Aubrey O’Day On Danity Kane: “No One Talks To Dawn”

Published: Thursday 7th Apr 2011 by Sam

It’s been almost 3 years since Pop force Danity Kane were sensationally disbanded – yet only now are some of the details surrounding their split begininng to emerge.

Universal Motown’s newest signee, Aubrey O’Day -formerly of the Platinum selling group- recently sat down with media maven B. Scott for a revealing interview.

During the candid chat, the 27 year old was grilled on the reason for the group’s split, whether they still talk at all, her relationship with Diddy and whether it was ever more than professional, her new record deal, reality show and much more.

A great watch. Check it out after the jump…

Kudos to B for ‘going there’ – and Aubrey for, as ever, answering truthfully.

Your thoughts?

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  1. FierceRokstar April 7, 2011

    oh the shade… LmAo @ 50 years…
    gotta love her

  2. GangsterA April 7, 2011

    Bad Bish Aubrey #Tell’em

  3. omg April 7, 2011

    doing anything to get Dawn’s attention. When are you going to learn aubrey Dawn dont feed into that media b*******

  4. Kate April 7, 2011

    Is this the girl HYPED by TGJ to replace the legendary Miss Britney Spears?
    Dream on Trent!
    she is no far than flopped Mandy Moore.

  5. Hell No April 7, 2011

    Aubrey is so open and honest. I love her.

  6. Kurt April 7, 2011

    B.Scott definitely got the answers to questions we all were wondering about and Aubrey keep it honest which I love about her. I will be buying her album. Oh yeah check out my Youtube Channel @

  7. omzir April 7, 2011

    the funny thing about this is when B. Scott is describing what he does… oh lawd.

  8. yeah yeah yada yada yada April 7, 2011

    For someone that nobody gives a s*** about there are a lot of people trying to get Dawns attention. That is exactly what the post, the question, the answer ect are all about.

    Any idiot can see it was not what it was made to be so why are we still on it? Aubrey has a new life was is she still stuck on Danity Kane drama, thought she was over it? Shes cleared her name everyone knows Diddy wanted Dawn and Dawn was the outcast who played along…..BIG WHOOP! I wanna hear about yo new s***…you know,,,,your music, that track that comes out next week. The music that means so much to you and the reason you back where you belong.

  9. OKay April 7, 2011

    I like her personality but I want to hear more about her music right now too. Aubreys building buzz and really dont need DK drama to do that anymore stop selling the drama and bring the hot tracks boo. I’m ready to see a artist be an artist without the gimmick and b******* drama of Gaga, Britney, Nicki, Rihanna ect.

    Damn I miss Bey and her stealin ass. At least all she do is steal writers sh*t.

  10. MISHKA April 7, 2011

    Can she STOP coming after Dawn Richards? Like seriously? She’s entitled to make her decisions and to follow her path. At least, she’s busy on tour making some paper.

    Btw Jesse Williams is NOT single, Aubrey. Stay away from him.

    I like Aubrey but I’m tired of seeing her bringing the subject every single time. You’re a singer, just sing and let bygones be bygones. Geez.

    And D.Woods completely fooled herself in this situation. Aubrey has a record deal, Shannon has a family life and Aundrea is pretty and good singer enough to find a way out.

  11. Dave April 7, 2011

    I wonder is that because of what Diddy tells Dawn not to do for business purposes (To keep her contract with him), or is that Dawn’s personal choice to not talk to them. & Aubrey is talented. I’m not gonna say she can replace Britney. Britney is & was her own, & had her own legacy. But, I do see her being more talented than Britney & making a mark in the industry.

  12. This girls another slick white chick April 7, 2011

    I watched Aubreys show and I noticed how quickly Aubs goings from liking someone to turning them into a villain and turning everyone against them, it’s like a pattern with her. 1st Krystal, Jason, that Sean guy she called a C U N T then got offended when he threw it back and call her mum one.

    Aubs has a big personality but if she dislikes you she’ll make sure everyone around her does too, she’s like that passive aggressive mean girl that will kill you with the loveable.

