Kelly Rowland Strips Off For VIBE; Talks Mathew & More

Published: Tuesday 26th Jul 2011 by Sam

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Kelly Rowland lets it all hang out – in the classiest of ways – in the latest edition of VIBE magazine. As well as covering the renown Urban publication, the 30 year old gave, what has to be, one of her most candid interviews to date.

In not embracing the overly PC approach of other interviews, VIBE didn’t hold back with the questions – many of which centred around Rowland’s former manager Mathew Knowles and the incessant comparisons to his daughter – Beyonce.

Check out Ms. Kelly’s revealing responses after the jump…

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VIBE: The last album didn’t do well in the States. It did better overseas, particularly in Europe. Do you feel more appreciated in Europe?

Kelly Rowland: No, not really. People still compare me to B over there. I said in an interview recently, ‘You know, if

you guys would be a little bit more intelligent and ask me about myself we’ll have a much better interview.’ You can’t want a story from me and keep asking me about the past.

When you walked away from that last meeting with Mathew, did you feel an “exhale” moment?

I did, but I also felt like, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?!’ I stayed in the house for two days. I was sad. It was like a funeral. I had to deaden that situation in order to start fresh. That’s a very long time to have the same manager and the same label.

What about your personal relationship with Mathew Knowles. Do you still talk to him?

Mathew sent me flowers for my birthday!

But do you talk to him?

It’s… I respect him above anything.

Click here to read the full interview

Kudos to VIBE for going there and Kelly for putting the political correctness on the back-burner briefly. With an album titled ‘Here I Am’ in stores, there stands no better time than the present for the stunner to assert her independence and be forthright with what the masses really want to know.

Your thoughts?

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  1. jamir21:rih,gaga,brit,mimi,nicki,mike,and bey ! July 26, 2011


  2. Thami July 26, 2011

    DAMN !

  3. Lola July 26, 2011

    Lovesssss Kelly!!!!! I Will Be Getting My Copy For Sure!!! #TeamKelly!

  4. ChrisJ July 26, 2011


  5. Romeo July 26, 2011

    Yes KELLY go OFF!

  6. Nana Applehead (Nana Yaw) July 26, 2011

    P*** star!

  7. DUANIIBOII July 26, 2011

    Tell ‘Em Kelly

  8. novak July 26, 2011

    kelly is so sweet

  9. Yellow Gorillah July 26, 2011

    Kelly Rowland lets it all hang out – in the classiest of ways

    Classiest of ways REALLY? Guuurl BYE

    She wan’t to sell so she got NAKED! Boom Pow and No shade was Thrown if Rihanna or beyonce done this we all know what the deal would be as it’s the LEGENDARY Kelly rowland..? LOOOOL Bye.

  10. DUANIIBOII July 26, 2011

    looking hot 😉

  11. MaZ July 26, 2011

    S** (and lighter skin) always sell.

    That pose and photo don’t compliment her beauty.

  12. quanberg July 26, 2011

    Go KELLY PURE SEXINESS right there, you that chick so work your first !!!!

  13. Kisses July 26, 2011

    Um, I love Kelly and I feel if she really wants to come into her own full circle, she has to distant herself from Bey and Matthew. Not physically, but to stop talking about them in interviews and magazines. Because will try and find a way to turn it around every single time. Sad, but true….

  14. Kisses July 26, 2011

    ********Because PEOPLE will try and find a way to turn it around every single time

  15. TruthTeller July 26, 2011

    When all fails, take your clothes off. Kelly is so lost

  16. MusicFan July 26, 2011

    Holy s***. She looks JUST LIKE DONNA SUMMER.

  17. Kisses July 26, 2011

    I don’t like the cover. It does nothing for her. Now that Cosmo Magazine spread she did was HOT!

  18. YOUR Queen! July 26, 2011

    She looks pornstar/glamor model hot in that photo but had this been Rihanna or anyone else Sam would have dragged! About “let’s it all hang out – in the classiest of ways” I rolled my eyes hard as f*** when I read that. The double standards is too much!

  19. YOUR Queen! July 26, 2011

    Oh and I HATE that wig she’s wearing, horrible!

  20. YOOSONDALOOSE July 26, 2011

    Ohhhh see the tension ;s

  21. Kellymotivation July 26, 2011

    Why does she call him just “Matthew” ?….. It is a little disrespectful……..Does she not address him as “Uncle”?….

