Video: Lauryn Hill’s Lukewarm Coachella Set

Published: Saturday 16th Apr 2011 by Sam

As earlier reported, Lauryn Hill‘s set at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival today didn’t impress in the way fans had hoped.

Indeed, the former Fugees star often appeared out of breath, with her much-loved material almost unrecognisable amidst new melody arrangements.

See for yourself after the jump…

Perhaps it’s best Lauryn truly rediscover her mojo (as opposed to bow to the ever-present demand for her), before she makes any crack at a ‘comeback’. For, if today’s set is what she’s capable of in 2011, I’d much rather listen to ‘The Miseducation’ and remember the good ol’ days.

Your thoughts?

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  1. That FLOP Juice April 16, 2011

    Awful. They acted like an amateour.

  2. anonymo April 16, 2011

    For a live performance she killed it!!! Hear the crowd call out for her when she finished too. How I wish I was there.

  3. Jarel April 16, 2011

    Yes her voice cracked however her showmanship was on point and she hit some good notes

  4. anonymo April 16, 2011

    PS. she sounds hoarse because she has been performing at venues all over the country almost every other day since late last year!

  5. JR April 16, 2011

    You know everyone is a damn critic! I will applaud her for even getting back on this stage and doing what it we love to see her do. I was not the biggest Lauryn Hill fan at all, but her music had meaning. No she wasn’t in the best vocal form, but her energy and passion was there. I would much rather hear her raspy and authentic than some damn track in the back. Raw is what I need from these artist so I can feel the emotion and passion in their voices. So although not the greatest performance, by far it was not the worst. Go ahead Lauryn get that money I aint mad!!!

  6. Paulie DeStar April 16, 2011

    I’m sorry but this is not luke warm it is on FORM and F****** AMAZING! she changed the melodies and it so worked! AND she sang live as well unlike some of today’s artists!

    I cannot wait for her to make sweet new music! It’s gonna happen and people who critique her voice and the way it has changed, will eat their words when she blows up the charts!


  7. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie) April 16, 2011

    Am I the only one who’s impressed with the length of this clip? Is this the only one this long, or is there somewhere I can go to see performance clips from the festival that have the same length and sound quality as this one?

  8. syndi April 16, 2011

    I think this is so live….go lauryn…

  9. ola April 16, 2011


  10. Topman April 16, 2011

    She’s been sounding like this for years, I don’t know what enjoyment people get from this because there’s nothing to her voice any more

  11. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ April 16, 2011

    This wasn’t bad by any standard today buddy lol.

    The crowd also seemed happy.


  12. DestinyBoston April 16, 2011

    CAN i Get a Whitney Up in HERE?

  13. S*** April 16, 2011


    Her voice just sounds a bit more HARSH but its still there kinda. 😐

    The best compliment I could give to her now is that BEYONCE has Reminded me of Lauryn Hill at certain times throughout her career both in her appearance & her beautiful Flawless Voice. 🙂

  14. Curtwill April 16, 2011

    It’s not the best, but it’s certainly not the worst. It’s better than what’s out there these days with exceptions. At least the woman has energy and stage presence. And there is a nice tone with her voice, she needs to get her vocal stamina together but….that’s nothing that a top notch vocal coach can’t work with it.

  15. Curtwill April 16, 2011

    Besides, even though L was/is a very good singer, I always thought her as being SPECIAL as an MC/Rapper and the MC instincts are still there. I don’t think we are ever going to get The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill era but I don’t think we need to compare her to that. That was 13 years ago.

  16. ol girl April 16, 2011

    this is good what are ya’ll talking about? kill ya self man you are bad critics lol.

  17. truth@will April 16, 2011

    Lauryn was raspy here, but her voice has been clear on this second leg of her tour. She sounds like her old self. She had 4 performances this week plus rehearsals. Check out the performance from her recent show in Atlanta. She is a true artist she made the best of what she had that day (poor sound quality and raspy voice), and she moved that crowd of 50,00+. She is Amazing.

  18. truth@will April 16, 2011

    That should be crowd of 50,000+.

  19. Curtwill April 16, 2011

    @ Truth@Will

    Post us some examples(Lauryn was raspy here, but her voice has been clear on this second leg of her tour), if you don’t mind. I ask because the media expecially don’t always give the full truth and love to shape perceptions of certain things or people.

  20. Texas Girl. Hollywood Dreams. April 16, 2011

    Lauryn struggles? Smh. Trent I realize your a Nicki stan but you dont have to try and bring down actual femcees, with actual lyrical content, and has made a actual impact to big her up. She was great on this clip, and I pray she releases an album. Her debut was a masterpeice within itself…

  21. Kickrocs.chicka April 16, 2011

    That performance was slamming. This is from somebody who thought Lauryn had lost it. BIG UPS Lauryn.

  22. KaVion April 16, 2011

    I really miss Lauryn, there’s so many artists today that I’d love her to collab with. I’d love to see her get in the studio with Alicia, John Legend, J Cole, Lupe & maybe even Nicki!

