugh, because people want to speak on this chip on our shoulder that isn’t even there sometimes! Anyway, Mariah has nothing to prove! There’s nothing to be insecure about. These songs weren’t really her best. Beyonce is an icon (has been for a while), there was nothing to be offended by in seeing them being paired off together against themselves.

    @Kiddz, I love Resentment. When I first really listened to that song I must have played in 10 times in a row!
    … I’m not sure I hears Kissing you. *playing that now*…

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  67. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 18, 2011

    @ Royal_Alev

    High five to you on this post: People keep complaining about how disrespectful the Bey stans are with Mimi and before anyone really said anything we got “those Beyonce stans… blah, blah, blah”. Still you see all day in this post Mariah slaaaaaays Bey and don’t put them together in the same lane, it’s disrespectful to Mariah. It makes me laugh, because people want to speak on this chip on our shoulder that isn’t even there sometimes!

  68. Royalkev January 18, 2011

    Okay, heard Still in love (I was upset for a secound because I thought it was a Bey song that I didn’t know of). I see why someone would prefer it over a lot of her ballads, it’s very touching. Still I prefer, Resentment. It is a very close race between the two. Very close!

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  69. Royalkev January 18, 2011

    @Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul

    Thanks, sometimes I just feel like we don’t deserve this s***! WTF! Anything we say is always manipulated into something else. If you have to set a record straight about Beyonce as a stan your not being defensive all the time! Geeez….

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  70. Jayla January 18, 2011



  71. Jair January 18, 2011

    “Mine Again” and “Do You Think of Me” step all over Beyonce’s songs. In the showdown of the divas, Mariah wins hands down! However in the battle of the song choices, I gotta give it to Trent. “Do You Think of Me” and “If” are amazing tracks. I do give credit to Sam for selecting “Mine Again” though. It’s one of those songs that shuts the haters up. If you say Mariah’s lost her touch, hear that song and a few more RECENT album cuts. She’s still the best.

  72. eric January 18, 2011

    Mariah just kills it on both! yes beyonce can sing but she is boring!

  73. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 18, 2011


    But has Mariah done that CONSISTENTLY in this decade? No. She did that with ONE ALBUM. NORAH JONES did diamond in 2002, what kind of sales is she doing now? Bey’s album sales(which no one wants to touch on) has been consistently high. Every label executive will take at least 3 million in the States and over 6 Mil overall WW, and 3 consecutive #1 albums from an artist any day. Most artists don’t even make money off of music anymore.

    And as I said, the BULK of MC’s sales are from the 90s(EOM notwithstanding). Nothing wrong with that. MC is the Artist of the 90s, no one(apart from Madonna or Celine stans) would argue this.

  74. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 18, 2011


    I know(Anything we say is always manipulated into something else. If you have to set a record straight about Beyonce as a stan your not being defensive all the time!). I would love to have ONE TIME where we would discuss the music and that’s it. Besides, there are just some who don’t want give Bey her due(especially if they stan for other artists). Remember we talked about stans of many other artists(the Ciaras, Keris, Rihannas, Jennifers, Adeles,Keyshia Coles, and etc) don’t want to grasp how influential Bey is on their fave artists. I don’t stan for Janet but I would never come for her impact on Today’s industry.

  75. Beystanbish January 18, 2011

    Beyonce is just simply amazing. Oh Mariah too.

  76. Be patient, love January 18, 2011


    I always love your posts: Bey’s album sales(which no one wants to touch on) has been consistently high. Every label executive will take at least 3 million in the States and over 6 Mil overall WW, and 3 consecutive #1 albums from an artist any day.

    Exactly, the chick pushes albums, especially oversees (Brazil, anyone?)

  77. Killa January 18, 2011

    Beyonce wins…….she sounds great when she sings in her songs but sounds incredible live.

  78. Prince January 18, 2011

    Eric r u serious whats boring about Beyonce? She do better performances than Mariah. She doesnot make it obvious on what she’s bout 2 do next. Queen Bey is very unexpected. Wow u got me doin Mariah vs Beyonce now. Beyonce changes it up every album. Her music make people want 2 dance. She inspires people. A Queen with Charisma and all her accomplishments proves she is definitely not a boring artist.

