J. Lo Teases ‘Today’ With ‘Big Announcement’

As reported here, triple threat diva Jennifer Lopez took to ‘The Today Show’ early this morning to make a ‘big announcement’.  While it may not be what some fans were hoping for, the ‘On the Floor’ singer did at least hint on when that big announcement will be made.

See what Mrs. Anthony had to say after the jump:

Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for more on this story as it develops as well as the Ryan Seacrest-hosted iHeartMusic Festival coming soon.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Man July 11, 2011

    She needs to be focusing on a new single.

  2. Kellymotivation July 11, 2011

    She needs to return to “American idol” because considering the heavy promotions of LOVE?, it never deserved to flop but it FLOPPED WICKEDLY….The public is just not “into her”

    And if Kelly doesn’t promote, she’s going to flop#FACT,…but I still love her.

  3. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-BAHAMAS♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ July 11, 2011


  4. YOOSONDALOOSE July 11, 2011

    YAY! That will help her promotion! Definitely a good move! With big stars! That means ‘Im Into You’ should finally get a higher chart position!

  5. JohnVidal July 11, 2011

    She on a concert??? What is she going to do there? I thought she and Rihanna were advert models…

  6. cai July 11, 2011

    @kellymotivation what promo did she do? one performance on american tv on idol that is all if you watched american idol you would know she never mentioned love? ryan announced the day it was released that its out in stores and then they moved on…she did a couple late night interviews not performances and ended up talking about idol the whole time….now you know why her fans are mad at her u.s. promo cuz she never used idol or all that exposure to talk about her album…

  7. Malibu Barbie July 11, 2011

    ughh music is dying.. the excitements gone.. the hypes gone..the mystery is gone… is just .. ugh okay.

  8. JLOSTAN July 11, 2011

    Im Into You got a huge update today on the radio. Now that it is getting 1 million updates – Watch out. OTF finally went recurrent on the radio today.

    Im Into You 94 on itunes and has jumped 18 places today.

  9. freid chicken July 11, 2011

    She needs to return to “American idol” because considering the heavy promotions of LOVE?, it never deserved to flop but it FLOPPED WICKEDLY….The public is just not “into her”

    And if Kelly doesn’t promote, she’s going to flop#FACT,…but I still love her.
    100 percent rue!!

  10. Kellymotivation July 11, 2011

    Why didn’t her team make a video for “Papi”?????…that should have been the second single…that itself would have automatically generated more sales

    It took me a long time to get into “I”m into you” I thought/stil think it was/is kinda generic

    At least with “Papi”, she would have attracted many of her Latino fans…..

    Her team needs better marketing strategies.

  11. imgunnacheckuboo July 11, 2011

    You staying on A.I. yes b**** we know.

  12. mk July 11, 2011

    She’s pregnant…with twins!

  13. jlover July 11, 2011

    I agree they didn’t market Love? very well. Just like they didn’t market Brave very well. But if you guys know Def Jam is infamous for not being very good with marketing. I think she relied too much on the 24mil viewers of Idol. Okay Idol has a ton of rating but how many of those people are JLO fans? She should have done an MTV documentary like Bey, Gaga, Britney, Nicki etc. Each of them who did an MTV doc debuted with great sales. JLO hire me I will turn your career around!

  14. jesse lopez July 12, 2011

    @kellymotivation they are shooting a video for “papi” right now,it is the third single.annyway i’m glad she is doing this concert and will be even more glad when she announces she wont return to A.I.

  15. JUSTbeinHONEST July 12, 2011


  16. JLo &.Beyonce need to duet July 12, 2011

    LOVE? Has been certified gold ‘On The Floor’ multi platinum single shes only on her second single. Shell be fine. Just signed on for 3 films and is set to recieve a stay on the hollywood walk of fame. #Winning

  17. The Man July 12, 2011

    “Love” certified Gold? really? It only really just cracked 200k right? She has alot of potential hit singles on her album. But she needs to work this album. Promote the music. She’s saying that she hasn’t even really even officially released a second single.

  18. nice_gurl July 12, 2011

    It’s her choice on what she wants to do. If it were me I would probably stay on Idol, which I think she will do anyway. It seems like she enjoys doing Idol more than performing. Unless she can somehow balance both.

  19. Modjo July 12, 2011

    good to hear that . we need to see PAPI video when she is gonna release it !!!!!!!!!!

  20. lola July 12, 2011

    The Man
    Don’t believe that stupid as stan JLO&BeyonceNeedTo Duet!

    JLO&BeyonceNeedTo Duet!
    STFU already and stop it with your lies! Love isn’t even near GOLD status! 200,000 copies sold is certified GOLD? She hasn’t even shipped out 500,000 copies and Love is like in the damn Top 60 on the Billboard 200! B**** is over.

    I hope the big announcement is that her stank ass is going to retire! That would be wonderful. I am sick of untalented b****** trying to have singing careers. She can’t act either!

  21. jesse lopez July 12, 2011

    @LOLA what A dumb b**** hating b**** you are! we all know JLO can act and very well she just need the right script and chemistry with the costars like in “out of sight” , “enough” and “el catante” and more.

  22. jesse lopez July 12, 2011

    *dumb hating b****

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