Hot Shot: Nicki Minaj Continues To Enjoy London

Published: Saturday 22nd Jan 2011 by Trent

Nicki Minaj has a wacky outfit for every occasion. The rapper hosted a ‘Pink Friday’ party at Studio Valbonne in London last evening in yet another interesting ensemble.

What do you think of the pic?

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  1. Robier January 22, 2011

    So tired of the LOOK AT ME….. I NEED UR ATTENTION antics

  2. Divadom January 22, 2011

    Nicki be looking fierce wherever she go!

  3. Time To Shine January 22, 2011


  4. Bubbles January 22, 2011

    That outfit is kinda cute. She kills me with her facial expressions though.

  5. Bubbles January 22, 2011

    Omg dead at the woman right in the background, looking like a fossilised chimp.

  6. Traci Summers January 22, 2011

    Lady Gaga is a PRO. and is madonna’s 1st born. so she will always kill the costumes.. Nicki Minaj u are a FOOL with no talent. wearing stupid outfits to stay in the news U ARE NOT GAGA NOR ARE U LIL KIM. so stop it. LEAVE IT TO THE PROS KIM N GAGA. B**** BYE. CANNOT WAIT TILL UR 15 mins are UP!

  7. Ummm January 22, 2011

    I’m from London and all nicki does is take pictures!! When she at the club she stays for 30min than rolls out after all the pictures are taken! And the situation at her hotel was because the kids where vandalizing the property but the media are trying to make it seem as if people were camping out which they weren’t! Why do you think no pics were takin?

    She’s so FORCED… ugh!!

  8. Try Again… January 22, 2011

    I don’t mind her outfits, I just think they make her seem like she’s trying too hard. I hate the Gaga comparisons, but she does come off as a cheap Gaga knock-off…

  9. sane beyhanna stan January 22, 2011

    It looks very cute on her.

  10. TEAMALJA January 23, 2011

    like a big mac burger when ya do it sloppy

  11. drizzy January 23, 2011


  12. Life January 23, 2011

    @TraciSummes Cosign.. It just looks so forced on minaj. Doesn’t come off natural because we already seen the real her. Not this record label forced upon gimmick chick smh. She really did sellout, that’s why she can never give a good reason of all her antics and gimmick ways and always contradicting herself..

  13. wtf January 23, 2011

    She’s clearly bleaching her skin smh, she’s white now

  14. RiCiBey(Breezy) January 23, 2011

    But I do LOVE her skirt in this picture. Fierce indeed 😉

  15. Rihanna’s crackhead daddy January 23, 2011

    Since when did her skin complexion become so light?! Smh

    She looked absolutely stunning when she first came out (five star chick) now she is jus blah!

  16. Dee Eugene January 23, 2011

    Lady Gaga was the first person that came to mind when I saw this mess. She’ll always be seen as a gimmick in the industry. I’ve told people time and time again, the b**** sold out. She calls it “growing” in Dear Old Nicki, but in reality, Dear Old Nicki is in a grave somewhere turning over because of what she’s become. So forced and fake. I can’t take…

  17. Jeffreyy D January 23, 2011

    Nicki you look Gorgeous! Your nowhere near the comparisons people make up about you. Yur a stunning star & these b******/ haters must kill themselvess!!

    #TEAMMINAJ B****** !!!

  18. Joe Sullivan January 23, 2011

    so damn cute… no lie

  19. TIMMI January 23, 2011

    I think she is doing something to lighten her skin.

    And before any Barbz jump at me, I love Nicki and I am quite aware of the lighting situation. There’s clearly a bright flash in these photographs which is why some people in this post have noticed and decided to point out her skin colour.

    HOWEVER, there are several pictures with neutral lighting where it is clear to see her complexion has lightened compared to her former complexion in past pictures/videos where it is clear to see her skin was darker. Even if she has removed a tan, she would not have lightened to the degree she has.

    Look at her complexion in this video here:

    I rest my case.

    I did however read that she applies an all round spray on concealer that makes her whole complexion even and glowing. I do not know how true that is. But something is making her achieve a lighter tone.