    But much love to her

  22. MaZ July 26, 2011

    Nice interview. I like how she answered the questions. 😉

  23. Kellymotivation July 26, 2011

    She really doesn’t need to be “too explicit” to sell her record……..I mean, why does she have to tell the whole world that she visit s** shops????

    Tone it down …..PLEASE…….You don’t wanna upset some of your fans

  24. trucieb July 26, 2011

    got my copy of the album today. Love and support Kelly and wish her the best of success. she’s so damn nice though. lol maybe that’s why it took so long for her to finally get the shine she deserves. the downfall of the last album was completely Mathews fault. Kelly relalizes which is why she left him. and on top of that Beyonce dropped an anthology if not the same week, the week after Kelly’s album dropped. Unbelievable that all of the sudden she actually acknowledges Kelly’s album, but only after Kelly did it on twitter. Kelly has always supported Bey when promoting herself and anything DC. This is the first time, it’s ever been reciprocated. But no use sweating the past. They all deserve great success. I’m just finally glad Kelly’s getting it in the purest way.

  25. @pookie July 26, 2011

    i agree with Maz about the pose and photo.

    and honestly didnt notice her skin til u mentioned.

    This whole s*** just looks awkward. She looks super uncomfortable. Did she even see this?

    She takes great pictures. Shes incredibly striking. And thats with clothes. Im not sayin neck

    covered from head to toe. But this doesnt fit her. Love Vibe tho. Been buyin for almost 10 yrs.

  26. Chillin July 26, 2011

    lol @ kellymotivation can we EVER get a positive comment from you…considering that you a are a FAN..damn…and you dont know their relationship for you to call it disrespectful..just sayin…

  27. Me-Me July 26, 2011

    *Sigh* If you visit this site, you know TGJ has their favs and people they dislike. All blogs do. Bringing Beyonce and Rihanna into the equation won’t change what’s going on, please get over it. IMO all these women need to put some damn clothes on. There is nothing wrong with being s*** and covered up at the same time. These manufactured popstars try to damn hard for me. I cannnot…

  28. u mad ..oop July 26, 2011

    beautiful… the sad ugly obese women its not cool to hate

  29. GangsterA July 26, 2011

    She strips alot latley *side eye* not feeling the pic but she betta get da promo

  30. G.dee July 26, 2011

    If this was a beyonce photo people would be tearing her apart. This picture makes her look cheap and desperate

  31. RihannaNAVY July 26, 2011

    IN THE CLASSIEST WAY ???????????
    God forbid another sing poses like this, we all know the venowm that would have came out on TGJ’s mouth.

    Anyway, Kelly is stunning. Just a gorgeous woman!

  32. Chillin July 26, 2011

    and btw this photo is FLAWLESS…i dont get why people continiously try to say that u have to take off your clothes to sell..if you are a Kelly rowland fan..she explained why she did this..she is COMFORTABLE in her own skin..and its her life and she makes her OWN decisions…im sorry that you sit back and hate on someone who is confident in their own skin…clearly you arent

  33. jusnot4m33 July 26, 2011

    Kelly is only right… she is her own h**. Kelly don’t need to be answering questions about another b**** . Another great interview. U tell em

  34. Kellymotivation July 26, 2011


    I am just saying she is trying to sell her record by creating some sort of sexual controversies….Most of her fans are NOT interested to know about her s** life……She needs to keep it classy….she’s a lady…she should not be throwing her business to the entire world just because she wants to sell records …No need for that.


  35. Mely B July 26, 2011

    WHY is it that every time this magazine deigns to let a female r&b singer grace the cover she’s either naked or in the doggy style pose?!! I stopped buying this mag a long time ago because they never do substantive interviews or articles geared towards Black women.

    Kelly does look beautiful but then she still woulda looked beautiful with some clothes on.

  36. SWEXY July 26, 2011

    whats so classy about this cover…

    Its more like unoriginal, boring and untrue in that her skin has been lightened

  37. YeaBey Stans 4 4closure! July 26, 2011


    I’m not loving that wig….and I’m not warming up that well to the sexed up Kelly…it will have to grow on me a little…

    Now everyone is going to say she’s using s** to sell…..I dont even know if iShould argue against that statement or disagree…

  38. YeaBey Stans 4 4closure! July 26, 2011

    “Now everyone is going to say she’s using s** to sell…..I dont even know if iShould argue against that statement or disagree****…”
    **** agree

  39. Kellymotivation July 26, 2011


    It’s a shame but she is using s** to sell…….LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME.

    I just hope she doesn’t escalate with this s** thing she is going for……. or else, her fan base in general, won’t love it…..she needs to slow her roll.

