Which Will You Buy: Jennifer Hudson’s ‘I Remember Me’ Or Chris Brown’s ‘F.A.M.E’?

Published: Tuesday 22nd Mar 2011 by Trent

The 1st major chart battle of 2011 is finally here! However, this is a showdown with a twist as it will take place between 2 completely different types artists – Jennifer Hudson and Chris Brown.

Hudson’s ‘I Remember Me’ serves as the singer’s 2nd studio album, following her gold-certified self-titled debut LP which was released in 2008. The record, which includes credits from Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, R. Kelly and Dianna Warren, has received generally positive reviews from critics across the board.

On the other side of the spectrum, Brown’s ‘F.A.M.E’ album is already being heralded as the year’s comeback project to watch. Preceded by the worldwide smash ‘Yeah 3x’ and the unexpected hit ‘Deuces (Ft. Tyga & Kevin McCall)’, the collection comprises a blockbuster lineup of collaborators such as Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber.

So which album will you buy? Will you support the vocal gymnastics of Hudson’s traditional R&B offering or the high-octane R&B/Pop club collection of Brown? Vote below and, for those of you who already heard the albums, let us know what you think!

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  1. amy March 22, 2011

    im buying both on friday when i get my check.lol

  2. sabrina March 22, 2011

    Chris in the lead. #teambreezy

  3. Ethan March 22, 2011


  4. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally known as R****** the Goat March 22, 2011

    I DO NOT want to hear Jenifer Hudson SCREAMING OVER EVERY TRACK just so she can prove she can sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She should just to GOSPEL INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. PLAIN & SIMPLE March 22, 2011

    Chris & Jen have two different type music. Chris is more for the 15-30 something group while Jen music is more like for much older audience .

  6. Chile Please!! March 22, 2011

    Both Albums Leaked last week………………….so I guess I won’t be buying them in the store. LMAO! I know i’m wrong for that! HAHAHA! Ohh well get over it!

  7. BIANCA IS A GOAT KILLAH March 22, 2011


  8. MISHKA March 22, 2011

    I bought F.A.M.E

    But I may need to get another one because the *white* media is trying to tear Chris Brown down and to turn a talented boy next door who is living out loud into some kind of social weirdo like MJ or Britney (he made it clear he wants to stay close to his fans)

    FAME !

  9. rih fa maddness aka lady Munch Carps March 22, 2011




  10. kevin March 22, 2011

    I may cop I remember me, but ill def pick up FAME

  11. Malibongwe March 22, 2011

    I have already bought F.A.M.E.!! I wont be buying J.Hud…. I thought her debut album was JUST OK. I mean, we already know u can SAYNG but I just hope that this one is better. I downloaded the leaks of both albums but my Breezy stanism wouldnt let me not buy the albums, lol! No matter what happens, I bought the album and I’m loving it……

  12. uhh March 22, 2011

    surpised no hits daily double predictions are being posted for chris fame, but when rihanna was releasing they were quick to post up hits daily double predictions. This site is just so biased.

  13. eHarris March 22, 2011

    Ya’ll is giving Breezy too much attention he or Jive is paying ya’ll. If So Jive shoulda help pay for Ciara

  14. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN March 22, 2011




    FAME and from the looks of it everybody is buying seeing the fact that it’s #1 on iTunes.

    @rih fa maddness aka lady Munch Carps the story was false you mad why don’t you go buy up those LOUD concert tickets.


  16. kw March 22, 2011

    Will be buying and supporting both artist.

  17. BRANDY4EVER March 22, 2011

    Most defantly Jennifer Hudson. I like to buy the Underratted albums than the Hyped up albums cause they seem to dissapoint with all the hype. Chris is a good artist & stuff but i def love JHuds voice. She deserves to have the #1 album.

  18. Keesha March 22, 2011

    I’m buying both albums. I’m not a HUGE JHud fan, so I did listen to her album, and the only complaint I have is that it’s too short of an album. I think there’s only 12 songs on it!

  19. Andrew March 22, 2011

    i already got both of the albums, and i love them!

