Snippet: Foxy Brown – ‘Christmas Massacre’ (Lil’ Kim Diss)

Published: Sunday 9th Jan 2011 by Sam

Christmas may have come and gone, yet that isn’t stopping rapper Foxy Brown from unleashing her ‘Christmas Massacre’. Aimed at long-time rival Lil’ Kim, a snippet of the ‘diss track’ surfaced over the course of the weekend.

Take a listen, via our girl Necole Bitchie after the jump…

Needless to say, the words ‘hot’, ‘boiling’, and ‘mess’ swiftly come to mind here. A shame, as there was once a time where Foxy was oh-so-dependable when sparring back and forth on wax. Yet, with her commercial relevance at an all time low, she’s resorted once again to lashing out at Kim (who herself is admittedly doing the same to Nicki Minaj as a means of ‘getting her foot back into the industry’).

Someone needs to open a window, because this all reeks of desperation. Surely dropping a hot track that no one can deny would benefit Ms. Brown more? Oh how the mighty have fallen.


Your thoughts?

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  1. UGh January 9, 2011

    Foxy, sit yo ass down

  2. TIMMI January 9, 2011

    What is wrong with these grown women can’t stop acting like little girls in a playground..

  3. HONEYDARLING January 9, 2011

    FOR F*** SAKE CAN DO-DOU BROWN JUST GIVE IT UP! why didn’t she just stay def….


  4. Adorable January 9, 2011

    oehhh ?? you wrong for that picture

  5. Lostonez January 9, 2011

    this shyt is wack from just the first min alone..but i def give it a different approach once the song is released fully

  6. tommy January 9, 2011

    Damn YALL ! Let the girl speak , you Kim fans are spoof! This is hip-hop

  7. goshh January 9, 2011


  8. Yellow Gorillah January 9, 2011




  9. PR3TTYWILD January 9, 2011


  10. Nichole January 9, 2011

    Foxy was one of the best female rappers in the game.

    Since these chicks are no longer relevant, I guess they have to find a way to stick their foot back in the door somehow.

  11. Mari January 9, 2011

    yeah, but Black Friday was hot, though.

    “p**** so pink that my kitty’s saying hello. If I whisper they’ll pistol-whip you in all five burroughs” (FIYAH)

    “Christmas Massacre” sounds whack. This is the same chick on “I shot Ya”?

  12. Beyonce take over January 9, 2011


  13. kurtz January 9, 2011

    that is garbage i just lost respect for her why is she trying to get involved shitttt
    (deletes foxy from my i pod!!)

  14. Wake Up Six January 9, 2011

    So SAMANTHA where is the “hot or not” poll for this Pile of BURNING TRASH!?

    Or did you just not wanna waste your time? bwhahahahha


  15. ummm January 9, 2011

    *Plays “QUIET” by Kim*

    That song off her “Naked Truth” had Foxy hibernating..

  16. Wake Up Six January 9, 2011

    RT @ummm

    January 9, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    *Plays “QUIET” by Kim*

    That song off her “Naked Truth” had Foxy hibernating.. <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~POW!

  17. ns January 9, 2011

    Oh hell no b**** sit down! Foxy none cares about this hot piece of s***! Wow kimmy came back with fire u aint even returnin with a flame christmas massacre oh please icnt even hear. What you sayin honey!

  18. wake up six January 9, 2011

    *Plays “Can you hear me now” * By @LilKimDaGoddess


  19. PRINCESS_RIRI January 9, 2011

    WTF is this s***???? Foxy sit your ass dowwwwwwwwwn!

  20. Frankyblike January 9, 2011

    lyrically this is hot………….i see kim fans are panicking lol

  21. Blue Kid January 9, 2011

    nicki brought rap back for the girls, nicki better hope Willow Smith don’t start rapping she will be in trouble for sure. LOL

  22. mrsanchezzz January 9, 2011

    man what is thiSS!??WOWWW

  23. YOOS January 9, 2011

    Foxy is shiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttt hahahahahaha

  24. Sketch theezzz January 9, 2011

    Foxy looks disgusting. And one snippet can’t save her. lol she needs to give up rap for good and to you Foxy Brown Robots….you can fall in the toliet with her hahhahahahahaha!!!