    She looks good here. I remember when I had a crush on her after Sister Act, Lmao.

    I gotta agree with Trent though. If she’s going to cone back, come back HARD. Show everyone why they fell in love with you & Miseducation. I hope she gets it together, then gets in the studio!

    I’m a Nicki Stan, but I stanned for Lauryn years before her, and she is struggling. She’s not KILLING these vocals like she needs to. When she returns, she should have us all in awe & excitement!

  23. boohya April 16, 2011

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass lauyren

  24. sdsijsidj April 16, 2011

    I cud hardly hear her….gosh, a mess, a complete mess….SHE SHUD HAVE STAYED WERE EVER SHE WAS….

  25. Lauren Lover April 16, 2011

    Lauren hill is one of the greatest to ever do it…thats all i have to say

    Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  26. Mr. T April 16, 2011

    I loved it ….

  27. imgunnacheckuboo April 16, 2011

    Her voice has not been the business since sometime around 2000. I wonder how she burnt it out. Maybe she smokes that ganja.

  28. Judge & Jury April 16, 2011

    HER VOICE IS SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO MUCH CRACK AND WEED AND OH.. MAYBE THAT GANJA. The mic is waaay too damn low!!!!! SHE STILL HAS THE STAGE PRESENCE.

  29. CCW April 16, 2011

    No lip-synching , pre-recorded backing tracks, no auto-tune… all live musicians and singers! Flaws and all Ms. Hill should be commended for doing something different and if you want to hear the CD version – listen to her CD. I am looking forward to seeing her this Monday here in Los Angeles.

  30. theman April 16, 2011

    Lol @S*** comparing Beyonce to Lauryn Hill, stay away from drugs…

  31. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As Rhitard The Goat April 16, 2011

    @S***- Dis is da 1st time I EVER read a compliment 4rm u!!! @CCW- Ur gravatar picture looks like a mug shot and its funny lookin…….

  32. mzdeeingeorgia April 16, 2011

    Why does her voice always sound so hoarse when you hear her sing now ?

  33. Blanco Family April 16, 2011

    Sam.. can u go on stage and do better?????

  34. S*** April 16, 2011


  35. DRb April 16, 2011

    You cant do slow songs that go no where sonically at festivals.

    The songs are 13+ years old, I don’t need to hear them the same. Great arrangements, I could still sing along, and her band is sick. Her voice in places and the sound at the beginning are my only complaints.

    I wish she wasn’t hoarse but she’s done how many shows this week? Its forgivable. Once her volume got corrected, all was fine.

  36. DRb April 16, 2011

    I also don’t appreciate my previous comment being cleared

  37. Mseducated2011 April 16, 2011

    thats pain behind her voice in a good way something that you gain thru struggle she sounds great haters n0 nothing of real singers your use to this new generation

  38. meme April 16, 2011

    i love when a REAL artist changed the arrangements. doing the original arrangements can get boring when the songs are old…i saw lauryn back in january and it was a great show…only negative thing i can say is chick needs to learn how to get places on time

  39. Bey’knight April 16, 2011

    At least she’s singing live. Brit never did, never will

    SN: am really craving new bey music. I hate this part (knowin its dropping soon bt nt when. The anticipation is stifling)

    Ur very sound plus u like beymusic (that’s just gravy) Would love to have a chat sometime.

  40. MusicLover April 16, 2011

    Honestly I loved the Lauryn Hill from the Miseducation Era. She made great music then. I even loved her in The Fugees… That Voice!!

    Having said that… girl is off her game. I agree… Like Britney Spears… I am aint mad @ you girl. I’ll still kick back and listen to you both when you were @ your best.


  41. RIRI BEY STAN AKA GROW UP PLEASE!!!!! April 16, 2011

    April 16, 2011 at 6:47 pm
    No lip-synching , pre-recorded backing tracks, no auto-tune… all live musicians and singers! Flaws and all Ms. Hill should be commended for doing something different and if you want to hear the CD version – listen to her CD. I am looking forward to seeing her this Monday here in Los Angeles.


    Trent I have decided that I can no longer take u and Sams word for anything. Was this the best no. But damn the way u talk I thought it was going be awful. Please hush honey

  42. KaVion April 16, 2011

    Beyonce>> Lauryn Hill
    Just because Bey’s more versatile, well rounded & has better vocals.


    The Miseducation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DIL

    No questions asked.

  43. MOBWIFE (i’m a billy goat …..baa) April 16, 2011

    Okay WTF is she WEARING?

    Lauryn baby no sit back down until you are ready to bring back that old “black magic”…LOL! No honestly, her voice still sounds really good. I’m just not sure where she is going with her new vibe?? @TGJ, you are being a bit harsh, Lauryn still out-shines 99.9% of today’s so called QUEENS & DIVAS…..blah, blah!!!