  79. Be patient, love January 18, 2011


    Yea, I love Resentment; the harmonies at the very beginning are amazing and her tone is like no other. Ugh. It just sends chills down my spine. And, I actually prefer Bee’s midtempos to her ballads, like Suga Mama; I feel as though that’s where she does the most in terms of arrangements and vocal harmonies. And if you listen closely enough, you can hear her actually using her voice in place of the instrumentation (WDYLM). And that’s what I love about her, her voice is a multifaceted instrument. While Mariah may be the superior singer in terms of musicality and technique, I prefer Bee’s overall timbre and use…especially live.

  80. JohnVidal January 18, 2011

    Dead at some people trying to deny Mariah slayed each one of Beyonce 3 albums with TEOM in terms of succes. Admit it. The girl slayed Beyonce even in ‘Bey´s decade’. So add to that the glorious decade the 90´s was for Mariah (a succes Beyonce wil never know, and not just for the decline of sales, it´s just that Mariah slayed even popping albums one per year, if Bey do that she would bore all of us in 5 years) and just understand the fatcs.
    Plus this is not about the succes. We rare talking mainly about talent and let me see:
    – Mariah´s voice>>>> Beyonce´s (it´s a fact nobody would stand Bey singing just standing there for a whole concert)
    – Mariah´s songwriting abilities and musical skills>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beyonce´s (cos Bey has none)

    And for the person asking me if Madonna is a diva? I don´t know waht to say. Obviously she hasn´t a voice and I only like some of her songs and that´s it. But her impact is that huge and she has made so many things that maybe yes, she is a diva. People today forget about her merits but search on youtube some things and you will be surprised. Obviously Bey will never achieve what Madonna has either. Madonna owns the creativity and reinvention department. Just admit that Bey is no queen of anything

  81. mariahlover January 18, 2011

    Ok now all you bashing Mariah calm your asses down! !! Mariah is the better artist hands down case closed! Now I like Beyonce but she can’t compete with Mariah in sales, songwriting or vocals. Mariah is in a league of her own! And the Mariah’s songs are better than the Beyonce songs. Mariah always has those songs that people never heard and they are GREAT! Where as Beyonce’s songs that are not released tend to be BO-ring!!! But again I like them both!

  82. Royalkev January 18, 2011

    @ Beyonce the Queen of pop and Soul, exactly… see I love Janet and I’m okay with her not being you cup of tea. I think Mariah is okay and I don’t care for Madonna at all, but I always acknowledge how legendary they are. Now if I’m just being honest giving my opinion on a song that I don’t like or if someone is bringing down an artist I like to uplift their own I am going to get truthful say some real things! … So if we just keep them all in their happy little legend box and refer to only the issue at hand (the music) and nothing personal, noone has to get hurt! :)… Still, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mariah so it wouldn’t be natural for me to bash her anyway! …It’s funny that you brought up that convo from the other post. I was just speaking about Bey’s influence on some of her peers the other day, I’m sure this will probably go unnoticed for another 10years. It’s similar to how people refuse to see her as a icon (even after 3 successful solo albums and 3 successful group projects in the last decade). People always say she has soooo much to do, like she’s on her first single.

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  83. mariahlover January 18, 2011

    Sorry but Beyonce is not an icon. She hasn’t earned that yet!!!

  84. Royalkev January 18, 2011

    @ The Kiddz, I agree… I prefer the midtempo’s over the ballads myself. I love hearing her sing Me myself and I live, she always changes the arrangement and her pitch. She’s a master at her craft. I get chills listening to what she does with that song. Say my name, even gets a new riff and different harmonies most of the time. I have to say that I’d say her musicality/ technique is equal to Mariah’s. Bey isn’t predictable. That’s why I love singers like her that are just so innovative with their style of singing. Honestly the last person that did that for me was Brandy before she came along and I must say it’s refreshing.

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  85. Andreas Greece UK January 18, 2011

    Mariah wins. I mean its easy, beyonce was inspired by mariah. That voice influenced beyonce so much she tried to sing vision of love like mariah did.


    Mariah always.

  86. Andreas Greece UK January 18, 2011

    Mariah had one of the best selling albums and THE BEST single from 2000 to 2010.

