Rihanna Defends Britney’s ‘Nasally’ Voice On ‘S&M (Remix)’

Published: Sunday 17th Apr 2011 by Sam

As if Rihanna and Britney Spears‘S&M’ remix wasn’t comical enough, the red-haired star has hit out at suggestion that Spears sounded “nasally” on the track. How ironic.

While calling in to 92.3 NOW FM to promote the collabo, Not Beyonce was bluntly informed by host DJ Lil Cee that masses aren’t feeling Spears’s contribution to the record – regardless of its iTunes standing.

Check out her hilarious response after the jump…

Kudos to the interviewer for keeping it real. Now if only he’d told Ms. Fenty she sounded like a cat being skinned, we’d really be on the same page.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Aaron April 17, 2011

    Rihanna sounds great on S&M, Britney however, does not.

    Rihanna has a unique tone to her voice and has a stunning and effortless vibrato. If she wasn’t successful or couldn’t sing, she would not have 9 #1 singles in the US and would NOT have a record deal. :). Rihanna is amazing.

  2. KaVion April 17, 2011

    “A cat being skinned.”

    There’s only so much passion & emphasis I can put into the words: I CAN’T..

    Sam you know you’re lying! Rih’s studio voice is amazing, Lol!
    I hope she can keep giving us great performances like California Kung Bed on Idol. Maybe she’s actually growing as a artist.

    I’m proud of her!

  3. KaVion April 17, 2011

    No shade, but Rebecca Black has a record deal…

  4. Aaron April 17, 2011


    I don’t know who Rebecca Black is.

  5. KaVion April 17, 2011

    You don’t?
    Maaan, look her up on YouTube B!
    She’ll prove everything you said wrong! Lol

  6. fab April 17, 2011

    thank s gaga for saving us from this garbege being #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. RONALDMATTERS.COM April 17, 2011

    bye girl, fly girl.

  8. MARIAH LAMB 4LIFE April 17, 2011




  9. therealest April 17, 2011

    The Britney S&M sounds WHACK!!!!!!!!!

  10. Aaliyah April 17, 2011

    Britney has sounded better, yes. I just don’t understand how anyone would let a STUDIO track of Britney sound so bad…. I mean, we know neither she nor Rihanna sound great live. However, the latter seems to be making progress. The Rihmixed track seems so poorly done and manufactured in the sense of just adding a verse quickly just to earn some money. Wish Britney put more heart and soul into the things she does. Lately, she’s been so boring despite having one of the best albums of 2011 so far. “Femme..” could have been so great, just if she made an effort.
    I think S&M will be nr.1 next week (unless if they count the original and the remix as two separate songs). It will most likely not hold that position however. Maybe for two weeks. Gaga is coming back with the recycled beats and the same old repetitive lyrics. Seems that die hard stans are really doing their job with “Judas”.

  11. kay April 17, 2011

    LOL at “Not Beyoncé”

    So true, she is nowhere near the Queen.

    Anyway, the remix really sucks, such a step down from the original.

  12. therealest April 17, 2011

    and whoever wrote brits lyrics……are just NO.

  13. UGh April 17, 2011

    I like the original version of S&M. But let’s be real people, if Britney was selling s*** on a platter people would buy it up. Rihanna’s gonna defend her because no.1 it’s Rihanna’s song and we don’t expect her to say it doesn’t sound good and besides it would be unprofessional for her to say it. no 2 Rihanna often sounds nasally herself in most of her songs. The remix is a hot mess #FACT

  14. Nick April 17, 2011

    I luv Rihanna! Britneys mix was cute, it’s not that serious! Did u see Katy perry on amas last year doin firework live? They all have their moments, Rihanna is growing! Love her

  15. Sane Beyhanna Stan April 17, 2011

    I agree that Brit didn’t sound too good on the remix. The Rihmix is growing on me but I still prefer the original. I think Rihanna will continue to improve but I think Britney has Plateaued in her career.

  16. OSO April 17, 2011


    that American Idol was heavenly good, she’s confident now, and her voice has improved big time!
    she got a standing ovation for god’s sakes.
    she’s really giving it her best, this era can’t get any better (can it !? )
    proud of her! #Rihannavy!

  17. xtina April 17, 2011

    gaga and beyonce are somewhere laughing at this stupid remix

  18. Ms.LInda April 17, 2011

    I feel as though the way Britney sung certains words or more so pronounced “sticks & STONES” she was trying to give it “umph” and it came off corny. They should have kept Rih’s vocals on the hook and left Britneys take on the cutting room floor, it did nadda for the song. Like it or not Rihanna brings something to tracks that make them hot, THIS BEING CASE IN POINT. What I find hilarious is that Britney was quoted saying that the one song she wished she had done was “Love the way you lie”, now could you IMAGINE that travesty? I shudder at the thought.

  19. xtina April 17, 2011

    @ OSO

    Legend??? R U Kidding me??……………… Bey and gaga r coming you know

  20. xtina April 17, 2011

    christina aguileras moulen rouge………….. now that was what we call a REMIX not this bs

  21. OSO April 17, 2011

    @ XTINA
    yeah you read right!
    she’s killing the charts everywhere…S&M is even higher than “BORN THAT BAD” on the charts…
    Rihanna is the new pop queen.
    Deal with it…
    Floptina has never, and will never…sad to break it down to you

  22. tru April 17, 2011

    PAYOLA gets Rihgoat all the No.1 itunes she wants
    someday Defscam is going to get tired of spending money on a No Rhythm having
    SexGoat didnt even have the coutesy to thank Britney for her contribution
    just twisted it to make it sound like Britney was “so lucky” work with the Only goat on the farm
    Truth is
    Rihgoat is the lucky one

  23. theman April 17, 2011

    Britney did a decent job on the song, it wasn’t that serious.