    “I wrote these words for everyone who struggles in their youth” …..damn, L-Boggie I do miss your lyrics/rhymes

  44. S*** April 16, 2011


    Sorry Boo, The Miseducation is CLASSIC R&B/HipHop but so is DIL!! & I dont recall Miseducation Climbing the Vocal Scales, Breaking the R&B Rules or featuring a CRAZY IN LOVE, NAUGHTY GIRL, BE WITH YOU, OR SPEECHLESS but To each his own 😐

    Anyway, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR OLD Gravater with Bey in it with her Fist up??

    You need me to PIMP IT OUT for you?? Whats your Username & Password sis??

  45. S*** April 16, 2011


    Oh & I would LOVE for Bey to COVER “Ex-Factor”!!, Bey’s Smooth Vocals would SLAY poor Lauryn’s Version!!

  46. Angela Wesley April 16, 2011

    It is not that bad it is actually better than I thought I t would be. I will admit she sound a little
    horse, but she still did her thang and wowed the audience. Why comes every time an artist
    like Lauryn Hill is mention some fool on this blog always has to mention Beyonce too.
    We are talking about Lauryn Hill not Beyonce OK.

  47. theman April 16, 2011

    Beyonce does not have smooth vocals.

    Lauryn’s voice is far more polished than Beyonce’s.

    “The Miseducation” is a classic, “DIL” is really good, but Lauryn’s cd was on another level.

    Lauryn’s music just has so much depth,meaning and artistry to it, she and Beyonce are nothing alike. Beyonce is far more commercial in her sound, and she tended to stick to a certain formula.

    @S*** clearly has scrambled eggs for brains.

  48. S*** April 16, 2011


    B**** If you dont Sit The F*** Down.

    Your Opinion holds ZERO WEIGHT here.

    & you know I f****** DONT LIKE YOU!!!, Your the Worse one here always trying to Combat no one cares what you have to say H**!! so why do you insist on Replying to Me? I mean I know your such a Huge Fan but Anyway….

  49. True Blue April 16, 2011

    Look, I love Lauryn, but I’m just gonna have to be honest here and agree with Trent, this was not very good at all!!! That doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s usually a madly talented woman and is responsible for one of the greatest albums of all time, so why are people afraid of being honest about her obvious weaknesses in this performance? Sorry, but this isn’t a proper comeback. She can and should do SO MUCH BETTER than this. Come on now, let’s not give her free passes just because of who she is.

    @ S***:

    Miseducation >>>> Bey’s whole discography. DEAL WITH IT!

    @ TheMan:

    You’re not much less biased than S***, if you can honestly say that Beyonce doesn’t have smooth vocals.

  50. Julio Aguilar April 16, 2011

    I thought it was amazin!! She has always had raw vocals even in her prime! live at least!
    On record they are smooth because she did MULTIPLE takes!
    but I love her raw vocals! beautiful! so much emotion! true artist!

    I love beyonce for entirely different reasons!

    (i wouldnt like either if they were the same)

  51. S*** April 16, 2011

    @True Blue

    I agree, PPL are just given Ms.Hill a Few EXTRA POINTS for her Showmanship & Live Energy & completely ignoring These dead & harsh Vocals. 😐

    Is it the Weed??

  52. Bey’knight April 16, 2011

    The fact that beyonce is compared to every other artiste screams versatility. Personally am sick of it. Next thing i’ll be defending beyonce on a 50cent post

  53. ONANA…GOATS MY NAME! April 16, 2011






  54. ONANA…GOATS MY NAME! April 16, 2011






  55. theman April 16, 2011

    @S*** bless your ignorance.

    I only say things to you because what you say most of the time has no merit.

    My opinions don’t matter, yet your were the first one to respond to them. The hypocrisy?

    You don’t like. I’m excited about that. lol >>> It’s not like your important anyway. This is the internet fool.

    @TrueBlue you might just wanna get hooked on phonics, nowhere did i state that Lauryn Hill sounded great in this post. Open your eyes before you tap that keyboard.

    Beyonce musician? Really? What instrument does she play?
    Underrated? Oh really, because she gets credit for things that she really doesn’t do, or she buys credit for them sometimes lol.

  56. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ The Man:

    And nowhere did I direct THAT particular comment to you. How about you take your own advice and get Hooked on Phonics first instead?

    Oh and another thing:

    Singers are included in the definition of a musician because their voices are considered an instrument, so have a seat before you try to act like a know-it-all.

  57. theman April 16, 2011

    @TrueBlue stop trying to get noticed before i light your a** up like a christmas tree. To me Beyonce’s voice isn’t an instrument, she just has a singing voice, instruments most of the time come from superb vocalists, that show lots of depth in their singing and to me she doesn’t. So musician not even ………… As far as me having a seat i’ve already reserved that seat for your whack a**, so make good use of it.

  58. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ The Man:

    You have no argument because you know I’m right.


  59. True Blue April 17, 2011

    ^^^ Bwa ha ha ha!

    I’m an X-Tina fan, but that comment was on f****** point. He criticizes Bey’s vocals, and he’s been known to say that Christina is a better singer than her.


