How To Solve A Problem Like Leona’s ‘Glassheart’

Published: Tuesday 27th Sep 2011 by David

Much to the shock and discomfort of many a Leona Lewis fan, it was confirmed yesterday by the entertainer herself that the release date for her long awaited ‘Glassheart‘ album has been pushed to 2012.

This, just weeks after it was announced it was to be released in November of this year.

Citing ‘the inspiration to continue recording’ as the cause for this delay, the entertainer and her management have come under criticism from some who say  the mishandling of the project  is the real cause for its push back. Especially given its lead single ‘Collide‘ failing to make major impact on either the Official UK Top 40 or the Billboard Hot 100.

Now That Grape Juice weighs in on the situation.

How do you solve a problem like Leona’s ‘Glassheart’?

While many of her supporters would likely object – Leona seemingly lacks a creative opinion.

In a world where the personalities of the  most accomplished performers are as famed as the products they continue to push, Ms ‘Bleeding Love‘ lacks the  ‘sonic opinion’ that makes many of her chart rivals so personable.

What Leona needs, we posit, is a producer to help her to a carve the niche she so desperately needs.

That Grape Juice’s Recommendation : Rick Rubin.

Responsible for many of Pop’s most recognizable hits, his recent work on Adele‘s ‘21‘  has been cited as one of the major catalysts for the LP’s success.

Famed for his ‘stripped down’ production style, he is just the man to provide Leona with the Adult Contemporary material  to showcase her vocal range  in the way upbeat Pop numbers like ‘Collide’ have failed to do.

Far be it from us to encourage ‘swagger jacking’, but what Lewis desperately needs are contemporary power ballads in the vein of ‘Set Fire To The Rain‘  and dare we say Celine Dion‘s ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me‘, to truly achieve the creativity and character  her last album lacked.

And whilst we’re on the issue of personality:

Gone are the days when  winning  a world famous talent show is enough to generate enough public interest to last three of four albums.

In order to hold the attention of a public who wants so much to idolize her, it is  high time Leona unveiled the personality she is adamant she has so much of.

A personality which enables her to dispel the ‘boring persona’ which she has found herself burdened with since her days as a talent show competitor. The intricate traits of such personality isn’t what matters. However, what does matter and is of concern is that  her biggest soundbite to date is her recent declaration: “I’m not boring’.

If that truly is the case, then now would be a aptest of times for her to prove otherwise.

For it is  becoming more and more apparent that whatever the Brit-bred belter is doing at the moment is quite frankly failing to do the trick.

How would you handle Leona’s Album?

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  1. MaRyanCarey September 27, 2011

    I think she needs to stick with Ryan Tedder (they do work well together, the pop/goth sound that they have created is great). The “Its All Coming Back to Me Now” is an amazing reference for Leona. It is the right amount of pop/doom and gloom/camp/euro. She should not worry about breaking America (I am an American, and let me tell you, Ms. Lewis and TGJ readers, aint nothing worth “breaking into” here right now).
    I am also a Leona fan, and don’t feel as though she needs to change, but rather the consumers do (but then I guess I have no point…).

  2. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    She can get the best producer, the best songwriter, the best lyricist, the best choreographer and the best team in the world, but if nobody cares, it still won’t make a difference.What made Adele’s tracks special wasn’t the songwriter or the team behind her, it was the raw emotion and the fact that she was talking based on hands-on experience.

    While I would be more than happy to see Leona attempting something more meaningful and less cheesy than ‘Echo’, I still don’t think that a different co-worker can save her.The only way to save ‘Glass Heart’ is to find a person (regardless of his/her back catalogue) that will bring the best out of her and that will put her whole life on paper and then record the tracks and then a great producer to give a commercial appeal to this material.No fancy collaborations, no fake experimentation, no “edgy” image, just 3 people in the studio writing for themselves and not to please the label

  3. YOOSONDALOOSE September 27, 2011

    She needs to do something. She is great entertainer and an even better singer, hope the next single and the album will do great!

  4. Imgunnacheckuboo September 27, 2011

    THE GIRL IS BORING! It’s been said in many ways many times.

    Her voice is strong but bland. Her look is pretty but bland. Her stage presence in non existent.

