Hot Shots: Nicki Minaj Gets Fashion Forward With Anna Wintour

In what will be sure to strike a jealous chord in many a Lil Kim fan Nicki Minaj naysayer, check out these hot shots of the ever animated Rapper enjoying the company of Vogue’s Editor In Chief Anna Wintour last evening.

Sat in the front row of Caroline Herrera‘s latest Fashion Week showing,  the pair were seen to be engaged in deep conversation and posed for cameras together at numerous times during the evening, which also saw the ‘Pink Friday’ darling  mingle with many of fashion’s elite.

More shots from the night below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. word September 12, 2011

    She needs to be on the wiggles she dresses fire the kids clearly

  2. J.Carter September 12, 2011

    I’m not sure about you guys, but I typically don’t find myself pressed when an individual finally accomplishes what I’ve accomplished years ago. #noshade

    However, kudos to her for continuing to add to her portfolio.

  3. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 12, 2011

    Whistling. Sitting right next to Anna Wintour and getting that chick to actually have a discussion. That is an accomplishment. Congrats to her.

  4. Auntie Jackie September 12, 2011

    Good for her — if she landed on Vogue so soon in her career that would be pretty amazing!

    I like this outfit much better, and it is WAY better for the occasion. Seems like she doesn’t know when to put on the pop-star extra-ness, but she’s learning. You can be ostentations without being a character.

  5. TWITTER.COM/ESSENCE_OF_SEAN September 12, 2011

    That thing knows NOTHING about fashion. He was just wearing tu tu’s, Ed Hardy Hats & Baby Phat purses. I swear she looks like she still shops on Jamaica Ave in Queens.

  6. Sheltop September 12, 2011


  7. MONICASLAYS. September 12, 2011


  8. ~Bey-utiful Nation~ September 12, 2011

    TGJ, what’s up with the shade? I’m new to this site so I don’t know how it works, but the dissection is uncalled for. So childish.

  9. NATALIE September 12, 2011

    GO NICKI! I hope she gets her own Vogue cover soon.

  10. > that,s why you mad. September 12, 2011

    i see you Nicki keep doing you.

  11. THE UNIVERSTY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 12, 2011


    He uses the shade to start pointless stan wars.Be on the lookout for FLOP trolls BTW….

    As for the outfits……I’ve seen worse :/

  12. CALL ME HATERRRR September 12, 2011



  13. TREAL.! September 12, 2011

    i am so proud of nicki & how far she has come & everything she has accomplished.! of course you’re going to have the people that just have to say something negative, but as long as you stay focused towards your goals & dreams, then thats all that matters.! i will forever support nicki cause im a dedicated fan.! & thats all that matters to me.! love you nicki.

  14. kerron September 12, 2011

    this girl….urgh

    such a damn fool

  15. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    And I’m sure Kim hasn’t accomplished as many billboard hits or broken records for her music in her entire “10 year” career merit as nicki has. There’s things both kim and nicki have that the other has not accomplished. So don’t be quick to say kim has done it all. Cuz the truth is she hasn’t. Someone’s longetivity is not a determining factor of what they’ve done or accomplished. Nicki just got in the game so of course she’s just starting to get her accolades, fool.

  16. KNUCK September 12, 2011

    @monicaslays .. B****!!! not the box of trix!!! dead

  17. sabrina September 12, 2011

    She looks so dumb.

  18. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE RETURNS. September 12, 2011

    WHY is this CLOWN famous again???? We won’t know who this h** is in 2 years…TOPS! What a GIMMICK. No talent 😕

  19. DaHotNig September 12, 2011

    Put put put put ya #2’s in the air if you SHIDDID ON EMMMM! LMAO Haters why u mad? Nicki stay winning and the word is kim got that old creaky p****! Say what you want but look at who’s sitting next to her! ANNA F***** WINTOUR LOL!

  20. Put That On Everythang September 12, 2011

    I see Nicki is keeping the clown look going EPIC FAIL, and this not hating this is truth telling

  21. kIMBERLY September 12, 2011

    @ BEY-UTIFUL don’t take anything personal. This site has a lot of under aged, immature visitors or members. The comments you read comes straight from elementary school children. Get used it to. Very unnecessary shade. They are very disrespectful and always wants to determine the success of an artist. I wouldn’t even get into double standard.