    In the 90’s mariah won.

    It seems even in Beyonce’s prime she cant compete with mariah.

  87. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 18, 2011


    Thanks for answering my question of Madonna though in a round-about way. So you admit that Madonna’s voice is not the best…then you would admit that being a Diva is more than having a “voice”. Right? It’s what an female entertainer have contributing to the industry. Bey’s contributions might be less than Mariah, and Madonna(mainly because they have been in the industry longer and are her influences in the industry) but that don’t mean that her contributions aren’t lacking. By this measure she’s a Diva. She has her own lane and she has accomplished things that Madonna, and Mariah will never do For example: #1 songs for at least 10 weeks as part of a group and as a solo artist. No other artist(s) have ever done this on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

    Another thing having a unique voice/tone don’t make for a great vocalist. Rihanna has a unique tone, is she a great vocalist? No. Christina Aguliera has an unique voice, but is she a great vocalist? No. Bey destroys both of them with her musicianship and her understanding of her voice within the framework of the music consistently. She KNOWS her voice is an instrument and even if her instrument(her voice) isn’t the best, she knows how to use and does it very well. No one uses Harmonies like she does. Listen to the harmonies right here: She does them herself(she uses her voice to do it) and THIS is a big reason why she wins the Grammys that she wins.

  88. Be patient, love January 18, 2011


    OMG @: I love hearing her sing Me myself and I live, she always changes the arrangement and her pitch. She’s a master at her craft. I get chills listening to what she does with that song.

    You have no idea how many versions of that song I have on my Ipod. Her voice just blends in with the instrumentation, the band and her tone unite creating a thrilling piece of music.

    One of my favorites.

  89. Be patient, love January 18, 2011

    @Andreas Greek UK

    “That voice influenced beyonce so much she tried to sing vision of love like mariah did.”

    Almost, Beyonce said she started practicing vocal runs after she heard that song.

  90. JohnVidal January 18, 2011

    @Andreas Greece UK
    That´s exactly what I said in a previous comment. Bey has found it hard to compete with Mariah even in her prime. That says it all

  91. Bey&MCFan January 18, 2011

    The great thing about this post is that it shows who Beyonce is being compared to… never will Bey be compared to these mediocre acts of the 2000s, she can only be compared to the greats! She has transcended the other singers of her generation and has certainly reached legendary status. The debate can go on all day as to who’s a better singer out of Bey and MC, but at the end of the day MC paved the way and inspired Bey to become great. Now Bey is right alongside MC and MC loves her way more than any of these other new ‘stars’!

  92. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 18, 2011


    One of the things I always hear when those who attack Bey’s career is: She hasn’t had a DEFINING MOMENT YET to be an icon or legend. Now I could get into all of kinds of defining moments in her career to show that they are wrong, but it’s excuses.

    Bey could do an album that sells as much as THRILLER did and some will STILL dismiss her career somehow just because they just don’t want to give her, her due. And I am not saying that a person even has to. People can manipulate things to make things seem bigger or smaller than they are…but when the evidence is in people’s faces, I mean really.

    For example: I can’t stand Madonna’s music. I actually prefer Lady Gaga over Madonna believe it or not…but is Madonna a legend? Yep. Is Gaga right now? Nope. Can she be? If she keeps what she is doing and show that she has the kind of longevity that the great divas have, then yes. It’s objectivity.

  93. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 18, 2011


    Now I can go back to the music(LOL!!!!)…this is why I am actually excited about what Bey will do next album. The more instrumentation, the better. That’s where her voice sounds best and one of the things about bey’s re-arrangements of her songs is that a lot of times is more subtle than dramatic but it works. Take how she arranges Halo. She lower the key a half step from the recorded version, makes the tempo a little faster and viola: it still almost a different songs at times. Things like that just fascinate me, no matter who the artist is. *chuckles*

  94. Royalkev January 18, 2011

    @ kiddz, I get lost in that song when I hear it, EVERY SINGLE TIME! Thanks for the post. I need a variety of other versions of that song for my ipod. I could be stuck on only that song for a week. I love the I AM tour dvd version(I think) where she just belts out the 2nd verse. That one just gets me – it’s like don’t talk ’til she’s finish! Then I love the …& I got me, myself and I’s at the end. Truly Marvelous!

