New Michael Jackson Single Confirmed

Published: Wednesday 5th Jan 2011 by Sam

Michael Jackson‘s first posthumous LP ‘Michael’ closed out 2010 as one of the year’s best-sellers. Lead by the Akon-assisted ‘Hold My Hand’, the LP has been an international smash, still occupying top 10 chart positions across the globe – despite being released almost a month ago.

Looking to extend the project’s success, Sony Music and The Michael Jackson Estate are set to release another single from the project.

Find out what it’ll be and take a listen after the jump…

According to All Access, ‘Hollywood Tonight’ is the 2nd official single to be lifted from ‘Michael’ and will be hitting US radio on January 11th. Take a listen to the Teddy Riley / Neff-U produced cut below…

Hands-down one of the better songs on the generally solid LP. Your thoughts…

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  1. George Liquor January 5, 2011

    Michael Jackson,is the KING OF ALL POP MUSIC.Now and forever,I love and miss you.

  2. Jasmine January 5, 2011

    Love It!..Kinda wanted it to be “Monster” but this is second best to that Monster,lol.Can’t wait for the vid! (If they make one)..;)

  3. LOL January 5, 2011







  4. Nana January 5, 2011

    Hollywood Tonight is fantastic! It is a hit!

  5. spunkypoop January 5, 2011

    Michael just called me from the GRAVE and he IS NOT HAPPY!!!!

  6. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 5, 2011

    I made a promise that I wouldn’t listen to anymore songs after I heard that FRAUD/IMPOSTER on “Monster.” F*** PHONY, I mean SONY!

    R.I.P. MJ! <3 🙁

  7. Traci Summers January 5, 2011

    i like it only because it has that REMEMBER THE TIME VIBE TO IT

  8. stan January 5, 2011

    thanks, but no thanks

  9. Kat January 5, 2011

    They need to cut to the chase and release for radio the single “(I Can’t Make It) Another Day – the song is Michael at his finest – prominent message and contains the best of BOTH, a softer popish style as well as the Heavy rift that will please and appeal to all audiences.
    I definitely think Sony is making a huge mistake by not pushing this song as it is guaranteed to soar to the #1 spot and stay there!

  10. tfinn January 5, 2011

    all the songs are michael you fools, MJ fan all my life and its him you guys are just trying to make something out of nothing.
    this song is good but by far the best track is (I Like The Way) You Love Me.

  11. Person January 5, 2011

    Where has Sony confirmed this? According to All Access, all it says is that the song is being released to Urban AC stations; I see nothing about Top 40 or Rhythmic stations.

    Wouldn’t Sony announce this on their site?

    Btw, “Monster” is by far the strongest single potentially so I’m scratching my head at this one. Hollywood Tonight is OK, but the chorus is weak/repetitive and the very long spoken word portion draws attention to the fact that the song is unfinished. Perhaps Riley is working on another mix for it, but then people who buy the album based on the remix will be disappointed. At least “Monster” is complete and doesn’t require remixing to make it ready for radio.

  12. dang January 5, 2011

    it is a cool song, i hate that song with Akon, it is corny, outdated and clumsy.

  13. Lorraine2000 January 5, 2011

    Should release Monster as the second single. I like Hollywood Tonight but feel Monster is stronger for single release

  14. Wesley January 5, 2011

    There is no second single planned and/or confirmed.
    This is not true.

  15. Matthew Charlery-Smith January 6, 2011

    Behind the Mask and Monster are much stronger. I Can’t Make It Another Day is one of the best on the album but becomes somewhat repetitive, lacking the orchestral dynamics Michael would’ve added to make it more varied. Best of Joy and Breaking News should be released as double A sides. This is MJ, he normally would release most of the tracks as singles anyway. This set of songs is not that strong but the aforementioned plus Keep Your Head Up would do nicely…and why did they decide to put the Akon track 1st? MJ never had slow/mid tempos to start an album…BIG mistake! The snares and synths on that are awful too! One more thing, why did Michael beatbox the percussion down the phone for the producer to come up with a TOTALLY different beat? Careless, the demo was much nicer and accurate to MJ’s vision with clearer harmonies!

  16. Jasmine January 6, 2011

    Nice song, but I was hoping ”Behind The Mask.” Now that is one hot nostalgic classic beat. Hold My Hand hasn’t even made it to top 10 and that’s because it’s more of an Akon song. I hope Sony made the right decision.

  17. richlather January 6, 2011

    Love Hollywood Tonight, but Much Too Soon is such a perfect melodic MJ gem I hope it’s released as a single.

  18. Dj Kingo January 6, 2011

    that song is gonna be the best hit out of the album, it was the first song that got my attention from the album, even my friends who aren’t such fans like me for MJ, and they loved it big time. so i hope they will release that song as a single with an animated video !

  19. Nana January 6, 2011

    Hollywood Tonight is good but Monster is far better!
    Monster is not released as the next single because many Mj fans are saying it is fake.

  20. Love it January 6, 2011

    I love it, its so cool!

    “Hollywood Tonight” its a hit,
    love the fact that its a song with a story on it,
    the story of many young actresses who want to be famous, and….. how some of them end up, thats so true…,

    Its like on Bille Jean he’s telling a story, thats what good songs do, they tell stories, Michael was more than genius in writing these stories about real life, he could have been a movie director, a very good director
    I simply love it

  21. antertain January 6, 2011

    The song is a great micheal type song but i question those lead vocals.

    MJ sounds have been imputted but hmmmm.

    Good track all the same but sounds less MJ vocally.
    That great thing about Hold My Hand is it was MJ vocals all over it without a doubt.

  22. Ali23 January 6, 2011

    Hollywood Tonight is not a fake song!
    Monster,Breaking News,and Keep Your Head Up are the fakes!

    Damn Cascios!

  23. Juaquin January 6, 2011

    W.T.F! This isn’t Michale Jackson but I can hear him some in the background of the song.

  24. dunkin January 6, 2011

    i love Hollywood Tonight and im glad its going to be a single, but i also really loved Monster (feat. 50 Cent) and hope, and wonder, if they will release that as a single too..

  25. dunkin January 6, 2011

    oh and also Behind The Mask was so fantastic too! I cant help but thinking that it couldve been a huge success had it been released back in the bad era, but i think it also has potential to do well these days too.
    MJ is the greatest ever and even though i understand the controversy over this album, i think its underrated overall, and hope and am pretty sure its michaels voice.

  26. denise January 8, 2011

    Why in heck are people doubting the vocals on Hollywood Tonight? That’s not even a Cascio track! The only tracks whose authenticity have been debated are the Cascio tracks, and there are only three of them on the album-Breaking News, Monster, and Keep Your Head Up. Hollywood Tonight is not one of them, and the authenticity of the vocals on HT have never been in doubt. In fact, the track is from the Dangerous sessions, is it not? Regardless, it’s not a Cascio track and this whole sheep mentality about the album is past ridiculous.

    I guess next we’ll hear that Much Too Soon doesn’t sound anything like Michael, either.

  27. BILLBOARD January 9, 2011

    One of the most touching tributes to the special friendship between Michael Jackson and Diana Ross has been created by Lee Arboreen for Timcat Productions, and has just been posted on Youtube. The youtube video features pictures of Diana and Michael together throughout the years, using the soundtrack of Michael’s hit You Are Not Alone, but sung by Diana Ross. Miss Ross, who is enjoying a highly successful and sold out tour entitled More Today Than Yesterday, dedicates the tour, and her final numbers to Michael. Video can be viewed at
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE . If link not active, copy and paste

  28. Jade January 10, 2011

    I can moonwalk to this

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