  24. Dave April 17, 2011

    Dead @ hims sounding nasally himself. They can be a trio: Rihanna, Britney, & him

  25. Dave April 17, 2011

    DEAD @ Rihanna lying for her.
    & saying “High Register”, she doesn’t even know how to use a high register successfully herself. Dead @ her sounding like her stans “it’s still #1” fail..

  26. IVEARRIVED April 17, 2011

    i really like her! she has to be one of the best artists in interviews! she come off likeable, relateable and the b**** could sell mulch and horse manure….if u ask me gaga and britney is sellin mulch and manure…compared to rihanna..

  27. brian April 17, 2011


    U cant be serious? She’s a singer for heavens sake all she had to do was sing and she failed

  28. HottieHellYeahh April 17, 2011


    RiRi sound Nice. Britney Have NO Voice!

    *Waits For Haters,Listens To “Who Run The World (Girls)” Snippet*

  29. HottieHellYeahh April 17, 2011

    Beyonce Is The Queen!

    TWITTER @Hottiehellyeahh

  30. lax April 17, 2011

    thats right RIHANNA defend your honor, because baby girl you are worthy.
    the song is a banger to start with, therefore being who BRITNEY is all the
    yapin the world will not stop the song from flying off the shelves.

    s&m has already kicked major booty, by bringing RIHANNA up to par with
    the top #1 pop singles & tieing her with dance hall #1 with BEYONCE.
    and its funny how the STATS & NUMBERS don’t count and don’t mean crap
    with RIHANNA and it counts for all the other artist.

    when ever a album, cd etc is dropped by any of the artist the best thing going for
    that artist is first weeks sells and can they go #1 with their ALBUM. it has been widely talked about the fact that RIHANNAS ALBUMS HAS NEVER GONE #1
    why is that a much talked about topic with RIHANNA & many bad mouth her for not going #1 but yet she still sells. on the other hand all the haters was laughting when gaga over took s&m remix & is sitting @ #1. and WHY IS IT THAT RIHANNAS #1 DON’T COUNT when the numbers of grammies, sales, stats on
    every artist on the fuuuuking planets numbers ALWAYS COUNT WEATHER THEY CAN SING GOOD, BETTER ARE BEST???????

  31. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As Rhitard The Goat April 17, 2011

    S&M have been out 4 10wks now and it still has not made it to #1 on BB and dat WACK ASS remix is not goin 2 help it get dere either…… now all Rihanna has 2 do is explain y she sounds HORRIBLE LIVE………now dat would b a great interview!!!

  32. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As Rhitard The Goat April 17, 2011

    S&M has been out 4 10wks now, and it sill hasnt grab da #1 spot on BB, and dat wack ass remix is not goin 2 help it reach #1 either………. Now all Rihanna has 2 do is explain y she sound HORRIBLE LIVE………now dat would b a great interview!!!!!

  33. gio88 April 17, 2011

    wow Rihanna defends britney’s voice.The Apocalypse is Coming!

  34. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    Rihanna team is smart, by teaming her up with Britney Spears, they where hoping, just maybe Rihanna could snag some of Britney Spears fans/stans, since Britney is on her way out the door.

    Little do they know Britney fans are on their way of being Lady GaGa and Beyonce fans/stans and neither one of them has song with Britney and probably never will. Rihanna team has put her every where including with the country music singers, to entrap fans/stans. We will see how well they have done come her next albums sells. Rihanna fan base is shrinking slowly, as the pity is washing away. All the studio gimmickry in the world is not going to get her a bigger fan base. Rihanna is at the top of her game, a good studio voice is not going to help, she has to come up with a new gimmick.

  35. Rihanna the Queen April 17, 2011

    Rihanna is the Queen of pop, ya’all can just go jump into an ocean If you wish, nd did i hear anyone mention Lady gag gag, Floptina nd beyonshit????? Lmfaooooo thos are old cargoes, flush dos shits downnnnn!!!!

  36. Mr. T April 17, 2011

    It being in a high register has nothing to do with the fact that Brit sounds like s***.

    But why are we acting like this something new?? What song does Brit sound good on?? She cant sing, and she knows it.

    And PLEASE stop with American Idol performance. Rihanna sounded like s***. Im sorry

  37. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    @ Mr. T

    ROFL! LMAO! And the truth will set them free!

  38. MISHKA April 17, 2011

    Rihanna defending someone else’s, err, BRITNEY’s vocals ??? Lawd have mercy LOL

    The people at Jive who got that idea of remixing S&M need to get fired asap.

  39. Rihanna the Queen April 17, 2011

    Did someone just say Rihanna’s fan base is shrinking?? Oh Lawd this must be a joke, Rihanna’s fan base is increasing because people have grown to love her more than ever , shez got over 30million fans on facebook, where is beyonce at? Basically 17million or so Lmao, wake up from your delusions cos Rihanna is shitting on all of u haters, u can deal wid it or die trying !!!!! #ILikeItLikeIt. Nd to say she did the RIHmix to take Britney’ s fan is like the most comic thing to ever say, Lmao Britney has no less fans compared to Rihanna so its the other way round! Rih has sold almost 4million copies of Loud nd still counting,2 #1 singles from off LOUD nd still counting so ya’all jokers can dig a grave for yourselfs haaaaaaa!

  40. Mr. T April 17, 2011

    @Blue Kid

    LOL…I know all artists have fans…but cmon. Im a Beyonce fan til the death of me, but I wont get on a blog and act like she’s the greatest actress just because she breaks box office records.

    And can you imagine Brit and Riri singing this s*** live?????

  41. Mr. T April 17, 2011

    @Rihanna The Queen

    Ummm are you basing her fan base off of a facebook page. LMFAOOOOOOOOOO…please stop.

