New Song: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Killer Love’

Published: Monday 7th Feb 2011 by Trent

Another new song from Nicole Scherzinger has surfaced. Like many of the other tracks emerging from her recent recording sessions, ‘Killer Love’ was produced by RedOne. Give it a listen below:

This would have been a more enjoyable track if RedOne hadn’t used similar arrangements on almost all of the others he crafted in the past year. However, I sense that it would be a viable single choice in the UK despite the fact that it sounds similar to her 1st single, ‘Poison’.

Still, I am eager to hear Scherzinger apply her voice to more organic compositions with live instrumentation. She is actually a very talented vocalist and these Electro/Pop productions do nothing to highlight that fact.

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  1. KWON CAMPBELL February 7, 2011


  2. TheRealBabyDre February 7, 2011

    Getting bored with these Electro/Pop songs !

  3. Chinny February 7, 2011

    What what what??? This song is amazing. Don’t b*******.

  4. Sugaranice February 7, 2011

    I haven’t heard the song yet..but the picture is just making me mad! I’m tired of pretty, beautiful women junking up the face and body with some “LOOK”. What happened to just a pretty dress with a simple pose and sitting on a stool??

    All this packaging is just unreal and I’m sick of it!!! Just take a damn picture you’re beautiful you don’t have to out do the next chick just sing!!!! DAMN!!!

  5. Aryo February 7, 2011

    why are sum of u bitching about electro pop songs? electro pop is now the most popular genre atm…dont agree? take a look at the weekly music charts around the world!

  6. jmari February 7, 2011

    why do they keep on leaking these songs don’t they want to leave some imagination for the album?

  7. Aryo February 7, 2011

    @SUGARANICE im a nicole fan but im so with u on this … we all know nicole is HOT but this pic and the whole photo shoot with that hair makes me mad! @tgj u can use nicole’s fabulous photoshoot for other nic posts!

  8. Aryo February 7, 2011

    @jmari someone is leaking her songs without permission! 🙁

  9. AB February 7, 2011

    RedOne is the worst person to work with. He gives all his decent songs to GaGa.

  10. Giovanni Dayevid February 7, 2011

    Can anyone please tell me why her voice is always either a half pitch under the note, or a half pitch above the note, and never on the right note. . . also her vocals are very thin, I can’t imagine why her voice is not being layered and mastered better it sounds very ‘Demo’ of her.

  11. Traci Summers February 7, 2011

    why does she look 50. she looks older than beyonce

  12. Aryo February 7, 2011

    nicole is 32

  13. Royalkev February 7, 2011

    I don’t like it! I wish Nicole wasn’t so all over the place! she’s only done 1 song that I’ve like(the Don’t waste your breath song). Red One isn’t the guy for her, sorry but someone need to break the news to her!

    *NEW* Check out my blog: (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).

  14. gargo February 7, 2011

    They need to wear clothes that are ‘out there’ so they can stand out from the rest.

    Lady Gaga. Nicki Minaj. Rihanna. Jessie J.

    It’s not like the olden days of pop where all you need is good looks. All pop stars are good looking these days, they just need a gimmick that’ll make people recognise them at a glance

  15. jammy February 7, 2011

    she has a pyramid on her breast area -_-

  16. MaZ February 7, 2011

    I do agree with you Trent.

    But you can’t blame her when most of the songs playing on radio are electro-pop.
    Nowadays, artists are signed on record labels to sell not for the pleasure of making (great) music.

  17. Queen Beyonce Stann February 8, 2011

    She Needs To Learn That Her Place Is Whiping Beyonces Shoes & Doing Her Laudry!
    This Song Is Garbage & Yess Shade Included;)
    She Never Really Had Potential To Be BIG (Like Beyonce) She Always Had Potential To Be A Flop xD


  18. Queen Beyonce Stann February 8, 2011

    *Wiping & Laundry xD Typos

  19. Queen Beyonce Stann February 8, 2011

    @Kat Deluna Fan

    That Preview Was Utter S***!


  20. Commentcadet February 8, 2011

    This is a great pop song! i don’t understand why people are hating, obviously they’ve heard nicoles recent music lately what did they expect to hear. If you just don’t like the sound you can’t really say that it’s a bad song. like I hate metal but that doesn’t mean it’s bad music.

  21. Mr Imperial February 8, 2011

    People like this aryo person is why b****** like Nicole really think they can sing, this pop/ electro s*** will soon pass, like everything else! You posers enjoy your shitty music long as you can! Everybody is not going to funk to this s***!