    It’s odd she won a show called the X factor, cause she doesn’t have one. She should have won the voice. At least then she could claim it was never about anything but her talent.

  5. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    ^^^ I actually think Leona has a fair amount of “X Factor” because for some reason you remember her name even though her material is anything but impressive lately.She has just lost her stage presence.She was very good in her 1st era but then she lost it.Maybe even she herself hates her material.If she and her label settled for “Leona the good vocalist” and let their “Leona the interesting icon” campaign alone then she would get her appeal back…

  6. genes September 27, 2011

    she is a good singer but she’s boring as F**k,she needs to keep people interested. I suggest she should maybe change her image

  7. TruthTeller September 27, 2011

    She is talented but regardless of what she says SHE IS BORING.
    Leona needs to inject some personality, some sass into her music.
    She should look up to what Kelly Clarkson did with her 2nd album… the way she literally broke away from her cheesy Idol days.

  8. Bojan September 27, 2011

    I don’t think Leona lacks creativity in any sense. Remember that she said in recent interviews Collide is a part of the album which is very eclectic and versatile. She also said her label is scared about it. I think that’s the answer the whole situation.

    Sometimes you have to risk it to make it and Syco has been very conservative. What’s frustrating the most is that they will push back Leona to making something else, God knows if any of the songs she already recorded are gonna make it. They are bringing her down because they are scared of change and by that they are bringing down her spirit. I say she should fight for this until the end.

  9. TIMMI September 27, 2011

    I have belief Leona will find her way, she is too talented not to.

    It is my opinion that Leona needs to stop letting her record label make her music conform to what is achieving chart success, and put faith in the real music that suits Leona much more. It is possible to achieve success this way, Adele being a prime example.

    Leona is not boring, but granted she does not use wackiness to gain interest, unlike people like Lady Gaga. She does not need to, because her voice is enough to amaze people, which is why she triumphed on The X Factor, regardless of the negativity about her personality. Therefore, she should stick to music that can really show off her voice with and capture people.

    She is still producing this music. For example, I think these tracks are beautiful, but they are never the tracks that get choosed to go on the album, let alone be released as singles.

    In my opinion, these are Leona’s gems. They deserve to be so much more than leaked demos that find their way onto YouTube.

  10. Robier September 27, 2011

    Cure what is perceived as BORING to her public

  11. MISHKA September 27, 2011

    She should have kept the release date and defend her album. At one point, you just got to stand up for your work, fans and critics do appreciate that too (Exhibit A: “4”)

    It makes me sad to find out she’s not a hustler, a fighter. She got the voice, the grace, the looks but fellow Brits Adele and Estelle are more successful than her.

    Be fierce, Leona.

  12. sis September 27, 2011

    Um I’m a tad confused…………. Collide hit number 4 on the official UK chart and is still in the top 20!!!! How is that a flop?
    I think she is awesome, if she needs a bit more time to deliver the album then fair enough. I don’t think she needs to do anything too drastic just get the right songs and she will be fine, a voice like that that will always shine through 🙂

  13. ChristinasCOMING September 27, 2011

    What Leona needs is for the right team to rehatch Bleeding Love/Better in Time/Happy 2.0’s.

    In this industry you have 2 types of artists. Those who are exceptional earners and those who have to sell their soul to the devil.

    You need to grow as an artist in every aspect and not just by your style. You have to remind America why they fell in love with you and that’s what messes a lot of artists up.

    So in conclusion I will say that Leona should take control of her career and re-evaluate her team. Go back to the drawing board with this whole album.

  14. Mely B September 27, 2011

    MaRyanCarey: She should not worry about breaking America (I am an American, and let me tell you, Ms. Lewis and TGJ readers, aint nothing worth “breaking into” here right now).
    I am also a Leona fan, and don’t feel as though she needs to change, but rather the consumers do (but then I guess I have no point…).

    ^ I, too am American & love Leona’s voice. I’m curious as to why you didn’t mention how her single did overseas. Breaking onto the pop charts here is nothing to crow about nowadays given the straight garbage that’s pushed down our throats. I prefer real singers so I would give her music a chance just to hear her voice but I do agree that the type of music she’s doing now is on a “teflon diva” vibe – totally soulless. I hated much of ECHO for this reason but still am hanging in there as a fan in the hope that she does connect with the right producer.

