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Published: Tuesday 22nd Mar 2011 by Sam

2010 was a year of ups and downs for Grammy Award-winning hitmaker Ne-Yo. The singer welcomed a daughter and scored a #1 single in the UK with ‘Beautiful Monster’ but also had to endure lackluster sales with his most recent album, ‘Libra Scale’.

In an exclusive chat with That Grape Juice, Ne-Yo addressed several points including why his album stalled on the charts and the musical direction of his next studio effort. The ever-opinionated artist also openly shared his thoughts on Usher’s upcoming “Revolutionary Pop” album, writing songs for Beyonce’s new project as well as working with Jennifer Hudson.

Additionally, Ne-Yo discussed his distaste for “lazy” singers who overuse auto-tune and his thoughts on Rihanna’s vocal ability in relation to that trend.

Check out the full interview below:

Ne-Yo Shouts Out That Grape Juice

That Grape Juice: Hey Ne-Yo, it’s great to finally speak with you. How are you doing today?

Ne-Yo: I’m doing good! I’m in London right now and it is cold as hell! It’s cold and raining, but that’s how London normally is when I come out here.

That Grape Juice: How are you finding your stay in London generally?

Ne-Yo: Aside from the weather, yes I loving coming out here. It’s always a good time when I come out here. The people are warmer than the weather is so that’s a good thing.

That Grape Juice: That’s great to hear. Well, it has been a busy year for you musically as well as in your private life with the birth of your daughter (congratulations by the way). How has it been adjusting to fatherhood?

Ne-Yo: To be completely honest with you, it’s not that difficult. It’s just a matter of understanding what my priorities are now and she is absolutely a priority. Making sure that she never needs for anything is a priority. So with that it’s important that I get out here and do what I have to do to make sure that she’s okay.

On the other side of that, it makes it more difficult to leave the house because I want to be there for the changes; I want to be there for everything but I can’t be. It’s a labor of love but it’s love.

That Grape Juice: It’s wonderful to hear that you’re so dedicated and involved. Now, on the music front, you mentioned last year that ‘Libra Scale’ wasn’t your best work and that your fans deserved better. Why did think that the album wasn’t your best work?

That Grape Juice: It’s because I was doing things that I’ve never done before and I was learning how to do them in the process of doing them as opposed to really taking the time to master the craft of what I was trying to do.

What I should have done with this album was take the time to learn how to write a script, how to direct a video and how to get the story to come together in the right way as opposed to learning it as I went along and making the mistakes that I was making and just letting it be that.  I really feel that had I taken the time to really master these arts before I attempted them then the album would have turned out better; the whole thing would have turned out better.

The people that understood it loved it but for the people that didn’t get it then it wasn’t their fault because I made it little more complicated than it needed to be which is why I’m in the studio as we speak putting together another album that’s back to the basics for me. No complicated story to try to follow; no concepts to confuse you; it’s just about listening to the music and vibing out and determining your own adventure the way you would with a regular Ne-Yo album.

That Grape Juice: Well speaking of that new album, as you just said you’re taking it “back to basics” and so on, does this mean that we’re going to get more of an R&B sound from you or are you going to continue to experiment with House/Dance music like you did with ‘Closer’ and more Pop-oriented songs?

I’m really not sure. I feel like to a certain degree I want to (re-assert) my R&B roots just because I feel like people are taking it too far with the House music now. People are taking it and turning it into this commercial crap. Everybody is trying to do it now and I hate that. I hate when it becomes so popular that everybody thinks that they can do it.  You turn on the radio now and everybody has a House or Techno sounding record and it’s getting boring because everybody is doing the same thing.

So this might be the album where I take it back to my traditional R&B roots and allow those records to be good enough for everybody to enjoy.

That Grape Juice: It’s funny that you spoke about everybody having a House or a Pop record because that leads us directly to my next question. You previously stated that Usher’s ‘Confessions’ album was one of the best R&B albums released in the last decade. However, he recently claimed that his next album would be along the lines of something that he calls “Revolutionary Pop”.

What are you thoughts on Usher going into to Pop music now head on?

Ne-Yo: I feel like Usher is such a talented guy. He’s the kind of guy that anything that he tackles and puts his whole heart, soul and mind on is going to be fantastic.

I don’t know what Revolutionary Pop is so I’m anxious to hear what it sounds like but I know that Usher is a perfectionist. I know that he’s the type of guy who is going to stay on it until it’s ready so I’m looking forward to hearing it.

That Grape Juice: On a similar note about Pop music, as you’ve said it’s everywhere and it’s playing on the radio at all times, but core R&B artists like Trey Songz, Monica and even the big sellers like Mariah Carey are now struggling just to get Gold albums.

What do you think that R&B artists have to do to get back to the #1 spot and sell the way that did in the early 2000s?

Ne-Yo: Nothing at all. I just feel like music is in a state of transition right now. In music we follow trends and then we get tired of them and move on to the next thing that we would follow for a while before we get tired of that too and move on to the next thing.

I just feel that R&B needs to be given the opportunity to come back around. I’m not saying that anybody has do anything different; just continue to keep making quality R&B music and people will remember why they love and things will be alright again.

That Grape Juice: We saw you live O2 arena recently and you put on an amazing show. As a performer do you feel you get the props you deserve (when compared to a Chris Brown or an Usher, for example)?

Ne-Yo: To be completely honest with you I don’t feel like I do. I’m not going to sit here and cry about it because when it’s time for people to recognise me for what I am and what I do they will but until it’s time for that to happen then it won’t.

All I can do is make sure that every time I set foot on a stage I give 200% and leave it on the stage and eventually people will understand that. That’s my 2nd home; that’s where I live and that’s what I do. They’ll get it in time. I’m not going to chase the world; I’ll let the world chase me.

