Amy Winehouse Covers NME Magazine

The late Amy Winehouse graces the cover of a special edition NME magazine. The ‘Back To Black’ singer was featured in a 10 page spread featuring old and new photos commemorating events of her life.

As news of the singer’s private funeral ceremony (immediately followed by a cremation) made headlines today, they were accompanied with revelations of the singer’s inconclusive autopsy results. And, while it has been reported no drug paraphernelia (or sign of such) was found in the singer’s home, a full toxicology test (and autopsy) report is expected as early as October.

In related news, the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards is rumored to be paying tribute to the fallen singer, featuring performances from Christina Aguilera and more.

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  1. DUANIIBOII July 26, 2011

    What a talent. Now she can finally be free.

  2. jamir21:rih,gaga,brit,mimi,nicki,mike,and bey ! July 26, 2011

    AWWWW !!

  3. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! July 26, 2011

    I wish she was still alive! She’s got AMAZING talent! :—-)

  4. King B July 26, 2011

    I hope Rolling S*** Stone follows suit.

  5. Kisses July 26, 2011

    Damn shame she has to die to receive recognition.

  6. loveCRIMES July 26, 2011

    Please, STFU.
    Amy got her recognition when she was ALIVE!
    Back To Black sold 12 million when she was ALIVE, won numerous awards including 5 GRAMMY’S in 1 night ALIVE, sold-out tours all around the world.
    So what do you mean? Do you research before stating sh*t comments.

  7. loveCRIMES July 26, 2011

    And OMGG!
    I love the cover, makes me cry. I can’t believe shes gone.

  8. lol July 26, 2011


  9. lol July 26, 2011

    of s*** did i just read Christina Aguilera is doin a tribute wy cant they get Amy’s God daughter,Sade,Adele why Xtina ?!

  10. DRB July 26, 2011

    And why would Christina of all people be doing a tribute to her. Adele was at least a fan and a product from Amy’s succes

  11. Malibu Barbie July 26, 2011

    yess im ready for the tributes! i really am!
    i miss her already cuz she was just embarking on a comeback…. its just too freaking sad …

  12. Kisses July 26, 2011


    First of all, Calm your ass down. Amy will always be an amazing artist with amazing music. In my OPINION, some of her music was underrated. If you don’t like what I have to say scroll past it. Its not that damn hard….

  13. lost1wons July 26, 2011

    why they always getting Xtina to do tributes now? James Brown, Aretha, and now Amy…I’m royally pisst off. They really should get British talent in on this one, especially Amy’s Goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, that girls has so much of Amy’s mannerisms .

  14. dadada July 27, 2011

    i just hope that christina does not disrespect her songs and start screaming all over the place, she did a good tribute for nina so i hope she can do the same for amy. It would be of course even better if a british singer can pay tribute to her or some one close to her, like they did will aaliyah’s miss you. For me amy winehouse will always be remembered as one of the few modern singers that sang the blues like billie holiday, etc (can’t believe her life has so much similarities as billie) . I hope people can respect her and stop all the stupid jokes or the whole i told you so rubbish, just like they did with michael, simple if you don’t like her scroll past her stuff. why must everyone be so negative, why can’t people just listen to great music and not look at their personal life or appearance. Enjoy art while you can cause life is just too short for all that bitterness.

  15. nice_gurl July 27, 2011

    RIP Amy. I agree. They should have an english artist paying tribute. Adele would probably be the best choice.

  16. FLOPRIAH July 27, 2011


    there are videos online of christina saying YEARS AGO, that she loves amy and her voice, so, sit.

  17. aisha aguilera keys July 27, 2011

    I’m not suprised that Chrissy will be tributing her.

  18. Bryan Aguilera July 27, 2011

    The reason Christina Aguilera name is being named to do the tribute is because she a mutha-f****** boss. Look at her tribute to Nina Simone, Madonna, James Brown, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. So ya’ll can shut the f*** up.
    By the way they should have: Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone, Adele, Duffy and Lily Allen.

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