  15. bey’knight September 27, 2011

    ive always defended her personality. for me, its okay to be a reserved private pereson and still get to showcase your talent as long as the music and performances are on point, i’m gravy. i saw her labyrinth tour on tv, i thought it would be boring and ballady but it was quite entertaining, i was really blindsided by her MJ cover.the problem with Leona is that the material just isnt good anymore; maybe its the music, maybe its the vocals but she sounds …. distant. she must have a direction which she aspires to go musically, they should let her do that, maybe then she can radiate.

    i dont think she’s meant to be a “popstar” per say, a recording artist definitely. Syco is so enfeebled by money, he markets all his acts the same way without taking persona into account. so far his formula has only worked with Alexandra but the again she’s yet to release her sophomore record but i wouldnt worry much about her. Leona can be like Norah Jones; just make music for the ears and take it to the road. Frankly she doesnt have the extra stuff to offer

  16. winning September 27, 2011

    She needs to buy a personality ..or borrow some from Rihanna

  17. HUSHBITCH September 27, 2011


  18. THEMAN September 27, 2011

    She needs catchy songs with depth, she needs to let her personality stand on it’s own. With her it’s like okay she’s just a really good singer. But outside of that it’s like she’s just there. “Collide”, is not that great either. It’s very forgettable and it lacks a great hook. She has to stand out. Besides her vocals she needs to show more of her personality. You music can be great but if you are boring folks will kinda some what look pass you.

  19. THEMAN September 27, 2011


  20. JohnVidal September 27, 2011

    Can you imagine Leona singing “All coming back to me now” by Celine??? haha She can´t she just has a great but a boring and slow voice, not versalite to make it big ala Celine, Mariah and the rest. It´s not that her personality is boring, it´s her voice that can´t be loved by the masses like the greats are. Just get over it. Some people excitement during Bleeding Love days is long gone. It was easy to see it from the start

  21. MusicIsLife September 27, 2011

    Leona needs to get in contact with me. I can be that person to bring her out of her shell

  22. Curtains September 27, 2011

    She needs a mixtape

  23. FlopJuice September 27, 2011

    TGJ forgot to post Christina Aguilera’s LEAKED DEMO song from her new album.

    It’s called LAST DANCE.

    It’s just a demo, but it is one of the hottest song I’ve heard this year!!!
    2012 is definitely going to be XTINA’S YEAR.

  24. Clevon September 28, 2011

    GET A REALITY SHOW!!!! let us see first hand why you are not boring … It is the best option .. Her music and voice is nice so no need to change image she is pretty

  25. EightiesBaby8030 September 28, 2011

    @Clevon- Normally I wouldn’t recommend the reality show route for serious artists, but for Leona, I think that’s a great idea. I think people would watch, just to find out who she really is. However, aside from the music, she has to have the personality and/or drama to carry a reality show. Then again, she could always pull a Keyshia Cole and let her family come on and act a fool for ratings.

  26. rocknrolla September 28, 2011

    Rick Rubin? Really…I mean he’s an excellent producer but not for this….and are you aware of that Adele took away all his productions in the album and had somebody else reproducing em?…I guess not.

  27. Remey September 28, 2011

    Leona’s team did right by pushing the album back. With heavy hitters about to flood the music scene (Rihanna, Drake, Mary J. Blige), she will easily get lost in the dust of everyone else.

    Leona needs to show off that personality, and the best way to do it is to create a heavy PR campaign that surrounds a lot of appearances. Talk shows, buzz concerts, twitter, guest roles, ads, endorsements, and charity events. Leona does not do well in this department. She is too far removed from her audience in an era where fans demand to know who an artist is behind his/her music. Many music listeners support musicians because of their personalities. Rihanna and GaGa are the best at this. Rihanna’s “I Don’t Give A F***” mentality is something to admire in a criticizing industry. GaGa’s fearless self-expression is also worth admiration too. Leona just sings….