  42. anon April 17, 2011

    Sam and Trent you both so obviously want to bum each other that you use your dislike for Rihanna to the max to try “impress” each other. Its like watching two kids in a school playground. Its EMBARRASSING. Get over it and take your ass licking somewhere else and get back to be the semi professional site you once were. Oh FYI Trent is using you for exposure Sam. Man up.

  43. Bey’knight April 17, 2011

    @rihanna the not-queen
    ^here we go again. Beyonce is not active on twitter or facebook. She has accounts only
    Sam/trent. Yall need to stop callin rih not beyonce. No distractions when new single drops

  44. Rihanna the Queen April 17, 2011

    She got a #1 on itunes for it, so ya’all haters gotta deal!!!!! She sounded amazinggggggg on idols! *goes to youtube to watch it again*, *goes to itunes to buy SnMRIHmix again*, #YOU MAD????? #Stay MAD!!!! Lmaoooooo! Rihanna is killing it nd ya’all just can’t contain your hate! Funny enuf chic dsnt care abt you lessers, shez doing it World Wide!!!!!!!!

  45. GangsterA April 17, 2011

    You Guys Are A Lil Late With One Lol Anyway Britney Vocal Peformance Could Be Better I Truly Belive That Britney Can Sing And She Still Can (He About To Lose Me Proved That) The Rimex Is Boring Their Voices Are A Mess Togther Like I Said Before I Need A Solo Britney Version Rihanna Need To Deal With That And She Looked Desperate With Her Tweets About Her Stans Buying S&M And Then Saying We Need ”To Beat Them H***” Or Something Like That To Gaga Monsters And Then She Said That She Was Talking About The Navy Navyhoes Or Something Like That Not To Gaga Fans I Mean Rihanna Gurl Come On Come On But #R.I.P At Her Going In On The Interviewer

  46. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As Rhitard The Goat April 17, 2011

    @BLUEKID- LMAO——-> entrap fans/stans

  47. Blake Hall April 17, 2011


    Milli Vanilli had a deal and was highly successful, but they were no where near talented. Britney Spears has a deal and she is barely talented. So that point you made iswrong. Although I do agree Rihanna is talented.


    Let’s have Rihanna duet with Beyonce. My two favorites on a track would just slay my life completely.

  48. pau April 17, 2011

    thanks rihanna!!!! so cute <3 i like the remix but i prefer the original song. i need a new track rihanna&britney!!!

  49. Rihanna the Queen April 17, 2011

    @Mr. T, that’s just the crude figure of the one you see, Lmao apparently we shdnt base gaga’s fans on facebook nd stuff too??? Lmfaooooooooooo, okay what figures shd we use to base the fans on? Maybe the # of pple that visit them at their homes! Lmaoooo!
    @beyonceshit Knight, Beyonce isn’t active on facebook??? *appalled*,does being active on facebook affect ur fan figure??? Apparently Michael Jackson is active and alive on facebook that’s why hez able to have over 30millions fans Lmaoooo! , btw to kinda correct you Beyonce updates her facebook account regularly just as other celebs do, fact is pple aint got time to pay attention to old Mrs Carter anymore she only used her 2 back up singers(Kelly Rowland nd Michelle) to rise,nothing more !!!!!

  50. Te Amo April 17, 2011

    In other world #BEYONCEFAIL is trending on twitter. LMFAO…

    Everybody go trend that if you want Beyonce to fail. She needs to have some kids.

  51. Blake Hall April 17, 2011

    @Rihanna The Queen

    Facebook and Twitter fans don’t count for anything. Half those people could be haters.

    At the end of the day it is about talent and who is successful in music.

  52. lax April 17, 2011

    she have got a great sense of humor.

  53. Rihanna the Queen April 17, 2011

    #Yassssssssss I’m getting my ass to itunes to buy that SnMRIHmix hahahahaaha deals wid it!, its S&M h**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That chic Rihanna kills it eveRIHtime, ya’all dedicate all ur miserable lives talking s*** abt her while she keeps suceeding!!!!! Lmao, get ur ambulance ready cos shez gonna swoop 18billboard awards to the detriment of your heart beats! Lmaoooooo! Ssssssssss&mmmmmmm!!!! #Stay mad haters!!!!! Rihanna is Talented, she can sing nd is a complete package.

  54. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    Mr. T

    April 17, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    @Blue Kid

    LOL…I know all artists have fans…but cmon. Im a Beyonce fan til the death of me, but I wont get on a blog and act like she’s the greatest actress just because she breaks box office records.

    And can you imagine Brit and Riri singing this s*** live?????
    In case you didn’t know Rihanna fans are delusional!

  55. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie) April 17, 2011

    “We will see how well they have done come her next albums sells.”


    Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. That’s the same s*** haters were saying during Rated R era, about how Loud was a make or brake album for her because the public was sick of her, and then, low and behold, Loud outsold Rated R in 3 months and should cross 4M WW by next week, if it hasn’t already. Yoo-hoo, haters . . .

    SSS(tay) & MMM(ad)

  56. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As Rhitard The Goat

    April 17, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    @BLUEKID- LMAO——-> entrap fans/stans
    The truth is Rihanna fans and Britney stans only have one brain cell, so it is easy for them to be entrap.

  57. Only_Trina April 17, 2011

    i agree with alot of you guys that s&m wasnt britney’s brightest moment and im not a rihanna stan like alot of yall but she gets props because for her to stand by britney even though im pretty sure riri thinks it dont sound that good just shows that she has alot of respect and shes rooting for brit to hit hard again i know alot of yall were and still are bumpin britney songs and thats what this is all about britney is clearly trying to make her mark in an industry thats changed since she started and with her having support from heavy hitters like rihanna and nicki minaj im sure that she will get better and everyone talking s*** right now are going to be teambritney i mean i cant stand that lil white girl sometimes but she’s trying and you dont knock ppl who try

  58. BREEZYTHEBEST April 17, 2011

    This remix was not the business.I have no idea why Rihanna needed Brit on this song.Rihanna slayed the song and video by herself SMH.because I don’t take s*** personal with Riri this girl is fierce but she will never be a boss b**** because of s*** like this.If Rihanna was to take her s*** to the next level she can be on Bey’s level she is getting there but not quite.Whoever got a problem with my comment f*** you and sit your ass down ,btw california king bed is my s***.