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  95. JohnVidal January 18, 2011

    @Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul
    I appreciate your comments are kind and try to bring arguments, not like other Bey fans.
    The things you said are beautiful but they did nothing to the fact that is clear: Mariah slays her as I already stated in my previous 2 comments and I told exactly why
    And obviously diva is not only an amazing voice, I never said that

  96. Leema January 18, 2011

    Beyonce is my absolute favorite, sorry Mariah.

  97. Royalkev January 18, 2011

    @Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul
    I notice you keep calling me Royal _ Alev (almost like the pill). I think you did that before and I always wonder if it’s someone else your addressing at first… 🙂

    Your are so right, I don’t know what it’ll take for her to finally have this defining moment. You ever have these debates with people and then go on to the next topic and that same person who downplays Bey’s success go up for someone with equal or even less success than Bey. Then tries to convince you that they’re the most accomplished thing ever! I even meet people that deny the impact of Single Ladies and ignore the fact that everyone from new anchors to sitcom characters use the phrase like it’s in the dictionary. They act as if it’s a fluke also, then when you point out that each album has had a break out anthem it’s still not impressive – like it’s as common as catching the flu.

    I just feel like give people their credit when it’s due. I don’t care if you like them or not, it’s the truth!

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  98. mc fan since 96 January 18, 2011

    I so wish Mariah would make an album full of songs like “Mine Again” and “Do You Think of Me.” The critics who complain about her pandering pop songs would be hushed. Her legacy is already extraordinary, but I know she is capable of so much more than she has released of late.

  99. Anthony The Great January 18, 2011

    Trent wins this one. Sorry Sam.

  100. Be patient, love January 18, 2011


    Yea, I can’t wait. I’m wondering if she’s “outgrown” Contemporary R&B. Her performing Ave Maria at the BET awards really had me thinking about the direction of her new album. This is a woman who isn’t afraid of taking risks (despite what her naysayers say).

  101. MC 18#1’s Bey 5#1s MC 5 octaves Bey 3 octaves January 18, 2011

    i love them both but Mariah Carey’s Voice is Magical and one of a kind, the only other singer that can be compared to her is Whitney Houston thats it. And Mariah is also a genius song writer. Beyonce is great her voice is not as powerful, Resonant, distinctive and silky as Mariahs. and all you Beyonce fans that are “too ghetto to function” calling Mariahs song boring WTF seriosly your ridiculous and have bad taste. And GRAMMYS ARE B******* we all know that Mariah has won artist of the decade and artist of the millennium and has sold over 200 MILLION RECORDS she writes her music….etc and more…..SO BEYONCE FANS SIT YO ASSES DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. mariahlover January 18, 2011

    @ Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul

    I don’ t think that having #1 songs for at least 10 weeks as part of a group and as a solo artist is not a defyning accomplishment when there are other artists that have had #1 songs as a group and as a solo artist as well. It really doesn’t make sense. Do some research on Billboard first.

  103. Royalkev January 18, 2011

    @ Kidz, nice! She does no wrong with that song! The girl truly is amazing! …and I honestly, feel like her voice only gets better with time.

    …Yup, I’m making a blog it’s actually almost ready. It’s coming along. Do you have twitter? If you do, I’ll give you an e-mail to send me one to and I can get it from that.

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  104. JohnVidal January 18, 2011

    @MC 18#1’s Bey 5#1s MC 5 octaves Bey 3 octaves
    Tell them cos I got tired already. They don´t understand the facts
    And dead at some Bey stans trying to bring down Mariah by stupid accomplishments, mariah owns Bey and almost everybody else in the numbers and Billboard department, so don´t even try it.
    Apart from success, it is so clear Mariah shits on Beyonce musically and vocally it´s not even funny anymore some people not understanding it

  105. dboy January 18, 2011

    the top commenters where going in on bey fans but now the mariah stans are d ones dragging queen bey, damn where’s s*** when u need her?