  25. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!! January 9, 2011


  26. liljokerrr January 9, 2011

    sam your wrong kim is not dissing nicki minaj to get back on top…. WRONG.
    nicki dissed kim FIRST numerous of times WHILE she is jacking her style etc everything.

  27. JR January 9, 2011

    Ummm I would not count Foxy out just yet. I need to hear the full song. Besides that b******* as intro them lyrics are on point. Remember Foxy can spit don’t sleep. While I do not think this is her best work, believe me its coming.

  28. Aamiy Blanco January 9, 2011


  29. JUSTBEINGHONEST January 9, 2011

    so let me make sure i got this straight lil kims grown ass is coming at nicki head when nicki never one disrespected her but foxy is coming at her and she does nothing …. -__- seriously that is how u know this womens stupid when u have one rivial and go out to make a new one kim ….. so u rather go after a new younger artist then deal with another grown women who attacks u ….hmmmm…. ratchetness !!!!

  30. FoxyBrown January 9, 2011

    I cant wait for the full version. Foxy is spitting some good lyrics.

  31. GangsterA January 9, 2011

    those b****** need to stop it no one give two shits any more pepole love nicki now and your too old 4 this grow up please

  32. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) January 9, 2011

    OK HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  33. GangsterA January 9, 2011

    those b****** need to stop it no one give two shits any more pepole love nicki now and your too old 4 this grow up please and shes so lame she wanted to release the song on x-mas eve really so insted of share some love you listen to a h** dissing another h** #Sitchaassesdown

  34. GangsterA January 9, 2011

    btw kim said shes using nicki to get back up you can denie all day but the radio interview say something else

  35. TWITTER.COM/SEAN_VS_SEANDRA January 9, 2011



    KIM 35
    FOXY 32
    NICKI 26 OR 27



  36. BREEZYTHEBEST January 9, 2011

    Everybody trying to eat off Nicki’s plate. Why wait until Nicki is out here hustling to try to be relevant. Foxy , Lil kim and any other 90’s era female rapper need to pack it up.

  37. lax January 9, 2011

    foxy looks like porky pigs cousin, with her fat lard a***.

  38. Sigh January 9, 2011

    I’m over this Kim and Foxy BS. They are both childish, petty, bitter, grown ass women who need to either stop beefin’ with each other (and any other rappers) or sit down because both diss songs, Black Friday and Christmas Massacre sucked!!! (…granted this one sucked a tad bit more)

  39. Mr.M January 9, 2011

    Who’s that BIG S***?

    FLOP. next

  40. TIMMI January 9, 2011

    And also Foxy…

    You’re either a couple weeks too late late or just under a whole year early…


  41. T-sParkz January 9, 2011

    WTF is she sayin. I don’t understand these 90’s rappers these days. Kim and Foxy just need to fight it out and call it a day. Make a battle to prove whos better once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. January 9, 2011

    Poor Foxy. Her pictures looks 1000 times better than how that song sounds. #noshade

  43. TIMMI January 9, 2011

    She looks a roasting hot sizzling mess in that picture, but one good thing to say about Foxy is she’s realer than how real Lil Kim (THINKS) she is.

    You don’t see Foxy bleaching her skin, having awful plastic surgery in hopes of whitening her features and instead ending up looking like a cat, or walking around with these blonde extensions and so on so on.

    She deserves kudos for that.

  44. Fio January 9, 2011

    well lil’kim and foxy are outta the game…. nicki is the greatest!

  45. LTM January 9, 2011

    foxy needs to let it go already. her entire career is overshadowed by her beef with lil kim. plus this dis is whack

  46. ILL NANA January 9, 2011


  47. steve January 9, 2011

    f*** kim and f*** you too…foxy spits dat brooklyn murda s***.

  48. C January 9, 2011

    What door did Kim open

  49. NE-YO*STAN January 10, 2011

    XD I’m laughing my ass off right now.

    Why would anyone release a SNIPPET of a diss track? Get the f*ck outta here!

    I bet she had second thoughts about letting the track out, and someone got a hold of it.