  59. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    @ Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie)

    RateR should have been a number one album, Rihanna did not have any competition that week in sells.

    Loud, should have been a number one album again Rihanna had no competitors in that week of sells, plus she just came off a world tour and had just rapped up her United States tour and had more promo than any artist in that year.

    New Comer Nicki Minaj, with hardly any promo and no world tour, lets say no tour at all, sold way more album in her first time than Rihanna sold for her RaterR and Loud combined. WTF!
    Rihanna with her pity party, nudity, and furious promos did not out sell new comer Nicki, come on now. Even the most hated man in the world out sold her, give me a break. We will see com November when her next .99 cents album comes out, we will see how well it sells.

  60. BREEZYTHEBEST April 17, 2011

    BTW Brit is a legend but she needs to reevaluate her position in the game long gone are the days of Kings and Queens forever.Anybody can be snatched bald at this point in the game nobody is immune to this s***,nobody.

  61. Badd April 17, 2011

    This is an absolute mess.
    The only reason that she even made a remix
    was to get the song to #1,
    Because it wasn’t going #1 on its own.
    Katy would have been #1 again this week then Gaga.
    She just wanted to cheat another one in there
    by putting out a poor remix…with Britney so it would sell.

    This is why I don’t think Rihanna deserves all her #1’s
    I like her songs and she is okay…..but she’s about
    to get 10 #1’s and that’s ridiculous…especially for
    someone as lackluster and who’s songs are either
    features or only stayed #1 for a week….showing
    that it just went #1 in this “between time*
    after the last #1 has died down and the next artist’s
    song is coming out the next week (which is happening
    to S&M now) making her songs only go #1 b.c
    that’s all that’s left.

  62. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    Rihanna needed Brit for this song because she wants Britney’s fan base. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

    They have been putting Rihanna all over the place trying to snare fans, they even put her with the country music folks. ROFL!

    All of Britney’s fans are not wack, those are the ones who are choosing to follow, Lady GaGa and Beyonce.

    How many concerts can one lip sync to and people still fill the seats????
    How many bad concerts can one go to with a stiff performer???
    How many bad concerts where s** is used to entertain for lack of talent??
    Both of these women fit the bill, I said both Britney and Rihanna!

    Britney didn’t sell no more than the most hated man in the world did, a mater a fact they would have been tied if they would have came out in the same week.

  63. lax April 17, 2011

    a number 1 album do not mean squat its not about how you start out on the race
    its all about finishing. if a number 1 album is the talk then why is it important for her album to hit that #1 position??????? why is it that she have got 9# 1 hits
    i said hits because for a single to hit #1 people have to buy your music therefore her #1 proves that she is moving them units. all of her albums has made it to the top ten and that is good enough for me and mannnnnnnnnnny others. rihanna
    is still breaking records and making history. EXAMPLE she has a # 1 for five years in a row in the uk thats HISTORY thats doing it like ELVIS DID IT.

  64. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie) April 17, 2011

    “RateR should have been a number one album, Rihanna did not have any competition that week in sells.”

    “Loud, should have been a number one album again Rihanna had no competitors in that week of sells”


    Sit your pressed ass down. Rated R openend against SuBo’s debut album, the Fame Monster, and Adam Lambert. SuBo was #1 that week. Where the hell were you?

    Loud openend against Christmas albums by Oprah favorite/ and America’s Got Talent phenom Jackie Evancho and SuBo. SuBo was #1 that week as well.

    And props to Nicki for doing higher numbers with her debut album than Rihanna did in the US with her 5th. what, I’m supposed to be mad? Yeah, Nicki’s US sales really trump Ri’s 4M WW sales total (not). nicki is a new artist and should sell well. talk to me about Nicki dominating Ri when she’s five albums deep in the game and accomplished half of what Ri has. Comparing the two is real desperate on your part anyway, because one is a rapper, the other a pop star, and they’re not even in the same lane.

    I know Ri’s slaying right now, but you don’t have to be this upset . . .

  65. Branson113 April 17, 2011

    @ Aaron she has really cute songs thats why she has 9 # 1’s. She really can’t sing, she sounds like a cat thats been run over by a car! Cute songs tho.

  66. lax April 17, 2011

    jesus please let the so called most hated man in the world please rest.
    if some feels that the talented most hated man in the world beat britney out then stay tuned because BRITNEY SPEARS AKA BRIT BRIT always has a rabbit in the hat. the REMIX is a good thing for both of them. looking @ the global charts shows that both r&b sold good this passs week. so if you want to always think that some one is being hated on then WALK a mile in RIHANNA FENTY SHOES>

  67. lax April 17, 2011

    life can be chicken salad are
    chicken s***, as a human being decide what you want your life to be.

  68. lax April 17, 2011

    it does not matter who made the most money because one thing for sure
    rihanna is selling her part and nothing is going to stop her sales.

  69. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    I hope Rihanna S&M with Britney does goes number #1, I will be laugh out loud. Rihanna deserves to go down in history, she is one of the least untalented, worst performer, least vocal quality, black entertainer of all time who has gotten 10 number 1’s singles hit. ROFL!

    For has a black person holding the record on number 1 hits, that goes to Mariah Carey she has 18 number #1’s.

    Ayumi Hamasaki has 30 number 1 singles, Rihanna has 20 more to go to beat her.