  60. MayaForever April 17, 2011

    TrueBlue is acting a bit odd today…

  61. brazio April 17, 2011

    i thought she did good … i was expecting something bad and singers change the arrangemnts of the song to make it diffent from the original which they have to perform all the time and get tired of singing the same old songs and to make it fun for them … i personally dont like when they switch it up though …but i thought she was great… would love another album from her

  62. True Blue April 17, 2011

    @ RF:

    Why? I’m not an imposter if that’s what you’re asking.

  63. royalkev April 17, 2011

    I love Lauryn Hill, but this wasn’t her best ! … If you caught Erykah Badu you got a damn show!


  64. S*** April 17, 2011

    @True Blue

    HMMMM…. Why you acting SUSPICIOUS??? LOL

  65. ONANA…GOATS MY NAME! April 17, 2011

    @ TRUE BLUE….




  66. S*** April 17, 2011


    I agree, STRAINtina could NEVER hit one of Beys GENIUS operatic A5s or POWERFUL & Sharp F#5 or one of those SOULFUL G#5 Belts that Bey is Famous For. 🙂

    & Shed damn near Break her Throat trying to BELT one of Bey’s amazing Powerful D#5s!!…

    LOL, Xtina could Never!!

  67. Anne April 17, 2011

    I came on the post out of curiosity about Lauryn’s performance. But now I want to jump in on the Beyonce debate. Beyonce is often underrated because she has so much commercial appeal that some people think she can’t have depth at the same time but Beyonce defies that assumption (especially when you consider a lot of her album cuts that are not released for radio play). Versatile is the best way to describe her that’s the bottom line and she does use her strong, smooth, soulful voice as an instrument in my opinion. Who else is comfortable and natural at performing opposites like Alanis Morisette’s “You Oughta Know” & Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” at the same concert and does a damn good rendition of both? With the exception of Prince (who will always be the best in my opinion), no one is coming close to Beyonce right now when it comes to live/concert performances and versatility. Gotta give credit where it is due.

  68. Deveal2014 April 17, 2011


  69. theman April 17, 2011

    For me not to have an argument you sure stay thirsty. No point then move on……….. Xtina is an excellent singer, better than Beyonce yes her voice has more everything, she just needs to get her technique together. Beyonce’s performances >>> her vocals. End of discussion. @S*** & TrueBlue go do a back flip off of a building. Christina >>> Beyonce, nobody cares about Beyonce’s Sesame street vocals, attempting to be operatic because she doesn’t have the power to the notes in her full chest voice. Lol at these clowns, all of you dummies >>>>>>>> ……….. Yodelyonce, Screechyonce ……….

    @S*** you cannot? Really maybe you shouldn’t then. So stfu !!!!!!
    @S*** <<<< Your a pathetic excuse for an internet character………..

  70. theman April 17, 2011

    Everybody say peace to @S*** i’ve just sent this clown/character off to nobodys lane. Have fun fool lol.

  71. theman April 17, 2011

    I could find many clips where Xtina blows your favorite outta the water. I’m not here to talk about Xtina, this is not her post you idiot. Keep posting what you think is great and i’ll continue to look at other options. You nor your opinions mean a gawdamn thing. Beyonce is @S*** your publicist? Are you paying this lunatic, to kiss, massage and lick your a**.

    You been the weakest link, Adios………….

  72. theman April 17, 2011

    Hit you harder, it seems that thats already been done enough, thats why your damn brain is so fried. @S*** go apply for a real job, because talking,sounding and acting stupid on the internet won’t even pay your prepaid phone bill lol.

    Still thirsty?

  73. S*** April 17, 2011

    ^^^^ See What I mean, Ive been in a Lot of Stan Wars in my day but the ones with you are always the EASIEST because you come WITHOUT THE RECEIPTS… 😐

    You FAILED, WHY cant you find a single Video just ONE video of STRAINtina Slaying & DONT EVEN THINK about posting that AWFUL performance of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”, JAMES BROWN to this Day Hasnt Forgiven her for ruining his CLASSIC.

    Most come for Straintina’s AWFUL Grunts, Lack of Resonance, or Control but Fail to mention how just her very VOICE alone Sucks Ass!! 😐

    Shes not much better than lady gaga or Rihanna to be Frank & Blunt… You are one Sorry Sucker, Pitiful.

  74. KaVion April 17, 2011

    Lol, child that Bey picture is still my screen saver!

    The DIL didn’t have a That Thing, Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, Nothing Even Matters, or Super Star!

    IASF = Miseducation, but it ends there!

    I want Lauryn & Bey to DUET! Lauryn’s a major influence for Round IV so we might get a song like Ex Factor!

    @THE MAN
    I respect your opinion when it comes to everything but Bey. If you don’t like her why is her name always in your mouth? You cant deny her talent, stop downplaying her gifts. Dislike her all you want, but the woman is a gift from God himself!

