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Published: Tuesday 8th Mar 2011 by Sam

Nelly‘s episode of ‘Behind The Music’ aired on VH1 last night. Chronicling the rise, fall, and re-ascension of the St. Louis star, the show detailed his former drug hustling past, to making it big, the tragic death of his sister, Ashanti, and much more.

A great watch, I must say. Check it out after he jump…

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  1. black March 8, 2011

    BEhind the music is such a great show, i have never seen 1 episode that was wack, i love it…nelly has a great story

  2. Artisan March 8, 2011

    Ugh, the story about his sister broke my heart…. omgosh. Getting teary eyed.

  3. Royalkev March 8, 2011

    I like Nelly and I really think Ashanti’s a nice girl. He should consider settling down with a girl like her. She’s a sweetheart! Anyway, I’m sure this will be a good one. I’ve always like Nelly as a person, he’s had a great career too!

    **updated**…Still a place for EVERYTHING! )


    I don;t think you should be over 30 and still rappin


  5. shay March 8, 2011

    I thought this was a great watch as well.

    Lots of insight on who Nelly really is…

  6. BrandyNMonicaStan March 8, 2011

    I loved the episode..glad VH1 bought the show back. S/O to RoyalKev

  7. Truth March 8, 2011

    Can’t wait for Behind The Music: CHRIS BROWN RIHANNA…..Ratings will be thru the roof!!!

  8. Truth March 8, 2011

    Nelly’s Behind The Music was a tear jerker….his sister really touched my heart…I felt his pain. 🙁

  9. re re March 8, 2011

    Yes it was very good. Just goes to show there are 2 sides to every story (referring to the tip drip video). Sorry to hear his sister lost his life after that, possibly because she never recieved a bone marrow match. I have a different view on Nelly now. Nice to see Ashanti finally coming out. I always did think they made a beautiful couple.

  10. Brooklynn March 8, 2011

    To the person that said you shouldnt be over 30 rapping then s*** JayZ should hang the s*** up along with Kanye and a few others

    Luv Nelly glad he and Ashanti finally said what we already knew

  11. nicole March 8, 2011

    i watched it last night and it was great and i saw him in concert and he was great.

  12. Jamie March 9, 2011

    Why did it take them so long to admit what everybody already knew.For about 7-8 years they kept saying they’re just friends.Wouldn’t have been easier just to admit it,and at least everybody would have dropped the topic,instead of molesting them with those questions???Dumb ass people.You’d think they are grown up.

  13. anjou March 9, 2011

    yow man your an all time best derrty.keep doing your thizzle and the fine work that you and the lunatics are doing

  14. sdsf March 9, 2011

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  15. SimplyBeautiful March 9, 2011

    To the person who said people should not rap over 30, if thats the case it wouldn’t be a need for rap because the stuff thats out now and the new up and coming music is horrible to be completely honest. Sorry but we need Snoop Dogg, Jay-z, Kanye, Nas, Jezzy, Gucci, Nelly, Ice Cube, Rick Ross etc.. and all of these rappers are over 30. I enjoyed the behind the music, and to the person who said why they didn’t admit hey were together, they didn’t have to. Interviewers already noisy as it is, asking too many personal questions, all in celebrities business…

  16. NATALIE March 9, 2011


  17. Kiro March 9, 2011

    I love Nelly n there is nothing wrong with being over 30 n rapping , wts wrong is thinkin tht There’s sumthin wrong with tht !!

    I heart Nelly n I hope he gets watevr he deserves n wtevr makes him happy in his life

  18. Clos March 9, 2011

    @ Jamie!!! I mean you can say its dumb but they are 8 years strong in their relationship! If we already knew then the interviewers are the dumb ones because they were asking an obvious question! Besides they are two private people but a beautiful and fun couple who you can obviously see they are in love


  19. Kiro March 9, 2011

    N Y the Hell r u bothered if they kept their relationship a secret ? I think evry1 in the world deserves sum privacy ….. Nelly is no Dumb-ass tht is the title given to ppl like u who can’t mind Their own business …..
    And again as long as a person still sounds good, n Nelly OBVIOUSLY doz, he can rap even if he’s 60 n btw 30-sumthing isn’t old @ all its actually considerd young don’t think I’m saying tht cuz I am 30 I’m only 17..

  20. koolma March 9, 2011

    Nelly is the best in the world of hip-hop such as
    Tupac – Eminem -50 cents, and of course there are many
    Of big names in this area Nelly
    Singer Aitawwad only after fifty years
    And also his girlfriend Ashanti

  21. remsco March 9, 2011

    i lv nelly meen is my mentor .

  22. BREEZYTHEBEST March 9, 2011

    Damn Tip Drill was my ish,they need to bring back BET uncut,on another note this episode was a tear jerker probably why he don’t claim shanti he don’t want to lose someone else that he loves.

  23. Milda Nielsen March 10, 2011

    A great watch!Thanx

  24. emmanuel March 10, 2011

    hallo nelly

  25. Cheers (Drink to That) March 10, 2011

    Nelly has a behind the music??? o_0 WOW, they’ll give anybody a show, SMH

  26. Mz. Spicy March 10, 2011

    Wow nelly and ashanti finally admitted they were together but hey i respect their privacy because they are celebrities for christ sakes. but i definatley can relate to not havin a father around n i understood his pain and i respect him for that. Still love my girl Ashanti n she should make one too she has inspired me sooooo much and congrats on her union wit nelly

  27. Jacqueline March 12, 2011

    That was really nice of ashanti beinq theire when is sister die btw i love nelly what a great story

  28. Sassy March 12, 2011

    Loved it. I still like Nelly and I think this was a great episode of behind the music. I like that Ashanti was apart of it and I liked that she was there for nelly when his sister died. That was so sad. Cant imagine losing any of my siblings. Much respect to Nelly.

    @CHEERS. You sound so stupid. Nelly may not be the biggest or the brightest celebrity right now but at one point in time he was the biggest. Selling millions of records like Nellyville that is diamond with over 10 million sold. Not too many people have a diamond record. Nelly deserves his respect too for what he brought to the game. Do some research STUPID.

  29. Double R April 16, 2011

    You never know what a person is made of until they show you where they have been. I have a great deal of respect for Nelly.

  30. Delroy Mbofana April 16, 2011

    to NEWBEYONCESINGLENEXTMONTH first of all if you’re good like the nelly, jay z, eminem, kanye west, nas, wu-tang-clan then you don’t have to stop so f*** you i mean rockstars still rocking at 60 years old so why can’t rappers do it too oh i see it’s just cause there are black

  31. arkayla April 17, 2011

    man i love yu so much nelly.. i wanna meat yu so badd!!!<3

  32. arkayla April 17, 2011

    yu can find me on facebook my name on there is arkayla bronson:)
    (loven me) i love this song!!!!!<3

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