  70. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie) April 17, 2011

    “The only reason that she even made a remix
    was to get the song to #1 . . . She just wanted to cheat another one in there”


    Sour grapes. Sour grapes. We don’t know yet, if S&M will go to #1 definitively, but need I remind you that E.T. reached #1 with a combined sales total of the album cut and the remix with Kanye. Arguably, S&M would have been #1 by now if not for the combined sales total of Katy’s two versions of E.T., which at one point were both top ten on i-tunes, because S&M has been leading in airplay for weeks. Cee-lo’s two versions of F*** You (explicit and clean) had combined sales that got the track to chart in the top 5. Oh, but when Rihanna does it, everyone wants to have their mouths poked out.

  71. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    @Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie)
    Save the excuses, Rihanna had a week to her self those people came a week after, save it! The week Rihanna went out she should have taken it by storm, now that next week no.

    Both time Rihanna should had nominated that one week, just like the most hated man in the world did, no excuses, Rihanna is a singles artist period.

    If S&M becomes number 1# she has 8 more to go to catch up with Mariah Carey, and she just may do it. Everybody knows a hit song cost money, Rihanna is not writing her own songs so this mean Def Jam is spending some where between 1 million & 4 million a hit. Rihanna is no Mariah Carey, Mariah can actually sing.

    I wish Rihanna well, she will go down in history for being the black female artist who brought down Britney Spears. Rihanna laughed at Britney 2008 MTV awards and so rightly so, because she is now taking over that spot. Britney is a has been, Rihanna is the new Queen of Pop. Britney can now retire.

  72. Y’all are too fake April 17, 2011

    The Monster Ball has already out banked & out sold everything Rihanna has done for touring. 4th Richest Woman on Earth (Music Wise). Beyonce is 3rd.
    Britney & Rihanna = Poor Man’s Beyonce & Gaga

  73. WINTZZZ April 17, 2011

    Rihanna I love your sense of humour & loyalty! Errrbody knows Britney sounds like that red headed kid, chuckie, from the Rugrats on that S&M remix but u stuck by her regardless and I can appreciate that. I, myself thought the remix gained nothing from Britney but the Flu! I prefer the original. Her other tracks sounds good though!

  74. Badd April 17, 2011

    you just proved that Katy is the white version
    of Rihanna they both make cute little songs
    that get played and go to #1 AFTER the big
    artists are gone….Katy only went #1 AFTER
    BTW was done and she then cheated her way
    to the top to by taking the remix off forcing
    ppl to buy the album version and getting that to
    top 5 then putting back on the remix so that she
    had to of the same songs in the top 5.
    Gaga doesn’t have to do the s*** that Rihanna
    & Katy do to get #1’s and she doesn’t go #1
    after every other artist has already died down.

  75. lax April 17, 2011

    some one is grasping after straws comparing rihanna to mariah but its all good.
    rihanna do not ever need to depend on what people say about her because if some are stupid & igronant enough to think that def jams have bought and paid for rihannas music i wonder why they did not and have not paid for some #1 ALBUMS
    for the super star?????

    if def jams was paying for rihannas #1 why did they refuse to pay for s&m to be
    a #1 by now?????? SEE theres many comments made and books wrote that are just not FACTUAL . to tell the truth people who are PRESSED will say/do
    anything to try to RAIN on her parade let me tell you something it aint happening.

  76. Badd April 17, 2011

    And another thing.
    @Mari what is your point with comparing
    the sales of all those ppl with Rihanna’s Rated R.
    Susan Boyle was NOT that big when her first album
    came out she was just a woman on XFactor.
    Lady Gaga’s album was a EP and they don’t usually sell.
    Adam Lambert……………….. *crickets chirp*
    But Rihanna had TONSSSSSSSSSS of promo
    She was milking the Chris thing and did that 20/20
    interview with the world watching her she did performances
    had Rude Boy out and everything…so she had no excuse.

    And as far as LOUD Susan Boyle was just coming out
    with a CHRISTMAS album an effin CHRISTMAS album.
    and she couldn’t out sell her even with 2 #1’s
    and Taylor Swift had already come out a month earlier.
    once again she had no excuse.

  77. Badd April 17, 2011

    I don’t think they pay for her songs to be #1.
    Payola is illegal.
    I think they just do sneaky little tactics
    to hurry up and get it #1.
    They don’t do things the normal way…b.c her songs
    aren’t good enough…they have to do something
    on the side…that other artists don’t have to do.

  78. lax April 17, 2011

    the enemy will try to make you
    start questioning your mere existance if you let them.

  79. rara rara rara April 17, 2011

    Wow u r so sane
    So when gaga was featuring beyonce who was trying to take who’s fanbase
    I can’t with ur assumptions

  80. Who’s Cedric? April 17, 2011

    I liked this interview, she handled it well! Especially at the end when she got him together “before you talk about Britney’s voice you need to fix yours.” I mean yeah Britney sounds s*** on the record but Rihanna isn’t gonna admit that, that would just be shady and mean especially when the song has a shot at going to #1 because of her.

  81. Sane Beyhanna Stan April 17, 2011

    I leave this post and now its a mess…
    @Badd Please stop with that payola bull s***! None of Rated R’s singles(except Rude Boy) got as much airplay as OG,WMN,and S&M because they aren’t radio friendly dumb ass so now that Rihanna has a Radio Friendly Album ofcourse all her songs will be Airplay hits that was the point of Loud dear. Rihanna’s song aren’t good enough to go #1? Considering you stan for Gaga that’s funny because BTW sucks ass, and Judas is a Rehash of Dance in the Dark and Bad Romance. Your fave needed Hype, Gimmicks and Huge Marketing strategies to get to #1 so don’t start. I will Drag Gaga through the mud. 🙂

  82. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    @ Rarararrar

    I’m not True Blue, I believe “True Blue” is a Rihanna fan!