That Grape Juice: I like the way you put that one. Now, you released your debut album over 5 years ago yet little is known about you as a person. Is that deliberate on your end to make sure that the focus remains on your music or is that just a coincidence?

Ne-Yo: A little bit of both. I understand that fame and celebrity are very trivial nowadays. You really don’t have to do anything special or spectacular to be famous anymore.  Basically, all you have to do is be a train wreck and it’s enough for people to talk about and you’re famous.

I never wanted my fame or my recognition to be that. I wanted people to recognise me for the quality of my music. That’s all I wanted people care about – recognition for the quality of my music, the blood, sweat and tears that I put into my performances – that’s what I wanted people to pay attention to, not Ne-Yo is dating this celebrity girl or Ne-Yo got arrested for this.

I feel that all that controversy and scandal is gimmicky and I didn’t want my fame to be gimmicky. I wanted to be valid, I wanted to be real and I wanted respect as opposed to fame or recognition. I feel like to a degree that’s what I get and if I’m not as popular as the guy who gets arrested 9 times in a year and is on the cover of a magazine for it then so be it. I’m not tripping.

That Grape Juice: You’ve worked with many of the biggest artists in the game including Beyonce, Mariah & Jennifer Hudson. Who has been your favourite artist to work with and why?

Ne-Yo: Wow…well out of everybody you just named it’s difficult to pick favourite. Everybody has their own swag and there are good things about working with each of them.

With Beyonce, for example, I love how hands on she is with everything that she does. Not too long ago I did some sessions with her for her forthcoming album that she’s putting together and she’s the kind of artist that knows exactly what she wants.

She is not a ‘paper doll’ artist and what I mean by that is that a paper doll is inanimate and you dress it up to make it exactly how you want it to look and it’s just there waiting for you to put something on it. That’s not who she is. She is definitely in there like “I don’t think I would say that” or “I want the song to feel like this” or whatever the case might be by leading the pen.

Even if she’s not writing the song herself or at least not all the time, she’s definitely leading the pen to get exactly what she wants so that it has that Beyonce stamp on it and I love that. I feel like if I give you a song and you sing it exactly the way I sang it then you might as well let me keep it. That doesn’t make any sense. I want you to do something to make it yours and I never have that problem with Beyonce.

Mary J. Blige is another one like that. Jennifer Hudson is very hands on as well. She said she wanted this next album to be very personal so just about every song came from a conversation that she had with the writer.  She’s talking about things that were going on in her life; things that were important to her and thus the songs were written from those conversations. I like those kinds of artists.

I’ve actually only worked with Mariah once for that remix album that she was putting out on the song we did together called ‘Angels Cry’. It was easy. She was very easy to work with which  I can honestly say I did not expect. She is rumoured to be this difficult diva but I didn’t get that. We were in the studio and everything was easygoing; everything was mellow and she introduced me to her dog {laughs}. It was cool. I look forward to working with her again at some point.

That Grape Juice: Which 3 artists are you most eager to work with in the near future?

Ne-Yo: Only 3? Damn! Well, I’m about to go into the studio with Fabolous and we’re about to put together a ‘best of both worlds’ type of situation so I’m really anxious to get into it with that. We’re going to have Ryan Leslie doing a lot of the production. That’s going to be really good.

I have an artist of my own called Loren Allred and I’m in studio with her as we speak. She has one of the most amazing voices that I’ve ever worked with and it’s just exciting that’s she’s my artist and I’m going to be the one to show the world what this girl can do.

As for #3, I’m excited to get back in the studio and give the world another album. I’m excited to remind people of why they love me in the first place and that’s because I write the songs that most can remember. I write the songs that put you back in that good place or take you back to that bad place for a second and make it okay to cry about it or whatever the case may be. That’s who I am and that’s what I’m about to give the world again with this next album.

That Grape Juice: Now the obvious question that I think the fans will strangle me for if I don’t ask it is this: we know you’re currently working on Beyonce’s new album and we know that she has sworn you to secrecy but can you tell us about the album? Is she working on mid-tempos, uptempos, breakup songs, love songs or what?

Ne-Yo: I have been told that Beyonce has ninjas following me. I cannot see them and I cannot hear them but if I say anything about her project they will jump out and slit my throat. In order to maintain my life and my singing ability I’m going to have to say nothing. {laughs}

That Grape Juice: {Laughs} Moving on….You recently commented that singers who use auto-tune need to stop being lazy and take off their training wheels. Were talking about anyone in particular or was it a general statement?

Ne-Yo: I was talking about anybody who says that they are a ‘singer’ and lets auto-tune do the heavy lifting. I feel like if you’re doing this for the purpose of a trend then you’re cheating! It’s cheating! I feel like if you’re a singer then sing.

Take a T-Pain for example. T-Pain is my homeboy and I don’t mind the way he uses auto-tune because it’s a stylised thing. The way Kanye West did it for ‘808s & Heartbreak’ was a stylised thing.  The way that [Lil] Wayne used it for ‘The Carter III’ was a stylised thing. However, if you’re a person calling yourself ‘an R&B singer’, singer, then your’re supposed to sing.

Mind you, auto-tune and melodyne these are tools that are supposed to help make your music better. I always use the terminology of it being a safety net. Singing is like walking a tightrope and auto-tune and melodyne are supposed to be used just in case you fall. You’re not supposed to put on your auto-tune wings and jump off the cliff and fly around! That’s not how you’re supposed to do it.