  20. TIMMI January 23, 2011


    I know some of you, particularly the Barbz, find it hard to accept the idea of someone (arguably) disregarding their skin tone and race by lightening their skin. But you have to face the truth and ask yourself this. Skin lightening is a step towards what… Looking more Caucasian. How many black people do you see on the average day with naturally blonde hair? Not a lot. Because blonde hair is more of a Caucasian feature, so a blonde weave is a step towards looking more Caucasian.

    My point being, if she can take a step towards looking more Caucasian via hair, why would it be so hard to believe she is lightening her skin?

    Makes perfect sense to me…

  21. kelzrowland January 23, 2011

    Simply Fantastic!

    Great Makeup + Great Stylist + Great Hair + Talent= Nicki Minaj the Superstar!

  22. Ms.Chocolate January 23, 2011

    Nicki is sooo beautiful. Why does she insist on making those ugly ass faces? It looks like she caught a gas bubble in her stomach, and shes trying to hold it in, so she wont bust a fart. Wouldnt it be easier if she just, I dont know….smiled?

    And I agree with @RiCiBey(Breezy). She looked 1000% better in that picture…

  23. Traci Summers January 23, 2011

    i just realised she relli is looking WHITER… lil wayne prolli put her up to it.. the lighter she gets, the more money she gets lol .. atleast with lady gaga she has TALENT. so she can wear any outfit she wants.. same with lil kim.. they sell out shows and leave ppl satisfied nicki u made sorry excuses for not performing in london and u think just by SHOWING ur face ..and wearing a Gaga outfit is going to satisfy ur fans.. well ur mistaken

  24. KaVion January 23, 2011

    I don’t even have TIME to go IN on these people..
    But I’ll put it like this, music is about exactly that MUSIC.
    Everyone’s always so consumed in the extras.
    I could CARE LESS what Nicki is wearing as long as she keeps delivering great music.
    Pink Friday showed she can lyrically deliver, the beats sucked and were lackluster but that’s not her fault. She delivered. She spit real,relatable, emotional music.
    It’s that simple to me.
    Who CARES if she looks like gaga? [i don’t see it at all]
    & BLEACHES her skin?
    1. Nickis NEVER been dark
    2. It’s the LIGHTING, she hasn’t looked like that ANY other place.
    3. While ya’ll KIM stans going in on NICKI bleaching her skin, look at your girl.
    No disrespect to kim but she’s the one who’s bleached her skin.
    Thats all I have to say.
    She’s not a model or a fashion icon, she’s a MUSICIAN.
    So when she drops a single, critisize that. Not her clothes?
    F*** kinda sense is that?

  25. TIMMI January 23, 2011


    LIKE I SAID, there are SEVERAL other pictures out there of Nicki being in neutral lighting and having a lighter complexion. Don’t make me start posting links here, or it will look like you don’t know how to read OR do a Google image search.

    There ain’t one person here who mentioned Nicki’s skin lightening and also said/suggested they were a stan for Kim.

    Do your research you ignorant creature. If you look in any other post about Nicki VS Kim, personally I’ve ALWAYS leaned more towards NICKI’S side. Everybody knows Kim bleaches, so IDK what news you think you’re breaking. I’ve acknowledged that, been there, done that. Got the t-shirt 15+ times over. You don’t see me here praising Kim’s bleaching and slating Nicki for it do you…

    Damn fool, assuming that everyone who has anything other than words of praise about Nicki must be a Kim stan.

    “F*** kinda sense is that?”

  26. Shah January 23, 2011

    LOL almost a replica of Lil’Kims kontrol mag outfit. Nicki. Please. Stop this.

  27. GangsterA January 23, 2011

    lmao at nicki coming as a cheap gaga knock off all that b**** do latley is wearing bra/underwear with a madonna jacket and she call it fashion pppaaalllleeeeassssse and unlike gaga nicki don’t wear the same outfit over and over and over (that plastic s*** gaga wore it more than 3336 times) anyway nicki looks fierce love the dress and the hair

  28. GangsterA January 23, 2011

    lmao at nicki coming as a cheap gaga knock off all that b**** do latley is wearing bra/underwear with a madonna jacket and she call it fashion pppaaalllleeeeassssse and unlike gaga nicki don’t wear the same outfit over and over and over (that plastic s*** gaga wore it more than 3336 times) anyway nicki looks fierce love the dress and the wig