  13. YUPPITSME April 7, 2011

    i love Aubrey i wish her the best in everything

  14. Okay April 7, 2011

    I Mean. Why does this title have Dawns name in it? Surely she should be making sure its all about her. Steve R and Jonny need to stare her away from these soundbites.

  15. Kyria April 7, 2011

    Dawn Who ?….Go Aubrey !!!! 😀

  16. Surely April 7, 2011

    Surely it should be “Dawn doesn’t talk to any of us” not “Nobody talks to Dawn” ?

    Whatever works for you Aubrey.


    @Kate Hunnie please, Aubrey slays Britney in dancing and singing. The only thing Britney got over her is sales. LMAO at Britney being a legend. Girl legends have talent, ie Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Prince, The Beatles, now these artist are legendary and u cant put Britney next to them. The only reason she is up there with some of the Best, are because of her sales. She will never be able to touch any of those artist and a lot more, because they are legendary for their talent and sales.

  18. BeyStan April 7, 2011

    I like this chick. She can sing…dance….personality for days. Love the automatic. Song too. When the beat goes boom- I hit the room my body goes automatic!

  19. Judge & Jury April 7, 2011


  20. dabest April 7, 2011

    Aubs GIVING me that Queen of Pop tease.

  21. Cedric W. April 7, 2011

    That comment was really not that serious. I opened this post, thinking it was something said distastefully, but that was not the case. The entire interview was still about her. She said something about speaking with each girl, so no biggie. GO AUBREY!!! I’m proud of her. And I like her. I applaud her for hustling her way back into the industry, because all of those girls were extremely talented. And if ny of them can stand alone its her & Dawn. People are going to always ask her about Danity Kane. Thats how people are, your past follows you, duh! Now, can we please stop making a big issue out of it. Instead of the tile being “No One Talks to Dawn”, it should’ve been Aubrey O’Day speaks to B.Scott about yadda, yadda, yadda. Not about a 10 second comment from a 10 minute video.

  22. gfhdfg April 7, 2011

    It’s Amazing !! My friend Janice tells me she is da t ing with a millionare!!

    😛 😛 😛 ——– Lo ve Wealt hy *C-/0 m——- is the c lub where she met her honey. It’s a plac e gathers CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models and Hollywood celebrities!

    You will be the next Janice. Go for it !!!

  23. Yello Gorillah April 7, 2011

    Dawn has the better voice..

    But I DIG Aubrey she has the personality and b**** can dance and she knows how to throw shade like a real diva should! #Boom I prefer her I can’t see the britney comparisons doe =/

  24. Darty April 7, 2011


  25. Hail Legendtina April 7, 2011

    @this girls,another slick white chick
    She didnt call the guy a c***, she called him a f*****,he replied saying your momma a c***.
    Who knows why Dawn hasnt spoke im certain diddy got in contract forbidden her to speak on it. Im not tired stuff cause I wanna kno why they broke I loved them.

  26. Be BETTER not “BItter!” April 7, 2011

    Yeah Dawn has more talent in her Mutha Fkin left thumb so she needs to keep it CUTE!

  27. CRAMPED April 7, 2011

    Dawn has so much power over aubrey. All this talk and Aubrey is still going to flop and end up back in square one. Plastic trash!

  28. Dancinstarrlet April 7, 2011

    Why is B. Scott so pretty? -__- i’m jealous lol

  29. DUMMIES April 7, 2011

    Dawn just doesn’t talk to them…..Dawn can care less what the other girls think and say….

    Dawn is GETTING PAID…She came up with the name “Danity Kane”.

    ..She has written most of their Songs….

    She is the BEST Singer & Dancer of the Group…

    She is apart of Dirty Money…

    Her Mixtape got 467k Downloads

    andddddddd she is about to release her 1st Studio Solo Album.

    Aubrey is a hot ass mess. She is what they call an attention w****. She says she never had plastic surgery yet look at her face. Whoop-De-Doo you got signed. No one is checking for her.

    As far as Her “taking” Britney’s spot?….How the F*** can anyone ALIVE say that?…Britney came out as a SOLO Artist and BROKE many Records……Aubrey could never. Britney is 29 and Aubrey is what?…Near the same Age?. Aubrey looks About 35 in this Video. B.Scott looks better than her.