  22. Rihanna ownes Beyonce right now! September 12, 2011

    Lmao! TGJ always uses the Queen Bee Lil’Kim to boast a boring ass Nicki Minaj story. Kim aint even worried about her siamese twin named ‘Copy Cat.’ Lil’Kim met Anna Wintour yrs ago..whats the hype? Yawn..this site doesnt need anymore attention..go to instead.

  23. nice_gurl September 12, 2011

    The outfit=better than the last one but still not that great.

  24. MissImpartial September 12, 2011

    Nose job. That is all I am going to say.

  25. kIMBERLY September 12, 2011

    btw I am not a fan of niki and her attire. Never but she is doing her thing and doesn’t give a damn. which is great but hip hop has a bad history of longevity. Rap stars have very short careers. I think it is getting better now. Hope that she stays for a long time. I can go on and on about rappers that came into the game hot as ever and disappeared. for those who compare kim and niki it is uncalled for. Kim open the door for female rappers , she made it ok for females to pursue there dreams in rap cause they were not sure how the public would view them and for the fans who bash kim and other fan bases. Niki will mature and grow and be forgotten just like kim.

  26. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @Kimberly u must be one of them cuz I have seen disrespectful comments from u.
    #The f*** outta hea.

  27. THE UNIVERSTY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 12, 2011

    Why does everytime when I think the FLOP is gone,it always returns????

    Damn,there are some pests hers

  28. THE UNIVERSTY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 12, 2011


  29. Joy September 12, 2011

    Nicki really looks like a clown. That outfit is terrible.

  30. kIMBERLY September 12, 2011

    @ Ima hav eto send her. Not because I am truthful and frank about your favorite I am being disrespectful. Girl sit down. I have nothing against women being successful but some of you guys on her just cannot see the truth. whatever I say is visual and the masses would agree. You immature posters cannot see beyond anything. You close your mind towards every other artist. Call monica, Brandy, Ashanti, Janet, Mariah, Beyonce,even prince flops and names on here. The artists who actually have talent and have mastered their craft and have made an impact on the music industry what other artist have difficulty in duplicating, and it is mostly the stans of rihanna, keri hilson, ciara, chris brown who show cases nothing special who engage in childish commments. Is it hating or disrespectful. when there is a need to speak the truth i don’t let my favorite get in the way.
    Get that right girl

  31. > that,s why you mad. September 12, 2011

    kIMBERLY…you can’t be the real kimberly…because the kimberly i know on here roast and try to tear down Nicki minaj every chance she gets….but if you are not her props to you for showing nicki some love…and if you are her why the change of heart not that i have a prob with it i am just saying.

  32. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @university of gaga That’s the same way ppl feel about gaga. Calling her a flop? #dead she had the broken record album of the year by any rap female artist in a long time and the ironic part is that before her album came out ppl thought it wouldn’t sell. There were lots of commentators about her being a gimmick. B*******. If you know how to market, you’re going to take advantage of that. I don’t find her the most talented person on earth but nicki is a hardworker and follows her dreams and that’s the only reason she is making it. Girl, I understand ur pain. Life sucks.

  33. Chile Please!! September 12, 2011

    She needs to host kids party because she is a straight up clown. I can’t with her…..she be looking so f****** stupid!

  34. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @kimberly spiteful lies. How dare you false claim. I never called Brandy, Ashanti, Janet, Mariah, Beyonce FLOPS and I don’t close my mind. I like most of those artist you mention and always give them props. Well Ashanti is a flop but I’d rather not comment on her cuz she is just irrelevant to me. Have several many seats. I am not delusional. I give credit where it’s due but every chance you get you always say the same thing about rihanna. She can’t sing, she doesn’t deserve a career, she has not talent. Enough is enough. That may be your opinion but you don’t need to mention that in every rihanna and bey post. It makes you seem like a hater. Say that you don’t like her and leave it alone.

