Hot Shots: Day 2 Of Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ Video Shoot

Published: Tuesday 27th Sep 2011 by David

Peep more snaps from Rihanna‘s ‘We Found Love‘ video shoot in Northern Ireland.

Photographed in less ‘telling’ fashions that the ones got her into trouble the day before, the model spent breaks being greeted by locals who were ecstatic to see the star in the flesh – quite literally.

Expect the clip to premiere in its entirety within the coming weeks.

More images below…

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  1. Madonnalover September 27, 2011

    Run b**** Run!

  2. Jon September 27, 2011

    I was there today, she also shot some scenes in a chip shop were she danced on tables and kissed an extra. Exciting, she’s also not that attractive in the flesh she looks like a well groomed ape. Still like her tho .

  3. tyra September 27, 2011

    rihanna wat happened u used to have mad swag those shoes are horrible

  4. tyra September 27, 2011

    @ jon u r a f****** racist pig y did call her an ape for go kill urself

  5. `iLoveYou` September 27, 2011


  6. Jon September 27, 2011

    Racist 😮 my father is a black man, I’m mixed race. I’m really sorry if I offended u but she really resembled a ape

  7. RosaRubbel September 27, 2011

    Those shoes are ehw.

  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    I like it!!It doesn’t look unoriginal or boring like the field pictures, there is no over the top flaunting body parts and it actually looks intriguing…Maybe she can at least deliver a solid video after all…

  9. TYLER September 27, 2011

    I’m hope this is her last album for a while…. she just needs a break to mature, her songs all sound the same right now…

  10. winning September 27, 2011

    Jon you are the son of an Ape…. fffing racist idiot

  11. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    However, it’s a 2-day shootn and its production seems rather expensive, if the comments of some drivers, by passers etc are anything to go by, so it’s quite a gamble for her label to put so much money into this.I hope they’ll somehow get their money back from the sales 😳 😛

  12. NAYAH82 September 27, 2011

    I’m gonna go back to check my closet, i think i have similar outfit and shoes from the 90’s.

  13. tyra September 27, 2011

    @ asap try again go on sandra rose website rihanna topless in her video and i mean bare titties flying every wear lol

  14. MISHKA September 27, 2011

    She’s not gonna age very well…

  15. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    OK, so Rihanna is walking alone in a field.It’s pretty much a normal and mundane day for her, she’s just taking her clothes off and touching her b****** while suddenly a car comes driving through the field and stops right in front of her.The guy that drives it winks and drives away leaving Rihanna alone, surprised, half-naked and starstruck.Rihanna starts running all over the town to find the car and the man.Disappointed, angry and devastaded, she decides to rent a car to look for the mysterious man.She hires a driver, dry-humps him and then they are both ready to look for the love of her life.When she finds him, the post-chorus beat begins and she starts running to catch him.The beat ends, she catches him, she pushes him inside the car and they leave together 😛 NO SHADE, just a bit of playing around here 😎 It would be totally amazing if I guessed it correctly, though.We’ll see…

  16. bey’knight September 27, 2011

    well i guess @ASAP doesnt have to worry now, the vid just got a lot more interesting if what @JON said is anything to go by but damn u are rude, how can u call a goodlooking woman like Rihanna an ape….damn that’s scabby. her facial expressions arent so flattering but the one of her in black is really cute

  17. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    @BEY’KNIGHT Well, it’s not like I would bother a lot if it was boring…I’m not really a fan of hers, so… 😉

  18. bey’knight September 27, 2011


    dint even know u’d gotten to the post, i had to send an email while i was composing the text of my comment lol

  19. baa…. September 27, 2011


    She should have spend time between photoshoots in her trailer with a vocal coach *cough go Cassie*

  20. lil minxx September 27, 2011

    lol @run b**** run

  21. bey’knight September 27, 2011


    i know i know but it seems u appreciate good art regardless of the artist so … loved your plot btw i thought u got the actual scoop till i read the last bit lol but u omitted the little info @JON gave us, she shot a scene in a chip shop so maybe she made a lil detour :O

  22. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    @BEY’KNIGHT Gotcha

    OK, so Rihanna is walking alone in a field.It’s pretty much a normal and mundane day for her, she’s just taking her clothes off and touching her b****** while suddenly a car comes driving through the field and stops right in front of her.The guy that drives it winks and drives away leaving Rihanna alone, surprised, half-naked and starstruck.Rihanna starts running all over the town to find the car and the man.She stops at a public school and starts interviewing every kid asking “hey, you, the short one, what car does your daddy ride??”After interviewing all the kids three or four times since they all wear the same uniform and she can’t tell the difference, she leaves and all the kids follow her to the door (last picture) thinking she was a clown. Disappointed, angry and devastaded, Rihanna enters a chip shop to rest her tired legs, tortured feet and ruined wig.A guy in the chip shop, while trying to get her to bed, suggests to drive her around and help her search for the mysterious man!!After dry-humping him, they beging to look for the love of her life.When she finds him, the post-chorus beat begins and she starts running to catch him.The guy that is still trying to get her to bed is running behind her.The beat starts fading, she catches him, she pushes him inside the car and they leave together.The sucker that gave her his car starts running behind the car with the help of a farmer (Calvin Harris), who was appaled by the young lady’s prepostrous behaviour in his field that morning…~~THE END~~