    She is a mess and that Single & Album will tank…WATCH ! ! ! ! ! !


    Why you mad doe?

  30. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ April 7, 2011


    Makes sense to me. Isn’t it Dawn who had the solo deal first?

  31. WonderLand19 April 7, 2011

    @Dummies, Harsh but true.

    I am starting to like aub after seeing her show but stuff like this is annoying. For some reason when she talks about danity kane it comes off catty. Danity Kane is 3years ago, move on. Dawn was the first to get signed not Aubrey.

    Aubrey’s new stuff sounds like a Danity Kane vibe which i don’t think will do well in this era. Hopfully Aubrey and Dawn do well and get top 10 hits. she needs to go to the gym, wash her face off and re-do her hair because its not working.

  32. omg April 7, 2011

    @dummies actually it over 1million downloads but yeah continue


    LMAO@ People calling Aubrey a flop, when she has yet released any music. When she does, shes gonna slay the hell out of Dawn. Aubrey can sing, dance and has s** appeal which Dawn doesnt. Dawn is the one that gonna flop her ass off, she doesnt have any kind of personality and she comes off boring ass hell, to the point where its going to hard to remember her. Aubrey O F****** Day has everything it takes to slay. When it comes to the girls in pop music, shes going to be behind THE QUEEN B, slaying the f****** stage! WATCH AND SEE!


    LMAO@ People calling Aubrey a flop, when she has yet released any music. When she does, shes gonna slay the hell out of Dawn. Aubrey can sing, dance and has s** appeal which Dawn doesnt. Dawn is the one that gonna flop her ass off, she doesnt have any kind of personality and she comes off boring ass hell, to the point where its going to be hard to remember her. Aubrey O F****** Day has everything it takes to slay. When it comes to the girls in pop music, shes going to be behind THE QUEEN B, slaying the f****** stage! WATCH AND SEE!

  35. omg April 7, 2011

    last time i checked personality wasnt a talent. if your paying attention dawn has more respect in the industry by celebs and consumers who know who dawn is. dawn is known for her talent where aubrey is known for being an attention seeker. yall can say what you want about dawn she will have longevity judging by where her prioraties are which is music.

  36. DUMMIES April 7, 2011

    @ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ That’s what I thought 🙂 But I guess since Dawn is still in a Group that’s not the case…..It’s DUMB to me but Dawn was NEVER “Dropped” Lol…..So ha ha hoo hoo Dawn isn’t going no where.. She is here to stay…:-)


    Uhhhhhh….If im not mistaken Aubrey tried the Solo thing once before and FLOPPED….

    If she does have any success it will be because of her T.V…Not her TALENT “Oops I Did It Again”….Sit down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your JUST mad because Dawn was always the standout….She really WAS…I said from DAY 1 she would be a SOLO ARTIST…Then *BOOP* she is 🙂

    Why you mad DOE?!?!?!?!?!?

  37. DUMMIES April 7, 2011

    @OMG I COMPLETELY AGREE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  38. Waddie G. April 7, 2011

    How come B. Scott didn’t ask her about plastic surgery?

  39. i’m a billy goat ….baa spank me harder yeeha April 7, 2011

    “a pop force”….REALLY?….AH…NO! LOL

    Who is this B*TCH? ets be honest if you were not blonde we wouldn’t be hearing from you! Oh please I am tired of the super feminist bullsh** ….”women should applaud me blah, blah”…. B*TCH please!!!

    Wait is that a MAN?

  40. imo April 7, 2011

    it seems like it’s okay for dawn to say something about the girls, but when aubrey says something, you have comments like “it’s time to move on, blah, blah, blah”. Dawn has the same star power she had in Danity Kane, very little, she is next to a huge star like Diddy and no one stills pay her any attention. No one with power praised her boring mixtape ( i tried to listen but it was lazy), only her fans hyped it to be something big when it really wasn’t. Dawn fans better go to every tour dates they can, I have a feeling when DM is said and done, we aren’t going to see dawn in a loooooong time. She isn’t getting PAID being in dirty money like that. forget what you heard. I know everyone kept saying dawn was a great songwriter for years, but why hasn’t she written for any artists yet.

