New Video: Diddy-Dirty Money & Chris Brown – ‘Yesterday’

Published: Monday 14th Feb 2011 by Sam

In what must be the 100th video to be lifted from Diddy-Dirty Money‘s ‘Last Train To Paris’ LP, a visual has been released for ‘Yesterday’ – the group’s collaboration with Chris Brown.

Check out the Colin Tilley directed clip after the jump…


Beyond that, though; where were Dawn and Kaleena?

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  1. SaDare February 14, 2011

    Chris Looks Good =)

  2. Julie February 14, 2011

    Um. What happened to the video for ‘I Know’? This is ‘Yesterday’.

  3. loumorgan February 14, 2011

    yeah!!!! i think diddy is figuring that the two b****** are taking wayyyy more space
    in the project… so Outttttt…..
    he also went at the grammy’s without them
    don’t be mad about the grammy’s breeezy we still love you

    my first music video

  4. Shouw February 14, 2011

    I loove it !! Chris’s voice >>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. DANI February 14, 2011

    WOW LOVED IT wat can i say dope DOPE!!!

  6. VA STAND UP!! February 14, 2011

    LMAO! This is not he 100th, maybe like the sixth! Lol! I don’t really see a point in having Dawn & Keleena in the video when it was featuring them. Their presence wasn’t really missed! *shrugs*

    @Julie: What do you mean? All Diddy has been talking about is the ‘Yesterday’ video, he never said anything about ‘I know’. I don’t really think ‘I Know’ is single material anyway.

    Anywho, I f*cking love it! I was soo excited for this video and this was the ONLY thing I was looking forward too for Valentines Day, and THANK GOD it delivered! Honestly, I love Colin Tilley and I haven’t been disappointed with ANYTHING he has done this far (well, at least concerning Breezy!) He always delivers! I honestly wouldn’t mind if Chris worked with him on every video from here on out, at least for the F.A.M.E. era.

    I wish this song was gonna be on F.A.M.E. cause CB totally dominates on this record! It might as well be Chris Brown ft. Diddy! Lol! All Diddy honestly does is talk on the record, (what else is knew) but I can tolerate him. CB’s vocals on it are so amazing! It’s my fave song on ‘LTTP’. I’m so glad Diddy decided to do a video for it! I hope it does well on the charts! *crosses fingers*

    Things I really didn’t get was the chick walking with the pea c*** thingy on her head, and I didn’t understand why the hell Diddy was shooting off a flare gun, that was cheesy to me, but other than that, it was hot!

    Anyway, I start my new job today so I am gonna be in the office all day! *sad face* Please keep it positive ~TeamBreezy~ and hold it down for Chris in her today! F*** the haters cause you know they are gonna be in here with their BS! Keep it Breezy for Breezy!

  7. BubblePopElectric February 14, 2011

    Perfect Visual For The Song!!
    That Move Chris Does At 3:47 >>>>>
    I Can’t Wait For Those L.A.M.N. x Beautiful People Vids From Chris!!!
    I Know They’re Going To Be Crazy! 😀

  8. Woow February 14, 2011

    Flare gun/pistol – “Love shot the gun I took up t’ward the sun” = reference from “1ST PLACE LOSER” one of my fav songs from LTTP.

    I think.

  9. Royalkev February 14, 2011

    Chris really makes this song! Diddy seems to be Dirty Money all by himself. I guess it doesn’t matter if Dawn and Kalena join him or not (they only get 30 seconds in every video anyway). The visuals were nice! This was a good look for the song. Everything Breezy is incredible right now! This is just another thing that makes me want FAME even more!

    *NEW* Check out: (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).

  10. kelzrowland February 14, 2011

    is Fist Brown playing a boxer in the video?

  11. kelzrowland February 14, 2011

    you know he loves beating poor helpless defenseless women!

  12. KERIHILSONISSODAMNWACK February 14, 2011

    wow. that was riveting. really good s*** man. just wow.

  13. amy February 14, 2011

    good stuff dont u fools get tired wid the fist brown comments ………….woman beater comments so retarded

  14. KERIHILSONISSODAMNWACK February 14, 2011

    excellent video. excellent job. chris is continuously impressive.

  15. DANI February 14, 2011

    TeamBreezy let the hater say w/e they want Ignore them! Hate = (H)aving (A)nger (T)owards (E)verything they keep talking s*** about breezy but yet every topic about breezy they come to check and pretend they hate him 🙂

    If u dislike him so much why even both to check for him i dont get this ppl really, if i dont like some artist i dont go and check on them just to trow hate or to flame w/e

    anyway teambreezy Ignore those fools they are fan aswell in a strange way they just dont want to admit it

    TeamBreezy Follow me!/ShotgunReal1

  16. jmari February 14, 2011

    I loved it the Random girl walking around kinda reminded of the girl in Deuces
    Great visual and chris sang in this song

  17. James February 14, 2011

    Chris’ dancing was on POINT as always!!! #teambreezy

  18. WTF February 14, 2011

    This is a great video Congrats to both – AND



    Lets just talk positive things about Chris FOR ONCE!

  19. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS February 14, 2011

    I love the song and video Chris did a great job and he looked great to I could have done without Diddy [I’m sick of Diddy].

    F*** the haters

  20. Kisses February 14, 2011

    Chris’ voice>>>>>>> 😀 …

  21. kelandria’s KASTLE February 14, 2011 Chris “Uppercut” Brown’s fans..WHEA DA GRAMMIES AT?!????????????????????????/

  22. soosoo February 14, 2011

    wow i luv it sooooo much and breezy is the best 🙂

  23. Imanni February 15, 2011

    WELL nice to know everyone else got to watch the video LOL cause I cant see it. First Trey video acts up(at least I got to watch half his video)now this

  24. Kisses March 1, 2011

    I Love It 🙂

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