  23. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    *RIDE = drive

  24. monica green September 27, 2011

    Why are you posting rihanna stories if you hate her why ? Leave the f****** girl alone dirty nasty people you live to hate this girl u want to F*** her why you spilling hateful things go live your life are you not happy with yourself you have to hate someone else, so what if she skin out her p**** touch her p**** it have nothing to do with you hateful stinking people go get a life the more you hate her the more people love her dirty fuckers this Sam who writes about rihanna everyday you want F*** her too ok my bad you like d***

  25. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    ^^Who said I hate her (I suppose you’re trying to adress me)???? 😐 Those stories are not meant to be shade and I read that with capital letters, but you either didn’t pay attention or you don’t know how to read…Sit and relax.Nobody’s throwing shade at her OR hates her…

  26. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    *read = wrote…

  27. NATALIE THE NAVY GIRL September 27, 2011

    I love that outfit and the look. RiRi is always on point.

  28. onyx September 27, 2011

    WE FOUND LOVEEEEEEEE, hahahahha i love it, go Rihanna.

  29. monica green September 27, 2011

    Celebrate a black woman trying to make it in this music Industry instead you drag her down criticize her like a dog and you wonder why black people can’t get ahead because your own people and I know most of the black sites do this like nasty w**** Sandra rose do this Do you hear Gaga people do this to her like what you do to rihanna and many black female artist nope

  30. bey’knight September 27, 2011


    hmm a bit hypothetical but def “action-packed”, she doesnt even have to mime, they can jus playback the music over the mini-movie lol


    lol if u dont mind her touching herself then u shouldnt have a problem with his video treatment narrative. u need to breathe sweetheart

  31. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 27, 2011

    Looks interesting, though I’m on the fence about whether that’s good or bad yet, one thing I can say for her is she does things different. I can count on her not to be boring visually at least, in terms of music well…hmmm I’ve just never found pop music to be an intriguing or especially intelligent vehicle for music. Music is like food, you have your solid nourishing meals and then you have your snickers bars. One thing I’ll give her credit for is not being afraid to sing songs that go a little deeper and closer to the edge of personal tragedy/feelings than most girls these days. That’s something I miss about music these days.

  32. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE RETURNS. September 27, 2011

    This video will be EPIC!!

    Rihanna>>>>>>>>>BLEACHonce & T***** Caca 😉

  33. Those That Cannot Do, Stan September 27, 2011

    @Monica Green

    Sam’s a secret Stan for her, just something unnoticed in his postings. His words may be all hate and shade but he looks up every minute detail of her life. Most gossip sites if they hate someone they only post the really bad stuff and then ignore the person. Sam would post RiRi eating her morning cornflakes if he could get vid of it.

  34. bcs September 27, 2011

    cant wait for this video this gonna be a big one, she always out do her self with every video that she does…

  35. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE RETURNS. September 27, 2011



  36. Truth September 27, 2011

    Great form RiRi, Chest up, leaning foward, high knees, arms pumping if I did know better i’d say she ran track lol

  37. AJA September 27, 2011

    I ain’t feeling those leopard print brothel creepers. Yikes. D=

    She’s still dope tho. Gotta love her.

  38. lax September 27, 2011

    @Jon,,,,None of us can help how we look, but we can enhance our
    over all look, now you on the other hand LOOKS JUST LIKE S***

    @ TYLER,,,,,Go and play in traffic at a busy intersection and stfu,,,,
    you dang stalker, you don’t like rih but yet you show yo monkey ass
    up with yo mess

    @ Hater ,,, This is a video and rih and her people know what they or doing
    have you seen any of her music video’s?????????????????????????????
    Take a crap and then relax to you a tall glass of,,,,,STFU and watch some
    of rih’s music video’s starting with her & justin timberlake, then run this town and
    end it with disturbia and russian roulette!!!!!!!

  39. cynthia September 27, 2011

    OMG!! Someone said well groom ape. Rihanna looks nothing like those apes in Rise of Planet of the Apes. Now those apes were well groom.

  40. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    @FLOP JUICE Stop spreading this BS please.It’s NOT Christina.This song is not good enough to be in Christina’s trash can!!!!!I don’t know if you’re a fan or not, but PLEASE don’t spread it anymore.PLEASE!!