  35. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 12, 2011

    Thanks nicki !

    I really needed that laugh , it was a sad day …

    do u have M& MS ?! that will make me happy too 🙂 !

    And I thought gaga was exaggerating ! But she’s a normal girl beside that chick above !

    Posts like this makes me appreciate gaga ! I will eat all the s*** I said before about gaga ! I was wrong ! And anyone dislike gaga because of her gimmicks should check this post !
    it will make him/her appreciate gaga ! She never looked like this clown above !

    *waits for her fans to give me a lecture about art *

  36. THE UNIVERSTY OF GAGA (IS†ANN4GAGA) September 12, 2011


    Apparently,you misunderstood who I was referring to when I said FLOP.

  37. Frencchie1 September 12, 2011

    nicki..has terrible style..ugh…

    Apple giving free iPad 2’s becuz of a defect on 10,000 laptops… 4 next 24 hours only..s*** i got

  38. kIMBERLY September 12, 2011

    @ Imma have to send her.
    I have made it clear darling that I was a stan of Rihanna but I cannot continue to support someone who shows no improvement or the level of art that I expect. I don’t know if some people settle so low but I don’t. I have given her props but most of the time I cannot say that rihanna is great when she isn’t. I will say again she cannot sing. If you are knowledgeable about singing and vocal you would Know too. The engineer is doing a great job with her in the studio but she cannot pull it off live. How can I sit there and be delusional about rihanna and say she can dance, sing and perform. That would be a lie. I am no longer a fan of hers. I am not being bitter i just say it as it is.
    Niki Minaj I have made it clear that i hate her fashion but she is talented. she raping style is unique. Speaking the truth doesn’t mean that I am being disrespectful and hating. I have also said that CB and ciara concentrate too much on their dancing and not their vocals in performances. is that a lie is that hating. If the fans settle for crap them so be it but I am a lot more mature and has been around very talented people to know the difference. I appreciate real talent and not gimmicks, heavy production. I was wide awake when the great icons and legends were slaying and when youtube had nothing to do with chart positions and artist didn’t have to rely on twitter for sales. sorry to be so different but only the mature can draw the line. sometime i wish that some artist can take some time to better what they do but i seems that their fans don’t allow them to grow. For example how can rihanna be entertaining and do so many sexual moves in her concerts. Nothing wrong with being s*** but what else does she offer??????????????????????? atleast to cover up for it????????????????darling I am wide awake and my comments are all truth only the stans who cannot see pass their artist will disagree

  39. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @pop royalty I like you cuz you defend rihanna but don’t come on nicki’s post talking s***. Ur just like kimberly, bey knight, and kat deluna fan in that manner. Find a hobby. And gaga wears s*** just as bad as this. Fashion media have criticized her choices to on the red carpet so if you gonna go into that gimmick b******* at least admit gaga is one too cuz she looks a hot mess and much worse than nicki sometimes. I’m not saying this outta hate cuz I love both my girls gaga and nicki but AT LEAST be fair in your judgement.

  40. Jessica September 12, 2011

    @I’MA HAVE TO SEND HER TO HER MAKER Why did you even bring up Lil Kim.You always talking about Kim fans talking about Nicki on Nicki post yet you was the first one to say something about kim when nobody even brought her up.You are a hypocrite.Get a life and stop blogging please.

  41. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @Kimberly a stan? Is this a joke? Nothing wrong with defending the truth but you can’t be serious saying you’re a stan. To me it sounds like you are flip-floppy. Saying one thing than another. Anyone who is a stan will say rihanna can sing. Not the best but she can sing and level of improvement?? Many stans WILL ARGUE rihanna has improved. I’m not a stan but even I admit she has gotten better in some aspects. Like with her vocals. And yes obviously I know a lot of about vocals cuz I know bey, monica, brandy, whitney, celine, christina are good singers. But I wont say that someone with a weak voice can’t sing all the time. Sometimes they need to work on it more with practice. And don’t expect me to read that long essay…Im in college and have to do more important reading. I’d rather save the strain on my eyes for something worth reading…..

