New Song: Dawn Richard – ‘Vibrate’

Published: Friday 4th Feb 2011 by Trent

Yet another new song from Dawn Richard’s upcoming ‘A Prelude To #ATELLTALEHEART’ mixtape has been released. The sensual ‘Vibrate’ was initially written by the Diddy-Dirty Money member for Ciara but she decided to keep it for herself. Listen to the record and hear her describe its concept below via VIBE:

To say Dawn’s vocal performance on this song was good would be a gross understatement. The husky tones of her contralto voice and the way she applied her falsetto to the beat were incredible!

Dawn’s singing on Danity Kane’s ‘Ride’ from the group’s self-titled debut album was the key ingredient for the appeal of the Timbaland-produced track. ‘Vibrate’ is yet another example of her skill and I am quite eager to hear this mixtape in its entirety.

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  1. RIHLUV February 4, 2011


  2. Unknown February 4, 2011

    The best falsetto I have heard in a long time go Dawn.

  3. Kahari February 4, 2011

    When I first heard’s Dawn singing many, many years ago, I must admit I was a bit turned off by her voice, because of her tone. She has the tendency to a bit nasally and over drag some words. But, I grew accustomed to her, and I realized her uniqueness. Her funky alto tone, those dramatic runs, she ability to refreshen music with a different note, this is what makes Dawn a new age soul singer, because she sings with passion, no matter what genre. I am very proud of Ms. Richard. And I am dangerously eager to hear more as this song, “Vibrate” just sent me over with its Hip-Hop content with bits of techno dance. I live!

  4. mark ginnis February 4, 2011

    This is good and wpuld have totally saved Ciara’s project! The girl can sing and write she deserves better than to be Diddy’s back up

  5. JacquesDaKing February 4, 2011

    Love Dawn so much her voice is just CRAZY

  6. ~RiCiBey(Breezy)~ February 4, 2011

    YAS DAWN! I Live 🙂

  7. LTM February 4, 2011

    i love it!!!

  8. Jizz February 4, 2011

    If Dawn would have sent this to Ciara, Ciara would have not kept this song due the fact she cant sing as good alone, and asking her to sing falsetto throughout the other song is to much.

  9. 2bad2bme February 4, 2011


  10. JB February 4, 2011

    Dawn is a true artist. She continues to make music aside from the Dirty Money projects. She is a talented woman and is continuing to grow as an artist. Plus, we do need more brown skinned women being commercially successful in this music industry.

  11. innameonly February 4, 2011

    Dawn is giving me life with that falsetto! i can’t wait for this mixtape..i wish her much success

  12. Humbleyourself February 4, 2011


  13. NO February 4, 2011

    I’m sorry I like Dawn’s voice but this is not good. I like that she is trying something new but this is not GOOD. Please don’t try this again.

  14. Royalkev February 4, 2011

    Dawn is amazing! Her and Aubrey will always be my 2 favs from DK. They’re so underrated!

    Check out my blog: Thepagewithroyalkev.b*******.com (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).

  15. Fenty February 4, 2011

    she needs that “IT” factor rihanna has. she’s very cute and all. but she really needs that “IT” factor. im afraid she remains in the same box with artists like kelendria rowland, ciara, or trentisha. plus diddy is way too ghetto. pure rnb is gettin so old. even big rnb voices like alicia keys got it. she could try new things. just sayin

  16. I say NO too February 4, 2011

    NO! I don’t think Ciara would’ve wanted this track. The track isn’t that bad, but it aint all that good either.

  17. T February 4, 2011

    Timbaland produced ‘Want It’ and ‘Right Now’ not RIDE FOR YOU, that was Bryan-Michael C**!!!

    Dawn’s ok. i don’t really dig her it may grow idk

  18. Speaks Truth February 4, 2011

    Man Dawn bravo!!!!! I swear Dawn killed “Me Myself & Y” and sidenote: does anybody remember “Tiptoe” by Danity Kane, Dawn rip the vocals on that song simply amazing. So underrated!!!

  19. Dave February 4, 2011

    Please get off Ciara please. No song would’ve saved her project, because it was consistent things that dragged it down. Her label, her management, Promo, & even some of the producer’s & writers (not to say the song on the album are bad, but they could’ve gave her better material). Ciara will do fine, she’s just set up some great stuff ahead of her upcoming soon. Back on Subject. This SLAYS! I love Dawn’s voice, can’t wait for the mixtape. This will go straight on my ZuneHD

  20. Mr.GQ February 4, 2011

    Yes Dawn!!! Can’t wait for the mixtape!

