New Song: Jojo – ‘Guardian Angel’

While ‘Leave (Get Out)’ singer Jojo is readying her 3rd studio album ‘Jumping Trains’ for a fall release, yet another recording has surfaced.  The song ‘Guardian Angel’ features a stinging guitar riff complemented by the New England native’s soulful melisma and soaring vocals – both of which have become standard fare for the songbird.

Whether the track will make the final cut of the singer’s first Interscope release, however, has yet to be determined.  But, rumor has it it won’t.

Give the song a go after the jump:

If any of the recent leaks are indicative of the direction ‘Trains’ is headed, then the outcome will be interesting to see.  While we must applaud the young singer for overcoming label drama to finally get the album on the tracks, overall the material sounds like The High Road’ leftovers dated (from a production standpoint) .  However, while the pop sound works for Jojo, I-for-one am much more of a fan of her vocals riding an R&B/Urban pop beat than songs like ‘Guardian Angel’ or ‘Limbo’.

Alas, you gotta do what sells records. And, as her last project took ‘The High Road’ (right off the charts), maybe Ms. Levesque is on the right track with ‘Trains’.


Your thoughts?

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  1. JNash July 11, 2011

    The earlier leaks like ’25 to life’ and ‘fly away’ were much better than these recent leaks, but i know the album is gonna be hot with alot of growth….come on jojo we want a single!!

  2. Kellymotivation July 11, 2011

    @A……..that was interesting to know……… I actually prefer the version of Lil Eddie ft. Amerie

    I could care less about “Jokin” or whatever she calls herself………

  3. imgunnacheckuboo July 11, 2011

    This is so bland. I just cannot.

  4. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-BAHAMAS♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ July 11, 2011


    Yeah. This was recorded by Amerie and written by Lil Eddie for his album.

  5. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛALEXISR-BAHAMAS♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ July 11, 2011

    Can’t wait for JoJo’s official stuff though.

  6. Selena Gomez 4ever July 11, 2011

    This B**** is jacking selena gomez new sound. #FAIL get when the sun goes down now.

  7. Malibu Barbie July 11, 2011

    i really like it! altho it sounds like sumthin shontelle or dawn wud do

  8. Malibu Barbie July 11, 2011

    its a shame when u hav talentess artists like nicki minaj and cher lloyd getting promo and shes not. jojo is the truth

  9. VA STAND UP!! July 11, 2011

    Um….it cute. I like her vocals on it, but the song overall is kinda boring. If it is gonna be on the album it is more than likely a filler cause I can’t see this as a good single choice.

    I gotta admit I haven’t heard anything to exciting since she announced the release on her album this fall. I know she has a following and people are rooting for her but she is gonna have to come harder than this. I wonder what her first single will be.

    Am I the only one who hears the ‘Empire State of Mind’ beat? I know ya’ll hear that…

  10. Timago July 11, 2011

    I’m so sick of the same f’ing chord progression!!!! IT’S SO TIRED!!!! There’s no melodic creativity here AT ALL!!!!! UGH!!!!!

  11. Mashonda Fan July 11, 2011

    Amerie’s version is better.. there’s a video for that song too!

  12. Christina Marie July 11, 2011

    I lover her voice, as always, but I was extremely bored with this one… Unfortunately…

  13. Beyonce and Cb Fan July 11, 2011

    @Christina Marie
    I agree!

  14. Misty Jean July 11, 2011

    I knew I heard this song before. I like this, but I prefer Amerie’s version better.

  15. July 12, 2011

    I like this, but it is plain. Its better than limbo in my opinion

  16. CURLY SUE July 12, 2011


  17. July 12, 2011

    @Curly Sue I agree. I actually would love for her to do more Neo-Soul type stuff. I love her, but I feel like she is losing JoJo. I don’t mind some Pop rock music, but I don’t wanna hear a whole album like that from her.

  18. July 12, 2011

    JoJo needs to switch her sound

  19. nice_gurl July 12, 2011

    It’s a little boring. The vocals are good, but it’s a little irritating and @VASTANDUP!! i hear the beat too, but it’s nowhere near as good as Empire State of Mind. Just my opinion.

  20. NE-YO*STAN July 12, 2011

    Co-sign whoever said Lil Eddie/Ameriie’s version was better. I couldn’t finish this one.

  21. lola July 12, 2011

    WTF at the “Empire State of Mind” sampled beat? That is so wack. This song sucks and nobody’s checking for this bland, pop/rock, teenage mess! That’s so early 00’s – 2006! JoJo’s vocals sound horrible. She’s trying too hard to sound like a pop/rock singer and she doesn’t even sound R&B anymore. I don’t like her because she’s a sellout and just goes with whatever will get her a hit or that’s “in” at the moment. She started selling s**/singing about s**, then cursing in songs, and now doing mainstream music and she’s all over the place. She definitely isn’t an artist. Just a lost singer.

  22. July 12, 2011

    @Lola you are such a hater! JoJo is not a sell out. She can sing about whatever she wants.

  23. Libra July 12, 2011

    Lola does seem to be a Jojo hater. But when I think about it, she does say some things that make you say hmmm… Maybe she does make some good points. I agree that this song is horrible and that Jojo’s music as of late is all over the place…no direction….and I love Jojo. Sorry Jo. Lola’s right.

  24. Starin July 12, 2011

    People bitching about this when it’s clearly a demo for Amerie.

    The thing is, she has recorded well over 100 songs in the past four years, not to mention before that. So of course many of the leaked ones will sound dated If the better songs start leaking then it’s a bad thing as far as I’m concerned as it will damage album sales etc. JoJo has already said the album will be pop infused with countless other genres including Urban/RnB etc, so let’s just wait and see instead of judging her own future on leaked tracks; most of which have either been dumped long ago, or else are demos or written for other artists, as she has already said.

  25. July 12, 2011

    @Starin exactly

  26. crack0back0 July 13, 2011

    Oh Please!! She´s just singing crap….i luv her….BuT LATELY she´s just LOST her JOJO RADAR our something!
    Her VOICE is so much better than Amerie…but… seems like…..she just didn´t do it!

  27. trungle86 July 14, 2011

    it seems that most of the people on this website don’t really like jojo. Please stop comment any b******* things like you about her cause you’re not her fan, you can’t hear her songs. And you don’t have rights to criticize what you can’t hear and feel.

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