Hot Shots: Jason Derulo’s ‘Live From T5’

J. Cole isn’t the only up-and-comer seeing a release on record shelves as fans know ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ hitmaker Jason Derulo‘s sophomore set ‘Future History’ also landed in stores today.

But while the cd may be taking off in record stores, Derulo was spotted getting down at New York’s JFK Airport as  headliner for JetBlue’s Live From T5 Concert Series.  Dipping and twirling through a throng of hits, Miss Sparks new boo’s set was said to be show-stopping.

Fans can see more pics of the Miami dance machine below:

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  1. S*** (U MAD?) September 27, 2011

    4 PPl/things Sam needs to STOP posting About: Tiffany Evans, Jordan sparks, The SPLASH(???), & THIS FOOL, I still dont no who he is, just know hes ugly af. 😕

  2. S*** (U MAD?) September 27, 2011

    and SAM you need to stop posting about lady gag-w****.Beysus already made the non-singin trick IRRELEVANT with 4,i’m just waiting for the day Beyonce kicks this ho out the Illuminati

  3. Geronimo Deuces September 27, 2011

    he copies cb and mj ………….. jason stop introducing yourself in everyson “jason derulo”…. wtf

  4. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 27, 2011

    @S*** :

    BEYONCE is not in the illuminati , she’s being used by the illuminati ! Along with gaga, Rihanna ! But gaga is their fav ! Not BEYONCE ! BEYONCE is hitting 30 and her programming ain’t working ! She’s not a puppet anymore I guess ! But it’s different with gaga !!

    Basically they consist of 13 bloodlines ! One of them are the carters 😉 😉 !

  5. S*** (U MAD?) September 27, 2011

    ^^^ Lol, Caca is NOT their FAV!! 😆

    Yeah her videos take a more ‘Classic Satanic’ approach but Bey has got her beat!!:

    If you pay more ATTENTION that is^^^ 😉

  6. S*** (U MAD?) September 28, 2011

    ^^^ I SAW that one already, I love watching illum videos too, only been learning about it for about less than 2yrs now. I find it & psychology to be way more interesting than boring-ole-politics 😕

  7. Geronimo Deuces September 28, 2011

    cant deny though my boy is talented… m addicted to “it girl”

  8. nice_gurl September 28, 2011

    I love some of his songs….have to listen to the album….might do that tomorrow.

  9. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 28, 2011


    Me too , but tbh , I find some of those VIDS to be hilarious !

    But damn if all of that was real ! daamn !

    Anyway , I love watching them but I don’t believe all of them ! Personally I’m saturated with pyramids , Horus eye , etc … I’m already an egyptian ! like Wtf ?!

    they are interesting ! but the main question is :
    Why they let ppl watch those vid if they were a part of a secret society ?!
    and obviously gaga is their fav puppet ! the sacrifice for fame part apply to her !

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