Hot Shots: The Beatz Don’t Skip a Beat

Published: Tuesday 27th Sep 2011 by Rashad

‘SuperWoman’ songstress Alicia Keys (joined by husband Swiss Beatz) was spotted with actresses Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore at the ‘Lifetime Five’ premiere at Skylight Soho in NYC last night.

The trio (Keys, Aniston, and Moore) took the director’s seats in their joint effort for the women’s network to produce ‘Five’:  a series dedicated to sharing the stories of breast cancer victims and how the disease has affected their lives.

See more pics of the starlets in action below:

Set for an October 10th debut, fans can take a peek at the trailer here.

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  1. Malibu Barbie September 27, 2011

    lol i love the title!! very creative

  2. Malibu Barbie September 27, 2011

    sidenote . Alicia looks MAD TIRED get some sleep mama.

  3. KAT DELUNA FAN September 27, 2011

    she is looking like her husband now

  4. MissImpartial September 27, 2011

    She looks like she is on drugs or something. Her eyes look dead just like Britney.

  5. Drb September 27, 2011

    Wtf is with the leather sleeve?

  6. ……baa September 27, 2011

    Okay, I’m in love with th black suit with the leather sleeves,the hand bag and the heels but she has not been looking her best in the face lately! It’s as if Swizz Beatz and his foolishness is weighing on her and its showing in her face! Or she could just be tired from running around with the baby…LOL you choose!! 🙂

  7. ……baa September 27, 2011

    On a positive note: I love what the trio are doing to bring awareness to breast cancer!!

  8. Legendtina4life(Queentina Is #1) September 27, 2011

    Leather sleeves? Only Alicia could rock it 😉

  9. VA STAND UP!!! September 27, 2011

    They look very nice together. They always look good when they step out together. I really hope the Swizz cheating rumors aren’t true cause I like them together as a couple. But if they are true I can’t have any sympathy for Alicia cause you lose em the same way you get em.

    S/N: AKeys got some thick as legs! They got huge after she had her baby. I really hope she works that.

  10. Kendra September 27, 2011

    Love them for those talking about her looking tired she did a show in Vegas over the weekend few back to the east coast and was on the go all day Monday doing promo for the movie. That could be it, her legs are fine she doesn’t need to work on anything no one is perfect if thick legs is her only issue oh well, it doesn’t take away from her incredible talent.

  11. aisha aguilera keys September 28, 2011

    Alicia looks great! Love the whole outfit!

  12. nice_gurl September 28, 2011

    She looks very pretty. She does look tired, but she’s been busy.

  13. Stephanie September 28, 2011

    Alicia looks very chic & s***…I love the fact that she is fully clothed & still looks s***; can’t wait for the 5 premiere on Lifetime…she does look tired, but she is a VERY busy Mama.

  14. Karen September 28, 2011

    Aww they do look so cute together. I hope Swizz is not doing her wrong and if he is he needs to get his head on straingh and change his ways if he really loves her. That kind of stuff will break them up in the end if he continues. Trust is a big issue with most people. Anyway Alicia looks so beautiful and happy. Love everything she is involved with. She is a very special lady.

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