  106. Royalkev January 18, 2011

    Dboy, exactly… that’s why I feel sometimes that what he does is totally justified! We are dragged to no end and then made out to be douchebags for defending her. Ridiculous! It would be wrong to speak about Mimi sounding just awful and suffering through WBT on the BET awards, while she was in a peak era(Emancipation):
    Not to mention that she can barely walk across the stage if she’s wearing heels. Mimi is just all kinds of imperfect and these lambs are getting a bit delusional.
    These 18#1’s are nice, some off them are forgettable.Touch my body and Don’t forget about us were her last 2, try remembering the words to the 1st verse… exactly!

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  107. Sit January 18, 2011

    @JohnVidal u forgot to mention dat Mariah have 20 years of career and Bey’s as solo artist is only 8 and You Know what if u combine the Destiny’s child Hits plus the Beyonce hits it will make 9 #1 hits for Beyonce cuz BEYONCE=DESTINY’S CHILD . I Love Mariah these two ladies are great friend together. Gotta admit that Mariah did a lot of stuff in 20 years but Beyonce prooves much more stuff in only ten years She is the Pride of all the Black people community. She do everything Better she isq one the best performer in music history. And huuuuum Bey already sung in live in 5 octave voice (she maybe dont do that frequently but she did it) so I think dat she is Better in all the ways. I mean she is a complete artist. I rather listen Beyonce singing live than a studio album. Cuz her voice is pure and stong.

  108. the kiddz January 18, 2011

    Beyonce does not have 5 octaves.

  109. Prince January 18, 2011

    When i think about it Mariah has 2 prove her self again if she plans on staying in da game and she wants 2 prove she still got it. Yea Mariah been there and done some of the stuff Bey has done but yall know she’s struggling now especially with the voice. Im sorry being iffy and struggling just dont cut it now. Beyonce basically gives us perfection when she performs live and when she makes an album. To be a Mariah and a Bey fan and say Mariah songs are all better than Bey songs u r definitely lying. Mariahs sales is the only thing that wins over Bey sales. Beyonce wins in Vocal department, Beauty and Performances.

  110. Sit January 19, 2011

    @the kiddz
    I never said dat Bey got 5 octave but she often sing some note in it. Beyonce reach 4.5 octave

  111. RihannaForever January 19, 2011

    The delusions. I can’t.

  112. the kiddz January 19, 2011


    Duh. Her signature note is F5, but that doesn’t mean she has five octaves. If that was the case, Mariah would have 8. Word it differently next time.

  113. RihannaForever January 19, 2011

    ^^LOL. I love the way you talk to people.

  114. the kiddz January 19, 2011


    Mariah has NOTHING to prove. She’s an icon, legend, The Songbird Supreme. Her music and her voice have influenced an entire generation.

  115. the kiddz January 19, 2011


    Really? I hope I’m not coming off as rude. Lol

  116. RihannaForever January 19, 2011

    No, absolutely not! I just love people who are forward. If I’m being really rude and someone says “Hey, you’re being bitchy right now”, I prefer that to the martyr attitude.

  117. WHOREdonnaSucks January 19, 2011

    Album sales

    Mariah: 175 million
    Shityoncé: 23 million

    Shityoncé’s stans need to sit down because their fat w**** ain’t nothing on Mariah.

  118. RihannaForever January 19, 2011

    Just remember to take into account that Mariah has made many more records than Beyonce.

  119. sIT January 19, 2011

    bEYONCE ALREADY HIT THE E6 and it’s is a 5.3 octave nite so pliiiz I know what I am talking about.
    Beyonce sold 130millions records and ppl gotta recognize dat world have changed standart album sales are reduced because of the digital album sales world changed and Albums sales are noted in RECORDS SALES And Bey is the best record seler of the decade Goooossh accept that she did much more stuff in a shorter time Including 16 grammy HUUUm you are talking about Diva???? dIVA GET gRAMMYS AND mONEY hahahah QUEEN Beyonce for ever

  120. George Liquor January 19, 2011

    @ Prince. Beyonce wins in the vocal department,that is some b******* right there.Mariah has won of the best voices in music history,she has a range that almost no other singer has.I’m sick of people disrespecting Mariah Carey.Some of you Beyonce fan can’t see the forest for the trees.

  121. George Liquor January 19, 2011

    I meant one of the best voices.