  42. kayla September 12, 2011

    @I’MA HAVE TO SEND HER TO HER MAKER So anybody that critiezes Nicki Minaj is a hater.Is Nicki God nobody can say nothing negative about her.If you can handle opposite views from your then maybe you shouldn’t be a blogg sites cause that’s what it’s about.

  43. Keshia September 12, 2011

    @I’MA HAVE TO SEND HER TO HER MAKER You in college but you going back and for on bloggs sites arguing with anybody that says anything negative about Nicki clown get-up.Bytch set down and go study your books.

  44. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @Jessica If you actually read one of the first comments I was replying to that person j carter that was obviously talking about lil kim and cuz same mentioned kim in the post. I knew kim fans would be on here ready to defend her so I put in my two cents about career accomplishments b/w kim and nicki. I wasn’t saying anything hateful about kim. And I’m sorry it’s true. Kim fans are all over this site more than nicki so they are ALWAYS shading nicki. This is the first blog I have talked about kim on a nicki post. Usually when someone attacks nicki first to defend kim, I’m gonna respond. U don’t like what I have to say about kim, I don’t care. It’s my voice and my opinion. Go eat s***, b****.

  45. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 12, 2011

    It always bums me out when folks say Kim opened the door for female rappers.

    Queen Latifah?

    Salt and Pepa?

    Neneh Cherry?

    It’s like on one hand to defend Kim people complain about people not respecting history but then verbally disregard the history that came BEFORE Kim. Kim didn’t open doors. She was part of a changing trend. No shade. I mean female rappers were coming into vogue and she was part of that amazing growth and change.

  46. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @Keisha you always replying to me on a NICKI post and how is defending nicki any different from kim stans defending kim like what you do?? And b**** obviously I have breaks, dumbass. I don’t live in college. And @kayla who said I couldn’t handle opposite views I said it’s the ppl hatin that are always on blogs saying the same hateful s*** about someone. Not a hypocrite cuz I’m not the one doing that. This is NICKI’S post. Not anyone elses. If someone doesn’t defend what’s right and wrong who will??

  47. kIMBERLY September 12, 2011

    @ ima have to send her ……. If you read properly I said I used to be, Because i support black entertainers with all i have but how can i continue to support an artist who has yet to improve to the level i am expecting after 3 yrs??????????? You need to read properly cause it seems like you are really pressed on this post. The truth doesn’t mean that someone is hating. Rihanna has been out for 7 years darling. any excuses. what she has improved to what! being more sexual and bold? girl bye. When will she reach her maximum after 20 years? three more years and she will have a decade but i am worried as to what her highlights would be? burning up a stage. soaring the stadiums with her vocals.
    As a matter of fact expect niki and the rest to be known for their crazy antics rather than their talent including gaga because that is what they wanted. Their talent is NOT to talk from nobody’s mouth but their craziness comes first which is bad. An artist suppose to showcase their talent, not their COSTUMES. every one is trying to outdo an artist but are they really staying true to themselves.

  48. Madonnalover September 12, 2011

    What the f*** are yall looking at? She looks a hot mess.

  49. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @Kimberly: Keyword “artist” which means the same as an entertainer and they display “art”. Not every “artist” lives up to the talent of your expectations. Making music is a talent. U wouldn’t know. Ur not in the industry to understand the creativity of it all. “An artist suppose to showcase their talent, not their COSTUMES”. Do you know the definition of an artist cuz there are many ways it’s interpreted. Get it together. Anyway, I have to go nice chatting with you all. <3

  50. Madonnalover September 12, 2011


    Girl bye. Lil kim was the first female rapper to be sexually explicit. Everyone knows this. She opened doors for female rappers to be sexually provacative with their lyrics. She was the first to do it sweety. What female rapper before kim had a song like not tonight? spit bars talking about sucking clits and riding d****? please give me one female rapper who did that before kim. …….. OH that’s right, there is none.

    Lil kim is equivalent to madonna when it comes to expressing themselves SEXUALLY. Lil Kim will always be the staple in female rap that made it comfertable for rappers after her to spit bars about hardcore f****** and such. Give respect where respect is due.