A lot of cats are getting lazy to the point that they’ll sing it just as good as it has to be and let auto-tune do the rest. I feel like if that’s what you’re going to do then you should stop singing and create a robot who will do it for you all the way across the board because it’s not you anymore. Auto-tune takes all the character out of your voice and now you sound like everybody else. Why would you do that to yourself?

That Grape Juice: Now, there is one singer to whom you’re very close who on her last album, and throughout her career, used a lot of studio tricks and she hasn’t ever been able to match those vocals live. Of course, I’m talking about Rihanna.

What are your thoughts regarding her as a vocalist compared to some of her contemporaries such as Beyonce and others?

I feel like Rihanna has definitely come a long way from when I first met her. She has grown as an artist and she has grown into a beautiful young woman. She is a very talented artist. I feel like there is room for improvement in everybody including myself. And Rihanna is no exception.

I feel like every song that she does and every album that she does she’s going to keep getting better and better. She is still very much a student of this art and that’s how I know she’s going to be around for a while. She’s not a person walking around as though she knows it all already. She knows she has room for improvement and that’s what gives you longevity – understanding that even if you’re the best you can always get better; there is always something else to learn. She’s in the process of learning.

That Grape Juice: Thank you very much for your time Ne-Yo. We’ll definitely be looking out for everything you have planned for this year. This was truly an informative interview and we hope to speak to you again soon!

Ne:Yo: Not a problem! Thank you very much!

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  1. kevin March 21, 2011

    I like how he talks, but he needs to learn to stfu sometimes.



  3. nyakz March 21, 2011

    NEYO AVOIDED THE QUESTION ABOUT RHIANA SINGING ABILITY!! the truth is she cannot sing. she is wack. He gets paid from her so i guess he did the right thing lol

  4. Judge & Jury March 21, 2011

    I hate peop;e who give PC/PR interviews! YAAAWWN!!!!! Ne-yo is no different. NEXT.

    What a borefest. Truth!!!

  5. Judge & Jury March 21, 2011

    I hate people who give PC/PR interviews! YAAAWWN!!!!! Ne-yo is no different. NEXT.

    What a borefest. Truth!!!

  6. CURLY SUE March 21, 2011


  7. GagalovesU March 21, 2011


  8. KAT DELUNA FAN March 21, 2011

    I dont want him to be on beyonce new album.He is annoying

    Donald Trump already told the truth no need to ask people in Rihanna’s crew.They will gave you fake answers NEXT

  9. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! March 21, 2011


  10. Little Kimberly DAMNIT! March 21, 2011

    He’s very well spoken.. What he said about auto tune made a little more sense but even still, ppl gonna do what they do, and we gonna like what we like, and it is what it is. Trent I don’t know why have so much time in every single day to hate on rihanna. Its getting really annoying by now… Neyo did write a lot of good stuff so I think at the end of the day whether or not his albums suck rocks he will still go down in the books

  11. QUEEN BEYONCE STANN March 21, 2011

    Yup This B**** knows His Place Better Be Kissing The Queens Ass Instead Of Trying To Diss Ha!


  12. MissImpartial March 21, 2011

    Trent is obsessed with Rihanna’s vocal ability. Ok she might not be the best of singers live but come on she shits over Kesha and Katy Perry.

    It is kinda sad that you have to ask everyone about Rihannas voice. Let her be. She is a singer and will be one. If you ask 100 people and 99 say she is bad she is still at the top.

    Trent when you start to accept you will find inner peace.

  13. TASHA March 21, 2011



  14. Beystanbish March 21, 2011

    Good luck getting on Bey’s new album Neyoquisha. She drop your ass for her last project and she ain’t using you for this one either. I know it ain’t hurting you, you can always write for them low budget b******. ————————————–>

  15. lola March 21, 2011

    LOL at Ne-Yo avoiding that Rihanna question. Ne-Yo knows damn well that she cannot sing! What he’s saying is that she has “improved” over the years, but she is still a bad singer. There is only so much you can approve. I really dislike Beyonce, her image, and she definitely does not have one of the best voices, but if you listen to her with DC in a song like “Pay My Bills” and then “Halo” you can hear a dramatic vocal improvement and more strength. With Rihanna, her voice sounds like same, it’s just that she sounds a couple of years older LOL! You cannot turn a naturally bad singer into a great or amazing one. You have to have talent to start with.

    The rest of this interview was boring!

  16. Beystanbish March 21, 2011

    “I have been told that Beyonce has ninjas following me. I cannot see them and I cannot hear them but if I say anything about her project they will jump out and slit my throat. In order to maintain my life and my singing ability I’m going to have to say nothing. ”
    Bwahahahah. Bey stans taught him well.

  17. Gucci March 21, 2011

    Rihanna again girl? You make yourself look so helplessly pressed. Every interview that TGJ has ever done included a question about Rihanna. Why is that? The true tea is that you are obsessed with this b****. You stan for her more than anyone in the Rihanna Navy.

    Girl….we get it. Just stay mad.

    *sips tea*

  18. MissImpartial March 21, 2011

    Beyonce stans leave Neyo alone just because he stood up for himself and said that he was the writer of the song you all up on him. Get over it. If Beyonce can forgive surly you should follow the “Queen”.

    Beyonce probably wants the songs that Neyo wrote for MJ that is why she wants to start working with him.

  19. I am pencil d*** with urine dyed hair a.k.a. the beaver March 21, 2011

    BREAKING NEWS ………………beyonce steals lyrics from 19 year old girl 4 “if i were a boy” & tried 2 keep it hush hush #itallcomesoutinthewash

  20. REASONABLE VOICE March 21, 2011

    How did Ne-Yo avoid the question when he said Rihanna is very talented? You people are so quick to post hateful comments, you aren’t reading. I support Ne-Yo all the way.