  122. the kiddz January 19, 2011


    Lol. I get it from my mom, us Italians tell it like it is. I’m surprised no one thinks I’m a troll posting under two names. Oh, its kinda hard to go into details when you’re posting from the phone. Lol

  123. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 19, 2011


    No…what Bey did have a #1 song for 10 weeks as part of a solo artists and part of a group, no one has done it. Not Diana Ross, not MJ not anyone. I know other artists have had #1s as part of a group and solo artist. Trust me, I am like an entertainment industry historian. It’s what I do, for fun. Plus, you’re missing the point, there are many other accomplishments Bey has but I don’t feel like listing them all because this is becoming a stan war and this was not what this thread was about. I understand the Lambs defending their girl, but their girl respect Bey as an artists and vocalist(she had Bey in her ballot for one of the 100 VH1 greatest artists) tone it down a little.


    I don’t argue this: Mariah slays her as I already stated in my previous 2 comments. In fact, a poster address you and me because I said this to him: I am a Bey fan before I am a MC fan but at MC’s best SHE’S the better vocalist and overall musician.

    I would agree with you, even though I don’t know if slay is the right word. I am just saying that you can say this, and allow that Bey is a diva who has made a big impact on the industry.


    My bad, for messing your handle.


    I have a blog entry on what you’re talking about. I will post it: I thought on this too, I consider her more or less expanding the genre than truly leaving it.

  124. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 19, 2011


    You are so funny. LOL.

  125. Prince January 19, 2011

    @ The Kiddz i know Mariah is a Legend, Icon and she influenced a whole generation. Beyonce is an Icon and she is influencing a whole generation. Of course Beyonce will become a Legend too. But what im tryin 2 say is Legendary Mariah is trying 2 prove she still got it herself cuz she know she needs 2 improve her voice. she was defintely trying 2 improve her voice when she sung We Belong 2gether Live. I use to say she dont need 2 prove nothing until i heard her voice cracking live. Especially when she sung We Belong 2gether Live. Her voice has been improving though.

  126. RihannaForever January 19, 2011

    The whole Be Patient, Love thing confused me. I’m half-Asian but my mum is like that in some ways and I can be that way. I just love forward people, LOL.

    @Beyonce Queen of Hip Hop & Soul
    What do you mean?

  127. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue January 19, 2011

    @ The Kiddz:

    I have a love-hate thing with “Resentment”. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I think she’s doing too much.

    @ JohnVidal:

    OK, I get you don’t like Beyoncé, and I don’t have a problem at all with you considering her inferior to Mariah, but sometimes I think you’re being biased against her. How come she’s the “queen of nothing” when she’s accomplished more than her contemporaries, not just in regards to commercial success, but in regards to performance and music?

  128. kkkkkk January 19, 2011

    looooool @ bey doesnt have christina’s vocals 😛 christina’s vocals are amaaaazing, but many times she falls short on stage! and of course, no one can find 1 wrong vocal from bey…. not ever..

  129. the kiddz January 19, 2011


    Lol. That’s my name when I’m posting on my laptop. You don’t like the name? Idk why I can’t post under “The Kiddz” unless im on my phone. And I love how you post too, very objective.

    @True Blue

    Hey buddy! Yea, I get what you mean, but its just a plethora of emotions for me; the betrayal in her tone, the harmonies…sweet Jesus, the harmonies.

  130. Royalkev January 19, 2011

    @ Beyonce: Queen of pop and soul… great writing on Beyonce. I read your blog. Interesting! I commented.

    *The Page with RoyalKev / February 7th, 2011(Where there’s a place for everything and everything has its place)

  131. RihannaForever January 19, 2011

    “Resentment” is so overdone and oversaturated, to me.

    I like it; it confused me.

  132. S*** January 19, 2011

    Vocally: To CLOSE to Call but IMO Beyonce >>>>>>> MIMI
    Musically: Beyonce >>>>>>>>>>> MIMI
    Overall: Beyonce >>>> MIMI 🙂

    Sidenote: Beyonce >>> Strain-Tina OffKeyGorrila & this IS NOT Opinion but PURE 100% FAAACT!!