  41. LTM September 27, 2011

    this tells me nothing about the video :/

  42. I’ma have to send her to her maker September 27, 2011

    Celebrate a black woman trying to make it in the industry<—–haha, this makes me laugh considering rihanna has light skin and any woman with darker skin is harder to like among whites.

  43. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 27, 2011

    The f*** ?!

    What is that ?!

    Riri , b**** we are rooting for you , don’t let us down ! The song itself lacks the ” WOW” factor ! Don’t let us down !

    I will see how this will go !

  44. Deontay September 28, 2011

    omg….no comment on what she’s wearing!

  45. aisha aguilera keys September 28, 2011

    Horrible outfit. Is she gonna be walking the streets again just like in ‘What’s my Name’, except that she’ll be running just for a change? From the pics so far, the vid looks like a combo of WMN and OG.

  46. Yellow Gorillah September 28, 2011

    The ONLY Ape on TGJ

    Is The One and Only YELLOW GORILLAH

    So I don’t know what that delusional lil boy jon is talking about.

    And @ASAP I think you might have Clocked the concept!!!

    I hope she is doing Choreography in the chicken shop. Rumor is there where dancer’s on set. At least we know it’s not going to be a only girl 2.0

  47. KRYLON BLUE September 28, 2011

    The FIliming Of We Found Love Is All Over Youtube. It’s Been Filmed In Ireland. Today

    is Day 3 Of The Filming. The Idea Of The Song Is That Her And Chris Brown Found Love

    In A Hopeless Place. A World Full Of Unrelenting, Unforgiving People Who Think That

    Anything Rihanna Or Him Do WIth There Personal Lives Is The World’s Business. There

    Fore Making It Extremely DIfficult Or Damn Nean Impossible To Make A Relationship And A

    Career Work In The Same Place At The Same Time. Love And Life I Will Diviiiiiiiiide!!!! We

    Found Love In A Hopeless Place. The Lyrics Speak for themselves. The Fans In Ireland

    Have Been Mobbing Rihanna for Days. So What Better Place To Make The Video Than

    To Film It In A Place Where People WIll Harldy Let Her Walk Down The Street Let Alone

    Have A Personal Life Without Every One Thinking There Entitled To Know Every F*****

    Detail Of It. The Truth Is, Her And Chris Did Find Love In A Hopeless Place. Chris Just

    Retweeted The Lyrics Of The Song, Adding A Twist To It, And Giving Confirmation That

    He Liked The Song And Lyrics. However, Several Online Media Outlets Quickly Got Word

    Of His Action, So He Deleted The Tweet Within 24 Hours. Every Attempt Rihanna Makes

    To Communicate Publicly With Chris Has Been Responded WIth Backlashes From Both

    Her Fans And Media To This Day. Therefore Forcing Her To Do What The Lyrics In Her

    Song Say. Divide Love And Life.. But That’s A Feeling She’s Gonna Have To Let Go. The

    Song Is Actually Deep And Has Meaning Involving Her Personal Life. This Is Something

    Her And Chris Did Before. They Were Together For 3 Years WIthout The Majority Of The

    World Or Fanbases Knowing. In Every Interview When Questioned About There Significant

    Other Both Chris And Rihanna Would Respond WIth I’m Single. Chris And I Are Only

    Friends. Rihanna And I Are Only Friends. The World Found Out The Crazy Way That

    They Were In Fact In A Long Committed Relationship. So, Rihanna’s New Song Speaks Of

    Wanting To Do Something With Chris That She Is All Too Familiar With. Going Back To

    Dividing Her Love Life From Her Famous Life And That Being A Feeling She’s Going To

    Have To Let Go Of Doing. Thus Making It Public. Only Thing Is Chris Is With Karrueche

    Tran. So,Who Knows What Could Happen In The Future? Who Knows?

  48. nice_gurl September 28, 2011

    I’m glad there’s going to be different settings. I’m starting to become more hopeful. I want this video to be amazing because the song is so boring. I wish she didn’t wear those clothes though.

  49. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 28, 2011

    @krylon blue :

    Thx for that ! I was really blinded !

    I think I will try to like CB and R as a couple now !

    So to #TEAMBREEZY :

    I’m sorry if I shaded him before !

  50. lola September 29, 2011

    WTF???? She looks so damn stupid and like a man in the first pic. I agree with the person who said she resembles a damn ape. How the hell is that racist??? I’m black and even I say she resembles an ape. It’s her disgusting wide nose and strong chin and jaw line. This b**** is ugly as hell. She looks so itchy and funky and is she serious with those hideous shoes and that ridiculous w**** outfit? I can’t wait until this b**** flops! Now it’s her turn. She’s been riding her 15 mins for too damn long. When her career is finally over, I’m going to celebrate! And y’all can call me a hater all y’all want, but I am sick and tired of these talentless p*** stars and worthless hos getting success.

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