  75. theman April 17, 2011

    Beyonce is barely better than Lady Gaga, by the way i don’t partake in stan wars that is for lames like you. Lol to easy & to funny all at the same time, since when did this post become about Xtina, i thought we were talking about Lauryn Hill, you lost before it even got started, #OnToTheNext……… @S*** >>>>> Known for failing ………..

  76. KaVion April 17, 2011

    Just because you belt louder than someone doesn’t mean you sing better than them. Christina can belt louder than Whitney, but Whitney can rip her a new asshole, vocally that is.

    Christina’s still in the top 5 vocalists of this generation.

  77. theman April 17, 2011

    @Kavion >>> another Beyidiot that seems to not be able to see. I didn’t downplay anything, i was talking about Lauryn Hill the person that this topic was about. @S******** comes outta of nowhere talking about Xtina, who the hell brought her up. If you took the time to read properly then you would have got that. Of course you wouldn’t be concerned about what i said about Beyonce, because your to busy kissing her a**, like all of the rest of her psychopathic a** stans. Well, not all a few of them have some sense.

    @IASF=The Miseducation >>> You are not serious………

  78. theman April 17, 2011

    I don’t know that Xtina can belt louder than Whitney, rather she has very good range, Xtina to me is the best vocalist of her gen. as many of musics elite have stated, you have your opinion and i could careless, thats that point blank case closed. Who mentioned anything about belting??? Those were your words pay attention <<< it's important.

  79. theman April 17, 2011

    Great vocalist of now, Xtina,JHud,Adele,Carrie,Kelly,Charice,Jojo !!!!!

  80. S*** April 17, 2011

    @THE MAN
    I respect your opinion when it comes to everything but Bey. If you don’t like her why is her name always in your mouth? You cant deny her talent, stop downplaying her gifts. Dislike her all you want, but the woman is a gift from God himself!

    I couldnt have said it Better Myself, @TheMan is CLEARLY thee most Tone-Deaf & Delusional of ALL of STRAINtina’s whole Fan-Base (well, the FEW she has left..) 😐

  81. S*** April 17, 2011

    @The Man = @KYLE!!

  82. S*** April 17, 2011

    BEYONCE >>>>>>>>>>>>> Xtina,JHud,Adele,Carrie,Kelly,Charice,Jojo.

    Sorry but this is just PURE 100% FACT, I dont do Opinions. 🙂

  83. Mama Monster Rules oYour Fav. April 17, 2011

    she sounds horrible. This woman is so overrated, i aways be hearing that she is a legnathe most talented person in the world but from what i hear she sucks. and I listened to her old album and it sucked so bad. Everything on there was boring as hell. I can’t believe people actually listen to her. I could barely make it through a whole song on her album.

    I think she should just hang it up. ___________________________


    B****, Beyonce sucks even harder than Lauryn Hill. They are both really not that talented. And they both take writing credits for credit they did not deserve.


  84. KaVion April 17, 2011

    @THE MAN
    Why are you calling me an idiot? Did I ever call you out of your name? People disagree, but you don’t have to take it to the level of disrespect. If I’m treating you well I expect the same.

    I’m not kissing Bey’s ass. I’ve talked about Lauryn Hill throughout this post. I have the right to love Beyonce & her music. I think she’s a beautiful, positive person & her music’s inspiring & I connect with it. That’s where it ends, I don’t worship the woman. I worship one God. Don’t attack me when I’ve done nothing to you but question why your always speaking on Bey. This isn’t the first time, so don’t blame it on S***.

  85. Mama Monster Rules oYour Fav. April 17, 2011


    You forgot Gaga. She has one of the most beautiful voices in history. Lady Gaga voice is 3rd best after Whitney Houston and Celine Dion of all time.

    BTW, Jo Jo Voice is not that Great. Jennifer Hudson can only sing gospel and her tone is ugly to me. Xtina can only shout to the top of her lungs. Adele is great. Carrie is country and I don’t like country voices. Kelly Clarkson is alright but not the best.

  86. Unknown April 17, 2011


    Remember the days when Chimer use to drag and school @The Man about vocal ability. He needs to come back.

  87. KaVion April 17, 2011

    & have you heard IASF? it has some of the most beautiful ballads of this generation. I’m not saying I Am is on Miseducation’s level, I’m saying my PERSONAL preference. I love both albums equally.

  88. S*** April 17, 2011

    @KaVion @THEMAN

    DISAPPEAR >>>> Every song on Mis-Educated. 🙂

  89. KaVion April 17, 2011

    I love Dissapear with all my heart, but don’t try it…had me that joint you’re smoking, I’m feeling stressed anyway!

  90. Music Scholar April 17, 2011

    GTFOH Grape Juice with your hating, L. Boogie’s performance was GIVING ME LIFE (so very far from lukewarm). I mean her voice was certainly hoarse and not at its best but you know NOTHING about music if you felt some type of way about the arrangements. Most of the newly arranged songs were more melodic than the originals (i.e. Ex Factor, The Sweetest Thing). Hmm if her voice was similar to what I heard in ATL a couple months with these new arrangements, her performance would have been sublime. Still great nonetheless

  91. theman April 17, 2011

    @Chimer ??? Who the hell is that? It doesn’t even matter. Drag who??? Lol you people are such delusional crap it’s beyond ridiculous. @Unknown your unknown for a reason, keep that way.