  41. Robier April 7, 2011


  42. tiff_xox April 7, 2011

    everyone buy aubrey single AUTOMATIC on itunes!

    it comes out april 12th!!!!

    lets make her top 10 on itunes and prove diddy and dawn wrong!!!!

  43. AUTOMATIC ON ITUNES APRIL 12TH! April 7, 2011


  44. omg April 7, 2011

    @dummies you feel me lol. im not going to sit here and say who is going to flop or not because im not God but i will just say im team Dawn and she has blindingly bright future weather you believe it or not. and dawn never said anything bad about those girls . you can look on youtube and google all her interviews and not a single bad think came from her mouth nothing but good things to say about them even while aubrey is running around shading people. she explained why she dont talk to them do yall research.

  45. sabrina April 7, 2011

    I Love this interview!!!!!

  46. omg April 7, 2011

    thanks for deleting my 4th comment what im not allowed to be positive

  47. omg April 7, 2011

    alright it wasnt their before. im done

  48. GV April 7, 2011

    Naw naw naw naw!!! Stop trying to do that ppl saying Aubrey tryna et Dawns attention…really, what sense does that make? At all…? She got signed, she got her show, she’s comin out with her single…like what is Dawns attention gonna get her?? Lmao. I wish everyone from DK the best but sometimes it just don’t work out between girl group & so unfortunately:( but if every1 has tried to reach out to her with no reply that seems kinda like Dawn gota grudge or sumthn ….in my opinion the other DK members are tryna reach out and thas bein the bigger person

  49. AuntieJackie April 7, 2011

    Ugh. All that plastic surgery screwed her face up and she wears too much make up. I love her, but she needs to take all of that off. She doesn’t look pretty anymore…and her body isn’t on point from all the partying…

  50. The Truth April 7, 2011

    First of all Aubrey didn’t “come for Dawn” she was asked a question about Dawn and answered it honestly.

    This was a good interview.

  51. Janelle April 7, 2011

    Aubrey is a star since the beginning. She was the star in Danity Kane and Making the Band. Aubrey have more talent than Dawn. Aubrey have a better personality and will keep us entertain than Dawn. Aubrey will be a major success cause she is signed with Universal Motown instead of Bad Boy. Bad Boy gets you nowhere in your career. Aubrey is the only one who survived Diddy and Making and doing her grind on her own. Aubrey is now a solo artist, Dawn is a backup singer in the dark. Big difference. What paper is Dawn making? Diddy will get rid of Dirty Money and Dawn once he gets bored with her. Nobody is talking to Dawn and it really shows who broke up Danity Kane: Dawn and Diddy. #TeamAubrey

  52. mm April 7, 2011

    @DAVE there is no personal choice when you are weak and letting Diddy control you! Danity Kane was gaining momentum, and Diddy wasnt havin that! see Dirty Money. Dawn is the key to the girls getting back together and diddy wont have it! so i suggest Aubrey just move along cuz she is about to SLAY! Go AUBREY!!!!!

  53. Surely April 7, 2011


    The number of comments show Aubrey is very popular (even though it’s because of Dawn), Dawn could never stir up this much attention unless she was doing the same a Aubrey and throwin shade.

    Dawn used to have the respect of the industry before the Dirty Money thing but lost a lot since then, it put a lot of people off, as does her personality. Aubrey is fast becoming a favorite with industry folk hence 3 networks airing her show, the support of many industry legends (Russ, J Wright, Adonis, Doc etc.). Aubrey built relationships with people in the industry way back in the MTB trials whilst Dawn thought it best to stay focused and have “tunnel vision”. Now people love and respect Aubrey for her standing up to Diddy. Some industry folk will even back her just to stick it to Diddy. Dawn is super talented but she is too robotic both in personality and in advancing her talent If she let her hair down more, stopped holding things in (as aubs said) and stopped believing Diddy was her lord and master she might stand a chance. Until or even after that, Aubs will probably still slay her….just because.