    @THE LIFE SIZE BOBBLE HEAD FORMALLY KNOWN AS R****** THE GOAT if you want gospel then check out Kirk Franklin’s new album Hello Fear http://bit.ly/fp2Fvp it’s gospel at it’s finest!

  20. uhh March 22, 2011

    Fame is not #1 on I tunes more like #12. Try again liars.

  21. uhh March 22, 2011

    J hud is #3 though. So she’s winning so far !!

  22. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie) March 22, 2011

    I think The Strokes will be #1 album on BB 200. I’m buying J-hud for my mom, and the new Panic at the Disco and The Strokes for myself.

  23. JohnVidal March 22, 2011

    For retarded Chris fans: being #1 on itunes doesn´t equal being #1 next week on Billboard. We´ll see. I´m not a hater at all but even though I´ve never liked Jennifer´s voice, her album deserves the #1. We don´t even know if one of them is going to make it to the top spot so chill out everybody.

  24. BRANDY4EVER March 22, 2011

    Well to honest ihope chirs does good altough im not a fan or buying the album,, Most stores are still on that slezzy ishh and not putting it out. I just bought JHUDS and im about 2 blast it.. no matter how many songs are on it or if their all slow idc ! ilove her. here is my prediction:

    #I Remember Me
    #2 F.A.M.E
    #3 Panic at the disco

    And i dont really care for the rest . lol

  25. HarmonyBaby March 22, 2011


  26. Robier March 22, 2011


  27. RosaRubbel March 22, 2011


    But I can’t find it on my iTunes. Something’s wrong.

  28. chad March 22, 2011

    You are all fools. The burlesque soundtrack was no.1 on itunes for a week n it debuted at 16. Itunes is not a big platform for album sales. Singles only.

  29. Hotchick312 March 22, 2011

    People kill me complaining about the power of Jennifer’s voice. Some of us happen to live for the fact that she has a true instrument and is not afraid to use it. Jennifer’s music is classic and will definitely stand the test of time, unlike so many of these disposable “Pop” tarts, so many of you worship.

    Jennifer is a class act and for that reason alone….I will be buying her album. Can’t wait to hear her belt it out!

  30. Taylor swifts number 1 fan March 22, 2011

    Whats with the chris brown background…i dont wanna be forced to see him. and of course jennifen hudson

  31. royalkev March 22, 2011

    I already purchased my deluxe copy of Fame from Best buy! It was $13.05 that was well spent. I’m just going to get it again on itunes later. J.Hud I’m not sure of yet, I might just get a few singles of hers.


  32. Brixonne March 22, 2011

    I like them Both even though Im huge Breezy fan.. I will get hers also..

  33. lola March 22, 2011


  34. VA STAND UP!! March 22, 2011

    @Keesha: Co-sign!

    Of course I’m gonna get CB’s album but I think I’m gonna pick up JHuds album too just to support. I’m not the biggest fan of JHud’s singing voice, she screams to much & her voice a bit too ‘churchy’ for me, but they played some songs from her album on the radio this morning & I like what I heard. ‘Where You At’ is my jam! She talented & she deserves success!

    I’m sure they are both gonna have good sales but I’m pulling for CB cause he has been through so much & has worked his ass off! I’m not too pressed about first week sales, the long run is what matters the most but I seriously believe that CB can out sell J Hud. *crosses fingers*

  35. Blanco Family March 22, 2011

    smh Trent you know this site is LOADED with CB STANS!!! look at ur dan layout its even promoting chris brown’s album so why ask? loool

  36. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally known as R****** the Goat March 22, 2011

    GOT F.A.M.E!!!!!!! I said she might as well do GOSPEL BCUZ ALL SHE DO IS SCREAM!!!!!!!!!

  37. Jasmine March 22, 2011

    I don’t think that is a fair comparison. Jennifer is only on album #2, while Chris is already deep into his career with album #4. Not to mention Chris’s album has 4 lead singles:

    Deuces, Yeah, No BS, and Look At Me Now

    while Jennifer only has one. Thus, Chris’s album is high priority for his label to market while Jennifer’s is no where near as a high a priority.