    When you act like an idiot then …… More or less @Kavion that was about a group of her fans more so than just you. If you’ve talked about Lauryn Hill and this is her post keep it that way then. One of your fellow Bey stans strayed off topic. Stick to the script. Furthermore, i’m not blaming nothing on @S***, i have stated that Beyonce is a decent/good vocalist, but nothing special to me, what more do you need to hear. Isn’t that acknowledging her talent? I don’t jump on bandwagons like others. Laslty, i don’t blame anything on anybody, i said what i said and thats that. You ain’t nobody to take anything back lol.

    She’s your favorite not everyone elses.

    If “IASF” is your preference then good for you, i didn’t really ask you that though.

  92. theman April 17, 2011

    Flop>>>Bomb>>>Fail @S*** THE END ………

  93. theman April 17, 2011


  94. MusiczLover April 17, 2011

    I miss the old Lauryn Hill… Miseducation Era

  95. musiczlover April 17, 2011

    Doo whop

  96. KaVion April 17, 2011

    @THE MAN
    You said “another Beyodiot”. That’s irrelevant though.

    I’ve been keeping it that way, I don’t need someone to tell me to. Beyonce is beyond average vocally. If you aren’t a fan of her vocals, say that. According to factual evidence (octaves & notes she’s able to hit, her power & resonance) she’s above average. You do have every right to say your not a fan of her voice though.

    I love Bey because I love Bey, it has nothing to do with others. My actions are all on me, it has nothing to with a “band wagon”.

    Beyonce’s not my favorite artist. R. Kelly is. She’s just one of them, no one said she had to be your favorite.

    I’d appreciate it if you’d stop comparing me to other stans & making conclusions. What artist I love doesn’t define me as a person.

    You said IASF = Miseducation? You can’t be serious. That’s why I left that comment.

  97. theman April 17, 2011

    I said Beyidiot because you came out of nowhere, talking about Beyonce when i wasn’t the one that brought her up. If Beyonce is above average vocally to you then thats your opinion, i’ve already stated mines. So move on. I didn’t say i wasn’t a fan of her vocals, i said that she was nothing special. Can you read. That is not the same as saying that she’s not talented. Rihanna has power and a few octaves as well so…. Beyonce and resonance lol ok. Keep the comedy coming. When i mentioned the bandwagon thing, i was speaking for me, learn to understand and distinguish the difference.

    Of course nobody said she had to be my favorite, just like i didn’t ask you to make mention of that. That was not important. I’d appreciate it if you would learn to read properly and not misconstrue what i say. If you can’t comprehend, then keep your damn mouth closed like ziplock.

    In conclusion “The Miseducation is classic, and “Iasf” ………….
    I’m not here for all of your million and one rebuttals either.

  98. theman April 17, 2011

    People always wanna be made famous lol @ these characters.

  99. theman April 17, 2011

    Oh and you said R.Kelly is your favorite artist. Oh who asked? Funny shyt…..

  100. KaVion April 17, 2011

    @THE MAN
    You WERE talking about Beyonce, okay you didn’t start it, but you were still talking about her.

    It isn’t an opinion that Bey is a strong vocalist. Octaves, skills & power are facts, you can’t say “I think they can hit that note”. You saying that she’s just a decent/good vocalist is basically saying you’re bot a fan of her voice. I never said you called her untalented in my last comment.

    You’re the one misinterpreting my words.

    Please don’t be a smart ass towards me & insult me.

  101. KaVion April 17, 2011

    @THE MAN
    You said Bey’s my favorite artist, I said no she isn’t, R. Kelly is. Do you have short term memory loss?

  102. theman April 17, 2011

    Rihanna has octaves and power so she can also be considered great to huh lol. Just because you have that doesn’t mean that you are anything special, alot of the females i mentioned above share those same qualities. To me her overall voice is decent/good, how are you gonna argue with me about my views. Build a bridge and fall over it. Stop trying to force your opinions on others. It doesn’t work. Anyway, @S*** said something to me, we were talking, why then would your off brand a** come out of nowhere, talking to me. If i’m sharing my views and not to you, then you shouldn’t give a damn. You are one backwards a** individual, your trying so hard to make sense, that you just continue to look even dumber in the process.

    Please don’t be a smart a** towards you and don’t insult you. How about you don’t insult your self, and speak when your spoken to. Stop speaking out of order, when no one asked you to. You should have told @S*** this is not the post to talk about Beyonce. I was talking about Lauryn, and she started comparing her to Beyonce, as she does every other artist.

    Therefore get outta here with your nonsense, because i ain’t trying to hear it.

    Laughing hysterically at you telling me that i’m saying that i’m not a fan of her voice because i said she’s a decent/good vocalist. Well really she is. If i’m saying she’s a good vocalist thats a compliment, are you really that damn incompetent. Wowwww……. The lost ones….