    Whoever her publicist is has failed her. She falls in the same category as great singers such as John Legend and Neyo. While these R&B crooners can sing, they are bland. The ability to sing has never been the only factor in stardom. There is a whole lot more that goes into it. Britney will always trump Christina, although we know Xtina can outsing Brit. Same with Ciara and RIhanna. Both singers have similar backgrounds within the same genre, but Rihanna exploded despite Ciara’s great voice.

    Just work on crafting her an image to go with her voice.

  28. nte September 28, 2011

    the problem with her is not that she is boring (adele does relaxing music but aint boring). with her i think she lacks personality and direction of where she wants to go and what kind of an artist she wants to be in the future. collide shows how she is all over the place and does not have a clear direction as to where she stands in her personality. she is just a dead person with a good voice

  29. Oliver September 28, 2011

    why can’t she release glassheart, but do a deluxe edition

  30. nice_gurl September 28, 2011

    She is a very good singer, but some of her songs are so boring. She’s also trying to go for an edgier image, but this may even be making the situation worse, being the person that she’s not.

  31. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 28, 2011

    1-change the album cover to something more appealing , u can still fully-dressed and to be looking chic , that cover is just screams ” boring” !
    2- she need a new musical direction ! new sound ! having a good voice without using it is a waste !!
    3- since she’s often known as boring , she need to show us that she ain’t ” I personally don’t think she’s boring ” ! she can do something like ” sitting at twitter and talk to her fans openly, a reality show which show us her real personality , VIDS like rihanna’s cheers and beyonce’s year of 4 ” ! A lot of documentaries !!
    4- she need to try a lil bit of dance music to just break the ice ! to add some diversity to her character !
    5- she need to run her own s*** and to do what she love ! not what others want her to do !
    6- to get creative and prove she’s unique through her performances !
    7- a vision !

  32. Word September 28, 2011

    ADELE IS BORING AS F***, whats so special about a Fat white b**** sittin in a chair?? REALLY? yall f*** quick to call Leona Lewis boring but Adele puts me to sleep all the time


  33. Word September 28, 2011

    Collide is a hell of alot better than that b******* weak ass Rihanna song….Lost in a hopeless place. damn right Rihanna, you are “We Found Love” cant even go number 1.

  34. Imgunnacheckuboo September 28, 2011

    @WORD, lol. Adele isn’t a pop star. She’s soul and blues honey. She doesn’t have to dance around stage or stress herself out about her appearance.

  35. doug September 29, 2011

    hold on a sec , how old is adele, she is a great artist but what experience are you talking about, everybody has the broken hearts of first loves, im sure leona has. leona is a fantastic talent and i beleive she does need better management than she is getting, collide was good but was never promoted to sell only in a negative way.
    Its right its what the public want and if the public want to hear about s** drugs and boozing instead of listeneing to a great vocalist, yes leona is wasting her god given talent. and thats shame on the public.
    As for boring i dont know her personally do you, its like me saying you are all boring, time for bed now, (it will be sad if we lose such a talent because of rubbish remarks about her).

  36. Mike September 30, 2011

    I think most of her album was how you described. Collide wasn’t what the album was going to sound like. Trouble was trip hop, Blank Page was a depressing “Someone Like You” level ballad, the others were “island-influeced”. “80’s electro tinged”, and Mountains was very stripped back, etc.

    I think it got delayed because Leona wanted 10 songs and the upper management wanted more, hence why she’s recording more. Plus November is too busy for her to release on. I’m actually glad it;s getting a spring release now. It’s not as busy and gives her more time to make sure this era goes right. I’d like to see her release a promotional second single to tie people over or even do a Christmas song to tie over.

  37. Davey September 30, 2011

    This whole’boring’ tag for her just totally confuses me tbh.. It’s widely accepted that she has a powerful set of pipes on her, and the girl can most deffo SING….which is what she is – a SINGER. Someone like Beyonce I’d class as a singer/entertainer because of her awesome dancing ability AND her voice. Leona is just a singer…so what? I’d call Celine just a ‘singer’ too….yet she’s never lambasted for ‘boring’…she just sings – like Leona. It’s Syco’s fault for trying to label/mould Leona into something she’s not. She should stick with what she’s good at….belting those special pipes of hers out!!

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