    On top of all that Jennifer’s music is “not in style” right now and appeals to an older audience, where as music is in style right now and has more appeal to the majority of consumers.


    @ uhh

    I don’t know what chart your looking at but I see Chris Brown FAME at #1 and Jhud at #3 on U.S ITunes.


  39. JuanR March 22, 2011


  40. salz March 22, 2011

    ready got my copy!

  41. Neutre March 22, 2011

    Why didn’t you also put links to download Jennifer Hudson’s album ??? :/

  42. TIMMI March 22, 2011

    Samantha and Trentisha, you will NEVER taste Chrissy’s pencil. No matter how many times you post about him or change the wallpaper of the site to his face *Dead and gone*

    Craven f****** nowdays

  43. Neutre March 22, 2011

    “Whats with the chris brown background” – TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN

    It’s okay if you (Trent & Sam) are part of TeamBreezy… but what’s that background ??
    this doesn’t give credibility to some of your posts …
    Anyway, I’m gonna buy both of them…

  44. Scott March 22, 2011

    Only Jennifer, Chris needs medication and is crazy for sure

  45. YOOS March 22, 2011

    forget these losers, Britney!

  46. mememememe March 22, 2011

    The state of music is very sad now. Jennifer is a screamer because she actually has range and does not need the use of autotune and other enhancements to make her sound decent. I wish Jennifer had come out when the music business actually was about something and not artist doing 1000 collaboration on one cd. I purchased Jennifer’s album because i miss good music when people actually sang.

  47. GangsterA March 22, 2011

    i got both but jennifer’s >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  48. X,Y,”and Z” March 22, 2011

    @My beloved Team Breezy Family —

    Hey, y’all, I’m now in the Wheaton, MD, Best Buy. I just copped 2 copies of ‘FAME’ deluxe.
    My ip address: (Sam/Trent, y’all can verify this..)

    F*** THE HATERS – Go out and support Our Boy..!

    I’m about to walk across the street to ‘Target’ and buy 2 additional copies (‘FAME deluxe of course)

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!

  49. JohnVidal March 22, 2011

    Look I said I prefer Jennifer by far (compared to Chris). But people saying she doesn´t scream at times… are you trying to say if she would have emerged in the 80´s or 90´s she would have been like Whitney or Mariah or Celine or something like that…. why is it that there are so many delusional people in all the f****** posts? lol She would have been one of those gospel friends Whitney often invited to sing with her and that´s about all the shine she would have gotten. Just please… even if I´m loving most of the songs of her album… but please!

  50. KaVion March 22, 2011

    I’m definantly buying both.
    R&B needs to be supported, I love both of these artists.
    The only downside to this is that I think Lupe will lose the Number 1 spot, but at least Chris will be the one replacing him. 🙂

  51. MelyB March 22, 2011

    ^^ @mememememe

    I’m getting the SE JHud album from Target tomorrow!

    I think that the music industry and fan tastes in music are going through a transition & that soon tastes will shift back to more soulful voices with meaningful song lyrics – fans of such just need to keep supporting the artists they love who haven’t “soul-ed” out for the pop-electronica-techno-dance sound.

  52. X,Y,”and Z” March 22, 2011

    @my Team-Breezy Family —

    K, I’ m NOW back home with my 5 copies of ‘FAME’ deluxe! (Sam/Trent check my ip address).

    Go Cop DAT FAME…

    X,Y,”and Z”

  53. Jason March 22, 2011

    WOW at this site and other sites being so damn biased with this Chris Brown wallpaper….But all will see Jennifer Hudson defeat Chris Brown in sales next week! AND YES THATGRAPEJUICE IS BIASED AS HELL

  54. BrwnHony March 22, 2011

    It’s Breezy’s FAME album baby all the way. I can only stand J Hud on the radio *shrug* sorry. I have 3 copies of FAME so far btwn iTunes and hard copies and still have one arriving from Amazon. Downloaded last night and haven’t stopped listening to it since. FAME makes you feel good and want to dance and Chris’ vocal maturity and depth with lyrics has definetly stepped up. I don’t regret my purchases AT ALL. Go get that FAME album everyone, judge the music not the artist and matters you know nothing about. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BREEEEZY!!!!!!!!!! lol

  55. royalkev March 22, 2011

    Just brought my 2nd copy of Fame (off itunes)! Now, I can travel with Fame everywhere I go! Almost 4 months deep and Breezy is definitely owning the best album of the year – hands down!