    When Lady GaGa and Beyonce did a duet it was sincere, they are each other fans, Lady GaGa already has her set fan base so does Beyonce, the two compliment each other.

    Rihanna and Britney are both puppet and Britney team no longer see her has profitable, her record sell are depreciating, Rihanna sing with and pretending to support Britney may give her a thumbs up from Britney fans. Tough luck with that one!

  83. Sane Beyhanna Stan April 17, 2011

    @Blue Kid
    Didn’t you say awhile Back that you wouldn’t come to rihanna posts anymore? Didn’t you say the war is over? Lmfao I see your here once again to spread your delusions

  84. lax April 17, 2011

    @ bad i hear you but let me say this, i hear she sounds bad and this one and that one is better. point is why is it that lets say long ago when madonna, celine,
    mariah,whitney, barbara, toni, maryj came out there was always others who came before any of them, right? they all achieve SUCCESS @ different levels. some of then was better sold more and dah, dah , dah.

    then there was britney, xtina,monica, beyonce, ashanti, brandy,kelis and they all
    achieved different levels of SUCCESS right dah, dah,dah.. THEN HERE COMES
    still yet a different group of talented artist rihanna, gaga, adele, kesha, solange,
    jennifer, jasmine and the all have achieved SUCCESS and dah, dah, dah.

    i said that to say this theres no SINGLE one of these artist from these 3 GROUPS who has come under as much scrunity as rihanna, PERIOD. like i will use gaga for instance she has achieved more in her short time in the industry as
    many of the ARTIST I named and that is good there is no one saying that gaga
    slep her way to the top, no one. but when you deal with SIMPLE MINDED PEOPLE you get simple minded IDEAS, you hear me. like there will be people bitter over gaga’smuch SUCCESS just as they try to talk RIHANNA DOWN FROM THE TOPOF THAT PESTAL SHES ON AND IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANY TIME SOON.

  85. Who’s Cedric? April 17, 2011

    @Blue Kid

    “When Lady GaGa and Beyonce did a duet it was sincere, they are each other fans, Lady GaGa already has her set fan base so does Beyonce, the two compliment each other.”

    The LIES and DELUSIONS! I can’t. Do you really believe that, hun? For one they don’t compliment each other at all, the collaborations looked forced,and they both only did it because they knew (or thought) that they would become big hits, just because their names alone would generate huge buzz. Don’t get me wrong I love Beyonce but let’s not. And the shade? Both collaborations failed to set the charts on fire. Clearly, the public did not buy it.

  86. JohnVidal April 17, 2011

    Britney and Rihanna are a disgrace to music but all things involved in this crap remix are even worse. There´s nothing good to say about it or about them. It´s so painful.
    I didn´t want Gaga to have another #1 debut cos it seems like it´s nothing and I would like only stunning songs could do it but right now I´m wishing she could do it with Judas again just so these puppet girls can´t have theirs. It´s difficult cos she has only 3 days on itunes but I so wish it. Rihanna doesn´t deserve 10 number ones. Hell she doesn´t deserve one single #1
    And please don´t even mention Mariah in this mess. Now I´m going to the talented people posts…

  87. monster_BRIT April 17, 2011

    E.T. deserves to have the #1 spot on Hot100 Billboard this week. Death Scam and Britney would’ve been fine contenders if they wouldn’t have made it it so painfully obvious how desperate they are for S&M (Remix) to chart #1. Besides, didn’t Billboard already put out an article saying Britney wouldn’t be credited for this song if it reaches #1? *falls out* They know this is their last chance for it to hit the top because the song has peaked on radio and is continuing to free fall down to #4 on iTunes.

    Next week it’s all about Katy and Kanye performing E.T. on American Idol all while Judas continues to get more spins on radio and continues its slay on worldwide charts. Judas Juda-a-a Judas GAGA!!

    *sips chai tea and dougies*

  88. Kyle April 17, 2011

    I personally think that Rihanna’s own version of “S&M” is 150x better than the remix. Britney does nothing for it and I agree with the overall consensus that Britney does sound super nasally on the track. Not a good look.

  89. Blake Hall April 17, 2011

    Guess what?

    Beyonce is rumored to be performing at the Oprah Finale April 25th and also the American Idol Finale.

  90. Blake Hall April 17, 2011


    *May 25th she will be performing on Oprah Finale.

  91. rara rara rara April 17, 2011

    @blue kid
    How I confused with true blu I dnt knw sorry,
    Not even u believe what u just said ,beyonce and gagas duet was genuine and they compliment each other? I love bey but gagas fanbase is huge compared to bey and if u put it like u do then bey stand to gain more than gaga. A duet is a duet. If your assumptions are anything to go by then brit wouldn’t have linked with rihanna,unless u saying she is unbearably stupid which I doubt. Rihanna is doing what has always been there nothing wrong and she aint after anyones fanbase stop with the lies they make you seem desperate

  92. Badd April 17, 2011

    @Insane Beyhanna Stan
    Just GTF where did you come from…
    I said nothing about her using payola in fact.
    I helped her out and said she didn’t.
    You’re dismissed boo.
    Reading is fundamental.
    *sips tea and flips hair*

  93. Lee April 17, 2011

    All the haters say what they want while Brit Brit And Rhi Rhi roll in the money.

  94. Lelly April 17, 2011

    who cares?
    Britney sounds good to me and Rihanna is like always.
    The point is, S&M went to #1 on iTunes because of Britney.
    And it will take the highest spot next on Hot 100.
    It doesn’t really important for Britney,…at ALL.
    She recorded the remix just for fun, and the idea of Remix was from Def Jam and Rihanna’s fans.
    So why mad?
    I bet Judas will never top Hot 100.
    next week would be S&M, next two weeks would be E.T again…
    and Beyonce will take over (if the song isn’t crap).