  50. sane beyhanna stan January 10, 2011

    Oh dear I use to like foxy but please girl just #sityoassdown# with this garbage lgike foxy

  51. Lolita January 10, 2011

    What going on with these 90s female rappers? They seriously let themselves go. Lil Kim with the plastic surgery obsession and Foxy with the weight issues.

  52. Justtoohott4u January 10, 2011

    That was on CHASEMEBABY . COM Yesterday , so why are you giving props to Nicole Bitchies for that? almost 2 days later? lame

  53. ns January 10, 2011

    ‘ The rise & fall of kimberly jones’ oh hunny nono its the rise&fall of youuu kimmy can stay relevant but u hella no noone callin your name foxy your ffat and likea gorilla go home hunnn you’ll neverbe big !

  54. steve January 10, 2011

    this is better than that b******* blackfriday…yall talking like foxy can’t bang bang again.i never heard a shelved album to be a classic.

  55. FUTURESTARdelux January 10, 2011

    *WEAK* I got nothing against females (or men) beefin IF THERES A REASON but i can’t see the point in this at all… Foxy herself said Nicki was lying about her saying stuff but instead of going after Nicki she goes for… Kim who hasn’t said s*** about her for years?
    And she must have slept on her good ear and missed the alarm coz how you gonna release “a CHRISTMAS massacre” weeks after Christmas?! LMFAO!

    This whole clip is whack as f***, when Kim came back with “Black Friday” she DEMOLISHED Nicki and nomatter what her stans say we know she did because where’s Nicki’s response? oh… the b**** backed down.
    I hope there’s enough room for 2 in that grave Kim already put Foxy in because Nicki will be joining her too.

    I don’t give a f*** if Nicki’s album goes DIAMOND it is S*** and every Kim album and even her mixtape shits on it lol Just thank the lord Foxy is too broke to afford a video coz nobody needs to see this 30 stone Xena warrior Princess wannabe flailing around lmao

    #TeamLilKim 2011 get it Kimmy! haters #StayMad

  56. FUTURESTARdelux January 10, 2011

    The only thing Foxy massacred on Christmas was her f***** dinner lol

  57. Slick January 10, 2011

    oooh LAWWWWWWDDDDD! MUST YOU BE REMINDED ” im valedictorian u in the audience and i got 999 votes and u got 999 NOPES!”- kim … not to mention fox should know not to throw bows at people after Jacki O :d

  58. VFB January 10, 2011

    Is she for real? LMAO Foxy please fall back girlfriend. She is done.

  59. DoRightAndKillEverything January 10, 2011

    although this is terrible its nice to see someone take a crack at lil kim i hate that ho

  60. Diamond Prince January 10, 2011

    This Is The Worst Song of 2011 !!!!! Foxy Your Career will never ever come back with this!!!!

  61. Lolita January 10, 2011

    Why is Nicki being brought up? Her haters seem to be her biggest supporters. This thread isn’t even about her yet her name gets mentioned.

  62. phard January 10, 2011

    First let me say I love Lil Kim and I loved black Friday but her beef with Nicki Minaj should just be put to bed already. Nicki said what she had to say Kim responded, so it should be over now. Her continuing to go after Nicki reeks of desperation; she should know her worth, she not Nicki is the Queen. Now onto Foxy, I just have one question. Why? If she was going to come after Kim it should have been hot and not this garbage i just listened to.

    *side note* I bet you Nicki is sitting back laughing her ass off at these two desperately trying to claw there way back into the industry.

  63. daisy January 10, 2011

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    i met him via —–B lack Wh ite F li rts. C” 0- M—— it gives you a chance to make your life better and open oppor-tunities for you to meet the at-tractive sin gles and tr-eat you like a king or Q-ueen. Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends !!!

  64. YYAH. January 10, 2011

    ROMAN’z REVENGE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BLACK FRIDAYY & CHRISTMAS MASSACRE. #thatisall. HATER’z STAYY MAD. : P

  65. Donnnnnnnn January 10, 2011

    Dude…WTF WAS THAT BULL S***?
    That Gargled Garbage…
    I couldnt understand one word she was sayin nd even if i cld i wouldnt want to hear wat she was sayin over that horrible production. yea Foxy #sityoassdown

  66. Mike-Buddy January 10, 2011

    What a fake ass, she needs to shut the f*** up and sit down, is that her whole career tryin to be Lil’ Kim the Queen!!! Lil’ Kim all the way f*** all them other broads!!!