  54. say what now April 7, 2011

    I like aubrey but i believe she is not telling the whole truth about the dk thing! clearly on the final season of making the band we saw dawn work her ass off to get DK back together!!! Where were the other girls!!! Dawn came up with the name, wrote songs, killed vocals and performances. She started to lead the group when aubrey wasnt strong enough too!! I really think that didnt try like they said if they wanted to aubrey could have tweted dawn and u know she would have gotten a response!! i hope dawn signs with interscope and does well on her album her mixtape was fire! i lookforward to seeing aubrey album and shannon’s country album!!!!!


  55. GUEST April 7, 2011

    AHHH! THIS B**** IS SHADY! DEAD @ 50 years and not interested in sleeping w/ Diddy LOL!!!

    She gives me Xtina teas. Shady ghetto hard white b****** >>>>>
    They should be BFFS!

  56. omg April 7, 2011

    i said what i said and i meant what i meant
    1. i said celebs not producers(obviously dawn has producers too)
    2. i said consumers who know her not aubrey fans
    3. i dont care about that who is going to slay who cuz thats childish
    4.just because she not loud like aubrey dont mean she dont have a personality everybody has a personality its what draws your intrest and dawn draws mine and hers is more humble
    5. you dont know who she she know she wasnt in keri hilsons video for nothing etc.
    6.she was right to have tunnel vision which is the music not fame hense why dawn is still in the industry and not fighting to get back in it
    and who are these people you speak of who love and respect her?

  57. Unknown April 7, 2011

    Year 2011 Aubrey how do you feel about your Danity Kane members? I love what we did and I would like to get us back together but Dawn doesn’t speak to us.
    Year 2012 Aubrey how do you feel about your Danity Kane members? I love what we did and I would like to get us back together but Dawn doesn’t speak to us.
    Year 2013 Aubrey how do you feel about your Danity Kane members? I love what we did and I would like to get us back together but Dawn doesn’t speak to us.
    Year 2014 Aubrey how do you feel about your Danity Kane members? I love what we did and I would like to get us back together but Dawn doesn’t speak to us.
    Year 2015 Aubrey how do you feel about your Danity Kane members? I love what we did and I would like to get us back together but Dawn doesn’t speak to us.

    Aubrey is a fake ass ho. Danity Kane been over with for 3 years and she acting like Dawn not talking to them is something new.

  58. Surely April 7, 2011


    I cant!!

    Let me say this. Aubrey and Dawn were hands down my favs, they are the stand outs of the group. Out of all the relationships, the DawBrey relationship was the one that was least publicized but the most profound to me, It’s the most passionate and the one that has us most animated. Until they can learn to share a spotlight and accept that what each bring to the table is valid and valuable….we need to quit this reunion talk. Right now Aubrey is about to stand shoulder to shoulder and be BFFs with the divas whilst Dawn I hope learns to let loose, get some major guidance and explode onto the scene in a year or so. Forget fall….it would be career suicide to drop something this year.

  59. MC_BFLY April 7, 2011

    i love her shade!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha!! i really hope she proves all you haters wrong! i will definitely be buying her album!!

  60. OKAY April 7, 2011


    Diddy and 3 BIG EGOS hold Danity Kane back.

    1. Aubrey – dont be fooled by this “I reached out to Dawn” Aubreys botox almost gave at the mention of Dawn, she aint ready to see that girl.

    2.Dawn – Shes stubborn. She was never a pop group girl. Besides, wasn’t she always the odd one out what is there to try and rekindle?

    D Woods – D. Where do I begin. D Woods was over Danity Kane before she woke up the morning of the MTB auditions. That heffa thought it would be her stepping stone to the movies. If she wants back in its only because she cant find s*** else to do.

    A reunion now would be a mess. Like going back to a high school reunion with of two peace makers and two people you hate and want to prove your better than.

  61. Nanci April 7, 2011

    Aubrey is shady! Diddy aint in his 50’s lmaooo. And why is she still talking about Dawn??? If you want to be taken seriously, practice what you preach and MOVE ON. Aubrey looks COMPLETELY different and I cant get down with her. Regardless of Dawn, is she trying to say her and the other 3 girls couldn’t get together???