  22. Jer February 8, 2011

    another meh track from her.

  23. Art February 8, 2011

    You should make an entry of one of Nicole’s leaked song, Feels So Good. it was a track from Her Name Is Nicole. It was amazing.

    There’s guy who is starting to leak her supposed debut album.

  24. Poisonous February 8, 2011

    @KWON CAMPBELL… U want to enter the U.S X-Factor.. Do that and win the $5 mil recording deal… Then WE CAN BASH THE S*** OUTTA YOUR ASS.. Sit h**… @Queen Bey Stan.. She’d rather polish Lady Gaga’s shoes.. Why would do that to such an UNTALENTED songwriter..?? @ MR IMPERIAL… Ohk

  25. lola February 8, 2011

    Giovanni Dayevid

    I definitely agree! I don’t understand why Nicole’s stans keep on trying to convince people that she can actually sing and blow! Nicole has very weak and rough vocals. Her voice is so abrasive and raspy. She sounds like an old grandma who smokes cigarettes. She has one of the ugliest voices I have ever heard.

    This song sucks ass! Wow, this is just as bad as “Poison.” Red One is a wackass producer! He keeps on using recycled loops from Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” for Nicole’s tracks. Face it, she’s not cut out to be solo. Not only do her singles suck, but so does her image. That is an ugly picture of her. Nicole is ugly, she looks like an old ostrich. She’s 32 but looks like she’s 45!

  26. Carlson February 8, 2011

    All haters..just stop! She is a pop star…a talented and beautiful star! Whatever beyonce kat deluna gaga,all of them have their own characteristics,their performance are all great….And for me Nicole is the best…All star are different, fans definately all are different,so when you hate other performer,is your own business and don’t always critic here critic there…even you are very dislike on someone.Support you idol is really enough,don’t be childish!! Haters.

  27. Poisonous February 8, 2011

    @LOLA.. Lmao.. U’re stupid… Weak and rough? Lol.. Clear u haven’t done your homework… Now take a seat h**..

  28. Poisonous February 8, 2011


  29. Queen Beyonce Stann February 8, 2011


    Wow Tell Me How These Lyrics Are Talented?

    “Rah Rah RahRahRah Roma Roma RomaMa..”
    “Dont Be A Drag be A Queen?”
    “Everythings Gon Be Okay TuTuTu Just Dance”

    Please Tell Me Cuz The B**** Aint Writin Anything Talented So STFU YOU UGLY MANLADY CACA STAN;)


  30. Carlson February 8, 2011

    LOLA…always comment on nicole’s song…always……………………………………you are not the judge so just keep your mouth shut…..Queen Beyonce Stann shut up also…

  31. Poisonous February 8, 2011

    @QUEEN BEY STAN.. LMAO.. u just crack me up.. Lol… Even though they’re arent that “creative”, atleast she WROTE them and ddnt try to get a cut for something she didn’t pen.. Unlucky some h** I know…. And guess what.. They all wormed their way to the Top 5 on the charts… Don’t be delusional. CheapHoe..

  32. Aryo February 8, 2011

    @QUEEN BEY STAN. f*** off hun…just like what poisonous said at least nicole and gaga write their own songs… and they DONT wear b*** pads!

  33. Aryo February 8, 2011

    lola is a sick twisted b**** hatin on everyone

  34. Aryo February 8, 2011

    @MR IMPERIAL u better watch her pcd and dd tour to c if she can sing or not…nic sings while dancing with no breath taking problem!

  35. Queen Beyonce Stann February 8, 2011

    LMFAO Wow You & That Other B**** Seem To Be The Only Fans This B**** Has xD
    Atleast The S****** & MANLADY CACA Stans Have Better Combacks InsteadOf Saying False Rumorse You Cant Prove (B*** Pads, Not Writing Songs)

    Nicole Will Flop Hun & There’s Nothing You Can Do. Don’t Hate On Queen Beyonce Just Cuz You Wish Your Fav Was Like Her;)


  36. Poisonous February 8, 2011

    lmao… WE’LL C ABT THAT… H**

  37. Aryo February 8, 2011

    @QUEEN BEYONCE STANN i prefer to C my fav to flop rather than having success while being FAKE! but i know nic wont flop this time! and no … im not her one and only fan.. u better check her fb page…she has 1 mill fans without putting an album yet!

  38. Justin February 12, 2011

    Whoever said she can’t sing must not have seen her perform on Broadway or heard her sing classical music and opera.

  39. Carlson February 15, 2011

    All haters …b*******…

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