  21. Curtwill March 21, 2011

    I love his answer on Beyoncé…great answers and every producer talks about her vocal “production”/arrangements and this is no exception. Trent, you don’t have to go at Rihanna all the time. She’s knows she’s not the best vocalist, everyone does but that can be said of a whole bunch of entertainers.

    This is the problem with you. You did this with Soundz to come for Beyoncé’s “artistic intergrity” and now you’re making Rihanna the target. If you are going to ask question, stop being so biased because it makes you looked pressed and stupid and why you’re viewership isn’t as high as you and Sam want it to be.

  22. Alexx’ March 21, 2011

    great interview but why do you ask everyone about rihanna? try to get them to throw shade and it never works..and if they did it wouldnt matter because she’s at the top.. i knew riri was gonna be mentioned before i read it..

    anywhoo yesss i need some new beyonce in my life ..

  23. Gucci March 21, 2011

    YAAAAAS for Ne-Yo clocking Trent’s tea. Rihanna has what many people don’t have and that is longevity. There is a reason why she can pull out #1 songs on every album sweetie. There is a reason why her album sales increase instead of decrease (ciara). You’re just going to have to deal with it boo. You must be really pressed.

    Stay tuned for the next interview with Rihanna’s name it. Why are you so PRESSED?

  24. Curtwill March 21, 2011


    Actually most Bey “stans” had no problem with him saying that he was a CO-WRITER of Irreplaceable because he was. Our problem was with the MEDIA trying to make it more than what it is. Even though, I didn’t like Neyo talking about Irreplaceable all of the time because that gives the media to use his statements to further bash Beyoncé. Now people what he says she brings to the table and now hopefully people will shut up about Bey’s contributions in the studio. But I am probably asking too much, right?

  25. Alexx’ March 21, 2011

    sidenote: rihanna has 18 sold out shows in the uk already months before so that many people are paying to watch a bad performer?…oh

  26. Wait Ur Turn88 March 21, 2011

    Trent get over it u just mad she wont give ur ass a interview

  27. Nana March 21, 2011

    I love Rihwhore!

  28. MissImpartial March 21, 2011


    Well it is not his fault if the media made bigger deal of it. He even said that she helped arrange the song.

    I bet if you wrote a song for someone and that someone is claiming to written it you would do exactly what Neyo did.

  29. @RaydeeohCity March 21, 2011

    ugh i hate to agree but come the f*** on…

    this interview was a good read… question and answer-wise until the last question. WHY did Trent have to ask about f****** rihanna??

  30. Curtwill March 21, 2011


    Not really, as long as I get my publishing credits, I don’t care because the artist/entertainer/performer is the one who is SUPPOSED to be out in front, and if they contributed to the composition of the song then…I don’t mind them crediting themselves with writing the song because everyone who reads the credits can see that at the least, I contributing to the composition of the song. I don’t need the glory like that. As long as I get my publishing credits, I am good.

  31. slimeshow bob…..F.A.M..E. in stores tomorrow :-) March 21, 2011

    *CRINGE* He’s going to answer and question about Chris Brown and Usher!!!

    She-Yo, stop it! You are the only person who doesn’t believe his own minor hype! If you did not spend so much time trying to bash Usher and join in the frenzy surrounding then 19 yr old Chris Brown, you would be further ahead in the game. No one likes a moaner and constant complainer especially in a man!

  32. MISHKA March 21, 2011

    Great interview TGJ and shout out to Ne-Yo. !!!

    I don’t think Ne-Yo is underestimated. Ne-Yo is one of those artits who put contemporary in “Contemporary R’n’B “. He has his own style. But from 2007 to 2010, the music industry fell into the easy celebrity, filled with sextapes, scandals, real Tv shows and boob-jobs. I’m glad he doesn’t want to be part of that kind of celebrity. He should keep hitting the studio and collecting his grammys.

    I agree with his statement about auto-tune. TPain, Kanye and Wayne used the autotune properly but too many people fall into and it became just an annoying sound and ultimately a cheating.

    R’n’B best days were during the last decade. A lot of people don’t know this , but in 2004, any song which hit the #1 spot on Billboard Hot 100 was either a r’n’b song either a hip hop/rap song. Now it’s time for pop/house music and it’s up to the artists to make the best of it and put some oiginality in their songs. For example Beyoncé “Sweet Dreams” and BEP’s “Meet me halfway” are amazing pop songs while Usher’s “OMG” is utter garbage.

    Anyway, I liked the interview and I wish Ne-Yo the best.

  33. slimeshow bob…..F.A.M..E. in stores tomorrow :-) March 21, 2011

    *a question*

  34. Maria March 21, 2011

    Ne Yo’s response to the Rihanna question shut Trent’s a$$ down one time.
    I swear Trent, Sam, and XYZ are the same person… delusional, obsessed, and pressed over her.
    Sorry trannies, Rih’s winning. Dead.

  35. Y’all are too fake March 21, 2011

    @Wait Ur Turn

    Rihanna has 18 sold out shows”

    Answer: Ke$ha has 26 sold out shows ….What’s Your Point?
    The b**** still don’t have talent.

    Can’t wait for Gaga’s new album to crush the competition.
    Most downloaded artist of all Time. & Without Autotune!
    : )

  36. StanN March 21, 2011


  37. StanN March 21, 2011


  38. Y’all are too fake March 21, 2011

    @the delusional Rihanna stand who can’t accept that Rihanna can’t sing.