  95. Terrence April 17, 2011

    Beyonce fans always find a way to bring her up in every conversation. Any way lets see how much of cd you buy this year cos no natter how much you buy she wont reach adele in sale cos you know what adele is the underdog

  96. nickalus Randle April 17, 2011

    RIHANNA HANDLED THAT WELL, I DNT GET ALL THE HATE! it will always be I guess, O well…the remix is cute, ET SUCKS, KANYE part is awesome tho! JUDAS is WAY better than BORN THIS WAY, BUT it doesnt move u like S&M does in the klub, I am sorry, S&M dominates the klubs rite now, all the girls GO KRAZY NOT ON ET, I just saw it last nite, that song is ooooo soooo boring! YUK!

  97. MayaForever April 17, 2011

    Well, @Aaron was right…

  98. mobwife (a.k.a..i’m a billy goat…baa) April 17, 2011

    I hate when ppl don’t stay in their lane! DJ Lil Cee is a faker….LOL!

    “She’s a million”…LOL these fools are obvious on CRYSTAL METH! 🙂

    Okay so she recognizes that she is in the POP GENRE! Why then does she accept awards given to you in the oh so “inferior” genre of R&B?….hummm ~__~ *serious side-eye*

    LMAO, So what it’s #1 on iTUNES…LOL! Good luck beating the force that is Lady “unstoppable” Gaga to #1 with this hot mess remix! I can’t believe that ppl are trying to blame Britney…..hummm!

  99. mobwife (a.k.a..i’m a billy goat…baa) April 17, 2011

    April 17, 2011 at 9:19 am
    Rihanna sounds great on S&M, Britney however, does not.

    Rihanna has a unique tone to her voice and has a stunning and effortless vibrato. If she wasn’t successful or couldn’t sing, she would not have 9 #1 singles in the US and would NOT have a record deal.
    If you listen to the song you can barely distinguish Britney Spears from Rihanna Fenty so stop the fairytales!

    As for Rihanna having a record deal well we all know what she did to acheive that feat …LOL! Say hello to Joe Camel’s little friend! 🙂

    In this age of digital media obtaining a #1 song isn’t all that amazing. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can point , click, and purchase as song! *cough* DefScam, Rihanna, Beyonce’s pet camel etc!!

  100. mobwife (a.k.a..i’m a billy goat…baa) April 17, 2011

    @Blue Kid
    April 17, 2011 at 2:46 pm
    Rihanna needed Brit for this song because she wants Britney’s fan base. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

    LOL…BINGO! You WIN!! 🙂

  101. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    As usual Rihanna stans are pressed much and delusional!

  102. theyneedmorecoke April 17, 2011

    You people don’t get it. Seems like the fake ass music industry is trying to keep this shlit in the family. If you know what I mean. The fake ass so call music industry keep pushing these to non-singing people down our throats. Where as the real women with talent can’t catch a break. Oh and S&M remix horrible even tho is pushed the original song down the charts and then someone said it is because of Britney that the remix went #1

  103. KIM April 17, 2011

    It is so annoying when ping when people compared rihanna to so many talented artist out there who has mastered their craft and cemented their career. There is nothing special about this girl nothing. I must say she is not a great singer, not a great dancer, not a performer period. and what else i cannot mention anything else. I forget begging for number ones on twitter which doesn’t stay for long. yrs ago mariah and other had no twitter just their talent and make it to the top. Remember true talent is remmebered and survives but a no talent fails. Those mentioning icon and legend i will need a breakdown of rhianna contribution to the music industry which is exceptional to give her that title. I am not a fan of either but as an outsider some fans need to be more real and stop trying to rip of hardworking talented artist to give rhianna credit where not deserved. She is awful in concerts. The teenagers may return but the older adult swill not waste their time and i have heard it countless times ,some people will never attend her concerts. At 23 6 yrs in business and gimmicks surround you. If she doesn’t improve by 25/26 , i am sorry for her. in my opinion she is the least talented in the industry and carry on a survey if you really want to know.

  104. Alex April 17, 2011

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this site so much cause of the way they love to tear Rihanna down. Hahahaha!!!!! She is as talent-less as they come. Who cares about her anyways. As for people who keep saying she must be talented if she has all those #1’s and sells records. Anyone can have a #1 record ask Britney Spears and Kesha, both can’t sing. Rihanna sells records cause her company buys them. I mean 7 years and she’s barely sold 25 million records and 45 million singles? Lady Gaga has had one third as many #1’s as Rihanna and in three years has sold 23 million records and 61 million singles. She beat Rihanna as the most certified digital artist in THREE YEARS. 20 million plus singles in three years and it’s taken Rihanna what? 7 years to sell 18.5 million singles here in the US? Yeah talent always prevails dears. That is why Rihanna is going down down down.

  105. beestan April 17, 2011

    britney actually sounded kinda bad in the song …..i cant believe romeo miller went to dance rehearsals without wearing boxers , view the uncensored image at http://kelsnetwork.blogspot.com/

  106. lax April 17, 2011

    dam s*** talkers been saying the sos since RIHANNAMANIA HIT OVER 5 + years
    RIHANNA is still getting &&&&& . i mean all of the HEAVY WEIGHT stans/fans
    are in the house trying their level best to defend their HONOR aganist RIHANNA
    whom they swear up & down can’t CARRY a tune in a PAPER SACKS, DUAAAH.