  40. Chucha July 26, 2011

    I just knew Kelly wasn’t going to follow the Rihanna or Keri Hilson route. All s**, no talent….I guess not. She looks so damn uncomfortable on the cover.

  41. Kisses July 26, 2011

    Damn, these comments are already a mess.

  42. YeaBey Stans 4 4closure! July 26, 2011

    July 26, 2011 at 3:23 pm


    It’s a shame but she is using s** to sell…….LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME.
    i know 🙁

  43. jamir21:rih,gaga,brit,mimi,nicki,mike,and bey ! July 26, 2011

    i think kelly should be the donna summer of our generation !!!!!

  44. Juize July 26, 2011

    Common people, this is VIBE were talking about, we’ve seen much more explict!

  45. mademoney July 26, 2011


  46. YeaBey Stans 4 4closure! July 26, 2011

    Zodiac signs have absolutely nothing to do with People and their personalities…

  47. socialstudy1 July 26, 2011

    I love Kelly and am enjoying the new cd, …..with that said, anyone else getting a Janet vibe from the last promo pics Kelly has done?

  48. Chillin July 26, 2011

    soo when Janet Jackson did it..was that considered tasteless, raunchy, uncouth, not classy…people stop digging for negative comments..or when her n****** were EXPOSED on national television..gtfoh

    ..people do this EVERYDAY…Rihanna performs practically naked, Beyonce’s crotch always exposed, Gaga is just in her own world…so COME ONE..her breast are practically covered..more than a bikini would cover….it is just the ILLUSION…yall need to get a life..stop trying to always be negative..right now Motivation is a of course its appropriate to ride the wave of the single…

  49. Prince&Queen Bey July 26, 2011

    1 word STUNNING! I think the Kelly vs. Beyonce and Kelly and Beyonce comparisons are getting soo LATE!

    But Ms.Kelly better get used to it, bcuz since ure a solo artist and becoming a hot topic, you are now looked at as somewhat of Bey’s competition.

    Kelly shouldve known Beyonce name is going to follow her every where since she got so much history with the leader of the Destiny Child, Beyonce.

    Kelly might be using s** to sell but she is no stranger to this pose though.

    plays “Feeling Me Right Now”

  50. 100% Real July 26, 2011

    @MUSICFAN – I agree! I always told my sister that Kelly reminds me of Donna Summer! Lol. Anyhow, as much as I love Kelly and as beautiful as she is, I really wish that she would keep her clothes on. She look like she’s heading down the, “let’s get naked to sell CD’s and get attention” route. She doesn’t have to do this. She’s already talented enough. There’ no need for us to see the “goods”. I will be getting her album, for sure. But, if she keeps this up (the nakedness), don’t expect to be taken seriously as an artist.

  51. King B July 26, 2011

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this photo. It’s actually pretty classy. She’s not posing like a p*** star or anything.

    Most your faves aren’t any better.


    Hot. But Janet did this yearsss ago. Didn’t know Kelly was so sexual. But hey, who isn’t? I wish her success with her new album. It’s about time for her to shine.

  53. Royalkev July 26, 2011

    @ Social Study1

    I love Kelly and am enjoying the new cd, …..with that said, anyone else getting a Janet vibe from the last promo pics Kelly has done?

    Yup, SURE DO!

  54. RHI RHI IS QUEEN July 26, 2011


  55. pop royalty (I’m a rude Boy) July 26, 2011

    July 26, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Holy s***. She looks JUST LIKE DONNA SUMMER


  56. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN July 26, 2011

    Kelly, you’ve just made me a fan of yours <3

    Im drolling!

  57. NikkiIsChillin July 26, 2011

    Lay it down goes hard. She got a solid album. Go Kelly!

  58. tera July 26, 2011

    i am fan and the truth is the truth ** i agree with most of the comments how many of these naked stuff she is gonna throw in our face is only us women r doin those things u hardly find men doin stuff like these **** sooner or later they r gonna regret when all the excitement is over @ thank god for decent women like chilli left eye tboz and aaliyah######## that doesnt mean i am not a fan just sayin

  59. Steph July 27, 2011

    Huge fan!! You look HOT and Great! Can’t wait for my CD to arrive! Also huge success at today’s signing in NY!! Go Go Go Kelly!!!

  60. nice_gurl July 27, 2011

    She looks good as usual and love how she respnded to the questions, to not reveal too much.

  61. molie July 27, 2011

    kelly show them now you also can sell the album in there style,,,am so proud of you, GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Bozey July 27, 2011


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