  51. Pop Culture King aka Jamir21: Rih,Bey,Brit,Gaga, Nicki SLAYS UR FAVES ! September 12, 2011

    @ Madonnalover I have this big ole madonna book at my house !
    Nicki looks great….its a fashion show so you are supposed to dress weird !
    Anyway haters she is doing it….how about you ?

  52. Madonnalover September 12, 2011

    Nici looks like a clown. She does not look great, its a fashion show yes ,but if you want to be daring with your fashion though, at least make it presentable and not LAUGHABLE. you can be edgy and trendy without looking like you just rolled around in random objects sweety.

  53. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 12, 2011

    @IMMA HAVE ……..

    Thanks !
    Both gaga and nicki use fashion to shock ! #Fact 1
    Both girls are talented ! # fact 2 ” yes I give credits”
    But one of them make it seem iconic and other make it seem laughable !
    P.s : I like gaga and I don’t know if I will like nicki soon ! But her song ” turn me on ” will make me like her sooner or later !

    But now ! Those pics are not cool and I don’t know what she was thinking !

  54. yasss September 12, 2011

    PULL through NICKI!!!!

    werk b****!!!!!

  55. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 12, 2011


    “Girl bye”

    Doors right where you came in, take your funk with you.

    I swear some of you are eager to look stupid. When did I EVER say anything about sexually explicit raps? When did the person I was replying To say anything about f****** d**** or sucking clits? Nowhere? Exactly.

    She implied Kim opened the door for girls to even pursue rap when women were rapping BEFORE Kim.

    Maybe you yearning for some because you came from nowhere with your nonsense. Rolls eyes, even when you say something nice some rabid Kim fans gotta pain in their ass.

  56. J.Carter September 12, 2011

    There are fools present, however I am not among them. I thoroughly enjoy each artist, and never insinuated that a persons tenure is an indication of their success. Considering the impact of digital media on todays charts (both negative and positive). I’m sure there are several accolades that the newer breed of artists are able to achieve and at a much faster pace. Moreover, I was only referencing the topic at hand, so all other assumptions or miscellaneous subjects are obsolete. Additionally, I wouldn’t have mentioned or made an effort to comment if this was simply a blogger giving kudos to an artist. I only aim to level the playing field for everyone.

    For references sake, TGJ I wouldn’t consider sitting next to someone while a random event photographer snaps pictures exactly posing for photos (escpecially when only half of the duo is looking directly into the camera). Blogging at its best. #shadeintended 😉

  57. > that,s why you mad. September 12, 2011

    Madonnalover what did you just say…Lil kim was the first female rap artist to be sexually explicit …man you are really a fu-cking lost cause…on another note what a Madonna fan know about rap….get da f*** out of here…always an undercover fan of someone else hiding in someones else shell to talk sh-it..about another artist they don’t like.

  58. > that,s why you mad. September 12, 2011

    Madonnalover it,s a disgrace for something like you to have madonna avatar in there sh-it.

  59. ~Bey-utiful Nation~ September 12, 2011

    @Kimberly and @University….

    Thanks for telling me. 🙂

  60. Eric September 12, 2011

    Anna: “You look horrible, just saying”
    Nicki: “Ehehehe…”

  61. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    One last thing before I go I would just like to clear up a claim that kim was the first to be sexually explicit. She may have made it popular (people acting like that’s a good thing? Smh) but she wasn’t the first to go that route. Btw, salt and peppa was nasty too. But here’s the link for proof @madonnalover

  62. Malibu Barbie September 12, 2011

    U KNOW she’s kissing anna’s ass for a vogue cover.. nicki is trying so hard to be a style icon..if nicki gets a vogue cover would i be suprised?? NO.
    gimmicks are getting grammys,ama’s,vma’s (tyler the creator) and billboard awards so why i would i be shocked. so many gimmicks of today do not DESERVE half of what this kiss ass industry has given them..they are making it harder for the realists to shine..