  67. RatedXxX(aka rated X) January 10, 2011

    first of all

    how is kim trying to use nicki to get back in the game?

    last time i checked, it was nicki who started running her mouth talking s*** about kim

    than kim responded….

    because she responded to the thirsty a** broad, that means shes tryin to stay relevant?

    all I’m saying is if u think ur big enough to run with the big dogs, and talk s***, be ready for the big dogs to start barking and bite..

  68. RatedXxX(aka rated X) January 10, 2011

    I dont know why people stay blaming kim, for the beef she didnt even start….

    kim has every right to be mad…s*** how would u feel if some newcomer swagger jack ur whole look

    and then start talking s*** about u?

    of course the nicki minaj stans gonna act like nicki is the victim in all this s***..

    I’m gonna need for foxxy brown to sit her a** down, xmas is already over boo boo

  69. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue January 10, 2011

    “And she must have slept on her good ear and missed the alarm coz how you gonna release “a CHRISTMAS massacre” weeks after Christmas?! LMFAO!”

    I was thinking the same thing! Might as well change it to Valentine’s Day Massacre and wait ’til next month to release it! This b**** is late!

    And this track sounds wack as hell, I mean wow… it’s like her and Kim are competing for the title of “Most Desperate To Be Relevant”. At least “Black Friday” was a decent track, even if the motivation behind it was stupid.

  70. lioness January 10, 2011

    wtf was that….maybe her hearing is still off.

  71. Ha January 10, 2011

    “Needless to say, the words ‘hot’, ‘boiling’, and ‘mess’ swiftly come to mind here.”
    I almost died when I read this. Now I understand why there is only one girl in the game.

  72. RihannaForever January 10, 2011

    I seriously could not agree more. I don’t see why they’re using diss records to make “comebacks”.

    No one was talking about you. Don’t flatter yourself.

  73. RatedXxX(aka rated X) January 10, 2011


    what is it with u been on my nuts 24/7?

    I know ur my biggest fan and all but damn boo…

    how can i flatter myself if i didnt direct my comment to anybody on here?

    reading is very fundamental ….

  74. missy January 10, 2011

    um even kim said nicki was her oppurtunity to make a comeback so what are yall talking about .have yall not notice how many times kim talk about “rocking together” and working with nicki lmao kim been wanting to hop on that train for a WHILE
    kim picks and chooses who and what she gets mad at because she is a oppurtunist,kim NEVER went this hard at remy for two reason
    1.remy would demolish kim with her raps and remy attacks back if you even mention her name
    2.she couldnt use remy to get back in the limelight because remy never made it to nicki level of succes but just about every female rapper in newyork has their beef storys with kim and just about all of them will tell you kim is cool wit female rappers until she start looking at you as a threat,in her own head any chick that gets to much shine is comming for her spot and the fact that she gooing after a rookie is all the evidence we need
    this beef was created by kim whether you wanna beleive it or not
    not only is it because she feels forgotten and bitter but also because she realized that riding the coat tail of nicki would give her some exposure she desperatley needs
    be honest with yourself…would anybody be having a conversation about kim oif it wasnt for nicki??
    HELL NO. check out videos of nicki giving kim props and love check out a song nicki did called “whos your favorite rapper” at the end she shouts out both kim and foxy
    please yall so damn blind not to see how kim created this beef ,you mean to tell me kim just realized these subliminal diss from 06-08 a good three years ago??
    all of a sudden now nicki jacking her style and throwing out diss
    hmmm i wonder if nicki was still some underground broke nobody would kim still be throwing out these random ass accusations
    kim and foxy can have a seat because when it comes to overall popularity in this time and age THEY WILL LOSE i promise you that

  75. missy January 10, 2011

    actually i would say kim need to be thanking nicki for giving her a LITTLE bit of shine for something other then her F***** UP botched surgeries that left her look like a combination of cat women and latoya jackson
    i though her new career was to become a white women cuz it damn sure wasnt making music
    after all these years it took a new chick for these h*** to think about music again smh b**** bye

  76. tonblanco1 January 10, 2011

    that song is some bullllllllllshit

  77. RatedXxX(aka rated X) January 10, 2011

    let me get this straight….nicki is the reason people talking about kim?

    delusional is a hell of a drug….

    do u know how dumb that sounds? kim been in this game for a least a decade…
    hell her f***** up plastic surgeries alone, keeps putting the broad on the map..

    i could understand if kim was the one who started all this s***, coming afetr nicki for no reasons..
    yes i would be the first ones to tell kim to sit her a** down..