  62. CRAMPED April 7, 2011

    The way you people going on is like Aubrey has become some huge superstar after Dk split and she’s on a much different level to Dawn. BOTH is struggling at the moment and it will be very unlikely if any of the two careers goes anywhere. But regardless of what went on Dawn is more focused, talented and classy. And I admire that in anyone. Aubrey just want attention and nothing else, After DK split what she thought would have happened didnt. hahaha.

    I see alot of delusion on this post.

    From Aubrey becoming the nxt pop princess to Her having more ‘s** appeal’ than Dawn. IMO Aubrey use to be pretty and s***, but not after she butchered her face and put on so much weight to the point where she doesnt even have a waist anymore, how can she be even considered s***/beautiful? She’s so gross and those legs… But I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  63. Kee April 7, 2011

    Aubrey’s FACE is AWFUL!!!! *so sad*

  64. SMH April 7, 2011

    She responded to a question and she answered honestly. To all the Dawn lovers, point me to a Diddy artist that is still successful. Waiting…. Aubrey’s got a reality show, a record deal, and Dawn’s a backup singer.. No contest.

  65. GirlBye April 7, 2011

    Oh petty petty Aubrey! For someone is 27 she sure is acting like she’s 12! Who cares if somebody chooses not to talk to you. You would think that if you reach out to someone and they don’t respond you get the hint and move on. Why keep talking about someone who clearly doesn’t give a damn about you! And yes she was asked the question about Dawn but this is not the first time she has stated this. As a matter of fact she seems to be the only person still talking about something that happen 3 years ago. Please Aubrey let your actions match your words. If you are done and over it be done and go on with your life without the shade. FYI to all these silly fans a record deal + a reality show does not equal the next big pop star! Aubrey has a long hard road ahead of her. That’s if she’s really serious about being a legit artist. We shall see how long before she goes back to attention seeking ways. I mean she did say that celebrity pays more than artistry right;)

  66. CRAMPED April 7, 2011

    @SMH – um,,, what contest? Every Tom, D*** and Harry got a reality show and a record deal nowadays, its nothing to write home about. Dawn is an artist in this industry, Aubrey is a plastic attention w**** in the industry – No one is going to take her seriously.

    I listened to A Tell Tale Heart and I was pleasantly surprised at how great Dawn is as artist plus most people was raving about it. What has aubrey done apart from releasing some Dk reject tracks? For me Dawn is more interesting, creative and talented than Aubrey as a artist. And as a socialite Kim K and Paris Hilton is much more sucessful.
    This big mouth, so-call ‘REAL’ personalality hasnt gotten her nowhere, I thought she would learn by now.

  67. HUDSON MORRIGAN April 7, 2011

    Ugh, Audrey has so much make up on, she looks like a drag queen
    I can’t tell who is the t***** and who is the biological woman

  68. royalkev April 7, 2011

    I’m glad that she didn’t turn against Dawn (along with the other DK girls). The fact that they do try to reach out means that maybe one day their beef can be all patched up! Dawn obviously, can’t really communicate with them under Diddy’s supervision. It would be a conflict of interest.


  69. OKAY April 7, 2011

    To everyone saying they asked her a question and she answered it answer me why Aubrey is one of the only musical guests that was not asked by B Scott to sing live? Dawn did it. Guess that was one thing she requested be omitted from the interview…..just a shame she thought the shady question was too important to leave out. AUBREY has a single coming out NEXT week. Yes it was 10 seconds but it was 10 seconds that became the entire story circulating the internet….that aint what you want when you have a debut single out next week.

    This Monique interview better include a performance or imma start believing Aubrey aint serious about music at all.

  70. jrizza April 7, 2011

    Aubrey I’d like you more if you didn’t come for my GIRL DAWN you b****

  71. Infamous Doll April 7, 2011

    Why do she look so old and her face look fat for some odd reason. Kinda reminds me of Christina Aguilera

  72. AINT NO WAY April 7, 2011

    Somebodys talking s***! There is no way D Woods reached out to Dawn! D did not like Dawn no sir not ever D would rather chew through them thick thighs than called Dawn.