  56. Reina March 22, 2011


  57. KYLE March 22, 2011



  58. MrsBreezyHilson March 22, 2011

    F.A.M.E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Robier March 22, 2011

    Chris Brown
    Jennifer Hudson
    Kirk Franklin
    Brit Next week

  60. nickalus Randle March 23, 2011

    I have had both albums already, for weeks….I cant get with CB’s album, it is ok, J Hud’s is nice, neither do much 4 me, BUT if I had 2 buy 1, it would be Jennifer…CB is a cutie tho…

  61. Misty Jean March 23, 2011

    i have both!

  62. LIONESS March 23, 2011


    jen attacks me with her voice

  63. Miguel March 23, 2011

    There’s no thought or competition here, of course Jennifer Hudson’s I Remember Me!

  64. Jay Hova’a Witness C*** Flea March 23, 2011

    Jennifer Hudson for sure.

    Go Jen Go Jebnn Go Jen !!

  65. Nyamal gatluak March 23, 2011

    i love f.a.m.e is the best album ever

  66. bv March 23, 2011

    I brought FAME yesterday. After I saw what happened on GMA I actually left work early and went to Target to buy it. So over the Main stream media trying to tear this kid down. On CNN last night on Jane Velez Mitchells show, the question was asked why is the media not dogging Charlie Sheen like they are Chris Brown a commentator said and I quote ‘the difference between Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown is that Charlie makes light of his situation and Chris Brown doesn’t’ WTF Charlie Sheen is a crazy HABITUAL woman abuser who smokes crack and he is getting praised for making light of his situation??? If CB even tried to make light of the incident the media would eat him up alive. Then, on the VIEW he was called a thug—what the hell did they call Charlie Sheen a thug when he held a knife to his wifes throat? Did they call Mel Gibson a thug when he knocked the teeth out of his girlfriends mouth? Anyway, I love CB and this makes me support him even more.

  67. dave March 23, 2011

    i have just bought F.A.M.E like 10 mins ago and yes it is ace and would have to say contender for album of the year!!!!!

  68. T. And March 23, 2011

    Which One should you buy??………. In My Opinion I think you should get Both! J Hud & Chris Brown both put together Super Albums this time around. Here are the pre-order links for both albums. http://bit.ly/hDqjzI Breezy http://bit.ly/hcbSKW J Hud

  69. wake up black people March 23, 2011

    Nobody is trying to tear chris brown down. Only blacks with this defeatest attitude. Chris tears his own self down with his actions. You don’t react like a damn beast, they have no reason to treat you like one. Answering a question about your past is nothing new in this industry. Chris needs to grow up and black people we need to wake up and hold our people accountable for their actions. Excuses do nobody no good. It’s just a salve mentality rooted from generations of being a victim for so long. Let it go.

    Ill get Jennifers. Talk about going through a lot, she has gone through a lot. Chris put himself through a lot. Big difference. I don’t want to be responsible or enabling enflated egos with no sense of responsibility and accountability or an ounce of respect for black women. So J hud gets my money.

  70. Socky March 24, 2011

    I bought Chris Brown and Kirk Franklin

  71. PN March 27, 2011

    I got BOTH albums because I like both singers. Jennifer Hudson’s I Remember Me is far better than her ballad heavy debut. I love how she went uptempo on a few songs and I love the Alicia Keys-helmed songs with that retro-disco feel! And she can be SAANGING on here! Chris Brown’s album is good, just as strong as Exclusive. I hated Graffiti. Though I like the songs in the vein of Yeah3X with the pumping pulse heavy dance grooves. He has 3 others like it and they also remind me of his great Forever. Somehow he had to be influenced by Taio Cruz a little bit with his own Dynamite and Break Your Heart, but does his own thing.

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