  29. KaVion January 23, 2011

    LMAO..did i specifically talk to you?
    At all?
    I’ve been following Nicki sense the beginning, she’s always been light.
    She can use make up..why are you trying to go in on me?
    Did I offend you in any way?
    Who the hell said i was trying to educate or break any news?
    And i was speaking to any of the kim stans, i never said that the ENTIRE comment was directed to everyone speaking about Nicki. I was saying that anyone that’s a kim stan going in on Nicki needs to reevaluate their thinking. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t disrespect me when I’ve done nothing to. It’s real easy to go in on people but it takes a lot more to just talk to people with respect. I could easily go IN on you, but what would either one of us get out of that? Like I said in my comment, all i care about in an artist is their MUSIC. So i really feel no need to go in on you about Nicki’s SKIN. When neither of us know her personally at all? Like I said before, people are too consumed in other’s personal lives. I would have never even spoke about Kim’s skin if Nicki’s wasn’t brought up first. If you want to debate about Nicki’s music I’d be happy to but i refuse to argue with you about Nicki’s personal life when I know nothing about her personally, same with you. Anyways don’t call me ignorant because you know nothing about me :]
    Lmao I’m sorry if i offended you but I’m not sorry for what I said.
    Anyway, have a nice night..I’m gonna go enjoy my night watching Beyonce’s I am World Tour lmao.
    Are you a fan of hers?

  30. wyh January 23, 2011


    Trust me, every1 who has something to say about nicki or doesn’t like her music isn’t a “Kim stan.” And you HAVEEEE to be a stan if you really believe that this girl isn’t getting lighter bye the months……

  31. GangsterA January 23, 2011

    she dosen’t bleach the camera flash is making her look light skinned you can check the pics from yesterday her skin looks normal and its cold theres no sun so of course she will be a bit lighter and nicki is not dark skinned to begun with so you #Fail

  32. Jimmy_Choo January 23, 2011

    Wow, she is sooooooooooooooo international!!!

    How many albums has she sold in the UK?

    Better question, how many albums has she sold WW thus far?

  33. Dane January 23, 2011

    In the Uk she debuted at number 33……Epic FAIL

  34. KaVion January 23, 2011

    It doesn’t matter if i’m a stan, i’m still honest.
    I like Nicki’s music so that’s all i worry about
    Her personal life is none of any of our business, that’s the main msg i was TRYING to get across, and that people are way too consumed in fashion and all the extras instead of the TALENT. That’s why so many people are calling the music business “all gimmicks” now.
    Because all people have to talk about is what these artists are wearing, who they’re sleeping with, what new tattoo they got etc. Why does that matter? Since when do we even have the right to have an opinion on these people we know NOTHING about? Other than a couple interviews and of course their work. All we should have an opinion on is their body of work, not their life. Back in the time of Aretha, or Anita or Patti a headline would never be about their clothes? It would be a performance. Do you get the point I’m trying to get across?
    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go off on you. It’s just Timmi understood me wrong and I needed to get my point better across. I apologize for saying so much, I mean that sincerely

  35. Stoney-Brie January 23, 2011

    ONE WORD ::: “GAGA”

  36. dboy January 23, 2011

    what happened to my comment?

  37. TIMMI January 23, 2011


    It’s cool, in which case I apologise too for getting mad. It just bugged me you assumed people were Kim stans coz of the skin thing. I do think she has lightened for whatever reason, however, I will never know..

  38. Shouw January 23, 2011

    Very Gaga-ish ..

  39. WYH January 23, 2011

    @KaVio I don’t consider baby, simple, abc “hang it up…flatscreen” kinda lyrics as talent. Sorry. But that’s just me..

  40. #YeahISaidIt January 23, 2011

    Come on yall this gal is using a lightening substance. She was never this bright and this is the honest truth

  41. matt January 23, 2011

    I love Nicki but she is really coming across as a really cheap Gaga knock-off, and thats coming from a nicki STAN!! Everyone is jumping on the wierd and kooky band wagon ever since Gaga made it more mainstream and cool to be wierd. By the way, i am not saying Gaga invented the kooky craze, but bought it too the forefront. Everyone who try’s to be wierd in this day and age or do what xtina did will always be remembered as “that person who copied Gaga” Sorry but that is the way it is!!