  73. ANGELYC_ARIES April 7, 2011

    This makes me like Aubrey. She’s honest and isn’t shy to go there, yet isn’t over the top explosive.

    And even from the beginning of Making the Band, for some reason I did not like Dawn. And the fallout made me feel that my instincts were right.

  74. princebarbietv April 7, 2011

    I love her!

  75. HALF AMAZIN April 8, 2011

    Totally contrived. So everyone’s gotta be down with the gays and suggest homoerotica to sell now??? If that’s you, DO YOU …..but THAT as a marketing angle is obvious AND offensive to everyone who lives that life daily. Just get a shirt that says “Gay Friendly buy my album”.

    B. Scott Lashes?? Shameless plug.


  76. AUbtouragePowerInPalmSprings!!! April 8, 2011

    Why are you people saying shes after Dawn B ask her if she spoke to any of the girls and Clearly she NAme all of them one by one she didnt go stright up and talk about dawn>>>honestly Dawn is just another back dancer / Singer for diddy if you really look at aubreys and dawn talent Aubrey has waaaaaay more talent 1 she has a stronger voice dawns voice sounds like a boy who hasnt hit puberty yet i mean even Justin Bieber has a better voice .. Dance Aubrey is a pretty good dancer yeah probably dawn is too but naw Aubrey wins when it comes between them two

  77. boytoy1814 April 8, 2011


    CONGRATULATIONS AUBREY…………………………………….LOVE U LOTS !!!!!!!!!

  78. LOL April 8, 2011

    Listen. Some people where masks of humility and sweetness in public but are really insecure and self centered I’ve heard a lot of dark things about her that her fans will probably never know but just know that every bit of shade is deserved.

  79. LOL April 8, 2011


  80. LOL April 8, 2011

    I support Aubrey…..she deserves every bit of success she gets.

  81. Bijan April 8, 2011

    Funny thing is dawn doesnt talk to any of the girls but they keep on talkin bout her!

    Im sick of aubrey tryin to create buzz every 5 seconds as a substitution for her lack of interest in music.

  82. Bijan April 8, 2011

    also how is aubrey to say that she wants to get back together and DAWN is in the way?

    we know that dawn was the last one to be preventing dk from being a succes…

  83. CVT April 8, 2011


  84. NikkiIsChillin April 9, 2011

    Dang, couldn’t focus on Aubrey…B-Scott is just so pretty! He pulled focus. But in a good way. IMO

  85. Misty April 13, 2011

    I love Love Me some A lets Get it Girlfriend and show them Haters whats up!!!!

  86. isiah April 26, 2011

    I am a big fan of danity kane and I think that dawn should communicate with the other girls but i think aubrey is phony because when dawn was trying to aubrey was being a bish abou the whole situation and along followed dwoods if they would of sit and talked it out there could still be a dk but i do think dawn should not cut off ties with them but she did say she feel some type of way because they look at her like a villain and all she could do is genunely say that her and diddy stint was not planned and i believe her!

  87. aubrey June 22, 2011

    that enterview was kinda awkward to watch i couldnt get throught the whole enterview

  88. aubrey June 22, 2011

    aubrey was not being phonet when dawn was tryina and she was not being a bish about the whole situation

  89. dare December 15, 2012

    lol what the f*** has diddy ever sighed that didn’t fail and dawn wouldn’t be were she is if it wasn’t for being a diddy tagg along Aubrey still is relevant after the situation… and is now got a label behind her talent less she was the first one in the group and the best dance no talent look at her at last performance she has an album coming new years eve her automatic has more views then dawns wild and faith her wrecking ball is right behind dawns music video. Aubrey is independent and made her way right back up the ladder and will slay… and britney spears sold s** when does she ever sing live like tf she legendary for s** she is no mariah carey or whitney. dawn is boring honestly and last time I checked diddy droped dirty money lmfao just like the countless other artist diddy hisself is a tagg along to biggy . its funny the actually all talk now EVERYONE IS WAS EFFECTED BY THE SITUATION BUT DAWN CAUSE SHE A SNEAKY LITTLE RAT .

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