  103. Oggie April 17, 2011

    I don’t understand what was lukewarm about this, the audience loved it, the songs band and arrangement were sick, her vibe and energy is real and on point, i thought she was great and i would have been going nuts if i was there, i loved new arrangements, this is what happens when you perform with a live band and singe everyday, you don’t sound super pitch perfect buy you know how to really work crowd.

  104. theman April 17, 2011

    The comedy on this sight just doesn’t end.

  105. KaVion April 17, 2011

    @THE MAN
    LMAO, and S*** wasn’t talking to you! Yet you “gave a damn” and replied to him!

    No one’s forcing a damn thing on you, I don’t give a f*** that you don’t like her. I just want you to realize the difference between bot liking an artist & not acknowledging their FULL talent.

    Anyways, you’re right. There’s no point in arguing, we both have two different views. We could sit here for hours & debate, but what would that solve? Lol

    By the way, @S***’s a male.

  106. KaVion April 17, 2011

    Wecan agree to disagree 🙂

  107. theman April 17, 2011

    @S*** clearly mentioned @TheMan >>> Open your eyes…….

    Show me where i said that i didn’t like Beyonce? You see alot of things that aren’t visible. Lol you stay in fantasy land. Bot? What the heck is that? Correct English only… I said that Beyonce was a decent/good singer that to me is acknowledging her as a singer or whatever.

    Furthermore, i’m not arguing with you, you just look stupid, coming out of nowhere with all of these pointless a** comments.

    @S*** is a man …….. So why are you telling me. I guess thats supposed to be a pointer. He she whoever whatever ………

  108. KaVion April 17, 2011

    @THE MAN
    The way you contradict yourself is quite amusing.
    “Correct English only” “Your just making yourself look stupid”

    Yet you spell ass like “a**”?

    YOU addressed S*** first, read the comments. So if I came out of nowhere, you did the same.

    I just thought you should know his gender 🙂

  109. JohnVidal April 17, 2011

    The war you all are having on here about voices is irrelevant since Whitney, Mariah and Celine destroy each and every woman you are mentioning on here!
    Anyway, this was about Lauryn

  110. theman April 17, 2011

    @Kavion i was making a general statement, however, whenever i post anything involving Beyonce @S*** goes into defensive mode. Lol what a puppet. “A Lil Food For Thought” >>> I spelt a** like that on purpose, just because…. The problem with you is that you are to invested over a website, relax, take a chill pill, you be on here spilling out unnecessary things, that really are irrelevant. @S*** no matter the topic always have to turn something good into something sour, do not question me on my views about an artist, and try to tell me i’m wrong when what you are stating is merely an opinion in itself. In conclusion, if something has not a thing to do with you, then mind your damn business period…

    You told me in the comment above what @S*** was, i didn’t give a dayum then and i still don’t now, get the picture?

  111. theman April 17, 2011

    @John those are the greats, but this isn’t about them either.

  112. JohnVidal April 17, 2011

    I know! And I´m with you on the typical Beyonce stans and their defensive mode. She is good but they seriously live in a bubble

  113. Jasmine April 17, 2011

    I watched the clip. Her voice is still there. The main thing missing is some water or sweet tea for Ms. Hill to drink on before performing. True artists’ voice only crack like that when their throat is dry. It is not like her voice is gone, her throat is just dry.

  114. theman April 17, 2011

    @John exactly… It’s funny how most of them act like everything she does is so perfect but find fault in every other artist/performer. Are they crazy. She is good, but lets not get carried away as many of them do.

  115. KaVion April 17, 2011

    Please. There’s crazy stans for EVERY ARTIST.

    Lol, must I quote you directly?
    Your FIRST comment on this post was about Bey & your FIRST comment was directed towards S***.

    Meaning YOU started this Bey debate with him.

    April 16, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    Lol @S*** comparing Beyonce to Lauryn Hill, stay away from drugs…

  116. theman April 17, 2011

    No @S*** brought up Beyonce, and then started to talk about Xtina, whom had nothing to do with anything. Where the heck did that come from? He was bringing up alot of irrelevant stuff. Whats so hard for you to comprehend. He then started talking about Xtina for no apparent reason, was i supposed to be like many of you lol. Some of these internet characters.

    The only reason i ever talked about Beyonce is because he brought her up when yet again it had nothing to do with her. Everything has to be Beyonce this and that, then he goes posting those pointless a** videos, i ain’t checking for them, he can share them with his Bbuddy >>> you. I hope you finally understand, since you seem to have alot of trouble understanding things in black and white. I only commented because it’s getting annoying in every dayum post seeing that @S******** bringing up Beyonce when theres no need for it,

  117. theman April 17, 2011

    @S*** But Beyonce is better his words, well to you but not to others.

    He made this about Beyonce when were talking about Lauryn, thats when i made a comment, it’s expired, change it up. Beyonce this Beyonce that, shut the f*ck up about her dayummmm, if it was her thread then cool but it’s not.