  133. S*** January 19, 2011

    Bey’s songs to me are just Better than Mariahs (& not just uptempos but Im talking MIDS & BALLADS) so TRENT WINS Hands Down.

    Question: who ihas the MOST SOUL B/W Bey, MIMI, & Xtina??

    I’d say Beyonce BY FAR!!

  134. F****** January 19, 2011

    MAriah’s career was built off of Whitney’s, where is this fat w****’s originality. Sam you need put up some of Whitney’s live recordings from the 80s and 90s that would put these two whores to vocal shame

  135. TIMMI January 19, 2011


    In terms of vocal skills, Beyonce is an amazingly talented singer. But I just can’t with you dellusional stans trying to slide her in to the vocal trinity. Ya’ll act as shady as Bey.

    S*** you’re dellusional as hell. Do your research, the vocal trinity always has been and remains Mariah, Whitney and Celine.

    Mariah Carey: The Songbird Supreme
    Whitney Houston: The Voice
    Celine Dion: The Queen of Ballads

    This can never be changed and Beyonce could never replace any of these. How do you find it possible to replace Celine and try slide in Beyonce with the likes of Mariah, when Beyonce has stated herself Mariah is the reason she sings and how big of an influence she is to her career. These are the people she LOOKS UP too, she don’t roll alongside with them. Yeah she can sing, but she just ain’t THE DEAL.

    You must think because this is an urban music blog you can just shadily replace Celine with Bey and everyone will ride with it. Well NO, whether you like Celine’s style of music or not is irrelevant, she slays vocally and deserves her spot in there.

    BTW, in reference to your comment about Bey’s song’s “being better than Mariah’s so Trent wins”:
    1. Trent and Sam both posted one Beyonce and one Mariah song each, so ya…
    2. What songs of Bey’s, are actually hers though? Considering she can’t write and LIES AND BUYS her credits.. #JustSaying

    And I actually find Mariah’s gospel-influenced music and Christina’s voice alone much more soulful then Beyonce. She reminds me of more of a Tina Turner all-round voice and dancing style artist, not a soulful artist.

  136. George Liquor January 19, 2011

    @ F******, you son of a b****.I thought that I told to stop calling Mariah fat,and the woman is not a w****.You mother is the w****,f*** off you sorry ass piece of s***.Damn I hate your punk ass,always disrespecting Mariah. And her career WAS NOT built on Whitney’s.

  137. gus January 19, 2011

    Mariah & Beyonce are the best singers of the moment the divas must do a duet. somenthing r’n’b electric with powerful voices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @ TIMMI

    So you just wrote me that LONG AS HELL Novel & for what??:

    VOCAL TRINITY (AKA THE VOICES): Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce

    ^^^ Notice anything different? I Dont… 😐

  139. S*** January 19, 2011

    VOCAL FOURSOME: Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce… Celine

    Oh there she is, Good Ole Celine 🙂

  140. KD January 19, 2011

    Don’t know any of the Mariah songs but I know and LOVE, IF so Trent gets my vote.

  141. jallibee January 19, 2011

    ok mariah carey wins and will always win! why? first is mariah can reach higher octaves. second can switch highest notes to the lowest! mariah is unique almost all of her songs are written by herself. beyonce is ok she’s a good artist the voice well let’s just say she always shout no offense to the fans. and plus beyonce and mimi are bestfriends so why compete?

  142. JohnVidal January 19, 2011

    You just said the truth. Beyonce can´t touch the vocal trinity, never. S*** is f****** delusional. And Mariah´s songs are way better than Bey´s and in addition Mariah writes and Bey doesn´t and again in addition lies about it. Who is better?? Mariah slays.
    Yes Beyonce shakes her but better. I´m not saying she has not talent, but she is no Carey. That´s it, deal with it. And also mariah is more succesful including the sales decline factor. Her TEOM album slod more than any of Bey 3 albums in the supposed Bey´s golden era. So adding the amount of succesful albums and singles she had in the 90´s…. wow and some are really trying to bring down Mariah by talking about Bey´s numbres… hilarious!!!

  143. TIMMI January 19, 2011


    Well initially I was posting to alert you that you are a fool you are for saying Trent wins because you like Beyonce songs better, when the aim of the post was for both him and Sam to post a song from each artist. Shows how literate you are and how much attention you pay doesn’t it…

    The fact you disregarded my whole argument speaks for itself. Guess who wins?