    No body is delusional or obssesed with a s***** Island singer. If the b**** don’t have real talent, she jus doesn’t have real talent. Pon De Replay that s***
    If Cassie would’ve been a good girl , she coulda has the same success
    Put a gay club dance beat on anything & these queens will eat it up.
    That’s how she’s making money off y’all dumbasses . Women & Men love Beyonce for a reason, She’s classy and her music is deep with meaning, Rihanna is an attention seeking w**** who only can sing about Men doing something to her. Not Love, S**.
    Boys & Girl= Rihanna
    Men & Women= Beyonce.

    I choose Class over Ass. Beyonce doesn’t have to be a h** to sell records.

  39. Prince&Queen March 21, 2011

    I Love his answer on Queen Bey and Trent the RiRi shade is getting Sooo LATE!! Gosh, every1 knows RiRi is not 1 of the best singers its definitely making u look soo Pathetic! She’s not even the worst either like really Trent get OVA it. Lol i guess it really satisfies his life…..

    Queen Bey hurry up and come back it’s soo Boring without U!!!!!!!!!

  40. Rihanna’s Throat March 21, 2011

    If Rihanna Mcdonald is learning and getting better she must have a LEARNING DISABILITY!!! Yeah, I know lm her throat but she is just the f’n worst & l cant keep straining myself. Pretty soon lm not gonna be able to speak at all….BRB I gotta talk to our brain. That will be about 1 second long.

  41. LAME March 21, 2011

    NEYO SAID, “With Beyonce, for example, I love how hands on she is with everything that she does. Not too long ago I did some sessions with her for her forthcoming album that she’s putting together and she’s the kind of artist that knows exactly what she wants.

    She is not a ‘paper doll’ artist and what I mean by that is that a paper doll is inanimate and you dress it up to make it exactly how you want it to look and it’s just there waiting for you to put something on it. That’s not who she is. She is definitely in there like “I don’t think I would say that” or “I want the song to feel like this” or whatever the case might be by leading the pen.

    Even if she’s not writing the song herself or at least not all the time, she’s definitely leading the pen to get exactly what she wants so that it has that Beyonce stamp on it and I love that. I feel like if I give you a song and you sing it exactly the way I sang it then you might as well let me keep it. That doesn’t make any sense. I want you to do something to make it yours and I never have that problem with Beyonce.”


  42. Robier March 21, 2011


  43. The Life Size Booble Head formally known as Rhitard The Goat March 21, 2011

    @U SEEN DA PICS OF MY BIG C*** DATS Y YA FAV WUZ GOIN CRAZY Nobody cares about yo lil comment about QUEEN BEY it happen it 2007, LET IT GO!!!!!! Oh and nothing is pencil about BREZZY BIG C***, he wasnt even ‘excited’ and if u saw 1 in real life u would kno da difference! 🙂

  44. GangsterA March 21, 2011

    great interview guys ne-yo betta serve the tea i loved what he said about Queen Bey we know shes hands one its just ignorant pepole who don’t want to belive it and i loved what he said about RIRI you guys were being shady (as usual) but ne-yo handeld that Q right the gorl grow and learn with every album and thats the truth now #Beehive

  45. Kim March 21, 2011

    Obsessed with Rihanna much Trent? leave the poor girl alone, am not a big fan of hers but her singing is not that bad shes better than them others like Gaga, Britney, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha. In every interview with someone Rihanna always has to be mentioned, do you think she cares what a nobody like you thinks about her? she doesnt even know you exist honey and shes laughing all the way to the bank and your behind a computer hating so even if she is “talentless” shes having the last laugh, probably upset because she wont come and do a interview on your s***** site, instead of all this hatred on this woman who has done nothing to you, you should be be very happy for her that a young carribean woman has done so well for herself, not many carribean artists have gotten so far as she has and I know your from the carribean too. Whats wrong with you fool?

  46. WonderLand19 March 21, 2011

    Great interview, really informative. Plus, i liked that he didn’t throw anyone under the bus.
    The best questions you have asked to date 🙂

  47. GangsterA March 21, 2011

    @Y’all too fake in case you didn’t know gaga does use Auto-tune in songs like ”Starstruck” and more

  48. Yellow Gorillah March 21, 2011

    Woooow This site is OBESSED with Rihanna like Fo Real
    Do yall have to ask something about he RiRi in every god dame interview
    and nobody ever agrees with you guys so what is the point.

    Yall always come across and two pressed Queens
    who cannot accept her success and domination I’m sorry yall have to get used
    to it like ne-yo Said rihanna has longitivity so you might as well give up
    and join the Navy while you can because she is going to be here for along time,

    Thank you neyo for spilling the real T!

  49. royalkev March 21, 2011

    I thought I was going to get upset with Ne-yo about something he’d say in this interview. I wasn’t at all, instead I was impressed with his wisdom. I was almost certain he’d bash Usher about the “revolutionary pop” or take a shot at Breezy …and I see that I was wrong. He was very positive. I loved how he described how the usage of auto tune should be incorporated in recording music. I also liked his description of Bey when it comes to her work ethic. It was a good interview. I found myself agreeing with just about everything he said.


  50. JohnVidal March 21, 2011

    I always like what Neyo says. He can´t be that clear as me but he basically said:
    – Rihanna can´t sing
    – Bey doesn´t write a f****** thing (once more). Her delusional fans need to understand being hands on (as he also said about J. Hudson) doesn´t equal making the songs. She simply says what she wants, not that she has the talent to do a single thing. Obviously she is not a doll like Rihanna, but that´s not being more songwriter than Whitney or Celine (who are not either, but they don´t claim they are), it´s just that she gives her opinion. The difference is clear also when he talks about Mariah. That is a songwriter who called him to meke his verse for a new version of a song made by her, not the other way round. Writers and producers make complete songs for Bey. Do u finally get it now?????????