  63. kIMBERLY September 12, 2011

    @ IMA HAVE TO SEND HER ….. Girl. I did not see mariah, whitney, Aritha, Stevie, Tina, Michael on the list of Legends for fashion but raw talent. I know the meaning of artist but you heading to the wrong direction. Being a recording artist doesn’t mean you have to wear costumes. Like I said earlier Being a recording artist and dancing more than you are singing at a concert is not worth the money. Using heavy production to take away from your stage presence is not worth my hard earned money. I will get the cd instead of experiencing the same s*** in a concert. Who are you to think I am not in the industry idiot. You don’t know me.

    Incase you need me to tell you again. niki did not start her career like that and it seems like she is trying to “start something” which is a major fail. Her fashion is not doing it darling. TRUTH. If you want your favorite to last in music encourage them to get rid of the antics. It is not worth it. Where I am from people think gaga in untalented all they talk about is her crazy outfits. That’s not impressive. Focus on having people to talk about your talent. Stop supporting s***!!!!!

    @ BEY-UTIFUL Get used to my raw comments and the youngsters who still seems to be attracted to colors and don’t see beyond they narrow minded asses.

  64. FAME KILLS September 12, 2011

    Nicki Minaj is the future of female Hip-Hop/Rap, just accept it
    even if Kim drops a legit album like The Naked Truth she will still struggle in sales
    out with the old and in with the new

  65. kIMBERLY September 12, 2011

    Supporting an artist is one thing. It is ok to stan for who you thinks give you life, But to come for other artist which is well respected in music way better talent wise than who you stan for is absurd. I am so looking out for these gravatars, especially that p**** that want to come at everyone for the clown. Waiting for her on a future kim post or any post of that matter. I am not even a fan of kim but I can defend her, cause I know, I am that girl who was moving to her sounds. I know her history ,p****.

  66. RHI RHI IS QUEEN September 12, 2011


  67. lol September 12, 2011

    whhhhhhaaaaaaat Anna Wintour stuck up ass actually acknowledged Nicky’s company, just shws she is gettin respect

  68. Lea September 12, 2011

    @KIMBERLY You cant say nothing to these Nicki fans.That got there heads so far up her @ss it’s pathetic.It’s like talking to a brick wall.They think anybody who doesn’t kiss Nicki ass is a hater.Like telling the truth equals you being a hater.Nicki looks a mess here.

  69. Tiffany September 12, 2011

    @I’MA HAVE TO SEND HER TO HER MAKER Girl give credit when credit is do.Lil kim open the doors for a lot of female rappers like Trina,Jacki-o,khia,and many more to be sexual and not look like butch lesbians which is exactly what Nicki look like during her mixtape days.Nicki carved her whole image from Kim so she would get notice.Just go you-tube her songs like,”Warning”,”Dreams”, and “The Jump Off”.Nicki used Kim to get on so for you to down play Kim like she didn’t do nothing big for female rap is ridiculous cause even the person you stanning for (Nicki Minaj) took everything from kim.

  70. Tiffany September 12, 2011

    @THOSE THAT CANNOT DO, STAN Give credit when credit is do.Lil kim open the doors for a lot of female rappers like Trina,Jacki-o,khia,and many more to be sexual and not look like butch lesbians which is exactly what Nicki look like during her mixtape days.Nicki carved her whole image from Kim so she would get notice.Just go you-tube her songs like,”Warning”,”Dreams”, and “The Jump Off”.Nicki used Kim to get on so for you to down play Kim like she didn’t do nothing big for female rap is ridiculous.