  118. theman April 17, 2011

    By the way i’m not explaining anything to you because i don’t have to but you act like you’ve been aboard the short bus for quite a while. >>> Aka slightly special mentally.

  119. Bey_Stan_Btw April 17, 2011

    her voice wasnt the best, but at least the energy was there…unlike whitney, she looked like a dead cat on stage smh….Good job Lauryn.

  120. theman April 17, 2011

    Lauryn actually didn’t sound as bad as Sam made it seem. Sam over exaggerates far to much.

  121. Secret Person April 17, 2011


    Funny how you are quick to call out Beyonce when her stans are delusional, but you didn’t even think twice about going in on that Lady Gaga stan. Bias Much.

  122. beestan April 17, 2011

    i rememba the killing me softly days…. that track used to be my joint….i cant believe romeo miller went to dance rehearsals without wearing boxers , view the uncensored image at http://kelsnetwork.b*******.com/

  123. KaVion April 17, 2011

    @THE MAN
    You said you didn’t adress @S*** first, that comment shows you did.

    It’s that simple. Don’t question my intelligence when you keep running away from my CLEAR points to make yourself look good.

  124. BobbyB. April 17, 2011

    Okay did she struggle or was it lukewarm? Make up your mind. Obviously Trent wasn’t there and was just going by what he may have read. Not to mention the fact that he only provided pictures in his report, when the full performance has been on you tube since day 1. Now that there’s video, you want to change your view.

    Of course her voice is not in tip-top shape like in ’98. Especially after back-to-back performances for the past few months sometimes including two shows in a day, but she owned the stage that night. The crowd was chanting for her to come back after she left.

  125. Female Vocal Lover April 17, 2011

    @The Man


  126. Lolly London-UK April 17, 2011

    A-MAZ-ING!!!! Wish I was there!!

  127. theman April 17, 2011

    @Secret i’m not calling out anyone but do you see a LadyGaga stan here yet, hell no when things are cool and fine let them be. I ssaid that i’m not going back and forth with you. @S*** brought up Beyonce’ when he didn’t need thats why i said something. You can keep looking stupid writing the same thing if you want. This conversation is over simple a**.

    This the internet, theres no need to try to make yourself look good to a bunch of nobodys especially not you. Your still talking. You must clearly not have any real hobbys. OnToTheNext post. The last thing i’ll say it stfu, because you were telling me i was downplaying Beyonce’s talent because i said that she was good really? Since when is good downplaying someones talent.

    I mentioned @S*** because he was just eing an idiot as usual, in reality what i said was just me generally speaking. However, you had no merit or warrant step out of line and talk to me, there was no reason to, now go stay your stupid a** on Beyonce alert……..

    Question your intelligence??? You have some i didn’t notice??? Sit your fool a** down……….

  128. essie April 17, 2011

    why would anyone imention Beyonce & Lauryn Hill in the same sentence….. Lauryn’s music has been proven to live beyond a decade with all kinds of artists covering her music including at the WHITEHOUSE, concerts , albums, etc…. aint nobody gone cover anything Beyonce actually really WROTE…. dont compare these two until Beyonce can write like this……

    WATER by Lauryn H.
    Moving down the streams of my lifetime
    Pulls the fascination in my sleeve
    Cooling off the fire of my longing
    Boiling off my cold within his heat
    Melting down the walls of inhibition
    Evaporating all of my fears
    Baptizing me into complete submission
    Dissolving my condition with his tears

    Coursing through my senses, he’s prevailing
    Floating through the space of my design
    Drowning me to find my inside sailing
    Drinking in the mainstream of his mind
    Filling up the cup of my emotions
    Spilling over into all I do
    If I only I could get lost in his ocean
    Surviving on the thought of loving you

  129. theman April 17, 2011

    Excuse the errors, the only person that’ll probably comeback here is that thirsty a** @Kavion. Lol

  130. theman April 18, 2011

    @Essie exactly some people just know no better.

  131. Secret Person April 18, 2011


    Um, MAMA MONSTER RULES YOUR FAV. is a Gaga Stan. It even replied to you.

  132. theman April 18, 2011

    @SecretPerson Go there >>>>>>>>>>> I have no idea what the hell your talking about.

  133. KD April 18, 2011

    I actually enjoyed her set…it was very raw and unpolished and it actually felt like a breath of fresh air. As for her voice…even though she sounded messy at some points she is still a much better vocalist than 80% of all artists that are releasing music now.

  134. tru T April 18, 2011

    Beyonce>> Lauryn Hill
    Just because Bey’s more versatile, well rounded & has better vocals.


    The Miseducation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DIL

    No questions asked.
    anyone who thinks otherwise is trully dilusional

  135. tru T April 18, 2011

    @THE MAN after careful deliberation i realised that everything you said and will say is 200% true and people will forever hate you for it. stans hate the truth always. i agree completely with you
    on any given day LAURYN HILL >>>>>>>>>>>>>BEYONCE

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