  42. Traci Summers January 23, 2011

    @Matt you need to credit Lil Kim,Madonna,Tina Turner and Cher for making WEIRD OVER THE TOP OUTFITS COOL lady gaga just brought it back in style.

  43. matt January 23, 2011

    @Traci Summers

    As i already stated, Gaga didn’t invent weird, just made it mainstream again, just as it was with the artists you stated, Madonna;Cher;Lil kim;Tina etc.. it’s just nicki is making it look as if its forced upon her, as if she isn’t comfortable, Gaga is the only one in this day and age that people believe is actually kooky, the rest (Katy, Rih, Nicki) – not including Madonna etc.. are just jumping on the bandwagon. Just my 2pence!

  44. Prince January 23, 2011

    Nicki and Gaga’s fashion are alike in some ways but Nicki’s fashion is cute quirky and Gagas fashion is jus quirky not cute or ugly. As 4 Kim no one gives a flyin fuc about her fashion. When i was a fan of hers she never wore wierd outfits. Always tryin 2 keep kim relevant lol. Nicki has erased that b**** completely. There’s no need 4 kim when there’s Professionalism like Nicki.

  45. Time To Shine January 23, 2011

    @ MATT

    AND I AGREE 1000%


  46. fuyume January 23, 2011

    the thing is people may believe gaga is kooky but she isn’t. up and till she got her record deal she was normal not kooky. the kookiness is all an act to sell records. If she truly was kooky as she claims it would have reflected in her style before she hit the big time. She tried to make it as a singer looking normal that didn’t work so she started acting kooky.

  47. Queen Beyonce Stann January 23, 2011

    This B**** Is A Wanna Be Beyonce!
    F*** This UGLY ASS HOOKER, Queen Beyonce Is Comin Back To Snatch Her Lil’ Kim Wig She Stole.
    Beyonce>>>>>>Ugly Hairy Ass Sicky Garbaj!
    Beyonce Can Rap/Sing/Act/Dance/Write Something This UGLY B**** Cant Do! All These Plastic Barbies Can Go Burn And Melt This Is Beyonces Year Bitchesss

  48. Easy Breezy Beautiful CoverGirl January 23, 2011

    I don’t understand the Nicki/Gaga comparison. Gaga didn’t originally look how she looks now so why the comparisons? Nothing about Gaga is original. She does stupid stuff for shock value (like wear meat for example) and people eat it up. And Nicki looks nothing like Lil Kim’s ghetto behind. Lil Kim looked like one of those hoodrat hair show models back in the day and now she’s looks like she wants to be asian.

  49. Easy Breezy Beautiful CoverGirl January 23, 2011

    ^^^ Q.B.S you must be delusional. I like beyonce but she can’t rap. Her acting is mediocre. And so many people have sued her for supposedly stealing their songs, I don’t know about her writing.

  50. JB January 23, 2011

    I must say, though I prefer Nicki with the black wigs, this new blond wig looks quite good. It sure looks better than the previous blond wings she’s been rocking.

  51. KaVion January 24, 2011

    How about lyrics like:
    “To concieve you, then leave you. The concept alone seems evil, I’m trapped in my conscience”
    “Extracurricular. Parralel to none, i am perpendicular”
    “I’m not doing well, excalamation. You succeeded at your attempts to make me need you desparately, to vindicate me”
    “They got they guns out aiming at me but I become Neo when they aiming at me”
    “Painting their own pictures, then they crop me in”
    “I am not fly, I am levitation”
    “The best b in the league, yea inevitably, but could it be little me? You was heckling me, now it’s monotany, running regularly”
    “I’m on that different type of high, heroin. Put on my cape and hit the sky heroine”

    These lyrics are FAR from simplistic and actually require a lot of intelligence and wordplay skills to come up with. Can you come up with better lyrics?

  52. CURLY SUE January 24, 2011


  53. missy January 24, 2011





  54. missy January 24, 2011


  55. Bell January 24, 2011

    @Robier stfu b**** … its got your attention so i guess it working hahaha

  56. Bell January 24, 2011

    @bubbles its her damn facial expression! she can do whatever she wants with it h**

  57. Bell January 24, 2011



  58. missy January 24, 2011

    Dont ever get it twisted !! i love nicki #teamminaj!