  21. dabest February 4, 2011


    We need relevancy

  22. nic February 4, 2011

    Awww this track would’ve been great for Ciara…but Dawn sounds great tooooo <3

  23. MuzikJunkie! February 4, 2011

    I absolutely LOVE this record! Dawn is giving me life with this new material! OMG I can’t wait for the mixtape to drop! She has always been my favorite in DK and will always be my favorite member of DK! Now after this mixtape ima need for her to start work on an album because I’ll definitely be buying it!

  24. J February 4, 2011

    She looks like a DUDE! Lol js.

  25. vegasgirl February 4, 2011

    Hot song, always liked Dawn’s voice.

  26. S*** February 4, 2011

    Surprisingly this does sound SOLID… She isnt much to look at though 😐

  27. BBBBBBBB February 4, 2011

    I love me some Dawn. I think her in Dirty Money was the right exposure. Now is the perfect time if any for her to launch a solo career. Dawn is so Dope.!

  28. PINK FRIDAY H** February 4, 2011

    LUV HER..

  29. DJ February 4, 2011

    This song is really, really hot and the best I heard so far from all the songs she have on YouTube already in previous years.

  30. jojo February 4, 2011

    I love it Dawn… I am happy with this one. Please releases your won tracks.

  31. jojo February 4, 2011

    I love it Dawn… I am happy with this one. Please releases your o own tracks.

  32. jojo February 4, 2011

    I love it Dawn… I am happy with this one. Please releases your own tracks.

  33. loumorgan February 4, 2011

    what the hell is this????? nooo
    this sh*t is f**cked up….

  34. fagtg February 4, 2011

    😛 😛 😛 I love this , i lov e my b oyfriend, he is a nice guy !.

    i met him via —– Bla c k’w h it e’F li rts. C” 0- M—-

    The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “chocolate”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  35. RONALDMATTERS.COM February 4, 2011


  36. Neiko February 4, 2011

    She should have gave this song to Ciara… Ciara voice is more s***… But the song hot!!!

  37. re re February 4, 2011

    She is a beast. I can’t wait to get the mix-tape. Love her Falseto.

  38. KNUCK February 4, 2011

    it’s cool.. but it’s not the style that best suits her.. I’m waitin on those brandy-ish harmonies and dark sounds. “Lovin you no more” is completely Dawn’s style.

  39. lola February 4, 2011

    It was iight, I guess. This is just another generic, slow, synth R&B track. It sounds like something Trickey & The Dream produced and wrote. Even if this song was given to CERROR it would not have saved that s***** album. CERROR would’ve made this song worse with her weak, pitchy vocals. If Dawn wants to make it, she needs to get away from Diddy’s conniving ass and do music that appeals to the “whites/mainstream.” She should collaborate with Justin Timberlake. When CERROR did it and made that foolish, dumbass “Love S** & Magic” song, it did very well in the US and overseas just because it had JT on it.

  40. face February 4, 2011

    This isn’t cutting it. Dawn’s been in two failed groups and I think it’s too soon for her to put out solo music, when Dirty Money is still technically together. Because now people are comparing her voice in groups to her solo voice. in the group, her voice is push to the limits and she gives some of her best vocal performances. Her solo work is mediocre, it’s typical and we know she is capable of more. Yeah, I know this is supposed to be the real her, but dawn want’s fame, success, fortune and mediocre isn’t going to cut it.

  41. Taylor swifts number 1 fan February 4, 2011

    quick qiestion. wheres her boobs?

  42. jeremydante February 5, 2011

    i love this song. hoping for an HQ audio selection from the actual mixtape.

  43. Educated Diva February 5, 2011

    I love the song dawn! I don’t think Ciara could have pulled this off! I’m ready to see you performing by yourself on stage!

  44. About time February 5, 2011

    Pure fire! And come on Dawn looks better than the photo.

  45. AaliyahsBoi February 5, 2011

    I have to say… this song actually works well. I am glad she kept it for herself… showcase her all around talent.

    I think Ciara doesn’t deserve this song… it would just sound like s*** and followed up with booty vibrating. Ugh. CIara gets on my damn nerves.

    but… GREAT JOB DAWN!

  46. B4REAL02 February 10, 2011


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