  107. lax April 17, 2011


  108. tru t April 17, 2011

    Rihanna gets b****** pressed#fact
    Trent and sam loves rihanna#fact
    B****** gon hate rihanna until they love her#factr
    Rihanna is not going anywher and ya all will deal
    Peoplw are pressed because rihannas supposed lack of talent is not supposed to put her among ‘talents’ in this game, but guess what she is there and doing big. If she can do this without talent what more of if she acquires it. Some peoples faves are struggling and people come here and blame it on rihanna uuummm no ma’am that’s dislusional at the least
    *rewinds judas and s&m*


  109. lax April 17, 2011

    BRITNEY have got her third finger up telling those who have
    something negative to say about her to kiss her nice tight ass.
    and to tell the truh about it they was having fun & they have the people
    all over the world talking about them & that is good.
    BRITNEY is a BADASS anytime she can pull in over 60million $$$$$
    not working is i’d say she can sing & she can sound anyway people
    want her to sound she & rihanna could care less. R&B MILKSHAKE

  110. KaVion April 17, 2011

    I’m not saying they’re untalented. I’m saying having a record deal doesn’t make you talented. Like I said, Rebecca Black has a record deal.

  111. lax April 17, 2011

    @ kim that is a really nice look into your life, if rihanna is not your
    ARTIST then please why are you here,oh i know you just had to
    get you some LICKS in on RIHANNA since shes such a great target.
    believe me RIHANNA can surely handle all of the constructed
    critism really well. RIHANNA get the PRIZE for standing tall
    through the maze of bull that she gets on a daily basis. i just


  112. lax April 17, 2011

    any one in the entertainment industry who does as good as rihanna
    and geting $$$$$ and have people coming from far and wide to
    comment on her have just GOT TO BE DOING ALL THINGS JUST RIGHT.

  113. Official_Charts April 17, 2011

    OfficialCharts Official Charts
    Beautiful People from @chrisbrown continues to climb into the Top 10 on the Official Chart Update today. That’s currently 2 Top 20 hits.

  114. Official_Charts April 17, 2011

    ← @OfficialCharts’s Tweet ×

    Benny Benassi Show me your love guys :)Beautiful People by @chrisbrown & @bennybenassi also climb high into the Top 10 from #20 to #8 today.

  115. Official_Charts April 17, 2011

    Hot Digital Songs: #6 @ChrisBrown, Look at Me Now 126,000 (1,199,000) | #7 @JLo, On the Floor 125,000 (1,153,000). | #8 @OfficialAdele, Rolling in the Deep 124,000 (1,272,000).

    Billboard’s Rap Songs chart: #1 Look At Me Now by @ChrisBrown feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes.

  116. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie) April 17, 2011

    @Mari what is your point with comparing
    the sales of all those ppl with Rihanna’s Rated R.


    um . . . can you read? I was responding to BlueKid who said that Rihanna’s last two albums didn’t open against any competition. I wasn’t comparing sales. Remedial, b****. Keep up.
    Susan Boyle was NOT that big when her first album
    came out she was just a woman on XFactor.


    artists that have little notoriety don’t go gold in one week, as SuBo did with nearly 600K units shifted. obviously someone is checking for them if they can do those kinds of numbers in week one.

  117. Blue Kid April 17, 2011

    Rihanna fans are pressed, you guys need to calm the hell down, Rihanna is one of the biggest radio stars of all time next to Katy Perry!

  118. True Blue April 17, 2011

    @ Blue Kid:

    I’m not a Rihanna fan, I like her music, but I’m not a fan because of her live performances.

  119. KIM April 18, 2011

    @ LAX the truth hurts, like i said i am not a fan of any and looking in i just placed forth my opinion., and a lot more mature people like me that is attracted to talent will agree. no shade no trouble. enjoy your non talent . i am not in to argue with any elementary school child on here who doesn’t know any better.

  120. Cindy April 18, 2011


  121. MayaForever April 18, 2011

    But Rebecca Black has talent; and no, she doesn’t, so that’s neither here nor there. But it does take some talent to be signed to a record label. No, being signed doesn’t make you a record label, but they don’t just sign whoever, and I hate that people think that they do.

  122. taylork April 18, 2011

    @ ms linda—

    i think rihanna and britney’s style on this song had umph! i don’t think britney came across as corny at all. i think britney’s nasal tone also helped give her part that umph.

    her nasal sound’s not new. she sounded just as nasal on hiam when she was droning thru the line “hey over there, please forgive me”. if you wanna talk about corny this and ttwe are as lyrically lame as they come (you feel like paradise and i need a vacation tonight…pleeze!).

    at least the s&m lyrics don’t make britney sound like she’s singing to a bunch of preteens. i usually don’t care for britney (although ‘big fat bass isn’t bad’ ) but i must say when it comes to s&m “i like it, like it, like it”!

  123. xchy April 18, 2011

    Wanna find simple dat-ing with honest people?

    —– Lo ve W ealt hy *C//0 m — the best cl u-b to meet wea-lthy people with the same interests such as travel, horse, golf, and ect. 😛 😛

    Why not have a try? you will lose nothing!

  124. Taylor swifts number 1 fan April 18, 2011

    I think the version without Britney is better.

  125. Helen April 18, 2011

    what is sad all these ladies respect each other and aome are even good friends/………….yet the fans are so mean towards one another……smh grow up people

  126. taylork April 18, 2011

    i like both versions equally! this and ‘big fat bass’ are the only songs of britney’s that don’t sound lame since ‘toxic’ and ‘why don’t cha do somethin’

  127. Jim April 19, 2011

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t buy it but the criticism the song is getting is way overdone. I don’t find it as bad as Trent and Sam think it is. Not sure why they did the remix since S&M had already been out but whatever.

  128. Loren April 21, 2011

    Britney sounds Ok… damn..everybody always F****** hatin on her get a life if ur a real music lover and love entertainment then you would kno Britney is an icon a Dats y she on the song..she up there with Michael jackson, Janet, Madonna..sooo i hope all you HATERS GET MY POINT..

  129. lana June 30, 2011

    i agree Britney does not sound as good as usual but I think she still sounds good. Like Rihanna said it’s a tough song to sing and she still did a good job.

  130. qwerty March 29, 2014

    What the f*** are you talking about? Rihanna is a nice singer but surely has no vibrato.

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