  59. -_- January 24, 2011


  60. Sityoassdownhoe January 24, 2011


  61. missy January 24, 2011

    @SITYOASSDOWNHOE lmao!! your name is life !!! i love this outfit too she looks cute!! but that skin tight outfit she had on with the beehive hairstyle was the freakin cutest

  62. Sityoassdownhoe January 24, 2011


  63. missy January 24, 2011


  64. -_- January 24, 2011

    @queen beyonce stan You sound so dumb nicki shits all over krims life ..

    Krim never worked with mariah carey

    Krim never performed at the yankee stadium

    krim never had a SOLO EFFORT in Top 20 on BB top 100

    krim never made it in the UK

    krim never had a movement

    krim never had a TOP 3 album

    krim never sold 376K album sold in the first week

    Krim never had 7 songs on the BB top 100 at the same time

    So ask yourself something .. YOU MAD?

  65. Sityoassdownhoe January 24, 2011

    LMAO WERK -_- !!!! krim could never f*** with nicki ever!

  66. missy January 24, 2011

    @ -_- Bwhahahahahahahahahh F****** SLAYING THE KRIMLINS HAHAHAHA!!


  67. Bell January 24, 2011

    they mad ! lmfao

  68. matt January 24, 2011

    from now on anyone who dresses kooky will be said to be copying Gaga, i stan for her hardd, but i don’t think its right, yes nicki looks like she’s going down the “kooky sells” road but there are other artists who are kooky in there own way. Gaga has stated that she used the autotune pop on her first album to break into the mainstream, which she did, magnificently may i add. The fame monster showed her true mad kooky self, many don’t believe but it is up to you whether or not.

    Born this way 23.05.2011!!!

  69. Traci Summers January 24, 2011

    before u stans post lil kims achievements and record sales and achievements dont do it from the top of your GO OUT AND RESEARCH THE FACTS and state the source.. dont come on here writing down your ESTIMATES of what kim has achieved cuz thats plain stupid lil kim is rap legend nobody is taking her throne or her legacy away from her no matter how hard you post on youtubes n blogs. history is laid down and done. comments on twitter and diss songs are not taking that away so in the words of nicki minaj ” KEEP YACKEDY YAPPIN”

  70. crackbabiesunite January 24, 2011

    crackbabies please stand up for ur leader..Nickk Garbaj!!

  71. whyunot January 27, 2011

    people education must be the most limited since gaga came on board. if anyone has no talent it is gaga. 1st madonna and Amy whinehouse came before gaga who replicated them. before madonna, nicki, gaga, katy perry, the woman that brought all this forward was GRACE JONES. even Nicki recog that and is why she mentions GRACE JONES in her music being tactful not to offend gaga commentors. Nicki said was rapping and being diff b4 gaga came on a scene when gaga was a writer for others. Nicki was doing backup vocals even b4 that. Every rapper and dance is influenced by those before them and will imbody those things plus their own. Nicki embodies artist such as Lauryn Hill, Missy, Da Brat, Grace Jones, Madonna, Amy Whinehouse and so many more. Gaga is no different. The marketing is diff, white artist have no problem with the investments that go into them. Black artist have to grind and market themselves. Nicki worked hard, wrote her own music, and had door upon door close to her in part due to blacks negative attitude and low self esteem that now give all credit to white people for their own creativity. Fools Jamie Fox tries to show you every song from elvis to others where written by blacks and whites stole it and made it their own even gospel music. Blacks had to pay radios to play their music and still didn’t have rights. Nicki worked for hers and did it herself b4 anyone would back her. Bieber, Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Spears, Amy Winehouse, Cristina Ag, did not have to struggle for any kind of marketing or investment which is why they are drugged out bc things are to easy for them. They don’t have to worry about videos, Michael Jackson let the world no that blacks were paying for their own videos and getting caught in jacked up 360 deals. You don’t see any of those above mentioned whites trapped in a 360 deals and worried about money before they album even drop. Blcks have never and will never be paid as much as whites and will always have to work 10times harder for success. Give Nicki her damn props for staying focused, away from drugs in a drug environment, coming from poverty to conquer her dreams and give you ignorant self loathing BLACK PEOPLE white demon jockers the BLUE PRINT!

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