  71. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @Tiffany I gave credit. Do you not know how to read? I said she made it popular for sexual explicitedness. But she didn’t create that lane. That would be discrediting the ones (like in that video) I posted the link for. @Kimberly so an artist is someone just cuz they can sing well? mariah is an artist too but she’s more of a singer to me. She’s known for her voice. Not creativity. And gaga has talent. She writes, composes, and sings pretty well not to mention she is classically trained in music and plays piano live. Have you seen her live? Smh. I agree w/ u on some parts but you still taking away from the fact that an artist is an artist. Period. Britney spears and janet are heavily produced on their vocals in the studio but live they kill it with dancing and theatrics. (well britney use to) And just becuz nicki didn’t come in the game wearing crazy s*** doesn’t mean ppl don’t change styles throughout their career. Listen to nicki’s mixtapes beam me up scotty and playtime is over. She was hardcore rap but ppl could still hear pop influeces in her music like “girlfriend” “envy” and “kill the dj”. Nicki has produced quality music for a long time. If she was only known for her stupid outfits beam me up scotty would not have sold a million and pink friday would not have sold. Even professional top notch critics said pink friday was a good album because it didn’t stay stuck in some “hood mentality” cliché like ppl think about most female rappers. And everyone has their bad fashion days. I admit this look is horrible but it’s nicki. She does what she wants. If her next album goes platinum without crazy attire you can’t say nothing.

  72. > that,s why you mad. September 12, 2011

    Malibu Barbie b-itch you are eating your words talking about gimmicks getting VMA,s grammes and so on,because when you talk about certain people can’t get certain stuff they always get it and persevere…so that is like a slap in your face like a bag off sh-it…talk about you an,t surprise if nicki get,s a cover…because if you say she won’t and she do, would be like yet again nicki prove you wrong and make you look like the hating a-ss r***** you are….i new you would give up sooner are later….keep back tracking b**** sigh so sad i tell ya.

  73. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @Kimberly if you see me on a kim post I keep it 100 like I do on every artist’s blog. I change my mind about you being a hater but it seemed strange you’re rihanna fan but never give any credit. Might as well not be a fan at all or just don’t comment every blog post saying the same thing that’s obvious like she can’t sing that well. Who cares? U either like her or you don’t. And Malibu barbie was on nicki’s posts hating way before I even knew about this TGJ site hatin and there are a lot of kim fans on here hating saying ignorant s***. So yeah….if you noticed the nicki fans on here hardly say nasty s*** about kim except random trolls. I haven’t seen any nicki fan on here trashing kim that harshly and if they do it’s because kim fans starting the b******* first and sam creating stan wars and is biased against kim anyways.

  74. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    w/ crazy attire

  75. King B September 12, 2011

    Can’t wait ’til this b**** retires from Vogue.

  76. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    If yall bothered by nicki’s clothes that bad, write a complaint letter to her. Sit down and talk to her! Hell even I would do it. But as long as your looking for her music and songs don’t say that she will fade in a few years for dressing like this cuz you are helping her stay in the spotlight! And her songs are addicting and many won’t admit it.

  77. Lola September 12, 2011

    @I’MA HAVE TO SEND HER TO HER MAKER I haven’t seen any nicki fan on here trashing kim that harshly ?Bytch are you serious.Y’all Nicki fans be talking so much sh*t about Kim on her youtube videos and and her twiiter page.Go look for your-self.Y’all say stuff like Kim is old,Kim should of got shot instead of Biggie,Kim is a plastic w****,and a Nicki fan even wished death on Kim when Osama Bin ladin died.Y’all stay talking about Kim 24/7 even though the beef been over for months now.Kim fans have every right to speak up considering Nicki started it in back in 2007.

  78. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 12, 2011


    You in the same boat as Madonnalover. When you can tell me where I shaded Kim or said everything she has done is meaningless get back to me. Till then let me explain to you irony.

    1. I have to give respect where respect is due because, in your words, Kim made it acceptable for women to be sexual.
    2. But in a post where I never dissed Kim but said it was my personal disappointment in the course of defending Kim others dismissed accomplishments of other female rappers…two people completely disregard those women.

    Honestly I’m confused why fans of her’s chalked up her accomplishments to how she rapped about d**** going in her mouth, regardless I just can’t agree with your opinions because of the fact Salt and Pepa said “Let’s Talk About S**”. Kim just went porno with it, still that’s her style and she was damn good at it.

  79. plastic September 12, 2011

    That football jersey goes hard and the cheerleading bugee girl bottom werk nicki i love it so smart letgo

  80. > that,s why you mad. September 12, 2011

    LOLA don’t say all Nicki fans…because i am a fan of Nicki and you never see me running around from kim post to post are any post i drop on roasting kim….i am all about nicki and my other favs……so don’t be generalizing us…..I’MA HAVE TO SEND HER TO HER MAKER..have her views i have mine,we don’t have a collective mind like that, we only do when it comes to loving nicki that,s it.