  51. Julien March 21, 2011

    The shade towards Rihanna is ridiculous. Studio tricks? Really now! Rihanna has grown as a vocalist and she’s had a number of great performances! Get off her c***!

  52. theman March 21, 2011

    Beyonce’ fans need to shut up. All they do is complain. Neyo was whack for not saying what type of songs Beyonce’ was making. Trent didn’t ask about the name of the album, or the name of any of the songs. They can’t handle anything that isn’t praising Beyonce’, but they knock every other artist, the irony lol. Rihanna is not really a good singer, Neyo said what he said while trying to be polite to Rihanna because she is his friend. Ke$ha can really sing go listen to her acoustic songs. Gaga is a decent singer and so is Katy Perry. As for Trent speaking about the r&b artists, the ones you mentioned didn’t struggle to go gold. It’s the genre itself that is struggling in terms of album sells, but atleast the quality of music begining to come back to light.

  53. sane beyhanna stan March 21, 2011

    It was a good interview despite the usual shade! 🙂
    I’m sick of stanning for rih when its obvious that she’s not even a horrible singer. People will believe and see what they want. I love what he said about bey and that she’s ALWAYS on her grind.

  54. FBINX March 21, 2011

    @ Kim is you think Rihanna is a better singer than lady gaga. I’m going to need you to lend me whatever it is you’re smoking. I didn’t like the question about rihanna hell i’m sure she knows her limits. Anyway nice interview I like ne-yo he comes off as a normal human being in this interview

  55. Prince&Queen March 21, 2011

    @Johnvidal shut ur DickSuckers up! Just close them up! Ure the 1 that dont get it. Bey stans/fans are aware that Bey gets some songs from other writers and producers too. That doesnt mean she dont write her own music still. Neyo didnt help write all the songs on her albums so he dont know if she writes all her other songs HAATTER!! Lol u really think ure psychic and ure NOT!! Queen Bey still adds her GREAT FLAVOR to the songs given to her so she has the right to say she wrote the song or cuz she was (APART) of the song HAAATTTTEEEERRR!!!!!!

  56. Prince&Queen March 21, 2011

    Lol Haters like Johnvidal always tryin to make a big issue about her not writing songs just like a HATER, thats the best u got…… People dont really care about whether she wrote the song or not. People really pay attention to her Powerful,Beautiful,Spectacular Voice ,Performances and her Beautful Face and Figure. Johnvidal stop being pathetic. Queen Bey FOREVER!!!!

  57. KaVion March 21, 2011

    Whatever, keep on expressing yourself Ne-Yo.
    You can have an opinion, but there’s a time and place for it, an interview isn’t it.
    Rihanna ain’t f****** with you NO MORE.

  58. True Blue March 22, 2011

    @ John Vidal:

    “Even if she’s not writing the song herself or
    at least not all the time, she’s definitely leading the pen to get exactly what she wants so that it has that Beyonce stamp on it and I love that. I feel like if I give you a
    song and you sing it exactly the way I sang
    it then you might as well let me keep it.
    That doesn’ t make any sense. I want you to
    do something to make it yours and I never
    have that problem with Beyonce.”

    So much for “not writing a f****** thing”, eh? Or maybe you forgot lyrics aren’t the sole aspects to songwriting? Lots of people who have worked with her have spoken of how amazingly knowledgeable she is when it comes to musical arrrangements.

    I think you’re the one who doesn’t understand what “hands-on” means. No Beyoncé fan has said Ne-Yo’s statements means she writes her own songs, just that it disputes the popular misconception that her sole contribution is changing one word out of a whole song and nothing else.

    By your logic, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and other well renowned singer-NON songwriters don’t have the talent to do a single thing, either. They weren’t anymore involved in the creation of their songs than Bey is.

    @ Curtwill:

    Are you @Beyoncé: Queen of Pop & Soul?

  59. lol March 22, 2011

    damn that sad did yall hear what he said “No complicated story to try to follow; no concepts to confuse you”

    he’s basicly realizing as an artist he’s having to DUMB HIS MUSIC DOWN

    SAD that an artist like Neyo has to dumb s*** down just to be successful

    i bet its finally hitting him that the majority of young people buying music are dumb and cant handle well written lyrics, preconcieved concepts and story plots.

    they just want a hot beat and braggin about money,clothes and h*** & s**

    examples :”oh na na whats my name whats my name”

    “Better cuff your chick if you with her
    I can get her
    And she accidentally slip fall on my d-ck
    Ooops, I said on my d-ck
    I aint really mean to say on my d-ck
    But since we talking about my d-ck
    All of you haters say hi to it
    I’m Done ”
    ………generic fun too listen to s*** like that

  60. None Ya March 22, 2011

    Dear Beyonce Haters,
    Get out! JohnVidal, you delusional f*** he NEVER said that! He never said anything really, so you ALL CAN HUSH!

  61. The one March 22, 2011

    @ Rihanna fans Trent is making a valit point when it comes to Rihanna singing or lack of for the matter. It really needs to be adressed!! I don’t think he is being obsessed with her by pointing out the truth. People who no music knows she has no vocal ability at all!! Its sad she as more number one hits than artist who are actually talented, which says alot about this new generation. Music now a days is solely about beats, looks, and outfits, being able to actually sing is no longer a factor. People can down legendary artist such as Whitney, Mariah, and etc, they may not be where they use to be, but still are light years ahead of acts such as Rihanna. Don’t get mad at this man for telling the truth, take some basic music classes, so you can understand where he is coming from!!! Knowleged is Power people and music is a fadeing art!!

