Hot Shot: Cheryl Cole Debuts New Look

Published: Saturday 2nd Jul 2011 by David

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It seems that you just can’t keep a good anti-singer down.

For despite her embarrassing removal from the X Factor USA judging panel and the backlash she has received for returning to an allegedly commitment defficient ex husband, Cheryl Cole has still found the time to reinvent her look – with a brand spanking new hair do.

Once again using the old ‘Pay Attention To My Look And Not My Evident Lack Of Discernible Talent’ trick recently made famous by Rihanna, Cheryl premièred this new aesthetic recently whilst on the streets of London.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Yurges July 2, 2011

    its like shes gone back to the WAG CHERYL before X FACTOR!!! ¬_¬ i dont like it, shes good looking come on get better hair!!

  2. carl July 2, 2011

    Ok. Wow, pat on the back… meanwhile talented artists struggle for a record deal.

  3. mk July 2, 2011

    ‘Pay Attention To My Look And Not My Evident Lack Of Discernible Talent’

    But you still noticed, and even went as far as making a post about it.


  4. ChrisJ July 2, 2011

    doesnt she look like ashley greene from twilight in those pics!?

  5. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN July 2, 2011

    She looks hot.. -waits for scott hate comment-

  6. AndySaysSmile July 2, 2011

    Well I like it. She looks hot!

  7. demi July 2, 2011

    almost thought it was beyonce

  8. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-BAHAMAS♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ July 2, 2011

    Well it worked.

    Looking good Cheryl.

  9. KAT DELUNA FAN July 2, 2011

    She looks good but hey that the ‘untalented girls’ tactics TGJ 😉

  10. Hassan July 2, 2011

    Old NEWSS!

  11. Those That Cannot Do, Stan July 2, 2011

    “‘Pay Attention To My Look And Not My Evident Lack Of Discernible Talent’

    But you still noticed, and even went as far as making a post about it.


    Furthermore no matter how Sam spins it Nicole Scherzinger isn’t really any better than Cheryl. Nicole is now a reality show w****, bouncing from that Glee copycat singing competition to Dancing with the Stars to this mess. That’s just embarrassing.

    At the end of the day Cheryl got her money, got a ton of attention, and will probably do a few dozen highly paid interviews. Shrugging, sounds like winning to me.

    Sam’s punk ass always stressed over folks making their money and minding their business.

  12. Scott July 2, 2011

    Taylor Swifts No 1 fan do you ever stan hard for any act with real talent, who can sing with no autotune, who can sing live, who can perform without a backing track doing all the work.Your list of acts you love Cher Lloyd, Cheryl Cole, are dire and have no talent-grow up

  13. QW July 2, 2011

    Well That Grape Juice, you tried to shade Rihanna but RiRi is respected as one of the very few who is on top of all the rest and closer to that Queen Of Pop title that you like to lavish your corny ass favorite with so lets be forreal, Rihanna is the sh!t B****!

  14. Dev July 2, 2011

    I’m with Carl – Real talent is struggling for promotion and you’ve got the cheek to be posting about this attention seeking chick! It’s all prob for loreal anyway.

    Imma have to stop coming to this site if you continue with the Cher Lloyd and Chery Cole. Dont really wanna hear or see them bad reviews or not… and dont bother with that Tusila either

  15. Davy July 2, 2011

    Power of Cheryl Cole or people who cant carve out their own idenitiy?

    I think you’ll find its the latter.

    Stay following….

  16. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN July 2, 2011

    @Scott I dont stan for cheryl cole or Cherl loyd acutally, i just picked up on the fact.. you always make hatful comments about them, and i never see you make comments on other blogs… its just hate comments on cheryl or cher or that other new girl a couple of days back…

  17. Aryo July 2, 2011

    ‘Pay Attention To My Look And Not My Evident Lack Of Discernible Talent’
    hahahha, so true

  18. DION_ISH July 2, 2011

    Sam needs to SIT THE F** DOWN!

    Shes a fukin female! Shes going to get her hair done and look her damn best esp when shes in the public eye! has nothing to do with your opinion on her supposed lack of talent! BYE!!

  19. @_The_King July 2, 2011

    When you guys say untalented, did you guys forget she can dance her ass off?

  20. Onyx July 2, 2011

    nobody cares about her here in the US

  21. SHESDUMB July 3, 2011


  22. Leila July 3, 2011

    I like her hair, she was beautiful at her birthday. I just don’t like the fact she maybe back with her ex-cheating husband.. It maybe her soulmate.. but it will be a big mistake to return with him for her career. I don’t like Ashley Cole!!

  23. nice_gurl July 4, 2011

    I like it! But can TGJ please not throw shade all the time. People get sick of it, leaving the blog and it’s also unprofessional.

  24. Not her AGAIN. July 8, 2011

    If it is not Katie Price, it’s Cheryl.
    So what. A poor singer and poor judge lost her job when the US saw straight through her and her PR machine.

    So what to do? Back to basics and use her Ex to score some PR brownie points.

    Well swallow everyone who is gullable.

    Even is she has a kid, it will only last 3 years max. Just enough to sell the exclusives for :-
    1) Getting back together
    2) Having a love child (prop)
    3) Ashly has an affair
    4) Cheryl gets heart broken
    5) They get another divorce
    6) Cheryl gets a better job as the public forgot she is a waste of space.

    Yawn, nearly forgot while I watch a re-run of what Katie Did Next,
    7) What Cheryl did next.
    8) Cheryl has a dump
    9) Cheryl’s dump is sold on ebay

  25. Johnny Rotten July 28, 2011

    Yar, Cheryl is a chav who likes black c***, she will NEVER change that!

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