  78. RatedXxX(aka rated X) January 10, 2011

    like i said, i dont care who u favorite or not..

    im gonna call ur a** out on ur b*******…

    unless ur a** is cutting me a check, paying for my rent….my future kids educations,

    why the hell i am gonna sit on here cussing people out because they dont like u?

    that seem kind of pathetic, sad, and psychotic

  79. missy January 10, 2011

    lol ok so tell me when the last time kim was getting this much attention??
    better yet tell me when kim was getting this much attention for her music
    the b**** been under a rock for some years now so dont even play stupid
    kim started this mess plain and simple i dont gotta argue about nothin because thats what it is, so you need to tell her to have a seat
    everyone with a brain can see what this is
    like seriously this is like jay z going after drake minus the part about kim being a actual mogul but if she was such a queen she wouldnt have to chase after the new “it girl” to become relevant
    WEAK S*** point blank

  80. BX Don January 10, 2011

    That Queen Bee. Reign just won’t let up. Foxy Brown is hot but damn after a decade of Kim shitting on you,you now decide to come back..its to late..its all about Nicki Minaj Vs Lil’Kim..Fox is you really wanted to prove your were the greatest you should’ve took that offer and gave Remy Ma the battle she wanted to have with you.

  81. DallasUCMR January 10, 2011


  82. ~BeySoBreezy~ January 10, 2011


  83. Einson January 10, 2011

    Fake a**s b****!.

  84. FUTURESTARdelux January 10, 2011

    Just FYI for the nicki stans who’s hearing has been damaged by her s***, Kim never said she went after nicki to get back in the spotlight she said Nicki kept throwing shade at her (true) and in the end after multiple attempts to ignore/mediate with nicki she decided to use the s*** NICKI started to her own benefit.

  85. NE-YO*STAN January 10, 2011

    FUTURESTARDELUX… you’re alright!

  86. BREEZYTHEBEST January 10, 2011

    Real sad s***. Foxy used to be the truth ,she really needs to step her game up or keep it moving.

  87. Trixx January 10, 2011


    “This hood sh-t you and Drake ain’t built for
    This the same sh*t THE OTHER B**** almost got killed for”

    Other b****=Foxy. SONG EVEN SAMPLED IT.

    Anyway, i’mma hold my judgement until it leaks in full. Sounds promising though. Foxy’s a BEAST on the rhyme tip…

  88. Su_Peralative January 10, 2011

    First Black Friday then Christmas. What next? Valentine’s Day?

  89. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 10, 2011

    LMAO! Really, Foxy? I mean, REALLY?

    What in fooleywang hell was this s***? Calling this garbage would be an understatement!


    All day and night!

  90. OKAYY January 10, 2011

    @missy – Your obviously so young. Kim DID go hard on remy! It was a good battle but BOTH went hard as well. Kim made more disses than Remy. So it’s clear your dont know what ur talking about. And the only reason why Kim wanted to “Rock” with nicki is because it was clear than Kim inspired nicki, so it woulda been a good way for Kim to comeback to the scene and it woulda been better for nicki because she woulda had more fans (Kim fans), and it woulda been good for HipHop! But Kim had a great 10+yrs run, so she is capable of going away and comming back how ever she wants. Nicki has been taking numerous shots, and when you take someones style, dont wana rock with the peron you took your style from, and on top of that take subliminal shots at female rappers overall, best believe you will get called out on it. This is HIPHOP at the end of the day. Difference between Kim and nicki is nicki take shots and play victim, Kim isn’t scared to call you out..

  91. baby January 10, 2011

    amen! thats who should be beefing, and leave nicki alone… these 2 clowns deserve each other hahaah

  92. ERIC January 11, 2011


  93. GMAN January 27, 2011

    Foxy lookin good with that weight on her.Keep eating baby!

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