  62. S*** March 22, 2011

    My, I hope Im not too Late:

    I’ve always understood what Bey’s role was in the studio as a Composer 1ST & a Lyricist 2ND & what shes capable of as a Composer & a Lyricist from hearing all her contributions to her songs dating all the way back to Survivor.

    What I dont understand is the Haters that either dont know or are too stupid to understand this role. 😐

    Noone ever said she was the best Writer ever… but dont act like she just stamps her name without ever earning her credit.

    Seems the Haters only use these allegations for Extra Ammo cause they know they have NOTHING ELSE.

  63. S*** March 22, 2011


    On her motivation:

    “I never focus on who or what is at the top, because when people become better at what they do individually, it’s noticed. And that’s all I want to be: an artist who was known for growing constantly and becoming bigger and better. It’s not about who’s better between Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. I’m more in competition with myself. I always challenge myself to do better next time. It doesn’t matter who’s at the top as long as I’m getting closer to that point every time. That’s all I care about.”


    ^^^ This sounds like some S*** BEY WOULD SAY!! only with her its true cause she has NO COMPETITION…

  64. PLAIN & SIMPLE March 22, 2011

    @Rented Lambo

    Thanks now I have to remember my password. I have it on my twitter and I’ve been trying like hell to change my avatar from those boots. I might have to change my password. thanks tho good looking out

  65. itaploy March 22, 2011

    was the rihanna question necessary?
    sam/ trent seriously that hatred has to be eating u out like a cancer.
    y don’t u talk about ppl u love.

  66. ERIC March 22, 2011

    Nice work ThatRihannaJuice!

  67. shell17nj March 22, 2011

    whether you like her or not rihanna is hot right now. go rihanna get yours…cover of vogue, make-up and clothing line in the works.

  68. theman March 22, 2011

    @S*** needs to be smacked with the book of “Common Sense”. Close your mouth. If Beyonce’ has no competition then why do you constantly bring it up. There are alot of ladies doing their thing on the charts, so do not try to dismiss them and their success. Beyonce’ is not the topic of this discussion. Keep it moving. Just because you rearrange something that doesn’t mean you wrote it. Beyonce’s stardom is why she gets writing credits folks, it’s her name that can do that for her. She writes most of her cheesy catchy songs, well some of them.

  69. JohnVidal March 22, 2011

    It´s more clear everytime. Beyonce fans are delusional as hell. So Neyo talking about Rihanna was him being polite cos we all know she can´t sing but Neyo talking about how Bey doesn´t write but she makes the songs her own (wich is good but it´s not doing them) is absolutely that he meant Bey writes??? Delusional or stupid. I don´t know what.
    I repeat: I don´t have a problem with artists not songwriting, not everybody has that. The problem is trying to make people believe you do. I´ve always been a fan of Whitney, Celine,etc, so I don´t have a problem at all. But you have to be at least unique or have an out of this world voice or something, and Bey definitely doesn´t have that either. She is an awesome performer though, just not genuine.

  70. GangsterA March 22, 2011

    ^^ she does write and co-write her songs get over it

  71. Ray March 22, 2011

    Dead @ you ALWAYS trying to shade Rihanna, and it ALWAYS coming up short. So pressed.

  72. Aaliyah March 22, 2011

    Wow, Rihanna can’t sing but still she is an international star. Every f****** song she does, is an instant hit (excluding Rockstar 101, which did miss promotion). You guys must be mad your faves not getting enough attention while Rih’s non-singing ass is gettin’ them money and album sales. Just saying girl. Stay mad. Stay LOUD.
    O na na, what’s her name?…………

  73. Prince&Queen March 22, 2011

    S*** is Definitely tellin the truth about Queen Bey having NO COMPETITION! No Female in the music industry is a (TOTAL PACKAGE) like Queen Bey!! Deal with haters!!

    Mariah – 82% Package – She only has a Voice and Looks

    Leona Lewis – 85% Package -She only has Voice and Looks

    Jennifer Hudson- 85% Package – Only has Voice and Looks

    Keri – 80% Package – Ok voice, Looks, Can Dance

    RiRi – 85% Package – Only has Beautiful Looks, Somewhat of a Voice,S** Appeal

    Britney – 75% Package – Only has Looks, Dance is Struggling, S** Apeal

    Gaga – 80% Package- Dance, Ok Voice

    Ciara – 75% Package – Dance, Looks ,Ok Voice

    Queen Bey – 100% Total Package – Spectacular Voice, Beautiful Looks,Can Dance, Put on an Amazing Performace, S** Appeal i could go on and on. No chick in the game can compete with Bey!!!!!

    That’s All.

  74. Aaliyah March 22, 2011

    I like you mentioned Rihanna as the only one with BEAUTIFUL looks. And of course I would agree with you! Beyonce has got the total package; that’s why she is so successful!

    Sometimes I think of Rihanna as Beyonce’s little sister; they are both so cute! 🙂

  75. Prince&Queen March 22, 2011

    @Aaliyah im starting to see that they r starting to look like eachother.

  76. tld March 22, 2011

    What this interview said to me:

    This site hates Rihanna
    Beyonce is going to come out with the same music becuase she is using the same producres
    Beyonce don’t write a LICK of her work
    This site hates Rihanna, oops did I say that again

    What I get from the opening of this web page is this site is proud to back a women beater considering his face is all over this web page, could it be that this site hates Rihanna, oops did I say that again, my bad!!!!!!!!!

  77. JER March 22, 2011

    ALWAYS throwing shade on Rihanna. Rihanna HAS been able ot match her vocals live. Her performances of “Love the Way You Lie” have been great. Very simple. Rihanna rarely releases ballads and when she performs them live she sounds great. You hos seem to forget that the vocals are not the focal point of a live performance of a DANCE song. The entire performance is. If Rihanna wanted flawless live vocals, she’s just pre-record them in the studio like BeYAWNce does the day before the show.

