Missy Elliott To Kick Off New Season of VH1’s Behind The Music

The Emmy Award winning series, Behind The Music, is celebrating it’s 14th Anniversary this August. To commemorate the milestone, VH1 is unleashing a new set of documentaries this summer, featuring some of music’s biggest stars.

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To start things off, one of the most recognized and prolific female emcees Missy Elliott, will be dissected next. The season will also feature shows on American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, and the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul herself, Mary J. Blige. Behind The Music’s summer run will additionally include shows dedicated to Enrique Iglesias, Miranda Lambert, Ricky Martin, and Ice Cube. Check out VH1’s blog for details on airtimes.

Though, we’re ecstatic at the news of Behind The Music’s return, I can’t help but feel a sense of deja vu. Both Ricky Martin and Mary J. Blige, have previous Behind The Music episodes, while Missy Elliott and Enrique Iglesias were featured on VH1’s Driven (a derivative of Behind The Music). Of course, a lot has changed with each of these artist since the early 2000’s when their episodes aired. Yet, it’s interesting, why VH1 chose to revisit these acts, instead of tackling fresh subjects?

Your thoughts?

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  1. `A June 23, 2011

    QUEEN OF RAP !!!

  2. A G N E L LO__ D E I June 23, 2011


  3. JJFAN1814 June 23, 2011

    missy, new album please gurl! thanks!


    missy needs to come back out already with some crazy s***!

  5. number1k9 June 23, 2011

    Yeah I agree, I’d love to hear completely new stories rather than rehashed or elongated/updated versions of some.

    But I love me some Behind The Music, from back in the day! And VH1 needs to bring back:

    Pop Up Video! Loved that ish!

  6. aisha June 23, 2011

    the “fresh subjects” probably asked for more money, they would have been more expensive. anyway, i like Missy. She’s unique.

  7. Mely B June 23, 2011

    I agree that there are enough artists who we don’t know much about that VH1 could have featured rather than re-cycling artists. I would like to know more about B.O.B., Janelle Monae, Anjulie, V.V. Brown, Adele, Heather Park, Bruno Mars and a whole list of new artists who don’t get a lot of shine.

    In addition to more established acts who would probably make compelling subjects like: Jill Scott, Keyshia Cole, En Vogue, Tank, SWV, etc. Although SWV could end up on TV One’s “UNSUNG” show rather than BTM since they never crossed over in a big way like En Vogue.

    I realize I listed a lot of r&b acts and that’s not necessarily the focus of this show but my interest leans more to r&b music & acts.

  8. Malibu Barbie June 23, 2011

    @MELYB i co sign every word u said. deffo agree
    I LOVE missy elliot, she’s a female rap LEGEND and ICON … i alredi know about her, but it wil be nice to see what they put together, wer prolli gna get some insight on Aaliyah too,Lil Kim, how she met timbaland e.t.c .. i love her as an artist, shes brilliant….

  9. spunkypoop June 23, 2011

    my girl Missy, Love her soo much and for people who don’t know but will soon (not to tell all her bizness) but she has GRAVES Disease (THyroid disorder) and that’s why you haven’t seen her in awhile. Just keep her in your prayers and keep her legacy alive! THE TRUE QUEEN OF HIP HOP RAP!!!

  10. Yellow Gorillah June 23, 2011

    The REAL Queen of Hip Hop

  11. princebarbietv June 23, 2011

    You have to have some type of established career to get a Behind the music segment!

  12. Sheesh June 23, 2011

    r.kelly needs to do a behind the music…..

  13. xtincta June 23, 2011

    Adam Lam(e)bert Now VH1 know damn well he hasn’t done enough to get his own behind the music special……

  14. Jasmine June 23, 2011

    The “fresh” subjects mean more work. VH1 can simply use the previously aired footage and re-air it with additional commentary, rather than doing the episodes from scratch.

  15. nice_gurl June 24, 2011

    Can’t wait for Mary J. Blige. I think Lauryn Hill should go on there too.

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