  81. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @Lola. You talking about youtube, we talking about TGJ. Two different things. Yes, there are nicki fans trashing kim but I’m not one of them. But nicki fans were not worried about kim before her black friday diss. If you haven’t noticed every female rapper, underground and mainstream, is compared to nicki nowadays and since nicki first started. So she must be a threat. Kim is not reigning anymore so most kim fans wanna say nicki is the reason y kim is no longer relevant cuz she used kim’s image. If that were true foxy, lil mama would be big too. No, nicki made it cuz she worked hard. And even if she did diss kim in songs she said it was nothing personal and apologized. Nicki has attacked a lot of old rappers. Not just kim. Kim took it to heart. U notice she’s the only one complaining about it.

  82. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    Fact 1: nicki paid hommage. Go check her interviews.
    Fact 2: She was never attacking kim personally in her early mixtapes. I can see y kim fans riding on a bandwagon agreeing with everyone else saying nicki was disrespectful to kim in her mixtapes. That’s not true. “I’m coming for the crown kim that’s the word.” and “old b******” are a general diss and the other one was a acknowledgement that she knows kim is queen but she wants to be the one on top too. Just like remy said, “u can’t come in the game thinking you are number 2.” Hiphop/rap is disrespectful. There’s a history of rap being competitive. Many must not know a lot about rap or they wouldn’t even be makin a big deal out of what nicki was saying. Smh. It wasn’t until the summer time that kim was accussing nicki of not paying hommage and being on the stage dissing keys. Nicki admitted she was hurt by this so that’s why she made hellogoodmorning diss, roman’s revenge and the others….so yah. Just to clear that up.

  83. Deonte September 12, 2011

    Nicki Minaj..biggest stan/KEN..babby girl, throw that damn green eye shadow away boo..u now there r other colors u look guhd in the pic

  84. Lola September 12, 2011

    @I’MA HAVE TO SEND HER TO HER MAKER She said Kim’s name in two other songs off her mixtape and she said stuff like all you female rappers that been around for 10 years need to sit down.That’s disrespectful.That’s where the whole pay homage thing came from.Even after all that Kim decided to do a song with her.Then some shady business happen with Nicki and Birdman.Nicki is a snake.She planned the whole beef to make Kim look like a hater.She never like Kim at all.Who disses there idol then when they finally do a song with them they dead the track.Nicki wanted to be Kim’s replacement.Then when she saw that Kim was ready to come back out she did those fake youtube interviews saying how much she love kim that way if anybody said anything all she has do do is say look I payed homage it’s right here.Nicki is not who you think she is.She contradicts her self all the time.

  85. KAT DELUNA FAN September 12, 2011

    she is doing big things,she def came to win

  86. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 12, 2011

    @Lola u a cheater. I provided you with facts. U made everything up you just said like nicki never liked kim. That’s so false when she has said she loved lil kim and kim was dope in several interviews. #FAIL

  87. YUPPITSME September 12, 2011

    usually i like her crazy outfits but she looks like she came str8 outta AC Moore arts & crafts section a MESS!!

  88. lmao September 13, 2011

    Just so all of you Nicki and Kim stans know, although this is entertaining by any means. Please keep your paragraphs to a minimun, it gets boring after a while.

    Also sloppy typing puts me off from reading. BUT keep going on, y’all fun. That is all 🙂

  89. MISHKA September 13, 2011

    She’s sitting front row but is she wearing Carolina Herrera? Because tht outfit is NOT what’s up and I don’t Ms Herrera would create something like that.

    Anywho, Nicki is making waves,! Sitting next to Anna Wintour IS an accomplishment. But she should have left her boyfriend home though. He looks like a f%cking alien sitting there.

  90. Relle September 16, 2011

    One would think some of you are on Nicki’s payroll!!!!!!!!! FOH, she’s a clown!!!

    H- HOT
    A – ASS
    M – MESS

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