  78. Ilove Riwhorna March 22, 2011

    Translation to Rihwhorna”s talent question; ‘I feel like Rihanna has definitely come a long way from when I first met her’- (She was s*** when i first met her). ‘She has grown as an artist and she has grown into a beautiful young woman’ -(WHY do u ask? we both know she cant sing! but its cool cos she turned real s*** and we know s** sells). ‘She is a very talented artist. I feel like there is room for improvement in everybody including myself. And Rihanna is no exception’- (my stage presence… her stage presence especially the singing and dancing) ‘She is still very much a student of this art’- (but she’s walking around as though she knows it all already). ‘there is always something else to learn. She’s in the process of learning’- (She’s still s*** but she can afford singing lessons so she might get there but til than, she’s gonna show us what we want to see hee hee) (rubbing hands together) (I think i’d better put that bet on- that she’s gonna go topless by the end of the year ummmmm)

  79. theman March 22, 2011

    I didn’t know that you had to be able to dance in order to be considered the whole package. Beyonce’s performance skills are more interesting than her singing. Her singing is just ok/good. Just like she dances Mariah writes/composes/produce. So what you are saying makes no sense.

  80. JohnVidal March 22, 2011

    Tell them, they don´t understand what music is about!

  81. Prince&Queen March 22, 2011

    @TheMan, What i said makes plenty of since. U have to do (MORE) than just know how to dance hon. Let me break it down 4 ya, U have to have a Spectacular or Great voice, know how to Dance and put on a GREAT Performance, Beautiful Looks and S** Appeal to be a TOTAL PACKAGE like Queen Bey. Get it Now??

    Shouldve been more specific with the Voices

    Beyonce – Spectacular Voice

    Leona- Great Voice

    Jennifer Hudson – Almost a Great Voice

    Mariah – Good Voice

    @TheMan Spectacular Voices like Queen Bey’s are better that great and good. Thats why Queen Bey has No Competition.

  82. JohnVidal March 22, 2011

    Keep dreaming honey! Now my eyes have read it all…., Beyonces voice spectacular and Mariah´s only good! Too much laughter to take…

  83. True Blue March 22, 2011

    @ Jer:

    Pre-recorded vocals, really? That’s why she can stop in the middle of a song to talk to the audience and resume singing without a missing a beat? Well, she sure does an awesome job of hiding that, wouldn’t you say?

    And what great performance of LWTWL has Rihanna ever given? Matter of fact, what great vocal or visual performance has she ever given? I’m still waiting on it.

    @ Prince & Queen:

    You always choose the best pics of Bey for your gravatar. I wish @S*** would as well.

    @ Aaliyah:

    An Aaliyah stan who doesn’t hate Beyoncé? Say it isn’t so…

  84. The One March 23, 2011

    I can’t believe people are so stupid!!!!! Singing as nothing to due with looks!! Rihanna is a very beauitful young woman, but her fans needs to face the fact she has no vocal ability at all!!! Thats why music is a fadeing art because of unintelligent people such as the one’s who think this way!!!!!!

  85. WHY DON’T WE… HOW ABOUT NOT March 23, 2011

    I agree with Ne-Yo, ppl need to give R&B a fighting chance instead writing it off because its not some techno track that you can dance to in the club… I agree that soon this pop/techno trend that ppl are into now will soon fade & i hope that r&b is able to make a comeback. There have been so many good R&B albums made in the past few years that struggle to make an impact becasue the youth nowadays would rather dance then listen to good music. Dont get me wrong, i like to dance just as much as the next person, but when that’s all you listen to then there’s a problem. A SERIOUS one!

    Sn: I like Rihanna always have, always thought she was very pretty & i’ve been one of the few who think that she actually has a nice singing voice.

  86. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ March 23, 2011

    Great interview, TGJ! Kudos!

    I loved almost every single response he gave! He was so spot on about alot. Of course, the best response was in reference to Beyonce. Of course, he isn’t the first producer to say such things about her. And he didn’t even work with her on her last album. It’s a shame that even AFTER he’s said these things, that dummies still have the nerve to spew BS about her writing credits. @S*** said it best: “Seems the Haters only use these allegations for Extra Ammo cause they know they have NOTHING ELSE.”


    “Beyonce probably wants the songs that Neyo wrote for MJ that is why she wants to start working with him.”

    I just can’t with you and that attempted shade. Nice reach, though. Maybe next time. 🙁

  87. Prince&Queen March 23, 2011

    @True Blue, thanks i love showing off her Beautiful looks.

    @Johnvidal, just try to deal with the Fact that Queen Bey can sing better than MiMi especially live. I am a fan of MiMi too.

  88. shell17nj March 23, 2011

    I do believe rihanna can sing but does not have the stamina to sing and perform at the same. this takes exercise and practice.

  89. Jay Hova’a Witness C*** Flea March 23, 2011

    he shoulkd never have written a thing for beyonce because beyonce is always swagger jacking from somebody somewhere be it BC Jean or J LO
    He’s very talented though but too good to write anything for beyonce and we all know that.

  90. Curtwill March 23, 2011

    True_Blue @ Curtwill:

    Are you @Beyoncé: Queen of Pop & Soul?

    Me: Why, yes.

  91. TAMEKA March 28, 2011


  92. Nelly-David August 4, 2011

    Neyo you beautiful man who have sacrifice her self to be a strong man,i aprecied you continued like that cause i want to be like you. my wish is to become a single lady,and i call my father God and name of Jesus Christ to help me

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