    So tell me where is this supposedly new member of this new vocal “foursome” here:

    OR here:

    OR EVEN here:

    “Vocal Foursome”… Bwahahahaha… Delusional ass…


    I know right. Mariah don’t even need people to argue about her voice, talent, etc. with these delusional fools. Her stats speak for themselves, she is a legend, don’t matter who comes after, she did it first and they will always be looking UP to her and being influenced by her.

  144. JohnVidal January 19, 2011

    Loved the videos. And yes I don´t know where exactly does Beyonce fit in there…. lol

  145. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 19, 2011


    First of all, the Queen of POP BALLADS is not Celine. That’s Barbra Striesand. She influenced every one of “the 80s vocal trinity”. Secondly, I won’t knock Celine(meaning say that she sucks) because she has accomplish many things and have talent but as a vocalist, I put Bey over her. She has a fuller, rounder and more emotive tone, better use of her dynamics, better belter, better improvisational skills with her voice musically. Celine does know how to set up her fortisimmos though, I will give her that(like she sings All By Myself for example).

    And BTW, before you look at my handle to dismiss my point of view, I would never say Bey is better than Mariah and Whitney. Especially at their primes.

  146. Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop & Soul January 19, 2011

    And another thing…though “the 80s-90s Trinity” is great, if you compare them to the TRUE TRINITY which would be Aretha, Barbra and Ella Fitzgerald, they fail in comparison: These are three most influential female vocalists in modern day mainstream(pop) entertainment history. Pretty much every female vocalist is influenced mostly by these three female vocalists.

    So let’s not pump MC, Whitney and Celine too much now. Debating whether Beyoncé belongs in the “The 80s-90s Trinity” is moot because she’s not of that generation in the first place. She’s the Next Generation and if you going to have a Trinity from that generation, then an 8 time Vocal Performance Grammy Winner is going to definately be part of that discussion.

  147. Jamie January 19, 2011

    I love both artists ive GOT every SINGLE album of both artists! and they are both incredible artists Beyonce has 3 octaves Mariah has 5. Mariah is ace live and doesnt struggle to get out notes and Beyonce is ace live and doesnt struggle to get out notes.Beyonce has sold 11.2 million albums according to her RECORD LABEL! Mariah has SOLD 250 million albums according to her RECORD LABEL! Beyonce said she was inspired by MARIAH CAREY! and loves her! WE BELONG TOGETHER FROM MARIAH CAREY has been named the song of the decade! THEY ARE BOTH PHENOMINAL VOCALISTS!
    in my opinion i think MARIAH pushes a little bit further with the MORE VERSATILE VOICE!

    2. Rihanna
    3. Kylie minogue
    4. Whitney Houston
    5. Beyonce

  148. Jenna January 20, 2011


  149. Andreas Greece UK January 20, 2011

    Some wanker on here said beyonce is more beautiful than mariah?

    In mtv, beyonce called mariah beautiful.

    Beyonce is not better looking…. to say it as a fact is just pure relativism i.e opinion.

    But a fact is that mariah writes better songs, has a better voice, more number ones, biggest song of the 90s. biggest song on the 00’s, best selling r’n’b album of all time, more octaves that beyonce, more collaborations ( i mean hello? mariah has sang with luther vandross, pavarotti.diana ross…..ODB….)…beyonce can just do it with lady gaga? haha even with tina turner she stood on her foot :P:P:P.mariah is the legend… mariah has more weeks at number one combined that any other artist in history….mariah wins……..

  150. Andreas Greece UK January 20, 2011

    Beyonce has never been an amazing singer. The thing about whitney and mariah is that through their artistry… their voice and the sound of it is supernatural. No one can sing a mariah or whitney song. Many can sing a beyonce song though.

    Mariah ur the best…. shake off these haterz :p

  151. Da Truth January 25, 2011

    “If” is by far one Beyonce’s best song, and one of my favourite, and a lot of people don’t know the song, and it’s a pity because this song is dope. The lyrics, and the story behinf them, are incredible, and Beyonce’s voice of course is amazing

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